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This is second pair of underwear from Joe Snyder that I’ve attempted to use as an everyday pair.   The last time I tried this was with their ‘Pride Frame’ bikini.  The results were mixed.  The issue I encountered was its practicality for everyday use.  Given my disposition and frequent use of skimpy undies when engaged in bedroom recreation I found it really distracting to try to pull off a normal demeanor while secretly donning male strip-o-gram undies.

I’m glad to report this time was different.  The ELA bikini takes a tiny step away from the edge that separates ‘skimpy’ from ‘too-skimpy.’  I should back up a moment and explain that I tend to be a traditionalist when it comes to men’s underwear.  Think Jim Palmer and Jockeys circa 1976.  That style was definitely skimpy for its day but it wasn’t so skimpy as to become off-putting.  In today’s market we have so many pairs that border on dental floss that the Jockey’s of yore seem downright… proper.

So with that in mind, I will say it was a much better experience with the ELA.  If the Pride Frame is just a tad bit too adventurous for you, then I recommend you try the ELA.

The facts: Made in Mexico.  80% polyamide/20% spandex (basically a speedo).  Apparent good construction.

The waistband has been updated and instead of featuring the words ‘Joe Snyder’ it simply features an embossed JS symbol which you can only see up close.  Aesthetically, it works great.  The contrasting white color of the waistband is the only visual ‘trick’ employed.  Not splashy at all, which I really like.  The only other visual statement is made by the cut itself which is just awesome.

An important note regarding sizing:  All JS pairs I’ve ever tried seem to run just a bit small.  This might just be my perception as they are intended to be skimpy regardless of size.  But just be warned that you may need to go up a whole size depending on your build. Otherwise your front may be having a fight with your rear for who gets coverage and who doesn’t.

Unlike my last encounter with JS, this time I succeeded in wearing the pair for a full day at the office.  I was concerned that the pair would become uncomfortable after a short time, just because comfort and good looks are so often mutually exclusive.  But I was pleasantly surprised.  It was perfectly fine the whole day; snug but not uncomfortably so.  Most surprising, the waistband did not give me a permanent JS tattoo.  The inside surface of the band is soft and has no discernible marks or patterns so the ‘tattoo effect’ is kept to a minimum.

The best part about this pair (if you’re like me) is that you can go about your day without being constantly reminded of this tight banana hammock thing beneath your clothes.  They’ve succeeded in making something look hot but feel more like a pair of low-rise briefs.  At the end of the day when you take your clothes off you may say to yourself “damn… that’s what I was wearing?”

To sum things up:


  • Excellent cut with minimal ‘flashy’ elements
  • Surprisingly, not too snug in spite of the materials
  • The most perfect waistband


  • May need to up-size if you have any meat on your bones


  • Daily Fit         9
  • Sizing         7
  • Construction/Materials         8
  • Styling         10
  • Daily Performance         10
  • Overall         8.8

Joe Snyder furnished this pair for review.


Over the last year or so, Joe Snyder has become one of my favorite brands. The new Pride Frame line bikini is probably in the top 10 of my favorite pairs right now. When they refreshed the line, I was super happy to have another pair of them. The newest release from Joe Snyder is the Activewear Line. It’s one they told me about over a year ago and I was very excited to hear about it.

The Activewear is a bit of a departure from Joe Snyder. This one features a more defined pouch and a signature waistband. Previous lines rarely had a branded waistband. Granted they had a few but none that entire focus was the waist band. This one it’s front and center and carried through all pairs in this collection. I personally love this new design features. Nothing sets off a pair of undies like a waistband.

One of the best things about Joe Snyder is the quality of their undies. They make them out of really great fabrics and the construction is always made great. Joe Snyder makes fun yet very masculine underwear.

I wore the pair to work when I knew it was going to be an active day. I figured since I was in a jock why not put it to the test right? It held up very well. I loved the construction of the leg straps and the nylon/spandex pouch. The waistband which i loved, was a bit tight at the end on the day. I should have gone up a size. I”m right on the boarder of the size chart. But if you’re an underwear fan you know sometimes it can be hard to pick the right size. The pouch fit well too. As many of you know pouches are very important to me. I prefer contoured pouches and this one fit me well.

The sizing if you follow the guide should be pretty much on. I am right on the boarder between sizes. As I said above, when you are at the cut off for brands it’s hard to actually pick a right size. Also gaining a few pounds didn’t help the matter. But if you follow their guide you should have no problems with this line. They are out of Mexico so the sizing on other lines may run smaller.


  • Love the new design, they stepped outside their box
  • Great new Waistband
  • Bigger pouch
  • Great bright color selection


  • I’m in between sizing so was a little small


  • Daily Fit – 8
  • Sizing – 7
  • Construction/Materials – 8.5
  • Styling – 9
  • Daily Wear -8
  • Overall – 8.1

Joe Snyder furnished this pair for review. They can be found at the Joe Snyder Website.


Howdy folks. This is Phillip here, the new kid in town. Today, I bring you my review of the Joe Snyder Activewear G-String in blue, on of the many cuts available in the new Activewear line, to include the bikini, jock strap, and boxer. Having tried a few different items from Joe Snyder, I was a little apprehensive, as I never have been a huge fan of the brand. However, a pair of underwear never intimidates me, so in I jumped. Upon first glance, I noticed that the fabric was different than the other undies I’ve worn from JS. Made of 80% Polyamide, 20% Elastane, which felt smooth to the touch. The blue color that I received was very attractive looking as well, leading me to believe that the numerous colors and the camo print would look just as great. All in all, I was impressed on first look.

I chose to wear my review pair first thing, without washing. Spent most of the day sitting through classes, so pretty much casual type of environment. I then wore them to work later that evening, which doesn’t require a lot of movement. Once washed, I then took them for a spin at the gym. Overall, I didn’t have any issues while working out, or just sitting and walking, making the Activewear G-String a suitable piece for multiple uses.

I’m a bit of a large guy, in fact, that’s the size I usually wear in most brands. Joe Snyder runs a bit small in their sizing, it seems, cause it felt a little too snug for my personal preference in the waist. The tag reads that a large is 36-39 inches, which fits with the American sizing of a large being 36-38, for the most part, but it was just a little snug on me. I would honestly recommend wearing the next size up from what you normally wear in order to find an accurate fit.

Joe Snyder’s biggest plus, in my opinion, is their availability of colors for their underwear. I love the fact that, instead of the common black, white, red, and blue that you get with most brands, you also have options such as yellow, green, pink, purple, and even mesh, for the Activewear line of products. Everybody needs a bit of color to liven up his top drawer. I will also note that even though I expected it based on past expierence with Joe Snyder thongs, there wasn’t any “grinding”, as I call it, or rubbing of the area right above the crack. I’m also a fan of the waistband type of Gstrings and thongs, so bonus points for me. The biggest issue was that there was “gaping”, or where the fabric in the crotch doesn’t stay on the skin on the sides, instead leaving a little space between the skin and the edge of the underwear.

All in all, the Joe Snyder Activewear G-String was a decent pair of undies. Based on past expierences with this brand, I wasn’t expecting too much, and will say I was surprised to find that I liked them a little more than previous efforts from the company. Is this my all time favorite pair of underwear? Not by a long shot, but I will give credit where credit is due. Enjoyable and comfortable, with an appealing aesthetic that is sure to catch the eye.


  • Awesome color selection, to include camo and mesh options
  • Smooth Fabric
  • Stylish Waistband


  • Sizing not exactly correct
  • Gapping issues


  • Daily Fit- 70
  • Sizing- 40
  • Construction/Material-90
  • Styling- 90
  • Daily Performance-80
  • Overall- 74

Thanks for hearing me out. I’m very into not just undies, but to try and spread the word on whats good and whats not, and I only hope I can help somebody out there avoid a trap I’ve fallen into on more than one occasion. The most important piece of clothing is the underwear the put on first thing, and if I can help make that choice the best for somebody, I’ll consider myself a success. Until next time, this is Speedosoldier85, signing out.

Joe Snyder furnished this pair for review.


The pair of underwear I am reviewing is the Joe Snyder Mini Shorty in shiny black with white trim.  The shiny black fabric is a nice color with the silver waistband and white side areas and trim.  The mini shorty has a contrasting silver waistband with Joe Snyder sewn into the waistband in bold lettering, but not centered above the pouch on this pair.  The waistband has a metallic sheen to it and the pouch is slight.

After trying them on, the waistband is comfortable at two inches in width.  The slight pouch was conforming and defining with a two piece formation.  While this is a trunk, it is called a mini shorty due to the visual appearance being that of a pair of retro gym shorts.  There is no fly in this mini shorty which is the new norm and who really used a fly anyway.  Do not get mad if you did.  Just saying.  The mini shorty was pieced together in multiple pieces to create the pouch and rear to provide a better fit and make it more conforming.  The seat is two panels and it seems to be contoured to fit close to the skin.  Trust me.  You know the rear seam is there as it is made to really highlight the rear.  The pouch functions normally and is a good size for the average guys.  You guys that constantly talk about needing more room will need more room in these.  These fit well and create a nice line.  This is my second or third pair of Joe Snyder underwear and I enjoyed them.  These would be a really nice pair of underwear to wear under jeans as they sit low on the hips and are tight.

While wearing this pair of boxer briefs, I went about my normal Monday morning of late breakfast, teaching class, and relaxing at home afterwards.  It was a typical day for most guys, I suppose.  The pair fit well, looked nice, did not bunch up, but felt a bid odd as that rear seam really wanted to define my rear a bit more than my rear wanted to be defined.  This pair of underwear would be good for wearing under shorts or loose fitting pants as I wore them under tighter clothing and I barely felt them.  I would consider wearing it as workout wear as they were tight and supportive.

I received a size large in this mini shorty.  This size should cover a 32-24 pant size.  Sizing was a bit off as I am a size large in the vast majority of underwear and these are a bit tight.  This pair can be found for around 30-35$ on most websites and in stores in black, white, red, and turquoise.

I enjoyed the color combination, the metallic silver waistband, the white side panels, the white trim, and the way the pouch fit.  80% Polyamide and 20% Spandex fabric combination makes this a stretchy and conforming pair of underwear that I enjoyed.  This mini shorty had nothing major about it that I could complain about.  I did find the rear seam to be slightly annoying.  The cut of this pair of underwear may be better suited for guys that are more lean with perfectly straight sides versus an average guy, like me, to wear.

Overall, this was a good pair of underwear and I felt comfortable while wearing them.  The design is conforming to the body and creates a nice profile from the front and the rear.  I enjoyed this mini shorty and look forward to wearing them again.


  • Style
  • Fabric
  • Pattern/Color


  • Fit (rear seam was a bit tight)
  • Price

· Daily Fit – 8
· Sizing – 8
· Construction/Materials – 10
· Styling – 10
· Daily Performance – 8
· Overall – 8.8

Joe Snyder furnished these for review.


File under B… for bedroom.

Joe Snyder is not something I would typically use as everyday underwear.  It might just be mental barrier I haven’t broken yet, but I associate underwear like this exclusively with doing the grown-up behind closed doors.  The only pairs of JS that I’ve ever owned were for that express purpose.

These reviews we generate are based on a uniform set of evaluation criteria, which incorporates a full day’s test drive.  Well, I tried it. For reasons I’ll go into later, I don’t know that my results will really offer you an apples-to-apples comparison to other pairs of underwear.  But honestly 90% of this is subjective anyway.  So here goes.

First the facts: Made in Mexico.  80% polyamide/20% spandex.  Excellent construction quality.  The cut is definitely on the skimpier side, probably the skimpiest thing I’ve ever worn.  If you’re like me this is probably right on that edge between ‘skimpy-flattering and ‘skimpy-non-flattering.’ Maybe this is a hint that Mexico thinks we should exercise more.  Or maybe they want us to stop sending them McDonalds.

In the right context the pride frame bikini is f***ing hot.  I read nothing into the word ‘pride’ and simply took it at face value.  Pride as in be proud of your junk.  Because if you wear these your junk is going to be the only thing people see.  Through some clever pouch design and accent stitching JS has found a way to make that part of your body seem twice normal size.  The exterior contrast stitching does this ‘swoopie’ thing where it comes down from both sides and wraps around underneath, creating a ‘genital shelf’ if you will.  But unlike the Cocksox pair that I wrote about earlier in the month, the pouch does not force you into the ‘tent-pole’ configuration.  For me, that is a huge bonus, since I’m not a fan of the tent-pole.

The normal review criteria we look at include things like “daily fit” and “daily performance.”  I might have a hard time rating these because I didn’t wear these over the course of a full day.  I wore them for the same amount of accrued time, but broken up into smaller pieces.  Mainly because… well, I didn’t want to have an enormous bulge at work that day.

What I can say is that, due to the materials and cut, there is positively no creepage of any kind on this pair.  I would compare it to wearing a speedo under your clothes.  One that is as supportive, softer, and waaaaay skimpier.  If it was still 1987, Cher could use this pair as part of her tour wardrobe.

If I could turn back toooooommeeee…. (yes, I said tome)

Joking aside, if you choose to wear this as daily underwear I don’t think you’ll have any complaints about comfort or creepage.  But be mindful that the only thing separating the world from the male-stripper version of yourself is a single layer of pant material.  If you have the mental agility to balance these two sides of your persona and keep it under control in public then more power to you.  Guys like me have no choice but to relegate this to the bedroom only.

To sum things up:


  • You will turn into a sex machine in the bedroom


  • You will turn into a sex machine anywhere you happen to be


  • Daily Fit         7*
  • Sizing         8
  • Construction/Materials         9
  • Styling         9*
  • Daily Performance         7*
  • Overall         8

*please take this with a grain of salt.  I can’t wear these for a full day, so your score will probably differ greatly from mine.

Joe Snyder furnished this pair for review.

unb-staff-picks-thongsWho says men can’t or shouldn’t wear thong underwear?  Not us.  In today’s trendy underwear world, more and more guys are experimenting with thong underwear.  Whether it’s for comfort, to hide lines in tight clothing, or just to try out out something new, the stigma of a man wearing a thong has gone by the wayside.  Here are a few of our staff favorites.  What’s yours?

 X1702-00101 Alex

2(x)ist Sliq Y-back Thong – I don’t always wear thongs, but when I do I wear the 2xist Y-back thong. The masculine combination of the jockstrap and the thong mixed with the soft fabric creates the perfect thong. It is comfortable enough for all day wear without being super distracting.

 PX2-12-A Joe

Picked N2N thongs as his favorite. – I am a big fan of the n2nthongs. Their pouches are well shaped and fit great. I like a nice thick waistband too so it stays put! Plus the fabric is sporty but sexy.

X1002-10001 John

Also picked a thong from 2(x)ist – the Essential Thong. – I will be the first to admit that I haven’t always been a fan of thongs, but I think a lot of guys have a pre-conceived notion around the idea of wearing a thong. To that I say… GET OVER IT!  I have been wearing thongs pretty regularly for the last couple of years.  I can say that their is certainly a time and a place to wear them, and it doesn’t include the gym! They really can be comfortable and can make you feel pretty sexy as well.

My favorite thong is from 2(x)ist. It is their Essential Thong. I have it both Black and White and it looks amazing in both colors. What I like about this thong is that it has a “Y” back to it. I have a few “Y” back thongs and it really is a style that I prefer when I buy a thong.  For me it helps eliminate the “wedgie” feeling that most guys don’t like about wearing them. the fabric is awesome and the pouch fits amazing! I also like the fact that the “thong” piece isn’t real thick and it is rolled cotton which makes it soft and doesn’t make it feel like you have a big bunch of fabric riding up your bum.

thong03black1_2 Tim M.

Picked the Joe Snyder thong. –  I love the Joe Snyder thong.  True to form, it has an ergonomically designed pouch that lifts you.  And the spandex lycra blend is a super sexy fabric that will make any guy feel hot.   And for those adventurous guys it can even double as a bathing suit.


hot-july-dguThe UK is experiencing a massive heat wave. The temperature is rising and along with it sales of thongs and strings at specialist Brit online retailer Deadgoodundies. They say string sales have overtaken briefs, after two years in second place…

 Body Art Borsion String GBP23.00 @ Deadgoodundies.com

Body Art Borsion String £23.00

Could this be the answer to what Scotsmen wear under their kilt? Body Art’s tartan string is cool and colourful.

Doreanse 1334 Thong GBP11.00 @ Deadgoodundies.com

Doreanse 1334 Thong £11.00

The mixture of cotton and modal yarns and the neat flat waistband make the Doreanse tanga thong a best seller at DGU.

Gregg Homme Musk String GBP17.95 @ Deadgoodundies.com

Gregg Homme Musk String £17.95

Gregg Homme’s minimalist string has a peach soft fabric and the finest thong back – perfect for personal aeration when the going gets hot.

HOM Fredy String GBP14.00 @ Deadgoodundies.com

HOM Fredy String £14.00

Fredy, HOM’s legendary cotton string that has been a best seller from the year dot, is to be discontinued! But fans can still buy it from DGU – though once current stock is gone, it’s gone for good.

HOM Plume String Twinpack GBP26.00 @ Deadgoodundies.com

HOM Plume String Twinpack £26.00

Another design to be phased out by HOM is the Plume String. When it was launched this was the lightest string in the world. Again, a fave with DGU customers and still in stock. Watch this space for some interesting news from the guys at Deadgoodundies…

Joe Snyder Active Wear V Thong 04 @ GBP22.00 Deadgoodundies.com

Joe Snyder Shining Active Wear V Thong 04 £22.00

In classic black or white, or gorgeous red or turquoise the brand new Joe Snyder Active Wear collection offers two thong alternatives – with the body fabric is opaque glistening Shining finish, or the finest cobwebby mesh. And if you want an even slimmer string option, there’s an Active Wear g-string in the same two material choices.

Joe Snyder Pride Frame Neon Tanga 03 GBP 18.00 @ Deadgoodundies.com

Joe Snyder Pride Frame Neon Tanga Thong 03 £18.00

The frame of the name is a neat band of neon trim that forms the finest waistband and a ‘frame’ loop around the genitals. Quite brilliant in white, orange, green or turquoise – each with a sleek black body fabric.

Olaf Benz RED 1315 Mini String GBP28.00 @ Deadgoodundies.com

Olaf Benz RED 1315 Mini String £28.00

A picture can’t do justice to the two tone look created by this Olaf Benz design. In black or brick, the string uses two fine layers of fabric. The inside layer is slightly lighter in colour than the exterior so the effect is unique.

Find these at www.deadgoodundies.com

1053047_589195741103931_1752359121_oThis weeks Underwear of the Week is the Joe Sndyer ELA15 Bikini. They just refreshed some of the colors of the line! Bringing the total colors to 13! You can get them in just about any color in the rainbow now. Joe Snyder has a solid fan bases. It amazes me the people who know about Joe Snyder and then those who actually wear them. They have range from gay to straight guys.

Reasons why this pair is our underwear of the week:

  • A waistband brief that sits like a low rise brief but has the cut of a bikini
  • One of the few pairs of Joe Snyder with a traditional waistband
  • Available in 13 colors including white and black mesh
  • Made out of 80% Poliamide/20% Spandex Lycra
  • Super sexy cut

You can find this and more at the Joe Snyder website.


1010527_583119808378191_1713781659_n-1Joe Snyder over the last year has become one of my favorite brands. This was all because of the Pride Frame line. It just fits me so well. So, when I was at Magic and got to talk to Jose he gave me a heads up on this line. He told me that it was going to have a waistband and a bigger pouch!

I have heard a complaint from people who read the blog that the pouches can sometime run small. This line should hopefully make that easier and fit more guys. I think they did a great job on the pride frame in the pouch department.

This line consists of a Brief, Jockstrap, G String, V Thong, Boxer and Mini Shorty. They are all available in White, Black, Red, Turquoise and the traditional White Sheer and Black Sheer. I am sure if they do well we will see more colors in the line that Joe Snyder is known for, but it’s a great start.

You can find these at retailers now or on the Joe Snyder Website. We think you should definitely check out the new line.

I am back again with another review of some great stuff that our friends at Joe Snyder supplied us with. Actually, we didn’t just get one pair to review we got the whole line! This line from Joe Snyder has someone for everyone’s taste. It is the Joe Snyder Exclusive line. And it can only found at Undergear.com. Now reviewing a whole line is a tall order but I aim to please. As I write this review I have already had the privilege of sporting three of the four items in this line. And I plan on wearing making it four-for-four before the week is out.

dscf5040Joe Snyder continues to use quality materials when constructing their underwear and this new line for Undergear.com is no exception. I recently brought you a review of the Joe Snyder Camo Thong and I can tell you they used the same comfortable and stretch material in the Joe Snyder Exclusive line. The fabric molds to your body and gives the feeling of total support without the feeling that you’re constricted at the same time. I think that if underwear can do that then you have found something you have to try on. Our good friends at Joe Snyder supplied us with size mediums to review and like I said last time I am more of a large, but that didn’t stop me from sporting these. The size mediums fit well and still give me the room I need.


Now I need to focus on something unique that has been designed into each style of this line. It is a “lift” system. I am sure you have all seen other lines that have some sort of “lift” constructed into it. Whether it is an internal sling that you have to attach around your package or an opening that allows your package to hang out like a suspensor jock; nothing can compare to what Joe Snyder has done. I have tried out many version of this some work, and some don’t. This one is a keeper! The more important feature is that it’s simple.

Basically you slide on the style you like, whether it is the bikini or the thong and you place your package through the whole. This gives your package its own pouch in the underwear separate from the rest. Once you have placed your package through the hole you lift up the pouch and snap it in place. Now what can be simpler than that? One other brand had something similar, well at least one that I thought enough of to buy and the only difference was that the whole pouch unsnapped. Now this might seem like a great idea. And believe me I have thought about it a great deal. But I feel the Joe Snyder version is much more practical. It gives you the same lift and coverage with the added sexiness, but not a lot of hassle. The comfort and lift of the pouch is the best feature and pictures cannot full describe the way it feels so get one on ASAP.


And finally, the last point to chat about is daily wear. I have worn the trunk, bikini, and the thong since I received the goods from Joe Snyder and I can say these are great for daily use. They are comfortable, stretchy and lift my package up well with no annoying side effects.

So to sum it all up, I believe the Joe Snyder Exclusive line is a crowd pleaser for all. I give it an overall rating of 4.8 on a scale of 5.

Fit:                   4
Materials:          5
Put Together:    5
Look:                5
Daily Wear:       5

Overall:            4.8

Again, don’t forget that this exclusive line from Joe Snyder can only be found at Undergear.com. So make sure to check it out ASAP. The bikini, thong, and trunk range in the usual sizes of Joe Snyder and the jock is a one-size-fits all. You can’t go wrong with a line that has something for everyone. No matter if you are a totally jock fan like me and only occasional sport briefs and trunks, or you are the total opposite. There is something for everyone, and everyone deserves a great “lift” right where you need it.

dscf4985 dscf5007