Junk2Marek+Richard is one of those companies you can tell really enjoys and has a lot of fun designing underwear. Their designs are very eye catching and not afraid to step outside of the box. This collection was inspired by something you wouldn’t think would make for great underwear. The inspiration is Junk Food. Yes that’s right the stuff we love to eat now is the inspiration for an underwear line. So the new line is called “Junk Collection

I have heard of a lot of inspirations for underwear but this one is prob one of the most creative. If you aren’t familiar with M+R they are out of Dallas, Texas. Founded by in May 2011 by Neil Marek and Robbie Richard (two boys who met while pursuing fashion degrees at The University of North Texas). In fact, all their stuff is made in the USA.

“YUM! Do fries come with that? Inspired by drive-thru junkies and pizza-faced punks, Junk is a calorie loaded collection that features bold mesh details in a variety of your favorite colors. From cropped tees and calf-sweats to briefs and trunks, Junk offers you a wide range of menu options. So have it your way and remember Marek+Richard doesn’t make it ‘til you order it.”

The there are two things I like about the collection. First, the activewear has an 80’s feel. It’s pretty cool to have the bright colors and almost neon color blocks. M+R has a way of making retro work very well. Second is the jock. Jocks are becoming one of the must have’s for any guy to have in their collection. The use of mesh and also waistband really make it work well!

If you’re interested in finding out more, go to the Marek+Richard site and check out the entire collection.


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