winter-underwearHere in Atlanta its in the 20’s and freakin’ cold. I know some of you around the world are saying, WTF is that all? Well for Atlanta it’s cold. It got me thinking of what undies I wear when it’s cool. I’m a total briefs guy. As many long time readers know. But when it’s cold I change from my usual pair and go for boxer briefs and more.

I’m not sure how many other guys change their preference due to weather. Its the only time i switch from my go to briefs to anything else. So I thought I would share a few pairs that I wear when it gets cold

Mundo Unico – I love the nylon boxer briefs. They keep me warm and give me great support and an amazing pouch. Of all the boxer briefs, Unico makes my favorite ones. The Mid Boxer pulsar (133000825-83) is one my current favorites. You maybe asking about the cotton spandex, for me personally, they don’t keep the heat in for me.
N2N Bodywear – Last year they released a great collection called Camp Fire. It’s N2N Bodywear spin on flanel underwear. It’s made with a great fit and you can get the one to the knee or longer. I Love these because they are super warm. You can wear something under them or just by themselves. I usually put on a signature boxer under them for a little extra support.
Runners (no specific brand) – When its really cold, I wear runners. I am not a fan of traditional long johns. To me they have way too much bulk and have no support what so ever. So about 10 years ago It was super cold and when picking out my underwear for the day I saw the runners, and though if it’s good enough for guys to wear running with nothing over them, then it was good to wear under clothes. They fit great under jeans and you can’t really tell you are wearing anything else. They do a great job keeping you warm as well. Rufskin, N2N, Timoteo (pictured) all have runners, so you can go full on fashion and bright colors/patterns or go with traditional black/Navy

This year i want to try more of the traditional long johns that have come out from N2N, Timoteo, Frank Dandy and Cocksox. Each of them have launched a rebirth to the long john area. I think its’ just the start of more and fun long johns. Going forward it will be important for all guys to have warm and fashionable underwear.

I’m curious what you guys wear in the winter, post your favorites below or let us know!


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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