This year we have challenged you guys to break out the swim briefs and wear them proud. We have gotten some great feed back on the campaign, you guys are actually going to wear them! Now, the next big challenge for you guys who have worn a swim brief, would you wear a swim thong?

More brands are making swim thongs than ever before. I can’t remember when we had this many on the market. Vuthy has definitely expanded their line. Last year they had a few but this year I think the swim thong collection has doubled. I will admit I have worn a thong to lay out in once. I went to a park that was known to have guys lay out in swim briefs. I would go lay out and would wear my swim briefs as underwear. However, on this day I forgot I had on a thong and when I dropped my shorts I felt the breeze on my back side. I said “What the hell” and laid out. I got a few looks but had fun.

This pair from Vuthy is a lot of fun to me. The color and pattern really bring attention to the wearer. And lets face it if your’e going to wear a swim thong you want the attention! The color is a bright orange with a jellyfish design. Super fun for the beach. It is also available in a swim brief and trunk if you want a pair with a bit more coverage!

This thong is made for swimming. The fabric is a 80% Nylon and 20% spandex. Which means it will be quick drying when out of the water!

The Vuthy line was just released so it may take it a few weeks to get to stores. Just do a search on their site for Vuthy 410 Jellyfish at your favorite store!

Are you bold enough to wear a thong? Have you ever worn a thong?

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