The bells are ringing merrily! We are counting down the days to the arrival of Christmas, a bright and magical time for everyone!  Christmas is the greatest time of the year! It’s a time for family, friends and of course a lot of gifts. We are looking again for nice, cute and special presents for our loved ones! So, we have put together a Christmas shopping guide with some of the best items from Men and Underwear – The Shop to make your holiday shopping easier and show them your appreciation! Have a look at 8 special gift ideas for this season!

TOF Paris – Metal Thong – Golden

We start our list with the shiny Metal Thong of TOF Paris in gold. This thong is a low-rise underwear that is offering minimal coverage front and back and is made from a stunning golden aluminium foil-coated fabric. The beautiful metal is a timeless, popular holiday gift. Price: €32.00, $33.06, £28.03.

Bluebuck – Green Trunks

If you really want to give an impressive pair of underwear as a gift to the man in your life, might we suggest the very special Green Trunk of Bluebuck. These boxer briefs are made from Global Organic Trading Standards-certified organic cotton, with some elastane added for stretch and a great fit. Bluebuck only uses the finest cotton yarns to knit the fabric for their timeless trunks. The best eco-friendly gift to get the new year off to a great start! Price: €29.00, $29.96, £25.40.

Barcode Berlin – Brief Tjure – Red

Red is one of the most popular colours for Christmas, which, among other things, is associated with Santa Claus and his distinctive outfit. So, we suggest a vibrant red Brief Tjure of Barcode Berlin, made from a perforated fabric to look and feel cool, keeping you fresh for longer all day long. The perfect foundation for everyday outfits at Christmas time! Price: €2o.00, $20.66, £17.52.

CODE 22 – Fun 3-Pack – Trunks

One more special and practical present from our store is the Fun 3-Pack of trunks by CODE 22. This triple pack of pink, blue and green boxer briefs is made from stretch cotton for total comfort and ease of movement and is an impeccable underwear option. The perfect choice to start your day! Price: €52.50, $54.24, £45.98.

Adam Smith – Bikini Briefs – Burgundy

One more red-hue gift suggestion, but a sexy one, is the burgundy Bikini Briefs of Adam Smith. Unlike many classic bikinis, these ones have a contoured pouch to give you space and great support. The silhouette is low-rise, sexy and cut in a flattering style front and back. An amazing gift idea for your bestie! Price: €28.70, $29.65, £25.14.

CODE 22 – Basics T-Shirt – Green

An alternative option is a diverse top that can be worn as an undershirt, at the gym or paired with your favourite jeans. The new Basics T-Shirt in green is an easy-to-wear-everywhere garment made from a super soft fabric, a mix of cotton, modal and elastane. It is super soft and with the proper stretch to fit perfectly without being restrictive. Price €30.00, $30.99, £26.27.

Marcuse – Arose Jock – White

If you had your mind set on something a bit sexier, then the Arose Jock in white is another great choice! This sensual jock of Marcuse offers a low-rise style and a waistband that goes even lower, exposing your well-groomed package. The Arose Jockstraps are made to help to get the attention you deserve! Price: €16.00, $16.53, £14.01.

Walking Jack – Ash Solid Briefs

The last option is the very elegant and classic style Ash Solid Briefs by Walking Jack. These briefs are very comfortable and made from top-quality materials so rest assured you are getting a nice present he will definitely appreciate and enjoy! Price: €

In Europe we have already said goodbye to summer and went back to our daily routine. We hope you too have recharged your batteries because this autumn seems a great season for a new start. It’s a season destined for connecting with our chosen families, friends, and nature, but also for creative beginning,  reinventing ourselves ad looking after our body. Sports, among others, can be the most beneficial activities, as they can improve the way we see ourselves and our mood at the same time. Whether you enjoy running, weightlifting, or playing your favourite game, having the right attire is key to keeping yourself comfortable, safe and flexible.

Let’s take a look at a guide with the most athletic and comfortable items this season at Men and Underwear – The Shop, perfect for the gym or any intense activity you enjoy.

CODE 22 – Army Briefs – Camo Grey

The Army Briefs of CODE 22 is a square cut camouflage grey briefs style made from an athletic mesh, perforated fabric that will keep you cool and fresh. The pouch is wide and contoured to give you space and support that will last all day long. This underwear is very comfortable and provides the support you need! Retail price: €23.00, $23.09, £19.91.

Adam Smith – Mesh Long Trunks – Black

These sleek, functional boxer briefs are made with an athletic mesh for breathability and treated with an antibacterial finish to keep you cool and fresh for longer during any workout. This innovative fabric makes them perfect for sports, running, hiking, and the gym, but also great for everyday wear. The Mesh Long Trunk in black is the definition of comfort and flexibility! Retail price: €30.20, $30.32, £26.14.

CODE 22 – Basics Tanktop – Beige

Tank tops with a good look and fit are few and far between. The Basics Tanktop of CODE 22 in beige is a diverse, tight-fitting top you can wear as an undershirt, at the gym or outside with your favourite jeans. This tank top is an easy-to-wear-everywhere garment made from a super soft fabric, a mix of cotton, modal and elastane. It is super soft and with the proper stretch to be fit but not restrictive. Available in four instant classic colours! Retail price: €22.00, $22.59, £19.48.

TOF Paris – Sports Socks – Pink

Made primarily of cotton, these sports socks have just enough polyamide fabric in them to ensure they can hold up at the gym. The TOF Paris Sports Socks have a layer of towelling on the inside for a cushioned sole that gives great comfort with any kind of shoe. The overall style is designed to be your go-to pair of socks for the gym, for sports or any other intense activity. Available in pink, khaki, grey, black or white. Retail price: €9.00, $9.04, £7.79.

Marcuse – Urban Boxer – Grey

Designed with quality cotton fabric, the Urban Boxers of Marcuse are perfect for the gym. The pouch is contoured for some space with a front seam and lining. These classic boxers are comfortable and affordable, while also featuring extra stretch. Besides being stretchy, this boxer is also breathable and moisture-wicking. Available in grey, black or white. Retail price: €12.40, $12.45, £10.73.

CODE 22 – Athletic Jockstrap – Blue

The Athletic Jockstrap is made for sports of all sorts, for play and pretty much any intense activity. This sports-inspired fashion jock is made from an athletic mesh, perforated fabric that will keep you cool and fresh for longer. The pouch is wide, unlined and contoured to give you space and support that will last all day long. Available in white too! Retail price: €20.00, $20.08, £17.31.

Adam Smith – Workout Trunks – Pink

The innovative Workout Trunks of Adam Smith in pink are the best reason to work out! These modern trunks are constructed with a top quality blend of polyester and elastane to create a product that is super soft and quick-drying, with an antibacterial finish to keep you cool and fresh for longer during your activity. This technical fabric makes them perfect for sports, running, hiking, the gym, but also great for everyday wear. Retail price: €33.60, $33.74, £29.08.

Bluebuck – Arctic Green Jockstrap

The Arctic Green Jockstrap of Bluebuck is a diverse jockstrap that balances sportswear and fashion. The front pouch is made from organic cotton for durability and comfort, recycled polyester (Seaqual) with a touch of elastane to give you just the right amount of stretch. The leg straps are also made from the same fabric, unlike any other jock you have seen that is made with elasticated bands. This jockstrap will support and protect you whatever sport you’re playing, so you can keep your eyes on the prize and your mind on the job. Retail price: €23.00, $23.09, £19.91.

Barcode Berlin – Gym Socks Royal Blue-White

Made from 80% cotton, the Gym Socks of Barcode Berlin in royal blue are perfect for gym and everyday wear. The design features a royal blue ribbed body, reinforced on the heel and sole, and white wide stripes around the calf. The Barcode Berlin logo is featured at the top part of your toes. These socks are sturdy, sporty and available in two sizes to fit most! Retail price: €10.00, $10.04, £8.66.

Adam Smith – Tank Top – Black

This black Tank Top of Adam Smith is made from micro modal, possibly, the softest and most breathable fabric in the clothing industry. The style is form-fitting so it clings to your skin to follow your natural body contours. The fabric is top quality, cut and sewn to perfection to fit the male anatomy. A motivational athletic tank top might just be the little extra nudge you need to take your fitness game to the next level! Retail price: €29.80, $29.92, £25.79.

As we are closing towards the end of summer it’s time to look at the hottest styles for this month. Curated by Men and Underwear – The Shop, we take a look at some of the newest arrivals and select items that came back in stock very recently. If you want to look at your best for autumn, here are some perfect recommendations to build new outfits from the inside out. On with the show!

Bluebuck – Green Briefs

We will start with the newest arrival in store, the Green Briefs by Bluebuck. There have been a lot of talks lately about climate change and what each one of us can do to ease the situation. How about we start with a few pairs of eco-friendly underwear like these from Bluebuck? Made from organic cotton in facilities that get their energy from renewable sources, these briefs feature a green body with a navy blue waistband. The Green Briefs are the UK brand’s take on mid-waist fitted briefs. These briefs are made from Global Organic Trading Standards-certified organic cotton, with some elastane added for stretch and a great fit. The beautiful green of this garment is perfectly combined with a navy blue waistband made with at least 60% cotton in a herringbone knit pattern with the Bluebuck logo centred in the middle. Bluebuck only uses the finest cotton yarns to knit the fabric for their timeless briefs. This explains why they are so soft and long-lasting, retaining both shape and colour for wash after wash. Bluebuck underwear is made in an eco-friendly Portugal factory that uses electricity from renewable sources. Price: €26,£21.86,$26.45

Barcode Berlin – Brief Tjure – Neon Orange

Orange is a colour that brings autumn, sometimes, to mind! So, the next pair we are going to show you is the Tjure Briefs by Barcode. This is an athletic style, neon orange tanga briefs made in Portugal. The Barcode Berlin Brief Tjure is made from a perforated fabric, designed to look and feel cool, keeping you fresh for longer all day long. This style comes with a matching, top-quality waistband that has a sheen to it, featuring the logo of Barcode in the middle and black stripes top and bottom. The pouch is contoured for space where you need it. The sides are exposed for the ultimate freedom of leg movement while the back is fully covered. These tanga briefs are cool, sporty and perfect for everyday wear. Price: €20,£16.82,$20.35

Andrew Christian – Bandana Pride Thong

Our next pair is an explosion of colours! Just when the first autumn rain comes in, the Andrew Christian Bandana Pride Thong will lift your mood with its sexy style and uplifting pattern. A rainbow colour thong in a print inspired by the classic bandanas by Andrew Christian. Ever wanted to wear a bandana as underwear? Now you can! The extra-skimpy boho Bandana Pride Thong by Andrew Christian is a fun and iconic style that will be the envy of boring underwear wearers everywhere! This underwear features a 4-way stretch fabric, the trademark slimming waistband and the Almost Naked pouch! This pouch technology helps to eliminate sticking, squashing, re-adjusting, sweating, and chafing, so you will feel like you are not wearing anything at all! This pouch is anatomically correct and will give you a truly enjoyable and unique wearing experience. Price: €25, £21.02, $25.43.

Marcuse – Maximo Briefs – Blue

Our next recommendation is one more sexy pair of underwear, the blue briefs Maximo with an adjustable pouch by Marcuse Australia. Tradition meets contemporary style in the Marcuse Maximo Brief. The Maximo is a very special underwear design with references to fundoshi, the traditional Japanese underwear but with contemporary touches. Try a new style of comfort with plenty of sexiness added and boost your confidence to another level. Marcuse has replaced the loincloth style with a contoured pouch that can be adjusted left and right for a custom fit. This is an underwear design that stands out from anything else you have ever tried! It is sexy, surprisingly comfortable and alternative. Price: €15, £12.61, $15.26.

Barcode Berlin – Solger Briefs – Blue-White

One more rerelease this year and our next recommendation are the Solger Briefs by Barcode Berlin in an amazing blue colour. This is s a low-rise pair of blue briefs with black detailing, designed with a roomy pouch, made from ribbed cotton based fabric. This style is probably one of the most comfortable Barcode Berlin briefs you have ever worn, featuring a soft and very spacious pouch matched with a soft waistband. Inspired by retro styling, these briefs have wide sides and the logo of Barcode Berlin in the centre of the waistband with a stripes pattern running all along. Just like every garment by Barcode Berlin, these briefs are made in Portugal with high-quality materials to withstand heavy use and multiple washes. The Solger Briefs are stylish, and easy to wear, with a contoured and single-ply pouch, perfect for everyday wear, the gym or any other intense activities. Price: €20,£16.82,$20.35

Bluebuck – Twilight Blue Briefs

Back in stock this season is one of the most eco-friendly underwear today! The Twilight Blue Briefs of Bluebuck are made from a blue melange fabric, a unique mix of organic cotton, SEAQUAL™ (yarn made from recycled plastic waste collected from the ocean!) and elastane. This special fabric has a super soft feel due to the cotton and is quick dry and durable due to the SEAQUAL™. The blue melange colour is achieved by using a dye which only colours the cotton fibres and leaves the plastic fibres in their natural, white colour! The beautiful melange blue of this garment is perfectly combined with a blue waistband with the Bluebuck logo in white the middle. These briefs are designed with eco-conscious and active men in mind. These briefs are great for those who want the full package of every-day comfort and outdoor adventure. Available in five sizes (S, M, L, XL and XXL). Price: €26, £21.86, $26.45.

And that’s not all! There is a lot more for you to discover at Men and Underwear – The Shop. We bring in new stuff and restocks on a weekly basis so keep an eye on the shop or subscribe to its newsletter here.

The only expression my mind can muster at the start of this article is…. Hallelujah! It only took 145 years for Jockey to understand that adult men’s underwear should fit adult men instead of 12-year-old boys. Additionally, adult men should not have to create pouches in their briefs over time by stretching them. I know there are plenty of pictures circling the internet of men with large endowments wearing regular Jockey white briefs and looking comfortable. To each his own, we tend to say. Where they can flop it over to the side and carry on with their day, many other men are more comfortable with their junk pointed downward and held tightly to their bodies with a material death grip.

We can now offer thanks to the designers at Jockey for introducing us to the Jockey® Chafe Proof Pouch Cotton Stretch 5” Boxer Brief. It’s billed as having a chafe proof pouch that’s “ergonomically engineered to wrap around and under your anatomy.” Trust that we at Underwear News Briefs know that this is not a new design. Other companies in the underwear game have been making a killing off this design for years already. It is, however, quite exciting that a mainstream underwear company like Jockey has realized this was needed. We’ve seen this kind of marketing from Hanes as the Total Support Pouch. They’ve marketed breathable material in the crotch, and they’ve marketed underwear that would stay in place and not bunch, but this is a different game. 

I’m happy that Jockey has designed underwear for men who don’t feel like paying $20 or more for a single pair. Granted, on the Jockey website, they are listed for $18, but with their almost consecutive sales events, you won’t be spending that much. I have bought two pairs already. The first pair was $18, but the sale price was added to shipping and taxes. As I write this, the latest pair that was just shipped from the warehouse was only $13. My first pair was red and black, and the second pair was a collage of colors offered in black, navy blue, and gray.

I wore these all day and couldn’t have been happier with the fit. The material hugged my thighs without moving during sitting or walking. The pouch hugged my junk with the care of a cloud while offering it a roomy area to breathe. Just the right amount of material was placed in the pouch to allow a material bucket to relax. 

I haven’t been able to wear my pouch briefs since gaining weight over the years. I’ve missed the opportunities to stand and wiggle the pouch playfully. I’ve had to wear boxer briefs to keep the fiery pits of hell from forming between my thighs. Jockey has now given me back the playfulness and the comfort I’ve been missing. My scoring of this underwear undoubtedly has to be “10s…10s…10s across the board.” If I could shake the person’s hand that designed these for Jockey, I would with the giddiness of a schoolgirl while offering a view of the pouch realness they created.

Summer has begun and for the perfect beach day, fashionable and comfortable swimwear is required. Whether you want to enjoy the sea, sun or warm weather, we have you taken care of with 7 of the best men’s swimwear for summer 2022. Take a look at our list curated by Men and Underwear – The Shop.

TOF Paris – Beach Swim Shorts

Incredible sexy and minimalist. The new Beach Swim Shorts by TOF Paris is a new take on classic swimwear shorts made in a low-rise style, with very short legs, seamless rounded sides and a back pocket. The waist is elasticated with drawstrings for a custom fit. The front has an elegant metal tag with the logo of TOF. Sleek and sophisticated with the right amount of sexy, these swim shorts are perfect for the beach, the pool, the gym, or casual wear for your holidays. They come in three fashionable colours: red, black and khaki. Retail price: €49, $49.50, £41.20.

TOF Paris – Floral Swim Bikini

In addition to swim shorts, the second new line of TOF Paris is the Floral Swim Bikini. This collection features low-rise briefs in a beautiful floral print in two colours: pink and yellow. The fashionable pattern with the monstera leaves in various colours is an eye-catcher! Perfect to wear at the pool and/or the beach these men’s bikinis have drawstrings for a custom fit around the waist. Retail price: €49, $49.50, £41.20.

CODE 22 – Free Style Mini Briefs

The Free Style Mini Briefs of CODE 22 are one of the sexiest swimwear designs of this season! This super low-rise swimwear is made from a top-quality polyamide blend and fast-drying fabric. We are sure that with these mini briefs all eyes will be on you! Now is available in two fashionable colours in our store: grape and sky blue. Retail price: €45, $45.50, £37.80.

Marcuse – Forrest Swim Briefs – Green

Today tropical prints are a trend in underwear and swimwear fashion. Floral swimwear adds a sense of fun and put you in a very summery mood. Based on this, the Marcuse Forrest Swim Briefs are the perfect choice for this summer! This swimwear is inspired by nature and desire and features an eye-catching print with leaves and flowers in blue hues. Retail price: €41, $41.40, £34.50.

CODE 22 – Medley Swim Briefs – Pink

Boost your confidence with something innovative and sexy. The Medley Swim Briefs feature a classic swim briefs shape but with a CODE 22 twist: the pouch is made with the Power Shape system. Power Shape is an engineered pouch that fits the male anatomy with a keyhole and foam padding for a rounder, fuller look. Everybody is going to notice your impressive bulge in this enhancing men’s swimwear! Available in three colours: pink, green and blue. Retail price: €50, $50.55, £42.

CODE 22 – Medley Swim Shorts

In addition to swim briefs, the Medley collection also includes swim shorts in the same hues. The Medley Swim Shorts are classic, athletic swimwear that features a retro style with a double stripe detailing on the sides and pockets. The lining on the inside of the shorts has an anatomical shape, is made from a fast dry, polyamide mesh, and will keep you protected and cool. Retail price: €57.50, $58.10, £48.30

Andrew Christian – Riviera Swim Trunk

Experience the glamour and sex appeal of the French Riviera with the stylish Andrew Christian Riviera Swim Trunk. This is a slimming, form-fitting cut, and will quickly become your favourite pair of trunks. Sleek, sexy, and sophisticated, perfect for the pool, the beach and any kind of water sports! It’s available in vibrant red too. Retail price: €49, $49.50, £41.20.

It is June, a month that gives the LGBTQ+ community the opportunity to celebrate, but also offers the possibility to peacefully protest and raise awareness of any of the current issues it faces. Gay Pride is about equality, dignity, freedom and the increased visibility of the LGBTQ+ community as a social group. Apart from that, the Pride has also taken a commercial dimension, as many companies have offered sponsorships and created products related to this event. And one of those products, which stars every year is underwear! We hope that everyone will take the opportunity to get dressed up in fashionable underwear, hit the streets and march in a few parades.

Let’s take a look at a guide with the most popular underwear, but also accessories in our store that are perfect for this event and can be comfortably worn with other clothing or their own!

Barcode Berlin – Pride Briefs White

The rainbow waistband on these white briefs of Barcode Berlin reflects the spirit of Pride! This lovely underwear is low rise, made from an athletic mesh that will keep you cool for longer. We are sure that with this fashionable pair of briefs, you’ll cause a splash wherever you go! Retail price: 20€, 20.87$, 16,94£.

Barcode Berlin – Pride Jockstrap Royal

In addition to briefs, the Pride collection of Barcode Berlin also includes a fashionable jockstrap with the same multi-colour waistband. This sexy, low rise jockstrap in blue is made from a breathable athletic mesh, so no matter how long you wear it for, your package will stay cool and fresh. Retail price: 16€, 16.70$, 13.55£.

Andrew Christian – Boy Brief Unicorn 3-Pack w/ Almost Naked

The Unicorn-inspired 3-pack includes bikini briefs in three solid colours, so there’s something for everyone in your unicorn herd! These bikini briefs feature a rainbow waistband and discreet branding. The soft cotton blend is as smooth as silk against the skin and hugs every contour of your body, flattering your figure. These bikini briefs are low rise and minimal, so you will feel like you are not wearing anything at all! Retail price (currently on sale): 31,60€, 32.98$, 26.76£.

Andrew Christian – Rainbow Unicorn Wallet

Another vibrant suggestion is the beautiful, practical and fun Rainbow Unicorn Wallet by Andrew Christian. This wallet may just help reflect that inner specialness inside you! Don’t be surprised if you get squeals of joy when you pull this out of your pocket! Retail price (currently on sale): 19,13€, 19.96$, 16.20£.

Barcode Berlin – Pride Gym Socks – Black

In addition to a fashionable underwear and a beautiful accessory, a pair of socks is always necessary in every occasion! The athletic Pride Gym Socks are made from cotton mix featuring the colours of the rainbow at the top. Wear them with pride, wear them with any outfit! Retail price: 18€, 18.79$, 15.24£.

TOF Paris – French Jock – Red

This sexy French Jock of TOF Paris in vibrant red is the perfect choice for you! The structure is quite unique and the pouch is contoured for space and equipped with a second layer of fabric on the inside for support and better protection. This low rise jock can also be worn on an everyday basis, for play or at the gym. Retail price: 19€, 19.83$, 16.09£.

Barcode Berlin – Thong Joar – Black

Black always stars in every occasion! And for Pride, the black Thong Joar of Barcode Berlin could be all you need to express your personality! This innovative underwear features a black fabric made from a unique mix of polyester, polyurethane and elastane. This mix offers a unique feel against the skin unlike any usual underwear fabric and imitates the look of leather or PVC. Retail price: 25€, 26.09$, 21.17£.

Joe Snyder – Classic Bikini Feathers

The colourful Classic Bikini Feathers by Joe Snyder is the perfect choice for this sparkly occasion. This sexy number provides a sleek and snug fit, offering optimal support in the front and back, giving you a great shape. The Classic Bikini Feathers can be worn as underwear as well as swimwear, so is great for casual or everyday wear either under your clothes or the poolside! Retail price: 23€, 24$ 19.48£.

Andrew Christian – Massive Chain Y-Back Thong – Black Gold

If you want to go with something on the fun yet a quite sexy side for Pride, the Andrew Christian Massive Chain Y-Back Thong is what you are looking for! This impressive, regal design is just the right amount of glamour for a parade. Bright, luxurious and unique! Retail price (currently on sale): 20,63€, 21,53$ 17.47£.

TOF Paris – Fetish Elastic Harness – Red

And at the end of our list, is the sexy Fetish Elastic Harness of TOF Paris in vibrant red. This cute harness is perfect to wear for play at home, when out clubbing but also as a fashion accessory over a t-shirt or a shirt. The Fetish Elastic Harness is made from a 3cm wide elastic which hold around your shoulders and chest and criss crossing your back. Retail price: 20€, 20.87$ 16.94£.

Spring arrived early at Men and Underwear – The Shop and enriched our mood with many positive emotions! This season is the time when nature awakes and everything is fresh, alive and new. Many of us start thinking about what we will do in the summer while others enjoy the scents of flowers and the good weather without making any plans for the summer. The bright colours of spring mark the end of the winter and give us the inspiration for new goals and experiences. Opposed to the dull, cold grey and white hues of winter, spring comes with a vibrant palette. One of the brightest colours of spring is the colour of the sunshine, yellow!  Yellow symbolises rebirth, hope, happiness, freshness, positivity and energy and that’s why it is among those that prevail in the underwear fashion at this moment.

So let us have a look at some special vernal underwear that star in the European men’s underwear market this season.

Marcuse – Astra Briefs

The new Astra Briefs in vibrant yellow of Marcuse are a super low rise pair of underwear where premium comfort blends with contemporary style!  Feel sexy and confident wearing this brief, crafted from a premium cotton blend with contoured, unlined pouch. We strongly believe that wearing this yellow brief during the day, can lift your mood up!

Marcuse – Brighten Thong

Our second yellow proposal of the same brand, is the fashionable Brighten Thong. This sexy, low rise thong is made from a modal blend fabric with a generous amount of elastane and that makes it stretchy but also very soft to the touch, lightweight and breathable. The best choice to add a vibrant hue to your spring underwear collection!

Barcode Berlin – Thong Miran

Another bright yellow choice is the Thong Miran of Barcode Berlin, made from ribbed cotton fabric. This thong features a contoured pouch that will give you all the space you need and a triangular back for minimal coverage of the buttocks. The waistband is narrow, in white with the Barcode logo repeated and a red line at the top. This thong is sexy, fun and fresh!

Barcode Berlin – Jockstrap Sergey

One more eye-catching underwear of the same brand is the timeless Sergey Jockstrap. It is tough and sturdy and made to last longer and withstand heavy duty. You can wear this at the gym or any other intense activities. The pouch is made from a ribbed fabric to provide the best hold you can get and the waistband is wide to provide a low rise fit and great support. Undeniably one of the best jockstraps in the world today!

Joe Snyder – Classic Bikini Spectrum

The Classic Bikini Spectrum of Mexican brand Joe Snyder is the definition of spring! This vibrant underwear in tones of green, orange and yellow is a feast of colours, which is the perfect choice for this season. This sexy style provides a sleek and snug fit, offering optimal support in the front and back, giving you a great shape. The Classic Bikini Spectrum can be worn as underwear as well as swimwear, so is great for casual or everyday wear either under your clothes or the poolside!We hope you enjoyed this selection! There are a lot more vibrant new styles already in the shop for you to discover! Moreover, we have been constantly updating our sales section with items that are discontinued at prices up to 60

Bike class white Jockstrap for review. All opinions of the review are my own and were not influenced by Bike Athletic.

Rating: 8/10 

  • Daily Fit: 8/10
  • Sizing: 8/10
  • Construction: 8/10
  • Styling: 8/10
  • Daily Performance: 8/10


  • A good pouch (not a cup pouch) made out of woven breathable material
  • The pouch is very stretchy, so plenty of wiggle room
  • Leg straps sit comfortable and don’t dig in 
  • It comes in multiple colors black, white, red, and blue 
  • Sizing goes from X-Small to 3 XL


  • The pouch is a bit narrow towards the waistband 
  •  2″ waistband is thicker than most brand

Erik recommendation: whether you’re into the classic or modern look in terms of comfort, this Bike jock is an excellent addition to any underwear drawer. If you’re looking for comfort, this jockstrap is excellent for both exercising and all-day wear. Looks wise, it definitely gives that classic jock look to make you feel strong or for an impromptu photoshoot.

This is my first time wearing Bike, and I must say I am not disappointed. This jockstrap has a much wider waistband than I am used to. It didn’t pinch or roll. While I usually only wear jockstraps at the gym, I could see this as daily wear as well.

I wore this during my cardio workout because I like the flexibility. The straps didn’t dig into my legs or ride up like other brands I’ve worn. This kept everything in place during my jog and time on the elliptical without having to readjust everything every so often. While I don’t usually wear jockstraps for all-day wear, I can definitely see this being a comfortable pair to wear.

The construction of this jockstrap is very well done. The pouch is a supporter pouch (not a cup pouch) and is a woven fabric that I felt would begin to fray after a couple of uses, but it’s held its shape for after multiple uses and washes. While I prefer a wider pouch, this one gets a tad bit narrow as it got up towards the waistband, which isn’t my favorite look on my body anyway. 

I received a large labeled 36-38 waist, which is the size I usually wear, and it fit as intended. Over this past year, my weight has fluctuated slightly, so I was expecting this to be super tight. It fit rather nicely even after adding a few extra lbs. It can be frustrating when not all brands use the same fit standards, but this jock was true to size. 

While not all brands offer, the classic jockstrap Bike has definitely set the bar on looks and feel. While this may differ from a modern jockstrap, this would be an excellent addition for any gym-goer or underwear enthusiast.

Product Details:

  • Fabric: 70% Nylon, 20% Cotton, 5% Rubber, 5% Polyester Supporter Pouch (not a cup pouch)
  • 2″ Comfort elastic waistband
  • 3/4″ Comfort elastic leg strap
  • Signature BIKE® logo displayed on a new, modern waistband
  • Price: $22

We are very excited to announce, officially, that French brand TOF Paris is now available in our shop! We have been keeping an eye on this brand since their launch back in 2015 and made our first publication about it in 2017 via our Weekend Feast. The heart and soul of the brand of TOF Paris is its designer Sylvain.

Sylvain is born in Cameroon in 1977. He comes from a middle class family in which his mother, a talented seamstress, was the one who showed him the world of fashion. At a very young age he became interested in clothes and shapes and started dreaming of becoming a fashion designer. He designed his first ever pattern in the age of 10! He put his dream on hold for a while to study law, but soon after he decided to move to France and follow his heart. He took courses in fashion design and started experimenting with patterns and collections. Despite the reservations of his family and some friends, he took the risk to launch his own brand, TOF Paris. The name of his first even collection was “Bands and materials” which got him in several publications and gathered a lot of interest.

Since then, over the last 5 years, TOF Paris expanded their collection to include club wear, outerwear, sportswear, accessories and swimwear, all of which are made in France. TOF Paris is an ever changing brand that finds inspiration in the Parisian parties, night life, entertainment, fetish wear but also the French couture and high fashion.

We are proud to say that Men and Underwear becomes one of the few, selected, retailers around the globe to stock this brand. We start with their most recent, Metallic Collection of briefs, bikini briefs, thongs and pouches in shiny silver or gold. This collection is bound to become a best seller and we think is among the most striking and elevated underwear of the year! Find below the product shots of all items. Each photo, when clicked, will redirect you to the product’s page so you can find more information about the style, price and the ability to order it directly from our shop.

In collaboration with Men and Underwear – The Shop

The trends in Europe for this season in underwear call for burgundy red, grey, blue and black (is this colour ever out of fashion?). September is a month of change and… buying new underwear! Despite the weather changing and getting slightly coοler we still prefer on this side of the world underwear that is low rise and sexy. Let’s see some pairs of underwear that are very popular in Europe this month: 

Barcode Berlin – Brief Arvid – Indigo White

The forts pair of underwear in our list is the retro styled called Arvid by Barcode Berlin in indigo blue with white details. Barcode Berlin got inspired by the classic y-fronts to make a revamped version of a classic brief, elevated with contemporary design accents. 

Walking Jack – Ash Briefs

The second pair comes from Walking Jack. The Greek brand created this classic, yet sexy, style in a beautiful grey mélange which it combined with a black waistband. Perfect to wear not just in Autumn but all year round and in pretty much every occasion.

Adam Smith – Shaped Pouch Briefs – Burgundy

A pair of briefs in burgundy red made from a soft and silky fabric by New York based brand Adam Smith is one more best selling item this season. Athletic style, contour pouch, contemporary, low rise silhouete. What’s not to love! 

AMU – Pure Thong – Black

One of the most sexy styles in the list must be this Pure Thong by Irish brand AMU. Made from a polyamide mix, this thong follows your body’s contours and fits like a glove. Thongs are becoming increasingly popular in Europe and this one is guaranteed to be among our best selling this season.

CODE 22 – Thrust Backless – Steel Blue

Last but not least of the list of our most popular styles this season is the Steel Blue backless brief/jock called Thrust by Spanish brand CODE 22. Incredibly comfortable, made from a modal and cotton mix, in a super sexy style with a brief’s front and an exposed back. 

In collaboration with Men and Underwear – The Shop

Summer started late in Europe this year! After several lockdowns due to you-know-what, Europe decided to open its borders for travelling early July. Weather permitting, the summer holiday season of 2021 could last until late September and it looks like the swimwear buying season goes with it. Are you interested to know what swimwear Europeans will be wearing this season? Let’s find out!    

CODE 22 – Lace Up Swim Brief – Charcoal

The best selling style this season was this beautiful bikini style swim briefs by Spanish brand CODE 22. In a metallic charcoal grey this swimwear has functional buckles on either side as a quirky detail and removable padding at the front for a fuller and rounder package. We have restocked this swimwear in both colours (this charcoal grey and a navy blue) and all times it almost completely sold out in a couple of days!

Marcuse – Master Swim Briefs – Camouflage Pink

One more swimwear that is literally flying off our selves is the Master Swim Briefs of Australian brand Marcuse. Available in camo and a camo with pink, this is a super low rise bikini with embroidered ribbons on either side. On the back there is an innovative thin stripe of mesh material for better definition and better fit.  

CODE 22 – Basic Swim Short – Navy

OK, it is not all sexy in this list, some men decided to go for a pair of swim shorts this summer and among them, the Basic Shorts in Navy by CODE 22 was the one that was more popular. Classic but far from being basic, despite its name, these shorts have the trademark Curl-Up technology which allows for the sides to button up and transform the style into swim briefs.

Joe Snyder – Classic Bikini Vibes 

Back to briefs and to a pair of underwear that can be (and will be) worn as (sexy) swimwear. The Classic Bikini of Joe Snyder is made from this lightweight poly fabric that allows it to be worn both ways. Joe Snyder has been using such fabrics for decades and they have become experts in it. This print (vibes) has a been a best seller with all other (brighter) options following. We also need to mention that some of the Classic Thongs of Joe Snyder, made from this fabric, also sold as swimwear this year, showing a growing trend for thongs and swim thongs in Europe.

Marcuse – Puppy Swim Briefs – Blue

Last but not least, a re-release of Australian brand Marcuse, the Puppy Swim Briefs. This is the cutest of them all swim briefs with a blue (or grey) body and a sketch of a white puppy printed on the side. This a functional and fun swimwear, no wonder it is again among the best sellers this season

MeUndies has been one of the most innovative underwear companies of the past few years. And, just a few weeks ago, they announced a huge update that I personally couldn’t be more thrilled about: they are now selling jockstraps and thongs. Yes, you heard that right.

I don’t think the brand gets nearly enough acclaim on this blog and among folks in what I would call “the underwear world,” but this hopefully will change that. This is a win/win for the brand. More guys who love jocks and thongs might try out the brand, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this gets a lot more guys who are MeUndies fans but who have never tried a jock or thong to branch out. 

As with their boxer briefs and trunks, which are some of my personal favorites, both of these styles feature a no-roll waistband and MicroModal that is breathable and comfortable. 

Both are available in four colors and from S to 4XL. Knowing MeUndies, I wouldn’t be surprised if we get a bunch of new colors and patterns over the next few months. 

20% off coupon using this link. Definitely try out a pair (or ten).

One of the most anticipated swimwear collections of the season has just been released! We are talking about the collection for summer 2021 by Spanish brand CODE 22. The first time we laid eyes on it was November last year and we couldn’t wait to see up close the actual garments. The pandemic has pushed back the production of most brands this year and this one was not an exception. The release came almost two months after its initial schedule but it’s worth the wait!

CODE 22 this year proposes glossy fabrics, shorts that can transform to briefs, vibrant prints and a dash of sexy! Yes, it is a diverse collection so every man will find something that matches his own personal style and aesthetic. It is certainly a step up from last year’s collection of CODE 22 but with one thing in common, this one is also made in a very limited run! So have a look at the products below and if you like what you see, visit the men’s swimwear department of our shop and order yours right away!

Choose among the Racer Briefs (swim briefs in navy blue with a red back, red and white detailing and a mesh asymmetrical panel on one side), the Paradise Shorts (swim shorts in one of he most beautiful prints we have even seen in men’s swimwear and featuring the trademark Curl-Up technology of CODE 22 that allows it to wear loose or rolled up as briefs), the Lace Up navy Briefs and Lace Up charcoal Briefs (low rise briefs in a glossy fabric with quick release, metallic buckles on either side) the Basic navy Swim Shorts and the Basic green Swim Shorts (swim shorts in either navy blue or turquoise-green with rounded sides, contrasting details and the Curl-Up technology)

So, I do love underwear! I used to wear all kinds: briefs, jockstraps, and thongs, but lately, probably around late 2016 and beyond, I have been focusing more on my love for thongs, specifically those with no wide elastic waistband and Lycra.

I started my love for underwear as a boy when I asked my dad to buy the colored and funky bikinis from Avon catalogs (yeah, they do sell clothes besides makeup!). And he would go and place the order: 100% cotton bikinis with fun prints: stripes, rectangles, polka dots, etc. I’d also buy plain and bold colors: red, blue, yellow and of course the basic black, gray and white.

I never cared for boxers. The furthest I went with those were boxer briefs, and I never really enjoyed them. I have thick thighs, so they would always end up rolling up, so uncomfortable.

As I grew older, I started buying my own underwear from regular brands like UCB and CK, mostly briefs since they were available locally in stores. As soon as I started talking with others in chat rooms, I discovered more brands: AC, 2Xist, Diesel, Aussie Bum, H&M, etc. I knew I wanted to try those and so, I did! My first lycra thong was a white CK some guy gave me as a present! Man, I loved that thong!

I remember my first solo trip; I went shopping at Macy’s, I bought beyond briefs, jockstraps, cotton thongs. I was hooked! From cheap Hang Ten and Joe Boxer to expensive CK, I at least owned 5 thongs, plenty of jockstraps, and briefs!

Later on, I realized I did love thongs the most and started wandering around sites like spandexguys and getting in touch with men who also enjoyed this fascination and thong fetish. Again, for me, it goes beyond a fetish since I do wear thongs regularly.

I started knowing about their brands, MuscleSkins, Joe Snyder, TM, JQK, Tendenze, Dory, iKingsky, Arroyman, Jovana, etc. Most recently, last year, I discovered Skinzfit.

That’s pretty much a summary of my journey with underwear.

Here is the first of many reports to come in collaboration with Men and Underwear – The Shop about what sells best in Europe! This autumn was packed with new collections for a number of brands. A good start to a promising season but let’s see what were the five best selling underwear of September in descending order:

5. Andrew Christian – Show-It Brief Navy

The latest in enhancing underwear by Andrew Christian in a stunning navy blue with constrasting details. These briefs have a horseshoe-shaped inner cup, lined by soft elastic which can add up to 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) to a man’s frontal measurement and provide the biggest natural enhancement of any Andrew Christian underwear line.

4. CODE 22 – Neo Gym Jockstrap White

In fourth place is a fashionable and athletic white jockstrap by CODE 22 made with a ribbed polyester and elastane fabric. The fabric is lightweight with a luxurious feel and look. The ribbing echoes the unique waistband which has very narrow, transparent stripes, a neon green base and the CODE 22 logo in the middle.

3. Kale Owen – Thong Jeans and Roses

One of the most sexy styles from one of the most sexy European underwear brands, is in third place. This thong is almost sold out and this print was a best seller since the beginning of the year. This is not an average thong, it has very sleek and narrow lines front and back keeping coverage to an absolute minimum.

2. Walking Jack – Core Briefs White with Blue

In second place we had the athletic meets contemporary brief’s style in white with blue by Walking Jack. These briefs come with a contoured pouch to give you space where you need it most and flat lock seams everywhere to eliminate any friction against the skin. These briefs are consistently among the best sellers throughout the year!

1. CODE 22 – Naval Boxers – Blue

In first place is one more style from Spanish brand CODE 22. The Naval boxers feature a retro nautical theme with white and navy blue stripes printed on a perforated fabric. This athletic mesh keeps you cool for longer and in this particular pair is perfectly combined with a white and blue waistband. The sides are rounded to give that retro vibe with a white solid panel keeping them together.

Danny & Joe are two of our newest video reviews at UNB. They have been on our podcasts and now they are sharing their review in technicolor. This review Danny & Joe are reviewing the Garçon Thong, AirJock and Harness. The location for this review is poolside in Palm Springs. We hope you enjoy this review and we will have more very soon. 

Get this pair at


Danny @

Joe @


It comes as no surprise that face masks have quickly become a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. Whether you like it or not, wearing a mask isn’t just about your personal welfare, rather, that of all of those around you. It is a courtesy and sign of respect to strap on a mask whenever you leave the house, so why not make the best of it? I always say ‘Don’t Hate, Coordinate!’ so why not take this opportunity to have some fun with things, by trying to match your mask to what you’re wearing below the belt!

I took the liberty to put on little fashion show, if you will, featuring some of the masks in my rapidly growing collection, as well as some of my favorite underwear! This sporty mask by Hercules NYC is great for hot summer days, running and working out, as it’s made from swimsuit material! I’ve paired it with a skimpy tie-side thong from Amazon. Heading to the Beach? No problem, it also pairs well with this sporty Joe Snyder Frame Thong, and my personal favorite, the Charlie by MZ Swim Thong!

A friend of mine crafted this mask to bring out the blue in my eyes. I paired it with a Pikante Jock Brief, as well as one my favorites, the N2N Ice Thong!

You can’t tell, but this mask I found by a local artist on Etsy looks to be a classic toile motif, but once you get closer, you can see the pattern actually features a plethora of penises, which make up the pattern. I paired this cheeky mas with a Peekaboo Thong from Candy Man, as well as an almost-sheer Dream Thong from N2N

Up for some pattern play? I love this geometric mask gifted to me by my neighbor, which pairs perfectly with this striped CockSox Thong!

Is the Luxe Life more your style? Check out this Gucci Mask created by a local artist, who sacrificed some of her older Gucci bags in order to keep people safe and stylish. I went simple with this one, and wore a feather weight, nude thong from N2N.

Do you have one of the standard medical masks? No problem! I paired mine with a sporty N2N Thong, as well as a fun little N2N Swimsuit!

This mask satisfies the Prepster in me, with it’s cute, innocent little floral pattern. That said, I recently paired it with this N2N Camouflage Thong, as well as something a little sexier, a barely-there N2N Mesh Thong. Not so innocent after, all 😉

And there you have it – a quick, inspirational post on how to make the most out of your masks! Remember, we are still in the middle of a global pandemic, and wearing a mask is the simplest way you can do your part in helping us beat this!

We are very excited to start this month with two new collections by French label Kale Owen. Kale Owen is a brand based in Northern France which creates some of the most sexy and provocative underwear designs in our shop. If you are a fan of thongs and strings you will love their designs. If you are also a fan of bright colours and prints, then you will love it even more! Kale Owen offers a unique take on sexy underwear for men. It combines styles such as briefs or trunks with thongs and string to create contemporary silhouettes that fit like a glove! They always a top quality fabric that is printed with the brightest of colours!

The two new collections we have just stocked are called Apple Flowers and Graffiti Hip-Hop. The first one features a beautiful floral print with apple blossoms on a light almond green background. The second is a multi colour pattern inspired by graffiti and street art with tones of turquoise, blue, orange, green, purple and red. Each collection comprises five underwear styles all in four sizes, from small to extra large: Micro Brief, Thong Trunk hybrid, Thong Brief hybrid, Thong String hybrid and Thong. All styles are incredibly sexy, low rise and with a snug fit. They have no lining inside and they offer the minimum coverage possible! Some may find them suitable to wear as swimwear as well! The fabric dries quite fast but you should be warned that they can be quite revealing when wet!

Below are some of the product shots for you to see. Each photo when clicked will redirect you to the product page in our shop, with more information about the item. If you like what you see, visit our shop and get yourself a pair or two!

John Sievers Sleek Natural Pouch Thong Review Rating: 9.4/10

  • Daily Fit: 9/10
  • Sizing: 9/10
  • Construction: 10/10
  • Styling: 10/10
  • Daily Performance: 9/10

Pros: Fabric is super soft, the definition of the pouch is great for all-day wear, the number of colors available for purchase

Cons: The tapering at the pouch and back strap can pinch if you don’t get adequately settled, could be worn with you pointing up, but there will be a lot of excess pouch material for just your testicles.

I bought this pair after seeing it online for a while and liking the look for some time. I was able to get a little extra income recently and decided to splurge and “Treat Myself.” I purchased the neon green pair and waited about five days for the package to arrive during the “Corona-pocalypse” of 2020.

Initial Thoughts: This pair is bigger than I figured it would be. What I mean is it was larger than some other things I have marked as a medium. The green color popped and was super bright, and you’d definitely be noticed if someone saw this, male tail or sexy time. The fabric was very slippery, being88% polyamide, 12% lycra will give the slippery silk effect, but the fact it was so soft was what caught me by surprise. I rubbed this fabric a few times cause they just felt so nice, inside, and the outside parts. The waistband is large, 1.5 inches, and the logo is centered on the front to make sure those you want to know can find this brand by the name. The waistband has a good stretch and is also really soft.

Tryon: The pair is a mid-rise on the stomach and sits high on the back, similar to a Cocksox triangle. Once everything was situated, the pair was comfortable. The pouch is a natural style where everything hangs down slightly and is pushed out. I say it hangs, but the pouch elevates but not in a fashion that would be considered enhancing. The waistband is soft for a band, and due to the larger look, it stretches but doesn’t cut in. As a man with a lot of dad bod, it didn’t create a huge muffin-like some of my other pairs. The fabric is super soft, as expected, and is really nice to the touch. The one thing I noticed was where the pouch connects to the back strap, the elastic tapers in rather quickly. I didn’t believe this would be an issue, but it was noteworthy, a rash on the taint isn’t fun to deal with.

Daily Routine: Considering how we are on lockdown currently due to COVID-19, I couldn’t go out and do my regular routine, so I spent the day cleaning, doing a home workout, and getting up and down a lot dealing with my children. I did a light run and walked my dog that day, and never really noticed any issues with the thong as all. The Tapered spot I mentioned didn’t run at all and stayed in place, although I did have some slight pinching to my sack once I readjusted after a bathroom break, I never noticed it again.

Final Thought: If you sometimes need a natural hang, these are perfect for you. With all my thongs, I would prefer a defined pouch, and this delivered on that front. The fabric is top-notch and really soft to the touch; you or a partner might not want to take the hands-off. Everything considered I would recommend as daily wear for anyone that likes thongs or someone who wants to try a thong. This is a great pair and well constructed. Be careful though; if you’re not into maletailing then wear a belt cause the back does come up rather high.

  • PAIR: John Seivers Sleek Thong
  • COLORS: Black, White, Neon Green, Navy, Steel Grey, Honeysuckle(darker pink), Hot Pepper(Hot Rod Red), Lagoon(light blue), Marigold(orange), Power Purple(eggplant purple), Regal(Royal) Blue, and Tuscany(nude)
  • FABRIC: 88% polyamide, 12% lycra
  • SIZES: Small – Extra Large
  • COST: $26.95, exclusive

Only 50 men anywhere in the world will get to wear one of these astonishing men’s swim shorts – and in the UK has two pairs on sale.

The Limited Edition Olaf Benz BLU 1955 Beach Pant transforms in bright light from a diamond pattern in grey to a glistening holographic rainbow of colour. 

Online store, based in the UK, has numbers 19/50 and 28/50 to buy at GBP164.00 ( Each men’s swimwear boxer comes wrapped in black tissue in a box confirming its official number – complete with a certificate of authenticity. Number 19 is a size Medium and Number 28 is Large.

The multicolour effect of this remarkable male swimming trunk is created by microscopic particles of glass that only reflect certain light – as in bright sunlight or, if you want to shine indoors, under a focused spotlight.

The exclusive beach boxer is just one new arrival ( at DGU, which continues to work as normal, shipping around the world. As Adam Davies explains: “Parcels are generally moving more slowly than usual because of the Covid-19 situation as border restrictions are for travellers, not commercial shipments. We ask any international customers who are in doubt to check the situation with their local mail service or email before ordering.” 

He also stresses that DGU is following guidelines about health and safety: “Our staff are all at home on full pay, so there’s just me and my partner Jane Garner here each day. We are operating a totally contactless system with mail deliveries and collections and plan to keep serving the world with men’s underwear and swimwear for as long as the rules allow.”

Hi, UNB World! 

It’s been a second since I used to write for the site, and I do miss the community love of undies and staying as in touch with the industry as I was when I wrote here. However, my love of undies hasn’t diminished; it’s just taken on a new form.

A bit of a history recap: years ago, I started an underwear Twitter @underloverwear just to share cheeky photos of myself in various pairs from my collection. The fact that I was a young 20 something, mildly twinky, and with lots of pairs meant that I got a few followers over the years. I also attracted the attention of a few different sites, like UNB! UNB, Tim asked if I would be interested in writing, and I jumped at it!!

Over the next year or so, I wrote multiple articles, reviews, launches, human interest pieces all under the name Beau Briefs. And I loved it. But eventually, with my normal job, it became too much, and I took a step back.

A bit later, I started to get interested in Burlesque, no, not drag, Burlesque. I took some classes and decided to pursue this performance hobby. And what was the character name I chose…Beau Briefs! My underwear journey is far from over.

I have been performing for three years now, and you can bet underwear plays a BIG role in my performances. In that time, I started producing a quarterly boylesque show in Seattle called The Top Drawer! I’ve been fortunate enough to feature performers like Waxie Moon and Faggety Randy! It’s been a dream.

And …it’s so underwear centric. I refer to my audience members as My Little G-strings. A couple of times, underwear plays a role in the actual structure of the show. I have I Am Beau branded undies that I give out as prizes! And I just ordered underwear lapel pins in the shape of our logo to give out to every performer who makes their Drawer Debut. Heck, we played a game where we dumped baskets of my undies on player’s heads when they got questions correct.

Underwear has become more than just a fetish or a love; it’s become a costume; it’s become a character; it’s become theme! I’ve got rhinestoned pairs, tare away pairs, I have an entire boa made up of around 40 briefs, jockstraps, and thongs!!

So take your love of underwear in new ways, explore new avenues of your love, make art, have fun, and check out the UNB store for some truly exciting pairs.

Have you heard about the new project put together by the same people who bring you Body Aware?  It’s called Ace + Indigo, and it is underwear with a mission.

Partnering with the Phoenix Rescue Mission, the goal of the project is use high quality underwear design and production to help provide for those in need.  The way it works, with each purchase made on the Ace + Indigo website the company will donate new underwear to the Phoenix Rescue Mission homeless shelter, providing men in need with a small but important  bit of comfort and cleanliness to help them with difficult transitions.

There is also a nice vision to the products designed by the company.  Working with a fabric manufacturing company in Portugal, Ace + Indigo is striving for an ethical business model from beginning to end.  The fabrics are all natural, made with the highest quality modal (they are using an extra fine knit fabric made from Beechwood tree fibers).  The factory in Portugal is committed to providing a supportive and equitable environment for all their employees.  And to top it all off, Ace + Indigo is committed to using only recycled and biodegradable materials for all their shipping!

It’s more than just an ethical, progressive business model, Ace + Indigo is making some really great looking products!  There are less choices than you can find here at Body Aware, but great things nonetheless.  I just got one of their bodysuits, and say without hesitation that it is the best bodysuit I’ve ever worn!  The fabric is soft, comfortable, and even sensual.  The fit has a nice snug and comforting quality, so you feel tucked in and supported all day long.  I highly recommend you give it a try!  I am also really eager to try their thongs.  I am really impressed with the colors they’ve developed in putting together this line.  There is nothing flashy, but it all looks rich and comfortable.I don’t know about you, but I really love great underwear.  And since I know I am going to be buying some soon, it seems reasonable to do so and also give to a worthy cause.  Giving underwear to a men’s shelter might not seem like much, but I can say from all of my own experience that good underwear can make me feel good about myself, make me feel cleaner, give a little spring of pride to my step, and help with a little extra confidence when I am giving a presentation or going in for an interview.  Little things matter, and I am glad to see the people who’ve given us Body Aware stepping out and trying something new, creating new products with a new business philosophy, and using what they do best as a way to reach out and help people going through difficult times and transitions.

As 2020 hurtles towards us, in the UK is pondering 2019 best-selling men’s underwear brands – and what makes them so successful.

Sensuality beats practicality hands down on DGU, but you can’t shift one everyday favourite from the top five, says founder Adam Davies.

“The holidays mark a seasonal hiatus. The end of the year seems to be all about Black Friday and Christmas, but underneath there’s an exciting undercurrent moving us quickly into spring. We’ve already taken delivery of new season colours and designs from the world’s leading male underwear brands on DGU.”

Without giving too much away, he lists Ergowear, Joe Snyder, HOM, Manstore and Jockey as Deadgoodundies’ biggest sellers in 2019. But Adam points out that the top selling favourites are always jostling for position. And the ‘new boys’ recently launched on DGU – Andrew Christian and Impetus – which epitomise the sensual vs practical contrast, are gaining ground into the new year.

“Nothing stands still in men’s underwear design and trends,” Adam adds. “This is why Deadgoodundies is dedicated to offering men one of the widest retail selections anywhere in the world. I would urge everyone to sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know about new arrivals (, which come and go very quickly, as well as other plans afoot for DGU in 2020…”

SHAPE – Ergowear is loved by its followers for the perfect balance of fit and feel. Their designers have responded to feedback to develop original briefs and thongs, and create totally new designs. The brand’s colours also mark it out as different. The secret to the success of Ergowear’s X4D Thong (£26.00) is a happy marriage of shape, support and feel. ALERT: when Gatsby pink is gone there will be no more.

VARIETY – Men who love the smallest men’s underwear designs with the biggest impact can take their pick from Joe Snyder at Deadgoodundies – the go to website for hugely varied shapes in thongs, briefs, cheeky boxers and jocks. The key to shopping Joe Snyder is to find a favourite shape. The top slot goes to the Joe Snyder Shining Kini 12 (£20.00) in black or white sheer mesh for the Kini 12 cut’s sexiest proportions of fabric against flesh…

HOM – DGU often hears from customers who have been loyal HOM followers for decades, lamenting the move away from sexy male lingerie inspired underwear fabrics and styles. Adam always stocks their most risqué designs in the Temptation line and still asks every season for more HOM thongs! A new temptation for spring is the HOM Canopee Boxer Brief (£38.00) in black or khaki, a transparent men’s short that mimics the look of camouflage in luxury sheer microfibre. 

FETISH – the Manstore collection is as close as it gets to true fetish underwear for men on DGU. Think lace and sheer looks, zips, clips, exposure and indulgence. Deadgoodundies wins hands down with Manstore fans because customer parcels are totally plain. The latest zipper styles come in M950 which features a string, brief, zipped pant and body with zips that open in just the right place, leggings with zips on the back of each leg, and a more demure zipless mini pant boxer brief. Pictured is the Manstore M950 Zipped String (£38.00)


The Jockey Aire Brief 2-Pack (£18.00) in two black or two white is a hot seller for DGU. A classic shape male slip for those days when you just want to slide into something silky and comfortable (and forget you’re wearing anything!)

ANDREW CHRISTIAN – new to DGU but a familiar favourite with UNB followers, Andrew Christian has added a dash more pizzazz to the website selection since the summer. What’s not to love about a brand that’s always adding sexy new lines? Steadily raising its profile is the Andrew Christian Almost Naked Prism Brief (£24.00).

IMPETUS – perhaps the Quiet Man of the DGU line-up in this report, Impetus men’s underwear and thermals have their place for travellers, outdoors guys and maybe the scientists out there. Alongside the consistent favourite seamless male briefs, Impetus have invested their boxers, long johns, briefs and tops with talents too numerous to mention. But rest assured you need them.

The Impetus Sport Long Boxer (£21.00) isn’t just a sporty short in black or electric blue, it’s also antibacterial and quick dry – and that pouch is quite something!

Hiya, Everyone! My name is Dan, and I am a project manager and freelance PR/communications consultant living in the Hoosier state. I’m a young, gay male on the brink of turning 30 (but we won’t discuss the impending switch-over from the 2s to the 3s). I’m a relative newbie to the wonderful world of underwear, but boy am I happy to be here!

I like to think of myself as a born-again underwear consumer. Throughout the majority of my life, the biggest role underwear played was throwing a relative fit when I outgrew the days of finding tighty-whiteys to be acceptable in those angsty pre-teen/teen days where you are required to change in front of others during P.E. From then on, I was always a boxer-briefs kind of guy. Then I met my husband, and I was introduced to a whole new world of options. I’m still a boxer-brief guy through and through, but I love what wearing different styles can do for my self confidence and feelings of self empowerment when sprinkled in throughout my days — specifically, thongs and jocks.

 My current favorite brand is MeUndies trunks (seriously have you felt the fabric? It is life changingly soft), and any-and-all “pouch” varieties from Andrew Christian, Cocksox, or the like. They provide a whole new level of support and comfort, while enhancing the natural goods–and what is there not to love about that?

Overall, I still feel I’m relatively new to this world, finding and exploring brands, styles and options that make me feel empowered and sexy while not giving up on comfort and support. Hope you will join me on this journey, and my story will both resonate with you and inspire you to take a step outside of your comfort zone! 

Hello UNB Readers! My name is James and I am currently a freelance IT professional by day and underwear enthusiast by night. Just kidding I’m an enthusiast 24/7. I’m 28 and am a proud gay Hoosier. 

When did you first discover underwear? (when did you first notice underwear? Where did you discover it (online, catalog, store)? What about it intrigued you?)

My first big discovery in the underwear world was when I was about 8 and my Mom had taken my siblings and I to Sears for family pictures. After we were done, I snuck off to the men’s underwear section (as I so often did to sneak a look at the packages) and found a rack of boxers. Sticking out was a something super shiny that stood out from the rest of the bland and dull pairs. I went over and grabbed it and found satin black boxers with Taz on the leg. Having seen satin across the aisle many times all I could was lust that one day I’d be able to feel that wonderful fabric against my own skin – and finally that day had come. Fortunately I was smooth and it was an easy sell to get my Mom to buy them, although she probably was ready to kill us all at that point so it was more of her saying yes to get us out of there quicker. Either way I claim it a victory, as I was obsessed with that pair of underwear but yet still had this feeling I wanted/needed more. 

One night when I was 13, I saw an MTV or VH1 special on men’s underwear. Naturally I did a quick check to make sure no one was around and once cleared immediately glued myself to the front of the TV. In a moment of what I can only describe as nirvana, the show flashed a page up of an International Male catalog and on the one side sat a chiseled hunk on the beach in a pretty wide mesh thong. *Insert montage of explosions, pupils dilating, etc* That one moment in time ignited a fire so large that it has only gotten bigger to this day. Never before had I realized men’s swimwear or underwear could be cut like that, in fabrics like that, or that there were even frickin’ catalogs for men’s underwear!!! 

What was the first pair of good underwear you bought? What made you buy that pair? (Not talking Hanes or FOTL six packs but a pair of “designer underwear”. Tell the story of what made you buy it and purchasing )

My first legit pair of underwear came from Male Power. I was just getting hit and heavy into transitioning from trunks to bikinis and I found a pair called “Very Bikini” that while not a thong, might as well have been. But it was enough that I figured I could convince someone, if confronted, I wasn’t in a thong in public! It was just a smaller bikini that’s all. Funny going back and talking about this story too because now if I’m not in a thong, or something with a small footprint, it feels unnatural lol. 

How did this first pair influence your journey into the world of men’s underwear? (Did this pair make you try other pairs and styles? Did you stick with this style? Do you still wear the style (thong, bikini, boxer brief, etc).

This first pair had a heavy influence not only on the style of underwear, but sent me down the forbidden fruit path if you will. Of course I’d fallen in love with styles and colors that were no longer made. Was I deterred? Absolutely not! If anything it made me open to trying more pairs of underwear out searching for brands that could fulfill the void left by the styles of the 80’s. To this day I cannot get enough high cuts and bright, neon colors. And like I said earlier, it’s a rare occasion when I’m not wearing at least a tanga these days. 

What are your current favorite styles? What style do you wear most? (bikini, thong, jock, boxer brief, etc)

I will always have room in my drawers for thongs and bodysuits. My passion for thongs should be pretty apparent by now but what I haven’t dived into is my other true love – bodysuits. And oh boy, when I can get my hands on a good thong bodysuit you’ll see me wearing it every other day! But in general I love bodysuits for their versatility. I can throw one on with some jeans and a button up and it gives me a clean, modern day look while keeping everything in one place. I have a closet dedicated to just bodysuits and one pieces that range from full coverage to strappy and leather. 

What are some of your favorite pairs in your underwear drawer? (list brand name and line if possible)

I’ve got a ton of BodyAwareUSA’s satin line but one pair I go back to and wear at least once a week is the mini thong in satin. Oh. My. ‘Lanta. Not only is the quality and durability some of the best I’ve seen from BodyAwareUSA, but in general that thong is a beast. It fits so perfectly and has the added bonus of giving the goods a nice lift so in a tight pair of jeans or even loose shorts you’ll be noticing everyone’s eyes pan down for a glimpse!

Are you open to friends or partners about your love of underwear? If you have a partner do they encourage your love of underwear? (are you open to friends about undies? Or do you keep it to yourself?)

I am an open book when it comes to sharing my love and passion about underwear. Although not many of my friends share the same burning desire, I still love to be open and discuss the types of underwear I like with them. Especially living in a state that seems to play catch up with societal norms, I’ve made it a mission to be more open and out there when it comes to underwear. Underwear can be an awkward conversation with most people, but just like with any change it has to start somewhere. And at least for the folks in Indiana I’ve picked up that mantle!

Has wearing great underwear boosted your confidence? (When wearing great underwear do you feel more confident or the same?)

100% will a great pair of underwear boost confidence – as a matter of fact it works both ways in my world. If I’m feeling blah or moody, my underwear tends to match. On the flip side I truly credit the moment I started wearing thongs as the moment I started to believe, no matter what other people told me or what I thought I saw in the mirror, I was ok just the way I was. This helped build my courage and inner strength until the day I was ready to fully accept myself and love me for who I am.