thumbnail-213When I think about my first memories of underwear, I immediately recall being terrified of those classic tighy-whities that it seemed like all my friends were wearing. In the moment, I think it was about the tightness of them; I was always a shy kid growing up so the thought of wearing something that accentuated ANYTHING made me cringe. Boxer briefs seemed like a much more conservative choice, and I was always fine with the Fruit of the Loom multipacks my mom bought for me. I didn’t think anything of it for a long time.

Come high school, underwear actually played a big part in my realization that I was gay. All too often I would find myself wandering the underwear aisle, staring at all the nearly-naked male models in various pairs and finally one day, I got up the courage to ask my mom to buy me a pair of those tighty-whities I had fought off for so long. My reasoning? “I get hot when I sleep mom, they’ll be a lot more cool to sleep in.” She bought my feeble excuse and more importantly, bought me some new tighty-whities. The rest is as they say, briefstory.

When I started making my own money, it seemed like I was always spending it on new pairs of underwear. I haven’t always had a lot of money so I found myself buying a lot of the lower-end pairs. Getting some in the mail was so exciting, and I still love the feeling of slipping on new pairs for the first time. At work, I really prefer the boxer briefs from brands like Equipo and Calvin Klein, since I feel like they work better when I’m moving. When I’m out on the town or out at night, I return to my favorite pairs of briefs from brands like Ralph Lauren and Teamm8. I’m excited to be a part of the UNB community, and I’d love to hear from readers! Let me know what you’re thinking, what you’re wearing, and what you’re interested in reading.

NOTE: UNB Paul is our newest guy. We will have a lot more from him soon!


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