UNB Holiday-5Black Friday is coming up this Friday and we all know what that means, crazy deals, large crowds, and the welcoming of the holiday season! What once was only a brick and mortar store occasion has turned into a retail world of deals, specials, and chaos. Many people see Black Friday as a chance to jump start holiday shopping for their loved ones with unbeatable prices but there is also an opportunity to spoil ourselves with a little underwear shopping.

If you are like me and signed up on numerous underwear brand’s and store’s newsletters you are already getting your email full of Black Friday deals. This is a great chance to try something new, treat yourself, and get a great deal. I remember 2 years ago when Andrew Christian was a brand I only knew about but had never purchased. That Black Friday I received an email offer that I knew I had to take advantage of. Not only was I getting a discount on a few pairs of new underwear but I could also get a free calendar (Who doesn’t enjoy 12 months of underwear wearing men?!?) I could not say no and that Black Friday in 2012 was the first time I ordered Andrew Christian.

Two years later, I am always looking to find the right moment to jump start a new underwear adventure. Since joining forces with UNB and following various social media outlets, my eyes continue to be opened to underwear brand after underwear brand that I never knew existed or had yet to try. It is exciting. A holiday present for yourself that is from you, for you, and something you dream about. Have you made yourself a list yet? I can tell you that this year I have my heart set on something new and I can not wait until Black Friday to click “add to cart!” My list this year consists of Pump Underwear. I have been in awe of their advertising campaigns for awhile now but have not had the absolute pleasure of slipping into one of their briefs or jocks.

As 2014 is winding down and this time of year brings a wrap up of what the year was and what is coming in the next year, take a moment and reflect. When you think back to how your 2014 was, think about doing something for yourself this season. Maybe this Black Friday, you should step into something new and let a deal introduce you to new underwear you might just love.



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