This is second pair of underwear from Joe Snyder that I’ve attempted to use as an everyday pair.   The last time I tried this was with their ‘Pride Frame’ bikini.  The results were mixed.  The issue I encountered was its practicality for everyday use.  Given my disposition and frequent use of skimpy undies when engaged in bedroom recreation I found it really distracting to try to pull off a normal demeanor while secretly donning male strip-o-gram undies.

I’m glad to report this time was different.  The ELA bikini takes a tiny step away from the edge that separates ‘skimpy’ from ‘too-skimpy.’  I should back up a moment and explain that I tend to be a traditionalist when it comes to men’s underwear.  Think Jim Palmer and Jockeys circa 1976.  That style was definitely skimpy for its day but it wasn’t so skimpy as to become off-putting.  In today’s market we have so many pairs that border on dental floss that the Jockey’s of yore seem downright… proper.

So with that in mind, I will say it was a much better experience with the ELA.  If the Pride Frame is just a tad bit too adventurous for you, then I recommend you try the ELA.

The facts: Made in Mexico.  80% polyamide/20% spandex (basically a speedo).  Apparent good construction.

The waistband has been updated and instead of featuring the words ‘Joe Snyder’ it simply features an embossed JS symbol which you can only see up close.  Aesthetically, it works great.  The contrasting white color of the waistband is the only visual ‘trick’ employed.  Not splashy at all, which I really like.  The only other visual statement is made by the cut itself which is just awesome.

An important note regarding sizing:  All JS pairs I’ve ever tried seem to run just a bit small.  This might just be my perception as they are intended to be skimpy regardless of size.  But just be warned that you may need to go up a whole size depending on your build. Otherwise your front may be having a fight with your rear for who gets coverage and who doesn’t.

Unlike my last encounter with JS, this time I succeeded in wearing the pair for a full day at the office.  I was concerned that the pair would become uncomfortable after a short time, just because comfort and good looks are so often mutually exclusive.  But I was pleasantly surprised.  It was perfectly fine the whole day; snug but not uncomfortably so.  Most surprising, the waistband did not give me a permanent JS tattoo.  The inside surface of the band is soft and has no discernible marks or patterns so the ‘tattoo effect’ is kept to a minimum.

The best part about this pair (if you’re like me) is that you can go about your day without being constantly reminded of this tight banana hammock thing beneath your clothes.  They’ve succeeded in making something look hot but feel more like a pair of low-rise briefs.  At the end of the day when you take your clothes off you may say to yourself “damn… that’s what I was wearing?”

To sum things up:


  • Excellent cut with minimal ‘flashy’ elements
  • Surprisingly, not too snug in spite of the materials
  • The most perfect waistband


  • May need to up-size if you have any meat on your bones


  • Daily Fit         9
  • Sizing         7
  • Construction/Materials         8
  • Styling         10
  • Daily Performance         10
  • Overall         8.8

Joe Snyder furnished this pair for review.


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