6122317-nahe-telo-v-reklamachI know for many of you out there, hate is a strong word. But I will admit I am not a big fan of boxer briefs. There have been a few times that I have tried them for reviews and they fit great. But those are few and far between! You maybe asking why I hate them…. Well where should I start?

First thing is most of the pairs I have tried, with a few exceptions, have no pouch. I’m a guy who needs more room up front and to have everything supported. So, when a pair doesn’t hold its shape and all my business isn’t supported it drives me insane. This has caused me to take pairs off midday and either put on another pair or just free ball. The pairs I have liked from Unico and a few others have a pouch built in.

Next reason I hate them is they are too loose. I know we have readers who say what’s wrong with that? Well I’m a firm believer of to each their own, but for me I like undies that are tight and keep everything in place. I remember back in the day getting my first pair of boxer briefs from CK, (Right when they came out), it was early 90’s and I spend prob $22 on them. Back in the day when I was a college student, $22 was a lot of money for a pair of undies. I tried them and they bunched up and I kept pulling them down. It was a constant battle to adjust them through out the day. I couldn’t wait to get home and take these off and put on a pair of bikinis. These were made out of 100% cotton fabric with no spandex.

The last reason I hate boxer briefs is similar to above, it’s the legs not staying in place. The legs on most pairs keep riding up and I’ve had my business pop out the leg before. I kid you not. I went why am I wearing underwear if it doesn’t hold me in. It was a constant go to the bathroom and adjust the legs. After this and a few other times I was done!

I want to feel sexy and fun in undies and it I have to constantly adjust them that isn’t happening. So now you maybe asking what boxer briefs do you like? Well I prefer ones that are tight. Made out of a spandex blend that conforms to my body. Not pure 100% cotton that has not support. Second, I like a pouch built in that gives me support all day long. Lastly the legs are just as tight and don’t ride up. I have tired several long boxers and enjoyed them because they stayed in place!

Ok so what style drives you crazy wearing? Share with us in a comment below! BTW if you’re wondering what happened to the CK boxer briefs, I gave them to a friend.


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years


  1. Jake Pruitt Reply

    It’s not just you, Tim.

    Thank God for whoever invented trunks!

  2. Under where Reply

    I agree with you totally. Boxer briefs are terrible. I equate them to wearing a diaper. It is like wearing summer shorts under your pants. Most of them don’t have backseams that keep them centered, but have lines that feel like tighty whities. They bunch up around the legs, and put my junk in a bind.

    I am a straight, single guy that would much prefer that my underwear keep my front end aligned properly and show a little bulge, because I am a man. Boxer briefs bunch up and make me waddle in a bad way.

    I like form fitting briefs and those that have a reasonable pouch in the front. I like man thongs too. Sometimes it is best to wear my nothing underneath too. I wish more retailers would carry different variations of mens underwear. Big chains like wal-mart have jockey in packs, which is ok, though they need to get the contoured pouch they used to make in the 80’s. But it is hard to find mens thongs.

    Form fitting briefs are the best. I have been wearing thongs since the early 90’s and g strings too. As long as they aren’t stupid looking ones. Guys should be able to show off to women. Some hate that, but it is probably a good indicator of women to avoid. But boxer briefs, like I said, it feels like wearing a diaper! Maybe the diaper was even better when you were a baby! Yuck on the boxer briefs. Not my thing.

  3. Michael Mills Reply

    I have tried lots of makes and different types of boxer underpants, I just can’t get on with them, I much prefer a great pair of full cut briefs, the comfort is second to none

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