top-5-thongsWhen Every guy has their “go to” pair of underwear for certain occasions. This could be for comfort, for pleasure, for sports, and so forth. No matter what style you prefer whether it be briefs, boxers, jockstraps or thongs. There are certain pairs that your hands grab on to knowing it will be just right. For guys who are looking to ease their way into thongs, let’s take a minute to discuss some essential pairs that should be added to your drawer.


First, every thong newcomer needs to find that basic style thong that introduces you to the feel and appeal of wearing less. Emporio Armani created a brilliant basic thong that showcases a modern design for a comfortable fit. This thong provides you with a thicker waistband, similar to what you would be wearing in a boxer brief or brief, to allow a comfortable transition. The center strap in the back is thicker than many thongs, providing a less invasive line which tends to intimidate men. Specifically, look at the Emporio Armani Coloured Stretch Cotton Thong. (picture from International Jock)


A second great thong to own is one made by Clever. Clever has created a look with its sleek waistband design and high cut sides to really show off the curve and look of a man’s butt in a thong. The appearance by Clever is flawless. It is a more daring step for you to take into thongs as the front package begins to narrow. The side waistband cuts higher, and the back strap is more pointed. As you flip through their collection of thongs, you will notice the perfect circular outline it gives a man in the back. A perfect combination of being sexy while staying comfortable. Specifically, look at the Clever Universo Thong.


Most men would not dream of wearing a thong in the gym or during athletic activity for fear of its uncomfortable nature. I have news for you though! N2N Bodywear designed a whole performance based line for the active man. Knowing that men will sweat it out during sports, this particular line offers a mesh pouch for easy breathing of your package. The waistband is a soft material that lays nicely on the sides, allowing an ease of movement. The back strap is skinnier than the other ones mentioned as to give the vibe of nothing there to bother you during your workout routine. Specifically for your workout, check out the N2N Bodywear Performance X Thong.


Every collection always needs to have that special pair that pushes the boundaries of a traditional pair. In this case, Andrew Christian has created a thong unlike any other that offers a fun, flirty, sexy appeal. Their innovation in design allows them to think outside the box and offer you something unusual to expand your thong collection. With a small section covering the pouch and a piece of fabric at the top of the back, the rest of the sides and back is filled with fun cut outs, showing more skin. Specifically, look at Andrew Christian’s Trophy Boy Spider Thong.

850-X-Rated-Maximiser Censured

Finally, everyone needs that completely naughty, sexual pair of underwear that is for a quick show before an intimate evening. Most pairs of underwear for this desire include mesh, open backs or fronts, zippers, and little material. Gregg Homme is a designer who has created fashion and sex into great underwear. His thongs incorporate see through mesh material and package enhancing material to showcase the assets before a night of intense passion. Specifically, look at Gregg Homme’s X-Rated Maximizer Thong.

Make sure when you find a style that you love or looks best on you that you bring about several pairs for all of the necessary and special occasions in your life. Whether you are looking for an everyday pair or the pair that will spice up your night, variety is key to any great underwear drawer.


Assistant Editor for Underwear News Briefs. Favoring the skimpier underwear with briefs, jocks, and thongs. Enjoy engaging underwear fans and readers throughout.

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  1. Great article…can’t wait to get my hands on some of these…specifically the N2N!

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