When we talk about models, lately, it’s a tricky subject. Some guys want to see the traditional models, and then some guys want to see real guys in undies. And there is room for everyone in the world of underwear. Having worked on the blog for 12 years, I can see the issue from brands and consumers. This is my take on models in the Underwear industry.

Traditional Models

Brands use traditional models in their posts because they have a brand image they want to convey. It could be athletic, muscular, more realistic, or even plus-sized guys (saying plus in the world of modeling). Granted, very few of us reading this will ever be like the model in the underwear picture. We want to feel sexy and confident in our underwear. If it looks that great on him than it will look awesome on me. And to be fair, pictures do sell underwear. A hot picture will increase the sales of a pair over a pair without a hot pic. I have seen this time and time again. Brands are in the business to make money, and they do what will sell undies.

Real Guys – Non-Traditional Models.

I like many of you want to see more real guys in undies. This includes all shapes, sizes, and colors. I will give it to many brands starting to do more real guys, and those should be applauded, like Yocisco. They recently had a beefy guy star in some of their pics. I think many brands are hesitant because of backlash from people online. Before you start going off on me, just wait. We have experienced this first hand. When we first started doing our UNB shoots, we used more real guys. Not all of them had abs; some were thin, some were a little bigger (for models). I was super proud of these shoots. However, when we posted them on social media, get got comments like “These aren’t models,” “Where did you find these guys” “If this is what you consider models, I’m unfollowing.”

Yes, guys said those things and more over the years. It sucks when we invest our time and money into a shoot to get this feedback. If you want to see real guys, like, comment, share, and buy. When you do buy, tell them you bought because of the real guy or non-traditional models.

I personally think we need a mix of real and traditional models. We are a diverse group of guys, gay, straight and bi, looking for different things in undies. As the industry grows more into the straight market, we will see marketing evolve even more. This is a quick post I threw together, and I would love you guys to share your feedback.

Last night I think the Holiday party season really got kicked off. It made me think of what would be great pairs to wear to a holiday party. Now I am not one for the kitty over the top holiday prints. A few companies like aussieBum do them very well but the ones at big box stores I usually stay away from. No cartoon characters or elf prints for me.

So this got me thinking what would be 5 great choices to wear to a holiday party and be in the spirt but not be over the top. I also wanted them to be pairs you could wear the rest of the year because let’s face it wearing Merry Xmas undies in July is just sad. So I put my brain in over drive to come up with what would be 5 great pairs.


1. 2(X)ist Tartan No Show Trunk 

This pair is a mainstay at 2(X)ist every holiday season. It’s just festive enough to be considered holiday but can be worn year round. The new cranberry stripe is just fun. Before they had a plaid print and a solid. I think this addition is a great one. Available at the 2(X)ist site for $24. Also available in a brief and long johns.


2. John Sievers Natural Pouch Brief in Racing Red

I personally think the John Sievers line from International Jock is one of the most under rated brands on the market. You don’t hear about it much but its some of the most amazing underwear. Especially for those who have extra up front. The pair I have I just love. So when I saw the Racing Red this is perfect to wear under your holiday best. It will keep those endowed guys super happy all night and look great while doing it! The pouch is one of the best on the market, hands down. Available at International Jock for $24.95

2209 (2)

3. Clever 2209 Soccer Boxer – Green

I know we have many fans of the boxer brief and the long boxers are one of the biggest trends in men’s underwear right now. This one from Clever is perfect for wearing to a party and coming home and lounging around in them after. Made out of a sports mesh you could wear it to the gym outside of the holiday season or during your favorite sporting activity. Available from GDD World at Candyman Fashions for $31.48


4. Mosdus Vivendi Masai Boxer Red 

Not everyone wants a long boxer for Holidays, they can be a little uncomfortable under a suit. The Masai Boxer from Modus Vivendi would be great under a suit for your company holiday party. It won’t give you any crazy underwear lines under your pants and has a low waistband that will keep you comfy all through the night. Plus the color is bright and festive. A tip, wear a tie that matches your undies for the holidays! Available at Modus Vivendi for 25.50€


5. Andrew Christian Almost Naked Arch Jock – Holiday Collection

We had a brief, trunk, long boxer and boxer. What would the holidays be with out a jock? Not everyone wants to wear something traditional. The Almost Naked Arch Jock from the AC holiday collection would be great under jeans you would wear to any party. The pouch will give you great support through out the night and if anyone saw it it would be a conversation starter to say the least. This is a limited edition pair and is available at the Andrew Christian site for $26.93

These are a few suggestions we’d love to hear more of your choices on what you should wear or what you did wear to a party!

Note: the Andrew Christian link is a affiliate sales link

thierry-pepin-for-gregg-homme-01Each morning we stand naked in front of our dresser and closet wondering what to put on today.  We are a blank canvas, choosing clothing that fits our mood, our day, and our lifestyle.  How do we make these decisions?  And more importantly, how do we try something new?

Right now, I have one underwear drawer. The left side consisting of my basics and the right side consisting of my more adventurous pairs.  I look at both sides and wonder to myself what to wear for the day?  Have you ever thought to yourself, “Hmm I should wear this Gregg Homme thong today?”  Or “I want to wear my new N2N Bodywear jockstrap.”  These are typically not the first pairs we think of when we get dressed for our day in the morning.  Instead we grab the trusty Calvin Klein brief because we know it inside and out.  We all know what fits our body best or what is most comfortable but how do we try something new?

No one wants to be caught away from home in uncomfortable underwear with nowhere to run!  There is nothing worse than putting on a pair at 8:00am and by 11:00am sitting at your desk, wondering to yourself how you got yourself into this mess!  Here are some tips for trying new underwear out.  If you are cautious about going an 8 hour work day in a brand new pair, here is a great 3 step plan for you.  First, slip them on one Saturday morning as you are home.  Wear them around the house, doing chores and what not to see how they feel.  This gives you some good movement and if they are not working out, another pair is right in the other room.  Just make sure you don’t write them off too early before giving them a fair chance!  Once you make it through an hour at home in the new pair, take them for a test run on a few short errands.  Pick a few places not too far from home to see how they feel out in the real world.  Again, this is a great way to see how your comfort level is in your new pair without being stranded.  Hopefully by now you will know if this pair is going to measure up to your standards and be a great addition to  your drawer.  The last step is to finally take the pair through a long day at work.  A great way to add a little ease to your mind is to take a spare comfortable pair of underwear. Knowing that if any time during the day you can’t handle it anymore, sneak into the bathroom and change pairs!  It will be better than suffering through the day, never trying new underwear again, or freeballing!

For those of you more adventurous, slip on that new pair of underwear and head off to work, knowing that no matter what, you are wearing them until 5:00pm!  Think about the fact that you will be sitting in a meeting with your coworkers, suits all around the table and the guy next to you does not know that you are currently wearing a pink mesh thong.  Imagine your boss calling you into his office, telling you that you need to put yourself out there more but what he does not know is that under your suit, the Andrew Christian C-Ring Brief that you are currently wearing has no front pouch and you are definitely putting yourself out there underneath that suit.  It’s adventurous, it’s sexy, and it’s part of who we are as underwear men.

At the end of the day, make sure you wear underwear that makes you feel sexy, gives you confidence, and comforts you.  Be open to try new pairs whether it is for an hour on the weekend in the privacy of your own home or throughout a grueling work day.  You may surprise yourself on what you find you love!

Photo by Gregg Homme

WMUPDD4We ask that question because it’s the name of a new brand called wearMEunder. I discovered them on Twitter one day. Actually I have been noticing a trend that I am finding more new bands for you guys through Twitter than any other social media. I have been emailing them and they seem like a really great company! Here are some questions we asked:

What is the idea behind the brand?

The idea behind the brand really started with wanting to offer men everywhere something that we feel the market doesn’t currently offer necessarily. It is not necessarily that we want to educate men that underwear doesnt have to be the standard brief or boxer, we just want to be able to offer and show men that you can look even sexier by what you wear under!
For us underwear and swimwear is not just something practical that one has to put on before starting the day. In fact, it is more about embracing the fact that you should feel and look great when you start the day, go about your daily routines, go to bed and most importantly no matter where and when you can always feel confident that should you find yourself in nothing but your ‘undies’ you can be sure to still feel and look great!

Women have used underwear as a power of seduction and to get a sense of comfort and sex appeal for a long time, so it is just a matter of time for men to also grasp the concept that underwear doesn’t have to be just practical.”


What is your philosophy for the company? 

Our brand philosophy comes from that as well! We believe that underwear is merely an extension of you and therefore they should feel like part of you. We try to make our underwear in a way that it feels like you are wearing nothing but you, your skin and that is why we call it skIn collection. Despite this, the products offer comfort and functionality which underwear should anyhow. We also try to be conscious that men nowadays have busy lifestyles and try to keep active. So it is important to offer products that are breathable, helping maintain the junk in the trunk as dry and sweat free as possible, thus our products are incredibly breathable. Also they offer anti-static materials, soft and we try to bare in mind that underwear marks aren’t sexy so we aim to use soft elastics on bindings etc in order to avoid those marks.

What was the inspiration  you for your designs? 

The design concept originated from professional divers/swimmers. Having to use quite tight and figure hugging pieces that not only provide all the support and comfort but are fully functional in every sense. That is why we choose to have and offer designs/cuts that are sexy and unusual but still pretty much keeping all that one wants covered and protected.


How are you getting the word out about your brand?

We are a small start-up independent brand, therefore we don’t have the usual budgets that big brands are able to possess. It is very important for us that men (customers) become more and more aware of our brand not by means of the usual advertising but by real people that can provide real input on what wearMEunder and it’s products are all about.

At the same time, we want people to feel like this is their brand, therefore we want them to be able to interact with us and our social media as a tool to get in touch not just with us but as a community of men.


What are some of your current best sellers? 

Here are the current best sellers

  • THE JOSH Pink & Red have been the most popular swimwear. We sold more of them than any other product available (including underwear).
  • THE BROOK + THE BRAD have been pretty popular during live events sales but quite slow sellers online though! It’s quite a more fetish out there piece, being of sheer micro mesh! We are with hope that with the new product pages and the revamped website this style will become a best seller.
  • THE JUSTIN Blue – this one has been the most popular out of all underwear styles available, both on the website and live event sales.
  • THE KELVIN Black – our basic brief, another popular item. Being our version of a basic brief and coming only in black at the moment, it’s the second best seller online.
  • THE AUSTIN – our third most popular product online.
Where can our readers find you guys? 
They can find us at our website, which we are about to redo, Twitter or Facebook.
Photos by Paul Dedona.


dug-augIt’s sale time for UK based men’s underwear and swimwear website and while many English gents are busy bargain hunting, fashion followers are in their element as many designer collections start releasing their early autumn designs. Shoppers really seem to be enjoying the brand new season’s colours…

Body Art Glossa Hip Slip

Body Art Glossa Hip Slip GBP21.00

As golden as the late summer sun or reminiscent of the first autumn leaves – this Body Art beauty is a great option to span the seasons.

Bruno Banani Ratio String

Bruno Banani Ratio String GBP17.00

This light blue thong looks fab etched with subtly translucent vertical stripes. Available in a juicy orange colour too!

HOM Chic Stripe Comfort Micro Brief

HOM Chic Stripe Comfort Micro Brief GBP21.00

This new micro from HOM has been an instant hit with DGU customers. The gorgeous blue is terrifically versatile and flatters many different skin tones.

Gregg Homme Boy Toy Thong

Gregg Homme Boy Toy Thong GBP28.94

Gregg Homme’s fantastic string underwear range has been around for a while but the latest colour addition is the best yet! Bright shades like lime are great to keep you smiling as the autumn approaches.

Manstore M421 Popper String

Manstore M421 Popper String GBP32.00

Three colours available, three big hits of colour from the rebellious Manstore range. Hot Pink is the current top seller but UK shoppers are loving the turquoise and sunshine yellow too.

Joe Snyder Dazzling Boxer Bulge 03

Joe Snyder Dazzling Boxer Bulge 03 GBP23.50

With this Dazzling range even classic black has had a facelift! The sparkles stamped in a reptilian inspired design have a subtly multi-coloured sheen for a stunning effect.

Find these  and more at the Dead Good Undies page. Post contains an affiliate link.


mus-hot-juneThis month, it’s all about prints – and we have some of the hottest underwear to make your summer style stand out! Which one of these is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

JOR Carioca Boxers

JOR Carioca Boxers

These are for the print-lovers. The design on JOR’s Carioca collection is loud, to say the least. The underwear are inspired by the bright colors and beachy styles of Rio de Janeiro, which means these ooze sex appeal. The collection also comes in briefs, a jock strap and a thong, but our favorite are the Carioca Boxers. These provide a sexy fit for the body, a good amount of coverage and enough fabric that really makes this print shine.

Obviously Urban Underwear

Obviously Urban Collection (feat. 9-in. boxer briefs)

Whether  you’re the dapper guy who spends careful time getting ready for work or you’re the guy who throws on some clothes to make your morning workout before getting to the office, Obviously’s Urban collection is for you. These all-purpose underwear are great for guys who like to dress up, dress down, and dress any way in between while still having a comfortable fit. The underwear come in three different pouches: the Contour, Classic and Comfort. Plus, they come in a variety of styles, including hipster briefs, trunks and Obviously’s 9-in. boxer briefs. For modern guys who lead active lives, Obviously Urban is the answer.

Timoteo Athlete Jock Strap

Timoteo Grand Prix Athlete Jock Strap

This style of Timoteo underwear looks like a pair of briefs in the front. But surprise – the back is open! The best part about Timoteo’s Grand Prix Jock Strap, aside from the sexy-meets-sporty design, is that the jock-strap style provides a bit of extra lift in the back that boosts the body for extra shape. The Grand Prix collectioncomes in two cool color combinations with a handful of other styles available.

Clever Denim Boxers

Clever Denim Jean Boxers

The print on Clever’s Denim Jean Boxers is so realistic, you’ll think they’re actually made of denim. Instead of the denim feel, though, your body will feel smooth and comfortable. These are made of a polyester-spandex blend for a stretchy, body-hugging fit. They’re the ultimate pair of underwear for guys who like to add an extra flare to their underwear wardrobe.

Clever Thongs

Clever Thongs

From sleek & sexy to sheer mesh styles, Clever men’s thongs are essential for guys who like to show some skin. All of these thongs come in textured fabrics and provide contour pouches that really show off the body. Some our favorites include the Universo Thong, the Microfiber Mesh Thong, and our favorite, the Eros Thong.

JOR Soccer Boxers

Bonus: JOR Soccer Briefs
Just in time for you World Cup fanatics, we’ve got JOR’s Soccer collection in briefs, boxer briefs, a jock strap and a thong. They’re made of a lightweight, stretchy fabric, and the design really shows off the goods. There’s no better way to support your team than having a little something underneath your clothes, right?

1176317_577367095660604_1297625948_nRockwood Underwear has come on to the underwear scene. They are doing something I think is pretty cool! We got a chance to interview Rick the owner. This is what he has to say about the company!

We wrote up Rockwood up a few weeks ago but tell our readers about your brand? What made you make Limited edition underwear? 

First, I’d like to introduce myself.  I’m Rick, the designer for Rockwood.  I started Rockwood after I decided to follow a dream.  I heard the quote “If you enjoy what you do for a living, then you never have to work a day in your life.”  This quote made sense to me so I set out to find something I enjoyed or had true interest in….. underwear happened to be it!  For Rockwood, I want to produce underwear with bold colors, crazy prints and all things in between.  A lot of brands do the same thing so I figured I had to set Rockwood apart from all the others.  I do this by making every pair Limited Edition.  Only 500 pairs will be created for each style across the sizes.  This is not 500 pairs per size, but in total.  By making every style Limited Edition, that cuts down the chance of finding someone else with the same pair as you.  It’s the exclusivity that we want people to experience….that “I have these and you don’t” feeling.  LOL

Another thing I want people to know about Rockwood is that I want to keep it real with my customers and followers.  I’m a normal guy, just like them, who had a dream and worked to make it a reality.  I want them to see a friend in me so I have since started a blog.  There you will find postings about what’s going on with Rockwood along with personal postings about what’s going on in my life.  You can also find what’s posted on our Instagram account @rockwoodunderwear.  I encourage you all to check out the blog at .  Follow along and check back often.

How often are you going to change the pairs?

I know most designers follow the Spring/Summer Fall/Winter design seasons, but I want to keep it more revolving.  When we get something produced, I want to release it.  I don’t want to keep our customers waiting for something new.  Besides, we wear underwear all year round so it makes sense to just keep it revolving.

In the pairs you have created do you have a personal favorite?

Aside from the obvious answer of “I love them all,” I do have a personal favorite.  I love the Electric Orange Trunks that we have out right now.  At the moment, I’m more of a trunk guy so I fell in love with the fit.  The bold orange with the kickass printed waistband just makes it all the better.  Then to top it off, printed on the inside of the waistband is a playful tagline that you may want to show off.  I recommend you all to give them a try!

Any styles or colors you have found have been best sellers?

The first style that sold out was the White Boxer Briefs.  It’s a staple for anyone’s underwear drawer so I can see why it sold out so quickly.  We thought people would stick to a certain cut/style when placing an order of multiple pairs.  However, we have found that a lot of people mix it up.  We find a lot of people order briefs and trunks, prints and solids, and any mix in between.  I think this is great because it shows me that people are down to try different styles.  I know from personal experience, I want to wear a certain style when I’m doing different activities.  This seems to hold true for most others.

What’s coming up for Rockwood?

LOTS!  We want to take Rockwood as far as we can.  We’ve got ideas for new designs and styles running through our heads and we can’t wait to share them.  This is why you all should check the blog out to find out what’s new.  We also encourage people to check out our Instagram account.  People are able to easily give feedback and we encourage people to interact with us on Instagram.  My favorite thing about all of this is connecting with people.  This is why I love it when people Like and Comment on our posts.

I’m grateful for being able to participate in this interview with UNB.  I just want to spread the word about Rockwood and keep it real with all our followers.  I want them to see that “friend” in me and join me on this journey.  As I mentioned before, this is why I throw in personal postings on the blog.  I make no promises on proper grammar though….I guess that’s just part of keeping it real with you all. Haha!

OBVIOUSLY-urban1Eco Friendly underwear is big among some of our readers. They want to look great, feel comfy and do something for the environment. More companies are coming out with lines that meet these criteria. Gone are the days when underwear that was eco friendly are hemp boxers! Now we have some great choices that come in different styles and colors. These are fashionable and fun.

Obviously is the latest brand entering the eco designer undies market. They have a great new collection called the Urban Collection. If you are familiar with their underwear you know it’s ergonomically designed to fit a guy. It has an amazing pouch and fits really well! I have quite a few of their other pairs in my collection.  I love this line and the styles they created! The styles available are a Long Boxer, Trunk and Brief. Sorry no jock or thong yet!

Here is what they sent us to share about the line:

Obviously Apparel is pleased to announce the release of the new Urban Collection which is available for sale now through your favourite retail stores and online at

The Urban Collection is designed for stylish urban men who desire nothing less than the most comfortable and well designed underwear, that provides them the confidence and freedom they aspire to. The Urban Collection is another eco-friendly collection launched by Obviously Apparel continuing its renowned tradition of the use of high quality natural fibres and environmentally friendly practices in underwear craftsmanship. The new collection is also in keeping with Obviously Apparel’s focus on the importance of men’s health and comfort.

Inspiration behind the collection

‘When you stroll down the streets of your favourite city it’s hard not to notice that urban, career driven guy passing by you who instantly captures your attention with his stylish swagger and classy look. It is this guy, with his effortless attitude, which inspired Obviously Apparel’s new Urban Collection.’

The Collection photo shoot depicts a day in the life of your urban hipster, enjoying a relaxing day in his apartment with his girlfriend.

The Urban Collection comes in Obviously’s custom blend of Bamboo is available in three styles: Naked which features Obviously’s improved anatomical pouch (Boxer Brief 9 inch leg, Trunk, and Hipster Brief), Comfort (Trunk and Hipster Brief) and Classic (Trunk and Hipster Brief). The collection features a fusion of four colours – burnt orange, navy blue, grey and white, combined with contrasting colour piping, a 4 colour soft backed waistband, and an offset oversized logo. The entire collection ranges in price from $18.95 – $20.95 and is available as a limited release collection.

COLT_Collection_ad_5755-H-copyAre you familiar with Colt Underwear? It is a line produced by Colt Studios, well known for their “art” pictures and movies. They have been around for many years but had entered the underwear market in the last five years. You may have seen some pics they have done on Tumblr. But you may not have seen much of the underwear before.

This year at Magic I sat down with Timoteo and they informed me they were taking over the Colt line. This seemed natural after the success of the Cellblock13 line, which is the fetish line produced by Timoteo. Colt Underwear now has the quality and design of Timoteo in their revamped underwear line. So you can expect the same wear and tear of Timoteo!

What is in this new line? Here are the new pairs in this new line up

  • Colt Super Low – The same style as the Timote Super Low Brief but in black and white
  • Colt Jock Brief –  A jock brief in a similar cut to the brief (below) also in black and white
  • Colt Signature Jock – A Jock made with the same banded waistband of the Super Low and Jock Brief. Also in black and white
  • Colt Boxer Brief – A flyless boxer brief with a defined pouch and branded waistband. Also in black and white
  • Colt Logo Jockstrap – See the picture above. It has a wide waistband with a traditional elastic waistband with Colt on the front. Also in White and black.

The prices range from $24.95 (for all briefs and jocks) and $29.95 for the Boxer Briefs. Find these pairs on the Colt Website.

Modus Vivendi Dreamland Urban Life_6Modus Vivendi is back with the follow up to it’s Dreamland series. This time the collection is called Urban Life. The collection is inspired by many of the world’s largest cities. Modus Vivendi is branching out outside of their Greek Heritage for this line, but they are still keeping the unique MV style.

This line is more than just underwear. It includes, underwear, hoodies, gymwear and more! Below is the official release:

Modus Vivendi releases the second part of its Spring/Summer 2014 collection “Dreamland”, called “Urban Life”. Inspired by the dream of living in the world’s biggest cities, these pictures show models Ilias Konstantinou and Aris Kitsios against background images of busy underground trains and stations, bustling squares and street art.

The line itself comprises items made of a high quality cotton mesh material. This type of fabric is extremely comfortable and creates a very sexy look. You will find briefs, boxers and jocks as well as new designs, such as the unique Mesh Onesie, the Croise Sleeveless and the C-though Hoodie. This line also includes the new men’s gymwear by Modus Vivendi, the Union Track Vest and Union Sweatshorts. Manufactured to the highest standards, this is possibly the most stylish gymwear you will ever wear.

Check out the new line here:

Underwear/Menswear: Modus Vivendi (
Photographer: Panos Mihailidis
Models: Ilias Konstantinou, Aris Kitsios

1176317_577367095660604_1297625948_nBeing underwear lovers we are always looking for something new and fun. If you’re like me you like to keep your underwear drawer updated as much ass possible. This is a very hard task because every day new pairs come out, how do you pick a pair that will be different and unique? Many brands come out with limited edition pairs but they are only a few pairs. Now imagine if a brand had all their pairs a limited editions?

This is exactly what Rockwood Underwear has done. Each pair is limited to 500 pairs. As they say on their site, this is not 500 in each size but 500 total! Which makes it even more limited. If you find a pair of Rockwood you can’t live without you better buy it because once it’s gone it’s GONE! The old adage you snooze you loose is definitely in play here.

I hear some of you out there going “well they probably only make one style.” You would be wrong, they make mini briefs, briefs, trunks and boxers. Granted not every pattern or color is available in every style but you will find a style you want most!

The concept of this company is pretty amazing. I like the idea of creating a company around limited edition undies you know your friends won’t be wearing. The landscape of men’s underwear it’s hard to find pairs that will set you apart from others!

If you want to get the most up to date undies from Rockwood sign up for their newsletter, follow them on Twitter and Like them on Facebook.


diesel-jocky-jockThe follow two posts are reactions from both UNBJon and UNBPaul in regard to their Unknown Undies experiment which took place a few weeks ago. We both hope you enjoy our posts and feel free to respond or ask us both any questions via our Twitter accounts, @UNBJon and @UNBPaul.

UNBJon’s Experience

As I write this piece, I am doing my laundry at the laundromat so what better place is there to look back at your dirty laundry and try to remember the times over the past week or two when you wore certain clothes. It’s a different look back, but for me, it sometimes works. I guess I have a weird memory, but I digress. Anyway, when I do my laundry I see A LOT of underwear in my dirty pile and while all aren’t typical of my peers, there was one pair that @UNBPaul randomly picked for me to buy recently that really has a fun backstory. Before I begin, I just want to say a big THANK YOU to for providing both Paul and I with our great underwear. Mine arrived in record time. They are a very fair, progressive company worth checking out.

So Paul approached me with the idea to pick a pair of underwear that neither of us have worn, given a price limit and there was no refusal at all. Just an agreement between two underwear guys. About an hour after this agreement was reached, I got the email from Paul for which I was waiting. What lurked within the attached hyperlink could not have surprised, scared, excited, pleased, and shocked me more. He picked a Yellow Diesel Jock, a very bold choice and while I had never worn a Diesel made pair of underwear prior, this was not the thing which elicited my wide range of emotions. This pair would be my first fashion jock. Granted I had worn the typical athlete jock straps in the past but in all honesty, they really aren’t that comfortable and I haven’t worn one for many years. Fashion jocks had always intrigued me, but have never made a purchase due to being timid and afraid to stray away from my briefs. But now was the time and I eagerly waited for the jock to arrive in the mail.

MensUnderwearStore really impressed me when the package arrived at my door in under two days, far exceeding the initial time estimate. When I first got the package I instantly ripped it apart. I was so eager to put this thing around my waist. When I got the jock out of its packaging, I instantly stripped down and put it on my waist, in my living room for that matter. I really didn’t care who saw. I was excited. What did I think? Well, I first thought they were full of freedom. Having your butt unexposed provides a pleasant breeze but unlike just being naked, the frontal support of this jock was immense. Granted I had seen the basic dynamics of a jock strap in the past, but this Diesel jock was far superior in design and functionality. Along with this, I felt a little risqué wearing this pair. I mean, straight guys don’t usually wear bright yellow undies with hardly any coverage and no ass coverage of which to speak. In my mind, I was pushing the limits. I think that any good pair of underwear should really make the guy wearing it feel confident and dare I say sexy while wearing it and for this I was happy.

I proceeded to wear the jock into my work day and continued to be impressed. The rear straps of this jock were really giving my butt a nice lift and giving me some great physical support while I lifted and moved on the job. There were times when I had to adjust a butt strap, but I tried to keep these moments discrete as to not get strange looks. I was certainly enjoying the pair. Near the end of the day I encountered my first pitfall when, discretely adjusting a butt strap I noticed that a decent portion of my pants were covered in butt sweat. Now this may be fine at the gym, but at work it’s slightly too moderately embarrassing. Luckily I was the only one to notice this. Not sure if this was the jock’s doing, but it has never happened while wearing briefs so I think I have to pin it on the jock. It’s a minor issue though.

As the work day came to a close, I was looking to really give the jock a test and give my muscles their daily workout so I proceeded straight to the gym, got changed into workout attire (to surprisingly no perplexed stares), and hopped onto the exercise bike to kick off my routine. The jock really shined through here. My legs had an unmatched freedom of movement and I felt no binding as I would occasionally feel wearing undies with seat coverage. On the bike I was on cloud nine, however; this is where a few issues began to arise. I made my way down to the weight bench and performed my chest routine over the course of about 45 minutes and then moved onto abs. I did about three sets of decline sit ups before I began feeling some discomfort around my tailbone. At first I didn’t think anything of it. I finished my last set of decline sit ups and moved onto floor mat ab exercises. At the end of the last set of exercises, this discomfort had shifted to pain for which I had no idea. In the moment, I was just happy to finish the workout and happy that the jock gave me superior private part cooling and support. The answer to the pain question was answered upon taking my shorts off in the locker room as all the skin around the top of my ass had worn away to bare flesh and was bleeding! Surprised was hardly the word to describe my reaction, but at least the jock didn’t get blood stained! (#UnderwearProblems). Not sure of the answer, but maybe some more seasoned jock wearers could tell me if you have to build up tougher skin to before really hitting it hard in the gym to avoid what happened to me.

The loss of skin doesn’t affect my opinion of this jock at all. I really enjoyed my first wear and look forward to wearing it again as soon as, or within a few days of, my laundry being finished and folded. I think I will buy a few jocks moving forward. They are different, but different in a good way. It keeps you aware that not all underwear is created equal and that’s a good thing. All have pluses and minuses and embracing this is fun. Paul picked a great pair. I just hope he likes what I picked for him!

mensunderwearstore-whats-hot-aprilHere’s what’s hot in the US from Each month we team up with Mensunderwearstore to bring you some underwear you know and some new pairs you may not! Brands this month include CK, 2(X)ist, for those you know and Bread & Boxers for one you don’t!

Private Structure YellowPrivate Structure Contour Briefs
Private Structure’s Contour Briefs bring basic comfort together with a sexy, low-rise shape. The focus here is color. If you’re a guy who’s used to neutral basics and want to amp up your style game, these briefs come in 10 colors, including 6 bright shades that are perfect (and just in time) for spring. The briefs are made of a cozy stretch cotton and feature a contour pouch for ultimate shape and support.

Calvin Klein Athletic TrunkCalvin Klein Athletic Trunks
Quick-drying, supportive underwear for the gym make for a great workout. The Calvin Klein Athletic Trunks provide the best moisture-absorbing technology and support level. These trunks stretch to the body, and the nylon fabric won’t bunch or hold in sweat. Whether you’re pushing your body during an intense workout or going on a light jog, you’ll have the perfect level of comfort in these trunks. Plus, they come in seven color variations from basic black to bold red.

CK Dual Tone Hip Brief FrontCalvin Klein Dual Tone Hip Briefs
Calvin Klein’s Dual Tone collection gives a cool shift to the brand’s classic styles. The underwear are woven in a way
that when they stretch around the body, they reveal an extra layer of color that complements the top layer. Like all other CK styles, the hip briefs feature a supportive pouch, a logo waistband, and a figure-flattering fit that’s unmistakably classic.

Bread Boxers Briefs Front
Bread & Boxers Briefs
If you’re more of a basic-basics guy, Bread & Boxers, the trending lifestyle brand, produces some of the best basics on the market. B&B’s underwear are made of soft stretch cotton and come in the most comfortable basic fits. These briefs are no-brainers; Sure, they’re not flashy and come in three neutral colors, but these are the kind of comfortable, well-fitting undies you don’t have to think about when you’re getting ready in the mornings. Call them “no-stress underwear.” We call them the new basic must-haves.

TX Turbo collage 22(x)IST Turbo Collection
2(x)IST’s Turbo collection is easily our hottest pick of the month. These microfiber underwear and tank tops come in a stretchy, smooth microfiber and 5 color combinations in an edgy design. All of the styles (the briefs,
trunks and jock straps) hug the body for an extra sexy look and comfortable support. The best part: our entire selection is 25% off Snag a pair while you still can. These undies are going fast.

PUMP Touchdown Trunk
PUMP Touchdown Trunks
Sporty underwear is right on-trend for spring, and no other brand does this style better than PUMP! These trunks  are made of mesh fabric that’s slightly see-through, giving it a hint of sexiness. With a  bold logo waistband and bold striped leg openings to give them a rugby vibe, these trunks provide style, contouring and a comfortable fit whether you’re wearing these during a hot and heavy workout or sporting them casually.

Find these and more at

Modus Vivendi Wild West_1Modus Vivendi is one of those companies that really has their own vision and sticks to it! This time they have released Dreamland. A collection that will be released in 7 parts from now till the end of summer. This is the first in the series!

The tag line of the campaign is “When dreams become reality.” You will see the models blending into the background in the lifestyle images they have released. The picture above is set in the Wild West, which is a bit of a departure from the Greek heritage, but they still keep their unique take on undies!

Find this and more on their site. Here is their write up for the collection:

Let the self you dream of become reality with Modus Vivendi’s new campaign, Dreamland. Igniting images of men, idols and heroes that fascinate and excite, Dreamland presents some of the world’s most coveted male characters, and invites you to become one of them. Be what you dream.

The campaign starts with the Wild West which features the all new, denim inspired Denim Look briefs, boxers and jocks. They all feature a sexy lace up front with PVC fabric panels, metal eyelets and cords ending in metal aglets with each item having a different mixture of design details that make it really special.

See the new line here:

Brand: Modus Vivendi (
Photographer: Panos Mihailidis
Models: Stefanos Papadopoulos, Ilias Konstantinou

02521_grey_l 02512_black_side_l 02511_white_l

Houndstooth Campaign

We got contacted by Charles Owo the other week. They are a new brand n the men’s underwear market with some great new designs. We thought you guys needed to know this brand and interviewed them!

You started in clothing what made you start making underwear?

I started designing bespoke jackets and ties, and then decided to expand into ready-made clothing and accessories for men. In fact, underwear was the first line of our ready-made business. The true gentleman not only looks good on the outside, but maintains a certain level of refinement throughout his entire wardrobe, which includes his underwear. It’s very hard to find high quality, well designed men’s underwear. We are committed to filling that gap in the marketplace and to bringing the finest in men’s underwear to the discerning shopper.

Moreover, I’ve always had a thing for nice underwear and I probably own an underwear from every relevant brand that is out there. I envisioned an underwear line that replaced the mundane black, blue, grey or white underwear, with bold colors, made with the finest fabric available, and innovative designs that represent the modern man.

They say when you look good, you feel good, and I think that also applies to articles of clothing that isn’t exposed. I also believe that the right underwear gives a boost of confidence and you can tell a lot about a man from his choice of underwear.

What has been your inspiration for creating your line?

Growing up, I helped as an apprentice at the family shop and was fascinated by the tailor’s ability to turn yards of fabric into various garments. So as a teenager, I started designing using tie and dye, not necessarily with an end goal in mind, but truly in love with the process of creating, and in most instances the designs will come out great. It was then that I realized my passion for what I now know how to do best.

Fast forward several years later from assisting at the family shop, I launched my career working in one of the most renowned fashion power houses, Chanel. Although I was primarily involved in driving the business, being in that creative environment, coupled with the rich history and story of Gabrielle Chanel, fueled my desire to indulge my creative side. The culmination of these experiences provided the impetus to go on this journey that is CHARLES OWO.

 Tell us about your underwear collection?

Just like our other product lines, our underwear re-defines luxury. We offer several designs to suit different occasions. We use the finest fabrics and our products are produced within the highest quality facilities located in Italy by artisans who are obsessed with quality as I am. I’m very proud of what we’ve created for our current line. Our most popular collections are:

The Iconic Houndstooth Collection, which consists of a brief and a lounge short made out of 95% cotton and 5% elastane fabric blend. The Lounge short features a closed pouch and drawstring. This is our most popular collection.

The Bold Cotton Collection, which consists of a brief and boxer brief made out of 95% cotton and 5% elastane. Both cuts feature a double stitched thigh hem. The design and fabric choice offer a better overall fit and reduces chaffing.

The Coastian Collection, which was recently featured on NBC’s Access Hollywood Valentine’s Day Edition, consists of a boxer brief in two colors, Pink and Blue. Each boxer has multiple color blocks. This is also made out of 95% cotton and 5% elastane. Contour pouch provides enhancement for better comfort, control and support.

What sets you apart from other underwear brands?

Because we are not just an underwear brand we think about underwear design more holistically, and how it relates with our other product offerings. We are committed to quality, and the level of detail and effort we put into crafting our underwear collection is unrivaled.

What does the future hold for Charles Owo?

We are very excited about our fall line. We will release an expanded collection, new fabrics, new design, but the same commitment to delivering the highest quality. I encourage you to stay connected with us on social media as we often preview new design from upcoming collections.

Find them at their site


How does one find out they are an underwear nut? I suppose for me it began when I was probably 14 or 15 years old. I was discovering that I was gay and living in a part of the country where homosexuality was not heard of and definitely not acted upon. So being secluded from all things gay I was left with catalogs and newspapers to satisfy that need to see a guy’s physical form. What began with JcPenny catalogs and weekly flyers from Shopko, quickly grew into an obsession (on Twitter @undieobsession). The next thing I remember entering into my life was pack of Hanes bikini briefs I got from Shopko. Now, I could not get them at my local store, so I had to travel to a neighboring community to purchase them. This had to wait until I had my driver’s license too.

Once I could I drive to places on my own, my ability to seek out different underwear was ON! The first brand I remember truly seeking out was BVD. I saw an advertisement somewhere and the image on the package made me realized I had to have those! So as I began my search for them I knew it was something that would never end with just this pair. Once I acquired the BVDs I knew very quickly they were nothing more than another style similar to Hanes or Fruit of the Loom. What I saw in that package though, ignited something that would carry on to this day.

bvd-underwear-1040cs032112My hunger for underwear subsided as I enter the straight world of the US Military. I could not be seen wearing what I truly wanted to wear as I was walking around the barracks in boot camp. I feared that if I wore what I wanted I would be outed or judge.

So I strategically started wearing boxers. I know, how straight!? As my military career grew on I became more comfortable again with the idea of wearing boxer briefs and quickly trunks. I exclusively shopped for Calvin Klein (CK) underwear. I was very particular and would only wear CK. I think that image of a young Michael J. Fox in his pink CKs in Back to the Future: Part 1 was to blame for this long lasting obsession with CK. It took several years before I began to venture away from CK.

If I remember correctly the first pair of none CK underwear I purchased was a pair of Tommy Hilfiger boxer briefs. About that same time I also purchased a pair of Tommy Hilfiger briefs for my boyfriend. He pulled them off just as well as the guy on the package. It was so much fun to dress him in underwear I thought were sexy and fun.

I am glad he allowed me the freedom to do it. I have not stopped dressing up my guys in underwear I find sexy or fun. Whenever I buy a pair for myself I usually buy a pair for my boyfriend.

The time has passed and my underwear knowledge and collection has grown. Today I own a total of 290 pairs of underwear. A combination of briefs, trunks, bikinis, and the one odd pair of boxer briefs. I have also started a collection of jockstraps, which now number 67 pair. I will delve deeper into this as we become better friends.

My closet also contains a collection of fun swimsuits. I have 30 of those as this point. Yes, all numbers are exact! This whole obsession would not have been possible had I not start with that package of BVDs. I am thankful everyday for passion I have developed. It has and will continue to be fun. I look forward to seeing all the new styles, designs, color patterns, and whatever else underwear companies can come up with. I also look forward to sharing this love with you all.

Garcon-Model-SS2014-WatsonI got a chance to meet the guys behind Garcon Model, Patrick & Mehdi. Both really amazing guys with a big passion for underwear. They told me a little about the line and now its out! If you remember they did a Kickstarter campaign for the collection. I will be reaching out for more info about the collection and bring you more. Here is the press release we recieved:

Canadian underwear brand Garçon Model returns with a second collection for Spring/Summer 2014 continuing its quest to offer premium men’s underwear with a bold aesthetic.

Garçon Model has quickly positioned itself as one of the most sought-after new male bodywear brands. Its fresh colour palette and instantly recognisable logo demand attention with classic styles that are familiar, and a quality that is superior.

The brand’s popularity was put to good use in December 2013 when it called upon the support of its customers and fans to help raise investment to the sum of $10,000 using crowd-sourcing website Kickstarter.

The campaign saw backers pledging over double the target goal in just over a month of the launch. This money was re-invested into market research, product development and an increased product offering to ensure that the brand continues to strengthen over the coming months.

With much anticipation for the follow-up collection Garçon Model drew inspiration from Miami, playground of the rich and famous, for Spring/Summer 2014.

From the bright lights of Ocean Drive and Art Deco pastels of South Beach to the energy of Downtown Miami, Garçon Model presents an unashamedly vibrant range of 17 colours and styles for the season ahead.

The iron-free microfiber range of form fitting briefs, trunks and boxers all boast the iconic Garçon Model waistband that is guaranteed to add a pop of colour or flash of style to any outfit.

“There is something really celebratory about this collection and we feel that is reflected in the designs. Men’s underwear really needs a refreshing splash of colour and by taking inspiration from Miami we were able to bring a sense of elegance but with a vibrant twist. Our primary goal is to help men look good and feel sexy without compromising comfort.” – Patrick Lafontaine, co-founder of Garçon Model.

All-American male model Tyler Kenyon becomes the face of Garçon Model for SS14 with a series of campaign images and film shot on location in Miami by photographer Daniel Jaems. Sport loving Tyler, who has been shot by some of the world’s top fashion photographers, personifies the masculine, sexy and universal appeal of Garçon Model range.

We all love great undies if reading this blog, that’s a given! But not all of us have an amazing budget to buy underwear. I know you think the life of an underwear blogger is all underwear all the time, but it’s not. Just like you guys, we look for great deals for underwear too. I freely admit I don’t like paying full price.

One way I have found to save money is to buy underwear in three packs. I”m not saying the ones you used to wear and buy at Wal-Mart. I will NEVER go back to those! If I did you guys would have ever right to stop reading the blog. Because I will have gone insane and would loose all credibility.

Three packs are what most companies call basics. Meaning they won’t be the uber stylish newest undies out by the company. They will be their take on the classic brief. Which, I think every guy should own a pair of classic white undies. Its a must have pair in my opinion.

Here are some great suggestions for those wanting good undies at a better price.

2(X)ist Men’s Essential Collection – This is the 2(X)ist classic brief! Which is available in white with a functional fly. I used to LOVE the classic brief from 2(X)st, they were the only classic brief I ever owned. 2(X)ist makes some of the best undies lately. Available for $32 from 2(X)ist

554003-frontPapi Cotton Low Rise Brief – These briefs from Papi aren’t traditional, meaning they don’t have a fly. But they are super comfy. I have owned quite a few of these over the years. Previous collections were white with different color writing on the waistband, now they are available in different colors/waistbands. They now have 8 different color combos. They are really great quality at an amazing price. Perfect for everyday wear.  Available for $24 from Papi Underwear

62011183_010_mainCalvin Klein Low Rise Brief – CK is prob one the company you think of when you think of classic underwear. They have been around since the 80’s. Their iconic ad back then featured a guy in white briefs against a white stone. It, in my opinion, sparked the men’s underwear market. They now have the briefs in three packs in black, white, grey, and two blues. Available for $27.50 from CK Underwear

These are some suggestions for those wanting classic undies. We will be bringing you more suggestions soon for all kinds of undies!

WoodUnderwear_PhotographerGerryVillaromanWood Underwear just let us know they showed in LA Fashion week. They are fast becoming a brand to watch! The reason I say this is they have a laid back California vibe. I have talked to the owner Terresa a few times over the last years and she takes it seriously but still has fun with the line.

The new line coming is the Camo line as you see. It is a print they created for their exclusive use. When the line is released, I’ll tell you more about it. But, men’s lines need to show more in fashion weeks across the world! Men’s underwear is becoming more and more of a fashion statement. Long gone are the days of black, white and grey. More guys are paying attention to their undies!

Want to find out more about the show, here is the press release they sent:

Wood Underwear®, LLC, joined Project ETHOS, presented by Scion, during LA Fashion Week, and hit the runway with its fall/winter custom camo line at the Avalon Hollywood. Wood introduced three custom camo prints for the Fall/Winter2014
season. The line will come out in a tencel/cotton/elastane blend fabric, which adds another ‘wood’ to Wood.

Project Ethos merges creative elements – fashion, music, art, theatre and dance – as a showcase to industry and consumer audiences. More than 1500 attendees included local and international industry players as well as such notable names as NBA sportscaster John Salley, Scheana Marie and Kristen Doute of Vanderpump Rules, True Blood’s Natasha Alam, Dan Feuerriegel from Spartacus, Anthony Pazos, star of LA Hair, and many more.

Wood Underwear featured its Wood Orange, Navy, Forest Green and Royal Purple in a variety of styles from its Hermosa Beach Collection (available now) as well as several styles and all 3 of its custom camo prints from its Fall/Winter 2014 line (available August 1).

photographer credit: Gerry Villaroman

unb-futureOk that’s a scary title for a post! But it’s nothing to be worried about! This week, and its only been 4 days with the new design and it’s been overwhelmingly positive! I can’t believe the feedback I have heard from readers, brands and retailers. I haven’t heard a bad thing about the site! Which makes me very happy and know it was the right thing to do. I had many reservations about chaning the design but now, I’m very happy I did it. It took from Aug of last year till now! a few months of finding a theme, then finding one, discovering it didn’t work, then getting another and working out all the kinks.

So to give you a behind the scenes look. I did a walk through install of the new design on another blog and took me 2 hours to work out the problems. Saturday night I jumped in and decided to do it at 11:45 PM. And before midnight it was done and live! Every time I go to the site I’m still amazed.

The new site has given me a renewed energy. I have had several rounds of burn out over the years and now we have a great group of guys on the site. We have added 4 new ones in the last two months. All I think will be amazing. We have a great momentum of doing some great stuff!

This means we are working to make great content. We are going to update everyone on the Staff page, go under “about” and read the bios for the guys. We aren’t going to just report but also be commentary on the market in general and bring you other ideas and opinions. I’m super excited for it to happen

This means we want you guys to participate too. Hit us up on Twitter (me, the site or any of the guys), Facebook, and email. Give us feedback and let us know what you want to see or know about! I think we’ll have some great things happening!

We will be launching our Reader Survey soon too! So stay tuned

animal-print-dead-good-undiesAnimal prints sure have become a favourite with UK shoppers at DGU. Gone are the days when Tarzan was the lone wearer of animal skin, or you had to be Peter Stringfellow to get away with tiger print. This new generation bring a certain fun factor and bags of sex appeal. It’s a virtual safari in your underwear drawer!

Gregg Homme Snakeskin Brief GBP29.95Gregg Homme Snakeskin Brief GBP29.95

Gregg Homme have brought out a serpent inspired string, boxer, brief and thong decorated with reptilian scales. What a brilliant way to cover your trouser snake.

Doreanse 1820 Tiger Low Rise Hipster GBP14.50Doreanse 1820 Tiger Low Rise Hipster GBP14.50

This Doreanse tiger print boxer is proving a roaaaring success with Brits. Made from a sumptuous cotton rich material, it’s the softest kitty you’ll ever stroke.

Body Art Elonis V-Docker Shirt GBP39.00Body Art Elonis V-Docker Shirt GBP39.00

Continuing with the big cat theme Body Art give us this colourful, leopard spotted vest, offered with a mini pant and a string for those who like to match.

Olaf Benz BLU 1358 Beach Pants GBP47.00Olaf Benz BLU 1358 Beach Pants GBP47.00

Even parrots are getting in on the underwear business. Bird lovers have been flocking in numbers to get this new range of Olaf Benz swimwear.

Bruno Banani Motion Tanga Brief GBP17.00Bruno Banani Motion Tanga Brief GBP17.00

This instantly popular brief by Bruno Banani reminds us of a rainbow snake. It blends a trio of shades to create a gorgeous snakeskin print.

Doreanse Men's Underwear Brief 1285 GBP10.00

Doreanse Men’s Underwear Brief 1285 GBP10.00

Proving snakeskin really is hot in fashion this green zigzag designed brief has a distinct reptilian feel. UK underwear fans can’t seem to get enough of it.

Find these and more underwear at Dead Good Undies

NOTE:post does contain an affiliate sales link.

PageImage-483536-2198290-baskit_63While I love underwear, I still have much to learn and many new styles to try. If I was to be ranked based upon school year, I would probably be somewhere between a sophomore and junior. I wear premium underwear brands such as 2xist and C-IN2 and I stay away from mass produced ill fitting skivvies. On the scale of all straight guys, I fall in the upper quartile of quality of underwear worn, but to an underwear lover such as myself, this is not enough. I need to try new things and new styles for which I have yet to try. Thongs, jocks, and jock briefs have all never been worn by me and this is something I really want to change sooner rather than later.

Paul here! I’m a bit of a creature of habit when it comes to my pairs. Calvin Klien, Go Softwear and Ralph Lauren have held my business for many years, but I’ve admired many other brands from afar for a long time. I have a ton of briefs, some jock briefs and trunks but that isn’t even the tip of the iceberg! Being new the UNB family means that it’s time to push myself, and make the jump to something new and exciting; and I couldn’t think of a better way to do it! UNBJon has been great with welcoming me to the team, and his knowledge of what’s out there is extremely impressive.

So here’s the deal: UNBPaul and UNBJon have agreed to let each pick a random pair of underwear that the other is unfamiliar for them to try. There was no guidance in this decision and the other must buy the chosen pair and try it in good faith. It’s the ultimate experiment and you are all witnesses to it. Within the next week both guys will have a synopsis of their experiences to share with you all. Until then, pass the time by trying to guess the exact pair each guy will be receiving and feel free to continue the conversation on twitter @UNBBlog, @UNBPaul, @UNBJon, or on Facebook as well.

curb-active-brief-campaign1-webOne of the best parts about working with UNB is exploring brands that I may not have ever tried had I not had this opportunity. I am by no means a brand snob when it comes to undies. If they fit well and look sexy, that’s all it takes for me.

A few months back I was browsing the website and came across Curbwear. They are based in the UK, but was really interested in their branding. The first collection that I saw was their IDENTITY line. If you have not seen this, you need to. I thought this was such a clever idea I just had to learn more about this company. I got in touch with the owner, who is just as awesome as their undies. I asked if he would be interested in answering a few questions about Curbwear and the underwear industry in general. Here is what he had to say!

What is the one thing that you would like customers to know about Curbwear?
Perfection.  I will keep improving and perfecting every small detail.  It’s the British in me not to give up until it’s right 😉  People work hard for their money and deserve a product that represents it’s value.

Where do you get the inspiration behind your styles, cuts and collections?
Inspiration normally comes from rebelling or rethinking how something is done.  I wouldn’t say I am a rebel, I’m a little bit quiet in nature, which I think puts my imagination into overload! The vast mix of talent in London is also a great pool of inspiration.

What makes Curbwear different for all the other men’s underwear brands?
It’s a genuine brand! I love designing something original and with perfection.  I know perfection is sometimes a dirty word, but I can’t help it! Everything in the product has been considered – a smooth waistband, non-itch care label and a roomy pouch.

Where do you see Curbwear (or the underwear industry in general) going in the next year or two?
The World recession got many companies looking backwards at how they can cut cost – switching their cotton quality, producing more basic lines and moving production to countries such as China.  CURB is moving in the other way.  I focus more on making something last then the throw away fashion factor.

Your Models look amazing but, how does Curbwear take the “normal guy” body style into consideration SELFIE-ACTIVEwhen designing underwear?
CURB includes selfie pics online to show how the product fits on regular guys alongside the model shots.  The underwear is made to to fit someone with a similar shape to the model Ben… give or take a pie or two 😉

What can we expect in the near future from CURB?
Different, daring, cheeky and suggestive!

If there is one thing that you could change about the men’s underwear industry what would it be and why?
I kind of get embarrassed when I see a brands blurb that their product will give confidence and deliver luxury to the modern man. It just screams of a dated sale pitch and lack of imagination.  Standing by your statements on design and quality is important – everyone deserves a product that matches its value.

Is there anything else that you would like our readers to know about you or CURB?
A lot of people have ideas for products or dream of being an underwear model.  Whatever you want, get in touch!

So, after I interviewed Kevin, I really got to thinking about the men’s underwear industry as a whole and what he said really made since.  I think it is a breath of fresh air to see a company standing behind their products and offering a sense of truth to what it has to offer.

Kevin has been great to work with and it just goes to show that a great company comes from great leaders. CURB has a brand loyal customer in me for sure!

Kevin also sent a few pairs for me to review, so keep your eyes out for both of those coming in the next few weeks.

If you want to check Curbwear out you can find them online:

Website/Online Store: www.
Tumblr: (Super sexy photos)
Flickr: (More Super Sexy Photos)

unbjon-critieraAs our readers may know, I am a big time brief guy, wearing them during most days. While this is true, I do also mix in an occasional trunk some days. This isn’t to say that I won’t try any pair (heck, I’m soon to lose my thong naievity). I’m picky when it comes to the undies that are in my daily rotation. You may now ask what drives me to wear the pairs that I do? What is the secret ingredient that make me fall in love with a particular pair of underwear? Guys, here it is, my personal perfect underwear formula:

Pouch:    This may be most important. My underwear has to have a reasonable amount of up front to not only hold everything in place but to also allow the goods to breathe. I’m an active guy so finding a balance in this department is key. Therefore, I tend to favor briefs constructed with a large pouch.

  • Cut: This is mainly an aesthetic issue. I prefer low cut undies to limit how much fabric rides up above my jeans or pants throughout a given day. Ideally, I prefer a brief that has a moderately aggressive leg cut and a trunk that is short on the leg.
  • Fabric: This is a wildcard. While I enjoy 100% cotton undies, cotton blends and other fabric blends without fabric tend to inhabit most of my drawer. I really need my underwear to be breathable, flexible, and be able to wick away moisture during workouts. If the underwear can do this, then I’m stoked. If I ever was forced to pick an absolute favorite fabric, it has to be modal due to it’s smooth and sleek feel. That’s some exclusive “going out” underwear.
  • Waistband: There isn’t an ideal size of a waistband that suits me, but for some reason I am more drawn toward the brand labeled waistbands.  Waistbands such as CK’s X line and 2xist’s Touch briefs. Waistbands such as these give off much more personality that simply an anonymous band. Functionality is also important and if a pair measures up in the three above areas and has a bland waistband, it will still probably end up in my daily rotation. Hey, I’m describing my perfect pair after all!
  • Color: This isn’t a major issue to me, but I still have preferences. I own some very bold colored underwear in deep purple, to turquoise, bright orange, and bold green. These are some of my favorite pairs too and are of a variety of cuts and fabrics. However there really is nothing like a classy white or black brief or trunk as a drawer staple. They give such a clean and put together look which I can’t really argue against.
  • Brand: My drawer right now is dominated by Calvin Klein, 2xist, and C-IN2, but I will literally wear undies made by any designer. I don’t have brand phobias. I love quality underwear. In time I hope to see what others have to offer.

Well everyone, there you have it. That’s my undie formula. Now the question is what is YOUR formula? Feel free to share and join the discussion by tweeting @UNBBlog, @UNBJon, or by hitting us up on Facebook! We love to hear from all guys about why they love their underwear. Share away!

seaonality-underwearI don’t consider winter to be the greatest season of the year and this year was certainly no exception. The record low temperatures and mountains of snow made me reconsider how many layers of clothing I would  wear outside the house each day. Not only did it make me think about how many layers I was wearing, but it also made me think about what I was going to wear under my jeans. Hey, a guy’s underwear sets the foundation for a day and shouldn’t be overlooked. Before this winter I think I may have lost sight of this, but the cold got me 100% back into this mindset so with that being said, here are some quick underwear seasonality tips from me:

Spring Underwear-Finally the snow has melted and plants have leaves again! There is color outside again so make your underwear reflect the new life! Don’t be afraid to wear bold colors. Underwear color can  influence your mood. If you have a bright green trunk or a yellow low rise brief in your drawer, wear it! My favorite spring pair is a traditional green colored sport brief made by C-IN2 and it really gets me into the season. Every designer is debuting new lines at this time inspired by the weather. Take advantage of it guys.

Summer Underwear– Is the best time of the year, wear great undies. Go outside, embrace the weather, and show off your underwear. It is hopefully going to be hot where you are so wear light weight underwear to avoid sweating. Which is important if you decide to exercise outdoors. This is also the time to be creative: Wear something different, something a little more revealing, and be edgy. Heck, strip to your undies and tan if you have the freedom to do so. It took me awhile to do this, but it’s liberating, even if you do get some, let say interesting tan lines. I can remember falling asleep in the direct sun for about 4 hours last summer with nothing on but my CK one white briefs after a long run. Luckily I applied sunscreen prior to doing this, but I awoke to find not only a great tan, but some very obvious bikini lines. Great times. Give it a shot!

Fall Underwear– Sadly the fun of summer has come to a close and the temperatures are dropping, but it’s not all bad news. The changing colors of leaves and crisp air has a certain charm. Have your underwear reflect it. Reach for undies colored in traditional fall colors and that are a made with a slightly thicker material to keep your assets insulated. I love wearing my burnt orange and grey 2xist Touch no show brief on days such as this. Even if it’s under my pants, it still gets me into the mood of the season.

Winter Underwear– While the weather outside may be frightful, it doesn’t mean your undies have to be. As in all seasons, try making your underwear reflect the climate. Plaid briefs, for example, could be considered to be “in season” during this time. For me, I try wearing more cotton based briefs to stay warm. I also try to wear traditional and rich colored briefs such as black, burgundy, and white to reflect either warmth or the snow on the ground. It’s the little things that can make a cold winter day just a little better.

These are some tips for wearing underwear through out the year. It would be great if our underwear drawers were bottomless, but sadly they are not. I try to follow these rules as much as possible. Your underwear is an extension of your personality and fashion sense. Try to always remember the seasons when choosing your daily undies.