At the beginning of the summer, I told you about my love of socks, and delved specifically into the Happy Socks brand. The problem for a lot of folks is nice socks can be expensive. A pair of Happy Socks will usually run you around $12. The good news is there a few less expensive alternatives that I’ve tried and have worked out well.

So here they are, three places for your to get your sock collection started on the cheap:

  1. Nice Laundry — I actually came across the folks on Facebook. If you’re anything like me you totally tune out all the ads Facebook tries to push in front of your face, but when I saw an ad for this brand I was intrigued. They offer 6-pair packs in several different styles for $39, which when it comes to high-quality socks is a stead. Probably my favorite part about this company is that they give you the option to send in old pairs to be recycled. As you might have figured out from my post on PACT, I have bit of green streak, so I thought this concept was awesome.
  2.  MeUndies — my boyfriend has been fond of the underwear from MeUndies, so at one point when he was getting a few new pair,s I figured I’d try out their socks as well. They offer a similar option to Nice Laundry—selling 6-packs for $40 in addition to single pairs for $10. If you sign up for subscription, you get $2 off each pair. If you’re looking to totally change out what you have, or start fresh, they also offer a 10-pair pack for $100.
  3. H&M — I’ve long been a fan or H&M as a great source for cheap, stylish looks. Their socks are no exception. They sell 2- and 5-pair packs in a variety of colors both online and in stores. Though the brand has a reputation for garments falling apart relatively easily, I haven’t had this problem with most of those socks I’ve gotten from them. If there’s an H&M store near year, I would recommend checking there first over the website. I’ve found that they tend to have wider selection in store than online.

What did I miss? I know all of you out there aren’t sock fans, but to those of you who are: where did you go to get your collection started? Tell us in the comments.


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  1. Bryce Madison Reply

    Express has some nice socks. A lot of the styles are argyle but they mix it up as well. I just got some classic Christmas sweater print ones there. Came in dress sock and short cut off athletic sock.

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