Gregg Homme is all about fun. Every year when I see the new collections they bring a smile to my face. This year is another big year for them. They have some great new things coming in terms of underwear and swimwear. I have also long said that they make sexy underwear wearable for all day rather then a few hours. Nothing worse then putting on a pair that is super sexy only to have it drive you crazy an hour after wearing them.

The new Baller line is one made out of 85% POLYAMIDE, 15% SPANDEX blend that is semi transparent. This is what Gregg Homme has to say about the line: When you’ve made it to the big time, you have to dress like it… and what you wear underneath is just as important. Gregg Homme’s BALLER collection has all the trademarks of high-end fashion design without a shred of pretentiousness; the material says it all: a semi-transparent yet durable hyperstretch fabric that adapts to your every movement while keeping your goods in check with total comfort.

So you work really hard to get where you are and have to suit up every day. But shouldn’t you have something fun under? Who really knows what you have on under your suit pants. We definitely think so, and on a mission to have all guys wear amazing underwear.

I really love this pair because they make amazing underwear out of the lightest fabrics. When you feel it for the first time you think “there is no way this is going to hold up for the entire day. It’s gotta loose it shape and fall down.” But, Gregg Homme’s underwear never does, it holds the shape, The materials you feel that are so light offer amazing support and then things they can do with it are AMAZING. These fall into that category. I gave you guys a side view close up on each so you can see the pouch. These remind me of the Voyeur line in a way, which is a great thing. The Voyeur is one of my all time favorite Gregg Homme Lines.

The Line is available in 4 styles. They are a String, Thong, Brief and Boxer. Each of the four colors are available in White, Black, Grey and Purple. They have all been released an are on the Gregg Homme site now!

112514-27-far-front 112514-27-close-side

112504-02-far-front 112504-02-close-side

112503-01-far-front 112503-01-close-side

112505-05-far-front 112505-05-close-side


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