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Erb6.html.pngFirst its awesome to see Jack Adams using model Alex Misnky. We interviewed him this past year and think he’s an amazing guy. We hope to see much more of him in the underwear market! It’s been a while since we covered Jack Adams and I think we have mentioned this pair but need really did a post on it!

Jack Adams has a really great style. The use of the colors and trim contrasts is something they really excel at, also the design. I think their designs are ones that accent a guys body. The lines of the trim really  highlight areas you want to show off. Jack Adams has their own take and style for men’s underwear.

The title may confuse you but it’s a jock brief. Made our of really breathable material (78% Nylon; 22% Spandex) and in several color combinations. Each combination has the signature dip in the front of the pouch. These would be great for working out or another sporting activity.

They are available at the Jack Adams site for $26.00


_thumb.phpIts the start of the underwear season! Well that’s what I call it, at the end of every January and start of February a lot of the new lines start to be released. Aussie Brand Navy Diver has released a new style, called the Ahoy Sailor Aquarius.

The first thing you notice is the really bright/fun Aqua color. The brief is made with a great aqua waistband  and horizontal striped fabric. Fabric is made out of a Polyester + cotton + elastine blendThe colors are fun. Which to me one of the main factors in picking underwear is the fun factor. Colors and patterns are very important to me. Granted it’s not the most important but it weighs heavily in my buying decision.

The next feature is the unique button pouch. There are three buttons as you can see, it adds something very fun an nautical to the design, hence living up to the Navy Diver name.  Retails for $35.90 at the Navy Diver site. I have seen these in US stores and online but can’t recall off the top of my head where to get them, but do some searching and you can find them. You can just get them from the Navy Diver Site


bakhou-mainI have been on a tear to find you guys new brands world wide. I have done a few and we will do a lot more in the future! I found Bakhou this week, they are out of Argentina. Usually a lot of brands out of South America can be skimpy and for a guy who’s pretty bold. Bakhou has a more classic styling in it’s underwear.

That means they have very classic cut silhouettes to their briefs and boxer briefs. They aren’t too skimpy but they aren’t plain either. You can get the classic white pairs but they aren’t afraid to use great patterns. The patterns range form black/white to bright and vivid colors. They make a great contrast to the classic pairs.

bakhou-waistbandsThe waistbands really stick out to me. One of my biggest gripes is that a company uses the same waistband on every pair they do. I like a little of variety. They have several different branded waistbands from one that is sporty, a nice branded one and one I call a funky one! They score points in my book because they match the color of the pair with the waistband. It just sets a nice pair of underwear off.

If you’re looking for a bikini, jock or thong then Bakhou is not for you. They are a more classic over funky design. I think they have a great collection full of briefs and boxer briefs. I’m sure they would have a pair you would like. See more of the great pics below of the brand. But they have tons more at the Bakhou site!

petitqWe know there are many out there who love erotic wear. Its a big area of the men’s market. A brand that is becoming one of the premier erotic brands is PetitQ. We have covered them some and reviewed several pairs from their initial collection.

If you aren’t familiar with them, they out of France and have a very unique and erotic style. The two guys who run it are often seen on Vine, Tumblr and Twitter wearing the brand. They aren’t the only ones models Colby and Brandon have been in a video for the brand late last year. So you may have seen the brand and not known it!

First thing is this brand is not for the meek or the shy. It’s going to show off everything you have! They have pairs with cut outs, held on by friction and fun materials. So if you’re bold enough to wear it you will def get the attention of who you are with or showing it too!  It reminds me of the line from the 80’s band Morris Day and Time “its only for the sexy people”

We are going to point out a few of their styles:

C-String – This pair is becoming quiet popular. It is all the rage in Europe and making its way to the US. The C-String is a pouch with a band that goes between your cheeks and held in place by friction. The boys made a video on how this stays on. They did jumping and such and it didn’t fall off! If you like minimal underwear this is perfect.

Long Johns – I will be the first to admit I don’t find long johns sexy. They are usually function over form. Recently more companies came out but none have put the spin on them that the PetitQ boys. These are very much form over function, not in a bad way thought. They are similar to chaps but have a pouch in the front with an open area and open in the back. They may keep your legs warm but have minimal coverage and easy access.

Bikini Pise –  Have you ever wanted a bikini but with a smaller pouch? I didn’t think that was possible till now. The Bikini Pise has a full waistband and back but a sling pouch. That means its off to one side. It’s similar to their Lateral String pouch design. It’s a very interesting design that is just fun. It would be perfect for a bar night… depending on the bar!

PetitQ is the perfect brand for the guy who wants to show off but is not shy about it.  It’s minimal and very body conscious. This is the kind of underwear that is made to show off. At some point in wearing it you will show it to someone. This is by no means the entire collection but these are three pairs I think you guys should see, go to the PetitQ and see more of the collection.

BX_Core_R2You know we don’t write much about boxers. Most of our guys really don’t like them. I learned a lesson don’t judge underwear by it’s cut. I got to review a great pair of  boxers a while back. I occasionally wear them. Now one of the companies I love came out with a new line of boxers. 2EROS has released the Core Boxer Shorts.

2EROS makes amazing underwear so when they make boxers you can bet it will live up to the 2EROS standards. “The CORE BOXER is our first ever Boxer Shorts to be released. If you like short shorts then this Boxer will satisfy. Made with the same comfy fabric as the Core Underwear, this Boxer also provides an extra layer of protection. We have included a front cup lining to minimise the chance of exposing yourself. Available in 4 collectable colours.” This is what the website says

The fabric seems awesome. The Fabric: 67% Bamboo, 28% Cotton, 5% Spandex. Which will be super soft and stretchy. They are available in 4 colors: Blue, Red, Yellow and White.

Find these at the 2EROS website.

Jumping JohnI know many of you know about Mack Weldon. They have been around for about a year. But for those of you who don’t know about there brand:

“There simply had to be a better way. The experience of buying underwear – from the pilgrimage to the department store, to the endless sea of ever-changing product – had to be fixed.  A tattered mess of underwear and socks, and an ambitious goal to change the status quo, is why we created this brand.

Mack Weldon is about the fusion between old-school quality and modern day technology. During our brand creation, we discovered Weldon, an early 20th century undergarment and sleepwear company that stood for innovation in both marketing and product design – very similar to the brand we were creating. We embraced the name, flipped it a bit and made it ours.”

One thing I really like about their site is they have videos on the Underwear page. You see the guy wearing the underwear. This is the first time I remember seeing this. This isn’t a YouTube video, more of a flash video that starts playing as soon as the page loads. This is really cool. They also do this on the Undershirt page.

But they don’t sell just underwear. They have a really fun sock line. Socks have been taking off big time lately. Mack Weldon has really fun bright striped and polka dotted socks.

You may remember they were written up in the New York Times for the “Changes in the Underwear Market” article. They share the same philosophy we do here at UNB, show real guys in underwear. They use less abs and more real guys. I love to support a company that is trying to change the market for the masses.

Go check out the Mack Weldon current offerings. They are classic styled so if you’re looking for something wild, this is not the company for you. But if you would like that then they currently offer: Boxer Briefs, Boxers, Trunk, Brief, Undershirts, T-shirts and socks.

555794_602004823170517_1962027928_nI made a result ion to bring you guys new undies and thats just what I”m doing. I was looking through Tumblr and saw a guy wearing “Paul Ferrer” and it was a brand I wasn’t familiar with. So, I Googled them and found they have a cool and fun line.

Paul Ferrer is a line based out of Columbia. Their website is in Spanish so I’m relying on Google Translate for translating so somethings, which does not translate correctly. The really bad translation says they strive to be a company that designers underwear for the traditional and modern man. Which I think it means they have great undies that are traditional (with the basic line) and those the modern guy will love (trendy line).

I think its awesome for a company to has a conservative side yet show personality in wilder colors and designs. If a brand is your webversion 25favorite you can have more conservative pairs when needed and have more colorful and fun when it calls for as well. So you get the same fit in different situations.

The basic line has very basic colors. Those colors are the standard black and white. Where they bring in color is with the waistbands. The colors range from black and white to red and purple. Each pair in the Basic range has classic brief cut.

The Trendy is a little bolder in colors. There is not a white or black pair in the bunch. It has solid colors and really fun stripes. My favorite is the Azul Oscuro Sesgo Amarillo Elastico Rojo. It’s blue body with a red waistband and yellow trim. It’s a low of fun and reminds me of a pair I had many years ago. So I may have to get one to relive a favorite pair. I’ts great to see a company mix colors and trims.

Another one of my favorites is the Brief Azul Claro Sesgo y Elastico Ultraviolet. which is a light blue brief with a purple waistband and trim. There is something about the light color and darker trim that just looks amazing to me. webversion 26

One thing that is really interesting to me is that the briefs and boxer briefs are totally different. You won’t see too many of the same color or pattern in each style. It makes them a little unique. So if your’e looking for matching pairs this isn’t the brand for you.

They have swimwear as well but we’ll just talk about the undies today. But we will write it up soon. But if you want to see the swim check it out on the Paul Ferrer site.

You can find them at the Paul Ferrer Site or Paul Ferrer Facebook Page but know both are in Spanish. So you will either have to translate them or be able to speak Spanish. I haven’t seen them at any US store or online so if you’re interested you will need to purchase from their columbian site!

andrew-christian-flaunt-trophy-boy-briefThe Trophy Boy line is one of the most popular at Andrew Christian. It has been in his line up for over a year. If you aren’t familiar with the line it’s a line made for the well endowed guy. Lately its been a trend to make undies for guys with extra room up front.

Andrew Christian has tweaked the new Trophy Boy just a bit. The biggest change is the waistband. Now the waistband has the Trophy Boy name in it. It no longer has the Andrew Christian branded waistband. The AC site says its a way to “announce your gift to the world.”

This is the first time that I can recall Andrew Christian has used a brand as the waistband. The color for the pair is Fuchsia. So if the waistband doesn’t make a statement the color definitely will! As with the other pairs it has the anatomical pouch of the previous line, and the extra room up front that trophy boys need.

If you love the Almost Naked line I suggest you getting these. I tried them out late last year and for endowed guys they are amazing. One of the best pairs on the market.

If you’re in the market for new undies check these out they currently retail for $19.98 at the Andrew Christian site.

Note post does contain an affiliate link

See more pics below

Timoteo-Varsity-CrewIt’s cold and rainy here today. On those types of days I am a Boxer Brief guy. Yes you heard me right I said I wear boxer briefs on cold days. The extra coverage keeps me warm on those days below 30 degrees. So because of the weather I wanted to profile a really fun pair of boxer briefs and that pair is the Varsity Crew Short.

These are part of the Varsity line they released a few months ago. Included in this line are long johns, Jock and super low. I love these for many reasons but the first is for the colors. They come in Blue/Grey/White and Red/White/Grey. The mix of the white and grey and the colored trim look awesome. But this is not all, the waistbands and trim make the pairs pop.

Timoteo does really great job designing underwear. The pouch on these are of a different color then the main body so it accentuates and draws attention to the pouch. So these would make a great date pair, or if you’re bold enough wear them to the gym!

Lastly, these are longer boxer briefs. The longer ones have really been a big trend this year. Timoteo has made some super fashionable over the knee boxer briefs. They are sporty but didn’t loose the fun factor.

These make for the perfect winter pair in my opinion. The Varsity Crew short gives your great coverage and an amazing design. So if you’re in the market for a great pair of undies then check out these from Timoteo. Each color is $31 at the Timoteo Site

See more pictures below

gosoftwear-glow collectionI love Go Softwear. They have a great sense of style and are run by two amazing guys. If you read our 5 year post, Go Softwear is one reason UNB is where it is, so I love to give back when I can!  Also lately with all the new brands that are out there we need to go back to basics sometime and give Go Softwear some exposure to you guys so you can rediscover them.

They have a new line called Glow. Which is a grey with a bright trim in various colors. Which I think looks great. I’m not the biggest fan of grey but this adds something to the pair and I would wear them.

I think the use of trim is often over looked by buyers and makers at times. I mean there is so much you can do with trim. So to take what many of our readers would consider a plain pair and put some pop on it is greatly appreciated.  Also we have many readers who want a more subdued pair for the gym or other times where something totally wild and neon would get strange looks. This would allow you or show your personality but still be a little conservative.

The styles in this range are: Muscle Tank, Tank top with Pocket, Trunk, “Cut-Out” brief, Double-Fly brief and Jockstrap. The one pair I love is the Double-Fly brief. As the name suggests it’s has a unique construction so if you like a fly you can have access through either side, not just one.

gosfotwear-glow-cutout gosfotwear-glow-brief gosoftwear-glow-trunk

 The line is made out of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. So it will fit you well for every day wear and be a great pair to wear daily or to the gym.  Prices Range from $19.50 to $30.50. Find them on the Go Softwear website

IS_und_milk_brf_strawberry_01_131114135724Being a big underwear fan, I like to think great underwear is good for us. Which is what I tell myself when I buy new pairs. But the new pair from aussieBum maybe just that, good for you. The new limited edition range is called Milk.

The range is “made using real milk fibres that are specially designed to capture moisture and nourish your skin leaving it tender and smooth. These eco-friendly, lightweight and breathable undies are so silky-soft you won’t believe how delicious they’ll make you feel. Available in hipster and brief in both strawberry and vanilla.”

aussieBum says the the milk fabric will nourish your skin. So this mean’s that this underwear is good for you! My theory is upheld! So why not buy some of these and tell anyone who gives you a hard time you have too much underwear, that its good for your skin!

My take is these are really fun and cool. Why something about the colors just makes it great. The blue waistband and either pink or white just compliment each other. Having owned quite a few pairs of aussieBum I know they will be made out of the best materials and fit great!

Just available in the brief and hipster and only available in Vanilla (white) and Strawberry (pink). Like they said they are only available for a limited time so don’t miss out on them! Just when you think aussieBum is done putting out new pairs, BAM here is a new one and they keep outdoing themselves.

IS_und_milk_hip_vanilla_01_131114135743 IS_und_milk_hip_strawberry_01_131114135737 IS_und_milk_brf_vanilla_01_131114135730

1390761_748582665156144_1865879603_nOver the past we weeks I have been talking to members of our focus group. There is one thing most guys really like, whether they are gay or straight, it’s we should cover more fetish inspired pairs. I know this won’t be every day wear or even to the gym, but let’s face it, we all want to feel sexy.

One of those brands that has super sexy underwear and clothing is Rufskin.  Rufskin makes it their mission to make “vintage, sexy, masculine, athletic and futuristic” clothing. They are great at accomplishing that goal. One of the newest pairs is the Larson Brief. Rufskin is no stranger to making mesh underwear for men. As you can tell by this picture it has a sheer mesh back, and a solid pouch. Perfect for the guy how has assets to show off!

The Larson is available in white or black in a Body: 95% cotton 5% spandex Trim: 90% nylon 10% spandex fabric blend. It has a double layer pouch with a white waistband and trim. One very important thing to know is the sizing. Rufskin is one of those brands that only make small, medium and large The large fits 32-34 waist. So keep that in mind when looking for new undies.

This pair to me is sexy without being too much over the top. Mesh is a trend that keeps going strong in men’s underwear. I think that it has moved beyond trend and more into a men’s underwear staple. I think a great pair of mesh underwear should be in every guys underwear drawer.

Find this pair on the Rufskin website for $29.00 or at your favorite websites.






I know many readers on the blog find thongs are one of the things you either like or hate. This post is for the guys who love thongs. All too often we forget about our thong guys, and many of our writers have said that every guy should wear a thong at some point. I personally like thongs, granted not for every day wear, but they are fun to mix things up every now and then.

PPU is a brand not afraid to show off what you have, meaning a lot of their stuff is skimpy and fun! The 1359 Thong is one that I really love. First off it comes in red or blue. Each has the a PPU signature waistband, that is only about 2/3 around the waist. As you can see by the picture it has a ring with three straps attaching the pouch. I really think this is a cool design.

These are made out of Nylon 93% Spandex 7%. It should fit pretty well. Sizing for PPU runs small so we would recommend getting a size up from what you normally wear. If you don’t you maybe disappointed.

PPU doesn’t step outside the box, they have created their own box to design underwear in. You never know what they will produce. If you are a big thong fan check them out. If you want something super fun and not an every day pair then these are for you! Find them at retailers on line!


1358-red-3 1358-red-2 1358-red-1

ss_cupshopfront_banner_2aussieBum is like the Energizer Bunny, they just keep going and going. Each week I expect them to slow down but each week they really impress me and come out with something else that is awesome. I have questions out to Sean, the owner and hope to have an interview with them soon! He said in our initial conversation they are back in a big way.

BOY are they ever! The last few weeks has brought more pairs i can count. This past week they have come out with the Cup, the first time ever they created a style like the cup. What is the cup? Well it is a jock but just the pouch! Many other companies have produced them over the years some to great success and others not so much. I have a feeling that the guys down under at aussieBum have developed a great pair.

Things I really like are many. The first is the waistband. The thick, wide waistbands will be able to support the pouch with out straps. I think other pairs in the past use a regular waistband not a wider one. Plus you have a great aussieBum branded waistband in silver with blue or orange. Next is the pouch seems to be bigger then other cup like underwear. If you have a small pouch you have the option it will come off mid day.

The cup is made out of 90% Cotton 10% Elastane memory yarn. So it will hold it shape. Available in black or white for $8.50 and only for a limited time! So don’t miss out and get them from the aussieBum site NOW!

IS_UNDaBCode_TheCup_Black_01_131105163830IS_UNDaBCode_TheCup_Black_02_131105163830 IS_UNDaBCode_TheCup_White_02_131105163720 IS_UNDaBCode_TheCup_White_01_131105163720-1


There is nothing I like better then bringing you guys new underwear brands. Xtremen Underwear is one of the newer brands we have run across. I got to see the entire collection of underwear in Vegas. If you’re a boxer brief fan then you’re going to love this line!

I say that because over 95% of the line is boxer briefs, trunks or long boxers. Then you take those pairs and mix different fabrics, colors and patterns and that turns into a really great line. Not to mention the attention paid to the waistbands. I think waistbands really set off the pair and when a brand pays attention it makes me super happy.

51309-blue-1 51322-blue-1 41302-blue-1

There are a few pairs that I really love. And this is coming from not a big boxer brief fan. But those pairs are:

  • 51309 Microfiber Boxer Blue – I love this pair because the blue with white pinstripes really look sharp, the silver waistband just fits the pair
  • 51322 Sport Boxer Color Blue – It’s ironic I am not a big boxer brief fan but there is something about longer boxer briefs that I think are awesome This pair has the mesh sides in white and the red piping just accents the lines of a guy.
  • 41302 Classic Brief Color Blue – I didn’t intent all the pairs to be blue but its just what catches my eye. This pair the waistband, the bright shiny red waistband just makes the pair for me. The red and navy blue are two colors that go great together.

There are tons more pairs that Xtremen offers. The best place to see them is on the Extremen Facebook Page. They have been out a few months and we look forward to seeing the new collection!




1127-Booty-AmbianceGregg Homme is at it again. This time rather then making underwear for the endowed guy they do it for the guy who has a great butt. We have covered a lot of the endowed guys but some times leave out the guy with junk in the trunk. We are hoping to rectify that very soon. But in the mean time, Gregg Homme wants to make some great undies to show off your assets.

“Shake it, tap it, go ahead and slap it! Gregg Homme’s BOOTY has you covered… well, only slightly – these very revealing yet supportive undergarments are designed in a soft microfiber, high-end liquid-touch fabric with straps at the seat made of raw edge material that won’t fray or wear out, no matter what kind of treatment you subject your booty to!”

The one thing that Gregg Homme excels at is fabric use. This pair has “high-end liquid touch fabric in soft microfiber, these BOOTY briefs by Gregg Homme give you support and definition via a center-seamed, anatomical pouch and a seat designed with 1-inch straps constructed with raw edge material that won’t wear out or fray at the borders.” Meaning the back won’t fray or mess up. It’s cut so that is will always look exactly the same as the day you bought it.

This pair is available in just briefs and in Black, White, Khaki, Red, Purple and Sky Blue. They are super popular, many of the sizes are sold out but you can guarantee they will be back shortly. I’m going to ask this week for some review pairs of these awesome undies. We have a guy who would be the ideal guy to review them. Gregg Homme may not be cheap but they are well made and will be in your underwear drawer.

112703-28-far-front112703-28-close-side 112703-28-close-back

112703-27-far-front 112703-27-close-side 112703-27-close-back

112703-24-far-front 112703-24-close-side 112703-24-close-back

112703-03-far-front 112703-03-close-side 112703-03-close-back

112703-02-far-front 112703-02-close-side 112703-02-close-back

112703-01-far-front 112703-01-close-side 112703-01-close-back


Fashion jocks are one of those trends in men’s underwear that I don’t think is going to end. No longer made for sports or fetish, but for fun and fashion.. Candyman underwear is all about fun. I mean, one of their things they are known for is making costume underwear! This year the collection features a lot of florescent colors and prints. The pair we are featuring the Multicolor Jockstrap.

This jock was one of the first pairs in the collection that caught my eye. It’s not just for the colors. Which is a really fun print, but the design. The straps start just to the side of the pouch and wraps around. The waistband and leg straps are black which really contrasts the bright pattern. It makes the a pair just pop. The front has the profile of a brief rather then a jock. Meaning it’s not just a pouch but the material wraps around the waist.

Made out of 91% polyester, 9% spandex stretch microfiber. It will be super comfy and really make a statement. The question is where will you wear it. It does glow under black lights, so maybe you want this seen by many or maybe just a few. If you’re a fan of jocks and colors I would say this is a must buy!

99019-printed-2 99019-printed-5 99019-printed-4 99019-printed-3



Gregg Homme is all about fun. Every year when I see the new collections they bring a smile to my face. This year is another big year for them. They have some great new things coming in terms of underwear and swimwear. I have also long said that they make sexy underwear wearable for all day rather then a few hours. Nothing worse then putting on a pair that is super sexy only to have it drive you crazy an hour after wearing them.

The new Baller line is one made out of 85% POLYAMIDE, 15% SPANDEX blend that is semi transparent. This is what Gregg Homme has to say about the line: When you’ve made it to the big time, you have to dress like it… and what you wear underneath is just as important. Gregg Homme’s BALLER collection has all the trademarks of high-end fashion design without a shred of pretentiousness; the material says it all: a semi-transparent yet durable hyperstretch fabric that adapts to your every movement while keeping your goods in check with total comfort.

So you work really hard to get where you are and have to suit up every day. But shouldn’t you have something fun under? Who really knows what you have on under your suit pants. We definitely think so, and on a mission to have all guys wear amazing underwear.

I really love this pair because they make amazing underwear out of the lightest fabrics. When you feel it for the first time you think “there is no way this is going to hold up for the entire day. It’s gotta loose it shape and fall down.” But, Gregg Homme’s underwear never does, it holds the shape, The materials you feel that are so light offer amazing support and then things they can do with it are AMAZING. These fall into that category. I gave you guys a side view close up on each so you can see the pouch. These remind me of the Voyeur line in a way, which is a great thing. The Voyeur is one of my all time favorite Gregg Homme Lines.

The Line is available in 4 styles. They are a String, Thong, Brief and Boxer. Each of the four colors are available in White, Black, Grey and Purple. They have all been released an are on the Gregg Homme site now!

112514-27-far-front 112514-27-close-side

112504-02-far-front 112504-02-close-side

112503-01-far-front 112503-01-close-side

112505-05-far-front 112505-05-close-side


Gregg Homme is back and bringing the sexy with them. I have to say that Gregg Homme is my go to for super sexy underwear. Each collection they release I keep thinking there is no way they can get sexier and every year they continually surprise me. I mean, you think at some point they would run out of ideas… but they never do, and for us underwear lovers that’s a good thing.

This year they released the new video called “Shake the Snake” where you see the snake go in the tent and then he comes out in the amazing snake skin undies. Well those undies are the new Snakeskin line. It doesn’t have a catchy name but does it really need it? Gregg Homme has a knack for taking what could be a totally over the top pair and cheesy and making it sexy and elegant.

This is the official Gregg Homme info about the pair: “Sleek & sexy, the SNAKESKIN collection by Gregg Homme features a colorful, total-coverage snakeskin print graphic on a silky stretch faux-suede fabric that is smooth to the touch. With its anatomical, body-flattering cuts and attractive design, this array of serpentine-inspired undergarments is sure to surprise your lucky prey!”

I really love this line and I’m not a big fan of animal print. Every pair of Gregg Homme I have have been top notch construction and materials. These are made out of 96% POLYESTER, 4% SPANDEX. Which I know I hear some of you saying Polyester, but I can assure you it will be amazing.

Snakeskin is available in a String, Thong, Brief and Boxer. Each style is just in the color shown. We hope you enjoy this look at the wild side. We will bring you more about the other collections soon! Find these at the Gregg Homme Site

You may know we have a few guys in the new focus group. They told us that you guys want to see close up pics too, so we will mix both full body and close up pics. As always if you have a suggestion for how we can get you info in a better way, let us know!

112903-97-far-front 112903-97-close-front

112904-97-far-front 112904-97-close-front

112905-97-far-front 112905-97-close-front

112914-97-far-front 112914-97-close-front

2xist-tartan-collectionIt seems like a tradition with 2(X)ist the last few years, that every Fall the Tartan line gets refreshed for the holiday season. They have four different styles; No-Show Brief, No-Show Trunk, Long Sleeve Henley and Long John. Means this collection is made for the winter!

The Brief is available in the most colors; Black, White, Mountain View Green, Red Dahlia, and Red Tartan. The others are available in variations of those colors. No-Show Trunk is available in all but Green and the Henley and an long johns are just available in White, Black and Red.

These are just perfect for winter. You can keep warm in some great style. The Henley and long johns can be bought to match or you can mix things up!

About the Pairs:

  • Materials – 100% cotton
  • Colors: Noted above
  • Each pair has a matching 2(X)ist signature Tartan waistband
  • Only available during the winter months

Shop the TARTAN Collection at 2XIST.com!

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SUPA_1SupaWear is back with a new line called Supa-Supa! If you aren’t familiar with SupaWear, they are from the makers of 2EROS underwear. It’s made with the same great quality but with a lower price point, which is always great. You maybe thinking it maybe lower quality and you would be wrong. They are made very well out of great fabrics!

The Supa-Supa wear is a 93%Cotton / 7%Elastane blend. The fabric will fit your body and stretch to conform you. One thing I really love is the new branded waistband with Supa-Supa printed on it. It matches the colors of the briefs. Nothing sets off a pair of underwear like a great waistband.

They have added a new style in this line as well a long Trunk. It’s just above the knee. This also goes along with the Trunk and Brief they have had in other lines. The new longer trunk makes great addition to the line.

About the pair:

  • Fabrics – 93%Cotton / 7%Elastane
  • Colors – Lime, Navy and White
  • Styles – Brief, Trunk and Long Trunk
  • Cost – Brief – $22, Trunk – $24, Long Trunk – $28

Find this at more at the SupaWear Site!

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aussiebum-lineup-rangeaussieBum is on a roll with the new ranges (or lines in the States). The last few weeks they have opened the flood gates on new undies and swimwear. This new line has one thing I love when you first see it. The Waistband. I am a big fan of waistbands. I think they define the pair as much as the fabric and color. The new LineUP features a bold and thick, as they call it and ultra Thick waistband. It’s available in Black, Blue and Red. I LOVE these.

The pair is also made out of one of the best materials, in my opinion, for men’s underwear, Modal. More and more companies are taking to this fabric due to the way it feels against the body. If given the choice of cotton or modal, I will go with modal all the time.

About the pair:

  • Fabric – 87% Micro Modal, 13% Elastane
  • Colors – Black, Blue or Red
  • Styles – Brief and Hipster
  • Ultra Thick waistband
  • Retails – $30 for Brief and $34 for Hipster

Find this pair at the aussieBum Site

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Gregg Homme is back with another super sexy collection. Last time was about fetish with the bondage line and this time they are back with really fun line called Cowboy! Gregg Homme isn’t afraid to have a lot of fun with their new lines. They always have one that is just fun! The Cowboy line is the fun line of this one.

“From folk heroes like Wild Bill Hicock and The Sundance Kid to iconic portrayals made famous by the likes of John Wayne and the Marlboro Man, the cowboy image has been a symbol of American virility for as long as anyone can remember. Gregg Homme’s COWBOY collection, made of a rugged-looking but soft faux-suede material, will rope you in with its emphasis on “sexy”, making role-playing really exciting!”

As you can tell the Cowboy line is inspired by the American Cowboy. It comes in a Chap, Muscle Shirt, T-Shirt, Boxer Briefs and Thong. Made out of a super soft faux Suede material in either Steel or Sand. The material is pretty awesome, when I got to see it in Vegas and feel it. It will feel amazing. The collection can be worn together or separate

About the line:

  • Colors – Steel or Sand
  • Made from a soft, faux-suede material
  • Sizes – Small – Xtra Large

This line is available at the Gregg Homme Site and retailers across the web.

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aussiebum-uncensored-briefaussieBum is on fire this year. They have been on a release schedule that seems every week there are 2-3 pairs being released. We have shown you some great new undies and swimwear from them. Now they have another super fun line just released. The new range they just released is the Uncensored line. You maybe asking, Uncensored? Yes it’s a line made out of mesh knit fabric. Which is some what see through. Meaning it’s not a pair that you will be able to see all your business at first glance.

Uncensored is is available in two styles and colors. The styles are a brief and Jock. Where as the main colors are black and white. Basic but has a contrasting waistband color.

  • Styles –  Jock and Brief
  • Fabric – 92% Cotton, 8% Elastane
  • Colors: Red or Green waistband with White and Black fabric
  • Mesh Fabric
  • Cost: Jock $19 Brief $22

Find the Uncensored range at the aussieBum website

thelear line-1

Modus Vivendi announces it’s most adventurous line yet. The new line, Thelear (a Greek word meaning something enticing that is offered to someone who hesitates) presents radical fashion inspired by gothic and underground imagery. All the items are black and made of the highest quality materials. In addition to some restocked items, such as latex and leather briefs, boxers, jockstraps and shorts, you will find new T-shirts and hoodies, as well as some exciting additions, like cock rings, aprons and other imaginative accessories. This new line celebrates the underground, leather and latex culture and infuses symbols rarely used by other designers into popular male fashion.

Brand: Modus Vivendi (http://www.e-modusvivendi.com)
Photographer: Dimitris Skoulos
Model agency: VNmodels
Models: Antonis Kiskiras, Charles Gabriel, Gerasimos, Kyriakos Aslanoglou, Thomas Patrick
Styling: Aris Georgiadis
Make up & Hairdressing: S&G

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05421_black_05473_mesh_l 05421_black_l 05421_black_side_l

05421_black_side2_l 05431_skulls_back_l 05451_hoodie_l

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