Blue Collar Underwear


_j6ielSlzQrim9zU_PBN62W6UbKZF4729wEmxzZS2OgIx_AlS90xzEoj3TwHAmmk1a276Aw1569_h780__52365.1420598260.1280.1280I was talking with two friends via text yesterday about underwear and told them I was wearing Blue Collar Underwear. Neither of them had heard of the brand. One of them has way more underwear than I will ever have, so that surprised me he hadn’t heard of them. The other I directed him to the site. Both seem to like the brand.

I got to know the brand about a year ago. They contacted us about covering the brand (if I remember correctly!) and we have talked and promoted them a few times. They have a very unique style and make really fun underwear designs.

One pair I wanted to profile is the Athletic Cobra Trunk. You maybe surprised I chose a trunk but I love their designs. The ones I reviewed had a great pouch and fit awesome. This one looks very much the same as the other ones I reviewed.

At first look this may look like any ordinary run of the mill trunk. The front has a red panel with a white accent at the pouch. But, the panel is made out of Modal. Modal is so soft and feels amazing on the skin. More and more companies are using the material for its comfort. The back is made out of a black mesh (so not just your every day trunk!)

Speaking of the pouch, there is one in this pair. That’s one of my biggest gripes about trunks and boxer briefs, no pouch! Some of you out there like this but not me. The pouch has ample room for you and you won’t be out of place all day.

The last thing is the waistband. Its made with the “Blue Collar” branded waistband. On the back of the band there is a small Blue Collar logo on the back. It’s a nice touch I love. It just adds to the pair.

If you are interested in finding more go to the Blue Collar Underwear site for more pairs. The Athletic Cobra Trunk retails for $24.50

What’s Hot at DrawerFull This June?

DrawerFull has us ready for summer by letting us know what gear to get our hands on.  As we start our fun in the sun, here are DrawerFull’s hottest picks for June.

JOR Speed Boxer


The JOR Speed Cotton Retro Trunk has the look and feel of the 70s, with a fun, athletic vibe. It’s made from a soft, stretch cotton fabric that features a faded look and topped off with a bold waistband in a color combo reminiscent of the age of love. Shop this pair here.

Clever Copacabana Swimsuit Trunk


The CLEVER Copacabana Swimsuit Trunk has a slightly relaxed fit with a tailored look that nicely flatters any body who wears it. A splash of color here and there, plus added pockets mean you can even wear this swimsuit as casual shorts to and from your busy summery schedule.  Shop the pair here.

PPU Cotton Jockstrap


The PPU Cotton Jockstrap is the basic sports support every athletic guy needs. The pouch is made from soft, stretch cotton that is absorbent for long lasting comfort. The rear straps are extra wide to prevent pinching or riding up, so you can perform in this jockstrap for hours on end. Shop the pair here.

Tribe Energy Shorts


TRIBE swimwear draws inspiration from the color, energy, and joy that is found in Tribal Culture.  This brand is 100% Australian Made, emphasizing in quality, comfort and style.  The swimsuit offers a wide waistband, sharp fitting throughout, and accessible pockets to include a more casual look in between beach outings.  Shop the pair here.  

SUKREW Full Trunk – Jamie


That Full Pouch look. The Full Trunk has six small pleats in the pouch, and is cut to show you off to your best advantage. The rear ‘y’ seam gives you perfect definition and unrestricted comfort. Neon polyamide fabric with blue printed branding on the waistband. Shop the pair here.

Blue Collar Underwear – City Slicker Trunk


Comfortable with an Awesome fit plus Great look. Busy City Scene Print fabric. Athletic fit trunk with contour pouch. Soft, smooth and comfortable fabric. Trunk features an elasticized Blue Collar logo waistband. Stretch microfiber with body defining fit. Cotton/Mesh on sides.  Shop the pair here.

2EROS Coast Trunk


The Coast series is a relaxed, simple and elegant collection. The color combination is of coastal comfort. The tan contrast placed between to the legs gives the illusion of exposed skin but keeping you covered. Shop the pair here.



Be sure to stop by the site at DrawerFull and check out the latest from all your favorite designers.

With hopes of winter behind us, spring fever among us, and new collections, we asked our friends over at DrawerFull for some great new spring recommendations to get us excited for the new season of underwear!

Our First Choice: 2eros “TO EROS” Trunk – Magenta


To Men of Passion, to Men of style

To Eros. From man. Made for the everyday man who aspires to be a god. The series is inspired from the 80s gym culture with a modern and vibrant design.


  • Iconic waistband
  • Soft premium modal fabric
  • Single front pouch lining
  • Contrasting design
  • 95% lenzing modal / 5% elastane

Our Second Choice: SupaWear Supreme Trunk – Cyan

Reign SUPREME. A collection which combines old world retro fitting and styling with a colorful and funky design.


  • Single layer front pouch for a natural lift
  • Form fitting to contour your body
  • Embelished SUPREME waistband
  • 4.5cm waistband
  • Woven SUPAWEAR logo on the back.
  • Contrast ribbing
  • 95% Cotton / 5% Elastane

Our Third Choice: ERGOWEAR MAX Light Brief – Pink – Limited Edition 



  • Manufactured in supersoft modal-lycra for a gentle touch on the skin.
  • 100% ergonomic design.
  • 3-dimensional pouch in MAX design.
  • 90% Viscose / 10% Elastane

Our Fourth Choice: Blue Collar Underwear – SMACK’DAT Hand Print Trunk



  • Awesome fit, Great look, Provide great comfort all day
  • Colored Hand Print fabric
  • Athletic fit trunk with contour pouch
  • Soft, smooth and comfortable fabric
  • Low rise trunk features an elasticized logo waistband
  • Stretch microfiber with body defining fit
  • 90% Nylon / 10% Spandex


The spring collections are in stock and ready to brighten up your drawer. Let us know your favorites by tagging @DrawerFull and @UNBBlog on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and our friends over at DrawerFull have selected a few pairs that are sure to spice up your evening.  Whether you are spending it with a special someone, hanging out with your single friends, or enjoying a night alone, these pairs will surely show some love.  Stop by DrawerFull and pick up something you love!

Supa Fly Jock $22.00
























Unico Short Boxer$22.00



























Blue Collar Firehouse Weekend Trunk $21.00




























ManView Singlet $33.00


1779845_742083432541879_7520481130577451151_nLast year I got to try a great company called Blue Collar Underwear. They came on to the scene with a great collection. I reviewed a few pairs and think they did a great job with design and fabrics. So when the new collection came out we had to interview them about the collection. Here is that interview
For our readers who aren’t familiar with your brand, tell us a little about your company? 
FL: Blue Collar Underwear is a Texas based brand created to revolutionize the way men feel about their underwear and the way their underwear feel and fit on them. For us, it’s more than business it’s our passion. Blue Collar has nothing to do with the type of work you do but more about the conqueror inside of all of us that makes us fighters and not afraid to get dirty to follow our dreams. We intend to take over the world of underwear one sexy brief at a time and we are totally ok with getting dirty to do so lol10898067_756296647787224_1613408084623595420_n
BlueCollar came on the underwear market pretty strong last year, tell us about the new collection? 
FL: The New collection was created with one word in mind “BOLD” as we started planning for the new collection, we took a look over our current collection and thought of ways we could build on our strengths and make a statement at the same time. We wanted unique and fresh color combinations and patterns that you don’t commonly see on underwear. We wanted to challenge underwear consumers to break free from the status quo, so there are completely new styles that will certainly bring out the daredevil is us all
How does this collection differ from the last one? 
FL:  We took a big risk with this collection, it’s very bold and different. Almost a complete 360 from our last collection. It’s always a little nerve wrecking when you deviate from a formula that has worked so well for you in the past to just completely tossing the manual out of the window but we totally believe it was worth it.
Which of the new pieces stand out in your collection? 
FL: The City Brief Collection has been one of our most popular products of all, We’ve introduced 2 new colors which we can not seem to keep in stock. Also, I completely love the “Smack dat” handprint trunk which is has an amazing cut to it  once you try it on you will not leave the store without it and the Challenger Briefs” I have a couple others but I’ll start with those 3.
How has this collection been received? 
FL: It’s been very well received, which is so refreshing to us. There was so much anticipation built on the release of the new season and it was extremely important that we not disappoint our followers and our retail partners.
What makes Blue Collar Underwear different from other brands? 
FL: For us, it’s all about our customers and giving them our best product possible. They are the heart and soul of the brand and the reason why we are able to do what we do. I think a lot of brands forget the reason why they are here and lose their identity and the focus starts to shift to everything but what matters which is providing your consumers which the exceptional product they are entitled to.
Where can our readers buy your underwear and find you online? 
FL: Online They can find us at – We’re also sold in the following retail stores and cities. If their city is not listed, they can go into their local Men’s underwear retailer and ask for Blue Collar Underwear.
Retail Outlets:
  • Dallas, TX  – Skivvies & Skivvies Outlet
  • New Orleans, LA – Bourbon Pride
  • Orlando, FL – Mojoman Swimwear
  • Miami, FL – Creative Male Men’s Fashion
  • Phoenix, AZ – OffChutetoo
  • San Antonio, TX – MaleBWear
  • Edmonton, Alberta, Canada – Snug Underwear
  • San Francisco, CA – Entour Castro


Blue Collar Underwear is not just underwear. We have reviewed the some of their underwear in the past and it’s pretty darn good. I loved the designs and fabrics they used and each one got really good ratings. But did you know they also do swimwear? The pair we chose to profile for you guys is the Presidential Swim.

From their website they say this: “Style and elegance arrives at the beach or pool party when you enter wearing the Patriot Presidential Swim Trunk. The trunk is made of a poly blend that comes in textural piquet for a classic and luxurious look. This lightweight swimsuit has a square-cut design, provides a snap front waistband and has the Blue Collar Collection logo emblazoned on the front.”

One reason i love this is Blue Collar has their own unique style. They have carried this over to their underwear. They remind me of Pistol Pete in that they found what works for them and they do their own thing. This pair just stuck out to me because of the stripes. I think the way it’s cut that it accents the pouch. Which, in my opinion, can be hard to do in a trunk. Its way easier to do a bikini/brief with a pattern to show it off. Second, its a pair that is just plain sexy. It doesn’t show of too much but isn’t a long board short.

It’s not swimwear season but I know many of you head to Miami, Mexico or cruises in the winter. So you want to get swimwear that not everyone is going to have. This isn’t the only pair Blue Collar has but I would say if you did wear them out very few other guys would have it. But I hope that changes and more of you guy discover this amazing brand. This pair retails for $45.50 on the Blue Collar Underwear website.


UNB SkateboarderI’m kind of sad this is my last review of Blue Collar Underwear. I have really enjoyed wearing them. They are a really great underwear company you guys should check out. I saved the Skateboarder Trunk as the last pair. As you know I’m not a big fan of trunks/boxer briefs and this one didn’t have the really great pouch. So I figured why not (and I temporarily misplaced it is the real reason). What? Yes I do misplace things.

The first thing I LOVED was the waistband. Green is my favorite color in everything and in underwear it really draws me to a pair. So the waistband and green stitching I loved. Although the lack of pouch really had me worried. I never do well with pairs that are flat in front. It doesn’t hold things in place and after a while it drives me crazy. I mean so crazy the pairs have to go and I usually bring an extra pair of underwear to change into.

I hesitantly slid on the pair and hoped for the best. The first thing I noticed, unlike many other pairs, it did fit me pretty well. There wasn’t any worry of things moving where they shouldn’t. Granted I didn’t know if this would hold up but was hoping for the best. These are made to be an “athlete’s dream trunk” as they say on the Blue Collar site. I would agree with this statement. They would be great for working out or being active.

I really was surprised how well these held up for the day. I don’t know how it created a pouch. There is no defined pouch like previous pairs and it looks just like a regular pair of trunks that I am not a fan of wearing. As I have said before that Blue Collar is making underwear for real guys. They are one brand you are going to have to look out for in the year to come.

Sizing on these were perfect. Unlike the Snake Charmer, these fit great. As I have said I’m 6’4’/245 and 38 waist. These fit 36-39 and really were super comfy. They didn’t ride up or bind at any time. The one thing I hate about trunks is they ride up in the legs. I don’t know how they made these but it’s a win-win in every area.


  • Green Waistband – love green
  • Created a pouch – when I didn’t think it would
  • Breathable material


  • This pair I can’t think of any other than it may make me rethink my dislike for boxer briefs


  • Daily Fit – 9.5
  • Sizing – 9.5
  • Construction – 9.5
  • Styling – 9.5
  • Daily Performance – 9.5
  • Overall – 9.5

Blue Collar underwear furnished this pair of underwear for review. You can find this pair for $21.00 on their website.




DSC_0163__78826.1399443510.1280.1280This is my fourth pair of Blue Collar Underwear. I will say I’m impressed with them so far. The pair I’m reviewing on this review is the Snake Charmer Trunk. This pair I was super excited to get. The material felt amazing when I took it out of the bag. Super soft and felt almost rubber like. The second thing I noticed was there was a print on the pair. It was printed in black on black fabric so you really had to look to see it. It was super cool! This one was so much fun.

I slid them on and well…it didn’t fit. It was a bit too small. I was super bummed. I didn’t want to get a pair to review that I can’t fit in. Granted I don’t have a large backside, but it didn’t cover me completely at the top. I was really upset I love this pair. I decided to give them a try anyway. I figured they are on, the worst that would happen would be I would have to take them off during the day at some point. This wouldn’t be an issue because I had tons of errands to run and would be running in and out all day.

As the day went on I totally forgot that the pair didn’t fit me. Which too many I know is hard to believe but I did. I ran around and the pair didn’t slide down. I still find it hard to believe that it didn’t. I bought a pair once, I won’t name the name, but it didn’t fit and as the day went on it totally slid down. So I give them props for this and the awesome material.

The material is 95% Viscoseand and 5% Spandex. I don’t believe I have ever had a pair made out of Viscoseand before. I loved the feel. Much like the other pairs I have reviewed they had a defined pouch. They have really mastered the great fitting pouch. When you look at all their pairs each style has a great pouch. Lastly is the print, I love how subtle it is and how it adds to the pair with out making it appear over the top.

I wore these on errands like I said. So it was a some what busy day. The smaller size really didn’t detract from the pair. After I put on my jeans I never felt them being small again. I know it seems crazy but it didn’t bother me the rest of the day. I forgot midway through the day and wasn’t till that night that I remembered.

Sizing, well this one really didn’t fit me that well. I am 6’4”/245 and 38 waist. This said it fits 36-39 but I have a feeling it’s more 36. I don’t know if it was mislabeled or just a miss size. The other pairs I have reviewed never had an issue. We all can buy a one off that doesn’t fit 100% perfect. Every brand has them and I would say exchange it for a new one if you do.


  • Love the materials the Viscoseand felt great
  • Again can’t talk about the pouch enough
  • The design printed was super fun


  • Sizing – it didn’t fit me
  • Some guys may not like the smaller trunk design


  • Daily Fit – 8
  • Sizing – 7
  • Construction – 9
  • Styling – 9.5
  • Daily Performance – 8.5
  • Overall – 8.4

Blue Collar Underwear furnished this pair of underwear for review. You can find it at their site for $23.00. Don’t let the sizing get you this is a great pair, super sexy.

UNB Fireman BriefI hope you have enjoyed the last two reviews I did. The City Brief by far has been my favorite. But now I’m on to the Fireman brief! I’m super excited to try a brief. Granted the other pairs were called briefs but they were more of a trunk. I admit I’m a big brief fan. It’s the style I wear most!

The Fireman brief is a nice brief cut. The first thing you notice is the pouch. It’s a very great designed pouch to give you plenty of room and support upfront. The pouch as contrasting piping in black, that off sets and accents your pouch! I found the pouch to be very supportive and plenty of room. It felt great during the day. Lastly, is the fabric it’s made out of a 95% cotton and 5% spandex. I would have loved a higher blend of spandex but it still felt great!

I wore these on a lazy day. Unlike the last pair that I put through it’s paces, this one was for a relaxing Sunday. I will admit it as super lazy and a much needed rest. When I lounge around I want a pair that is super supportive and holds everything in place. This pair did just that. I was able to just hang out in my undies and relax. We all have those days where it’s an undies only day to watch movies and relax.

The one consistent thing in Blue Collar undies has been the pouch. I love how they have paid attention to that. I definitely have a need for a pouch that has room and support. Sometimes it can be hard to find undies that fit properly. So for that my hat is off!

Sizing was very good on this pair. Like I have said I’m 6’4”/245ish on a good day. The sizing for this pair listed as 36-39. My 38 waist really felt good in these. They didn’t bind or constrict me through out the day. I can say with confidence if you pick the right size you won’t be disappointed.


  • Traditional Brief Cut – which I love
  • Good supportive Pouch
  • Sizing was spot on


  • Wish they had more colors – just black and white
  • Materials were great just like more stretch/spandex blend


  • Daily Fit – 9
  • Sizing – 9
  • Construction – 9
  • Styling – 9
  • Daily Performance – 9
  • Overall – 9

Blue Collar Underwear furnished this pair of underwear for review. You can get this pair on their site for $19.00


UNB....Navy Blue Camo

After my last review from Blue Collar Underwear I was super excited to try some more. For the record they sent me 5 pairs to review. So you will read a lot more about the brand in the next week or so. The City Briefs just had me loving the brand. Would this love continue to the Miltary Camo Briefs?

The briefs are more of a trunk to me. Unlike the City Briefs these were more of a cotton fabric rather than nylon. This made me wonder if they would hold up through out the day as well as my previous pair. Without hesitation I put them on and set out on my day. I wore these to a really long and active day. I helped a friend out and worked an event for 13 hours. This was no ordinary day. Getting the day started at 5 am and non stop till 7 PM.

The first thing I noticed on the pair was the camo color. I liked the use of blue rather than the traditional green. It is a lot of fun. The next thing is the material. It really breathed well through the day. However, it didn’t conform to me as the City Brief did and at times it rode up a bit. Not a great deal but it was noticeable. This could have been due to everything I had to do during the day. I think if it had been a regular day I wouldn’t have had any issues. Third is the pouch, which was great. Blue Collar seems to have a great pouch in every pair they make. It gave me ample support during the day. There is nothing I hate more than a pair that looses support in the pouch. Why bother having undies if it doesn’t hold up and these did all through the day.

Sizing in these were very good. As I have said I’m 6’4” and 245ish with a 38 waist right now. These fit waist sizes 36-39 waist. Granted I’m on the upper end but it still fit pretty well. You should be able to find the right pair with their size chart. Like with all size charts if you’re on the boarder of a size you may want to go for the larger size.

I will say I am becoming a fan of Blue Collar Underwear. I have three more pairs to get through. One I temporarily misplaced, but I did find! They will be out next week or so.


  • Great Camo Print
  • Supportive Pouch
  • Breathable Material


  • Rode up during the day
  • More of a trunk than a brief


  • Daily Fit – 8.5
  • Sizing – 9
  • Construction – 9.5
  • Styling – 9
  • Daily Performance – 9
  • Overall – 9

Blue Collar Underwear furnished this pair for review. You can find these at their site for $21.00

UNB BlueSkiesfrontHave you heard of Blue Collar Underwear? Chances are you haven’t heard of this brand. I think it’s definitely a brand you should know! They were “started to revolutionize the way you feel about your underwear and the way your underwear feel and look on you. Our goal with every pair of underwear is to bring functionality, fit, feel, comfort, quality and affordability back to the underwear industry. And we’re doing so without sacrificing style.” They go on to say don’t let the “Blue Collar” name fool you, they have made their underwear for everyone.

I have been talking back and forth with them for a while. We have profiled them on UNB a few times and they wanted me to review some of their undies. The first pair I received was the Blue Skies City Brief. I will be the first to say that Trunks for me can go either good or really bad. BUT, I’m kept and open mind because I never know when I’ll be surprised.

The first thing I noticed was the fabric was a mesh fabric which I kind of liked. When taken out of the package, it worried me that they maybe a little small. But after sliding them on those fears were dispelled (more on sizing below). These were kinda stretchy and really felt amazing. I will say I’m surprised how well they fit and felt. Remember you have to step outside your underwear box sometimes!

Let’s look at the comfort of the pair. The first thing I noticed was the fly. It does have a functional fly and had a white panel on the right side that thought added to the design. The fabric felt great. Honestly, I was surprised how well it conformed to my body. When I felt it out of the package it didn’t seem super stretchy. This was a pleasant surprise to me! I gave these a big challenge going to watch a sporting event in the sun of the south. If these were to not handle the hot day, I would be very disappointed.

The pouch is one thing I loved. Long time readers know that I love a great pouch. Being on the bigger side it is important. The initial reaction was the pouch may not be stretch or be comfy. Sometimes in trunks, the pouches can loose their shape. This one did amazing. I was really impressed and it’s one of those pairs that makes me enjoy trunks.

The size I reviewed was an XL. The XL fits guys 36-39. I am 6’4” and 245 ish ( on a good day) my current waist size is 38. The pair fit pretty well. I am on the upper end of the scale. It didn’t bind or feel too small. I was happy with the sizing. These days more and more companies are doing their own sizing so it’s super important to pay attention to the sizing charts (Which we will have all updated on our site soon). Never assume you’re a certain size, ALWAYS look at the size charts.


  • Fabric felt amazing
  • Great pouch that was supportive


  • Some may not like the functional Fly
  • Only in Darker colors (love to see this in some bright colors)


  • Daily Fit – 9.5
  • Sizing – 9
  • Construction – 9.5
  • Styling – 9.5
  • Daily Performance – 9.5
  • Overall – 9.4

Blue Collar Underwear furnished this pair for review. Available for $21 at their site.