cocksox briefsOn the review table for today is the CXO3 Waistband Brief from Cocksox.  This is my first pair of underwear from Cocksox.  I was pretty excited when the package arrived and I realized what was inside.  Getting underwear is always fun, we all know that.  Upon examining them

I realized I was sent a pair of small briefs.  As you know I usually wear briefs in medium.  I was a bit concerned by this considering how small they looked when I held them up.  The fabric was soft and seemed stretchy enough to form to my butt and provide me with all day coverage.  I also took notice of the pouch and was curious to see how that fit, but more on that later.

When I wear a pair of underwear to review I prefer to go about my day as normal.  Doing abnormal activities wouldn’t allow me to give you all an honest and fair judgment.  Keeping true to this I wore them to work.  The key thing to mention here is that my pants are fairly tight fitting.  This is where it is important to mention the pouch of the underwear.  They push all your package right out front and don’t really allow them to be pushed back.  While wearing tighter pants this very evident as things could be seen through my pants.   Maybe this is why my sales for the day were better than everyone else’s.  As for the rest of wear, they stayed put.  No wedgies or misplaced leg holes throughout the day.  I will say that taking a bathroom break and trying to tuck myself back into the pouch was a bit challenging.  Once I was situated back into them I again took notice of my frontal protrusion.  Kinda funny really.

I mentioned earlier that I was sent a size small to test out.  Yes, I was concerned about how they would fit.  To be very honest I do feel that a medium would have been better, but the smalls weren’t bad either.  The rule I follow is that I wear small trunks and medium briefs, in most cases.  I always wear small jocks, except for Unico.  Exceptions to every rule you see.  This is a pair where following my rule for briefs would have been best.  According the website for Cocksox they do follow American sizing, but again we all know what works best for each of us.

Did I like them? Well to be honest, I’m still on the fence about that.  On one hand they were comfortable.  The material used to make them was soft and despite not being my usual size choice, still conformed nicely to my butt.  On the other hand though, they were a bit revealing and forceful in the way they presented my package.  I have found that a lot of the other lifting pouches still allow your outer clothing to push your package back not allowing too much to be revealed.  I think if I had worn them in a different setting they might have not shown as much, but again I want to give a fair review and most of my underwear will see a day work at some point or another.  I did ask my boyfriend for his thoughts and well, he said the front looked like a Peep.  I wish I was making that up.  I guess my final thought on whether I liked them or not is that yes, they are fun, but I’d probably go for a less pronounced pouch in the future.

Rating for this pair:

  • Daily Fit: 6
  • Sizing: 6
  • Construction/Materials: 8
  • Styling: 7
  • Daily Performance: 6
  • Overall: 6

Cocksox furnished this pair for review. You can find them at their website.


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