555794_602004823170517_1962027928_nI made a result ion to bring you guys new undies and thats just what I”m doing. I was looking through Tumblr and saw a guy wearing “Paul Ferrer” and it was a brand I wasn’t familiar with. So, I Googled them and found they have a cool and fun line.

Paul Ferrer is a line based out of Columbia. Their website is in Spanish so I’m relying on Google Translate for translating so somethings, which does not translate correctly. The really bad translation says they strive to be a company that designers underwear for the traditional and modern man. Which I think it means they have great undies that are traditional (with the basic line) and those the modern guy will love (trendy line).

I think its awesome for a company to has a conservative side yet show personality in wilder colors and designs. If a brand is your webversion 25favorite you can have more conservative pairs when needed and have more colorful and fun when it calls for as well. So you get the same fit in different situations.

The basic line has very basic colors. Those colors are the standard black and white. Where they bring in color is with the waistbands. The colors range from black and white to red and purple. Each pair in the Basic range has classic brief cut.

The Trendy is a little bolder in colors. There is not a white or black pair in the bunch. It has solid colors and really fun stripes. My favorite is the Azul Oscuro Sesgo Amarillo Elastico Rojo. It’s blue body with a red waistband and yellow trim. It’s a low of fun and reminds me of a pair I had many years ago. So I may have to get one to relive a favorite pair. I’ts great to see a company mix colors and trims.

Another one of my favorites is the Brief Azul Claro Sesgo y Elastico Ultraviolet. which is a light blue brief with a purple waistband and trim. There is something about the light color and darker trim that just looks amazing to me. webversion 26

One thing that is really interesting to me is that the briefs and boxer briefs are totally different. You won’t see too many of the same color or pattern in each style. It makes them a little unique. So if your’e looking for matching pairs this isn’t the brand for you.

They have swimwear as well but we’ll just talk about the undies today. But we will write it up soon. But if you want to see the swim check it out on the Paul Ferrer site.

You can find them at the Paul Ferrer Site or Paul Ferrer Facebook Page but know both are in Spanish. So you will either have to translate them or be able to speak Spanish. I haven’t seen them at any US store or online so if you’re interested you will need to purchase from their columbian site!


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