Blue Collar Underwear is not just underwear. We have reviewed the some of their underwear in the past and it’s pretty darn good. I loved the designs and fabrics they used and each one got really good ratings. But did you know they also do swimwear? The pair we chose to profile for you guys is the Presidential Swim.

From their website they say this: “Style and elegance arrives at the beach or pool party when you enter wearing the Patriot Presidential Swim Trunk. The trunk is made of a poly blend that comes in textural piquet for a classic and luxurious look. This lightweight swimsuit has a square-cut design, provides a snap front waistband and has the Blue Collar Collection logo emblazoned on the front.”

One reason i love this is Blue Collar has their own unique style. They have carried this over to their underwear. They remind me of Pistol Pete in that they found what works for them and they do their own thing. This pair just stuck out to me because of the stripes. I think the way it’s cut that it accents the pouch. Which, in my opinion, can be hard to do in a trunk. Its way easier to do a bikini/brief with a pattern to show it off. Second, its a pair that is just plain sexy. It doesn’t show of too much but isn’t a long board short.

It’s not swimwear season but I know many of you head to Miami, Mexico or cruises in the winter. So you want to get swimwear that not everyone is going to have. This isn’t the only pair Blue Collar has but I would say if you did wear them out very few other guys would have it. But I hope that changes and more of you guy discover this amazing brand. This pair retails for $45.50 on the Blue Collar Underwear website.



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