I am a huge underwear lover but sadly rarely get to buy them lately. So when I do I normally am more likely to go for styles and brands that I know will be good and fit me well. There is nothing worse then buying a pair that is cute and finding that they don’t fit on your body like you thought they would. I have a bubble butt so finding pairs that stretch over it can be more difficult. I don’t

always want to have to be wearing thongs, jockstraps, and jockbriefs. Though several people would disagree with me lol. So here is my criteria:

  • Materials- For me this is one of the biggest factors. I need a pair with a nice stretchy material so it will work well on my bubble butt. The material is the huge factor because it can make any cut work with a butt. My favorite combination is Cotton and Spandex. I just grabbed three different brands that I love and all were around 90% cotton and 10% spandex or elastane. I like the softness of cotton with the extra stretch for my butt.
  • Cut- I am a briefs guy mainly. I like trunks but struggle sometimes since they can not be very long and having a big butt pulls them up. They feel like a thong sometimes as my ass pulls them in. It is weird I don’t have that problem as much with briefs. I really don’t have a cut I don’t like. I will try anything and love almost everything. If it makes my ass feel nice I will get it.
  • Color- I am drawn to color. I am all about wearing bright and happy colors. I own a few black pairs but normally try to avoid them. I am not sure why but if it is plaid I will buy it. I just can’t stop myself. Maybe it is because I am a coffee loving, facial hair growing, plaid loving hipster at heart. Lol. You can ask anyone who knows me and if it is plaid I will be wearing it or buying it. Just looking in my closet I have 14 plaid shirts hanging there. So if a brand wants me to buy a pair of underwear just make them plaid and I am sold.
  • Brands I know- I am normally just shopping brands I know. If there is a good deal on a new brand I am always willing to try them. I also listen to friends about brands they like and recommend. My stand by brands that I am most likey to purchase is 2xist, Express, or Andrew Christian.

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