SLY_2011_WORK_AZURA1_1I was recently was given the opportunity to test wear a pair of trunks from the Sly Collective. Sly Collective is a new brand in my collection. I had never heard of them prior to them showing up in my mailbox. I was very pleased with my first time wearing them. The fit and wear was very comfortable. I was told that these wear trunks, but I would say that better fit the description and cut of boxer briefs. While I do not know the exact measurement specifications for trunks versus boxer briefs. I feel this pair better fits in the boxer brief category. There is a very distinct difference between Sly’s trunks and boxer briefs, so making the right choice is easy. Browsing the website of Sly reveals that they have a wide variety of colors and patterns. They also offer a small selection of briefs if that is your preferred cut of underwear. I would encourage you to browse the website of Sly Collective and see for yourself.

I took Sly Collective on a test wear during a normal day in my life. There was nothing uncomfortable about them from the moment I first donned them until I removed them at the end of the day. The sign of a good fitting pair is the not knowing you have them on and Sly did that for me. Often times you have to readjust the leg placement or fix a wedgie. Sly required no adjustment at all. I wore them while doing extensive walking and also during some seated time in a vehicle. Getting out of a car will usually mean having to pull the legs down on a pair of trunks or boxer briefs. Again, not with Sly as they stayed right where they were supposed to. I call into question the longevity of the legs and their ability to keep the underwear where they belong after normal wear and tear.

Since I was given a pair of trunks to review the size I wore was small. I follow a general rule of thumb that when I wear trunks or boxer briefs I go with smalls. This rule has suited me well and in the case of Sly Collective also holds true. The measurements for the small size is 30 to 32 inches. I would say that this sizing is very true to reality. If you consider yourself to be a small then ordering a small in Sly would not disappoint. I would definitely consider myself a small in Sly Collective trunks and boxer briefs.

Considering that the Sly Collective trunks I reviewed were more along the lines of boxer briefs than trunks. I still rather liked them. As I mentioned before I wore them during a normal day and did not know I had them on. They required no adjustment throughout the day and stayed in place from beginning to end. The material was soft and waistband was the perfect size. The bands on the bottom of the legs were tight enough to hold the legs in place not so tight they made the underwear uncomfortable. They even included a cute little pocket on the leg in which to hide a small item. This a catchy feature that makes them unique and fun. I have no real complaints of Sly Collective. I still stand by my original belief though that they would better fall into the category of boxer briefs. That is a small issue in the grand scheme of things. All in all a great pair of underwear that I strongly recommend checking out. I know I’ll be shopping for another pair, briefs this time.


  • Soft comfortable fabric
  • Strong leg bands to hold in place
  • Unique pocket feature to set them apart


  • Better suited to the boxer brief category


  • Daily Fit – 8
  • Sizing – 8
  • Construction/Material – 9
  • Styling – 8
  • Daily Performance – 8
  • Overall – 8

Sly Collective furnished this pair of underwear for review. They retail for $20 at the Sly Collective site.


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