We have some of this on our site under about, but we know not everyone goes there so we figured we’d let you know who the guys are behind the blog. We want you guys to get to know the guys as well as us get to know you guys!

UNBTim – I’m the 43 year old creator and editor of UNB. I live in the Atlanta area and love all things undies. My favorites have been pouch briefs and think undies should be comfy all day not just when you put them on. Outside of undies I love tech, gadets, tv (yes bad reality) movies and more! Find me at @unbtim. Pictured in the Leopard Cocksox

UNBAtlBriefs -I think my fascination with briefs and the hotties that wear them began when I was 7 or 8 years old.  I remember going to my grandparents house and going through their old Spiegel and Sears catalogs.  And those old Jim Palmer Jockey ads.  Woof!!  Seeing his tight muscular body, the  bulge in those ever so skimpy bikinis; it was the start of a beautiful obsession for me.  Favorite brands include, 2(x)ist, Baskit, CIN-2, Cocksox & Calvin Klein.  I wear briefs (mostly low-rise), bikinis, and jocks.  witter @UNBAtlBriefs

Alex B. – I am 28 years old, i work in the non-profit sector in the Northwest. My favorite underwear are jockstraps and I wear them as much as I can. I am the twitter community manager and love to talk with other guys about undies.

UNB Gabe – I’m 35 yrs old, native of California. Currently live on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Work as a field engineer in offshore energy production and heavy lift transport. Favorite pairs of underwear are trunks and low-rise briefs. No specific brand loyalty here… I’m open to all.

John Dylan– I’m 33 straight and love to wear underwear! i like low rise briefs and jocks because the make me feel masculine and give me confidence when I have a fun pair on. I work in retail so having a comfortable supportive pair on makes a big difference.

UNB Bryce – I am Bryce. Born and raised in the Portland region. I love the outdoors, media, plaid, and of course underwear. Love all styles of underwear but especially love briefs and jockstraps. My favorite brand is 2xist.

Dash Distraction – Dash is a post-twink underwear fan working in technology in New York. Under his sometimes pedestrian office clothes he’s been known to sport briefs, jocks, bikinis, trunks, speedos, and sometimes a singlet. Dash likes sharing gear pics with other underwear fans on Twitter @DashDistraction   Pictured above in the picture below

UNB Jon – Hey underwear fans! My name is Jon and I am a current college student living in the northeast. When I’m not busy studying or working, which is rare, you will find me in the gym (a new obcession) or lounging on the couch watching sports. All in all, I am a down to earth person. Hit me up on Twitter! (@UNBJon)

UNB JD – Jeff is a mid-20s Yankee transplant living in the South. He describes his style as retro and wears trunks more than anything else. Professionally, he works in nonprofit marketing and communications.

The Amazing T – My name is T. I’m a professional trapeze artist and underwear enthusiast :). I come from a costume design background as well, so I’m very conscious about the design and construction of the undies. Due to my job, I also require a high range of motion in my underwear. I am a big fan of N2N, and the occasional Andrew Christian. I also have been really enjoying trying new and smaller company brands, where I get to talk to the designer directly about what I like and don’t like.

SpeedoSoldier –  I’m just leaving Active Duty in the Army after 6.5 years. Will be going into the Reserves. I’m engaged to be married to my fiancé Jonathan next Saturday. I love n2n, AC, Bruno banani, Olaf Benz, aussiebum, Marcuse, budgy smuggler, and many others. I look for style, cut, fit, and colors/prints. Love different patterns and colors. Always looking to try new brands.


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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