wildmant-wt70Swimwear season in the US is over but that’s not stopping companies for making really great swimwear. WildmanT has always made great swimwear that enhances and shows off what you have! He has always used his C-Ring and lifters to really put your best features out there! This  is the Titan Bikini with C-Ring

You maybe going, “I love the suit but don’t want the c-ring.” In previous pairs WildmanT has made the C-rings removable, so you can wear them with or without them. So don’t let that one feature turn you off to the brand!

The bikini comes in three colors; blue, green and orange. Each one is trimmed in grey and has two white panels on the hip. Also made with a draw string waist so it will stay in place even during a super active day in the pool/beach. I really love these color combinations. Although, I have to say the green is my favorite. But, overall they are great color choices. You want your swimwear to be bright and fun. Lastly, it’s made out of a 84% nylon, 16% spandex fabric. Meaning this will be a fast drying fabric.

WildmanT says the following about the pair: “The WildmanT Titan Bikini with C-Ring is a low rise, lean cut swim brief teeming with color and spirit. But the real bonus here is the sexy silhouette it provides, thanks to the hidden cock ring inside that amps up the definition to your frontal profile. Wear for maximum whoa! poolside, beachside, or wherever you plan to take the plunge.”

This pair should be coming to retailers soon!



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