Adam-Levine-10-27-12Waistband advertising is a little phrase that I said in my head after I started seeing different celebrities and men walking the street, getting in their car, and doing daily activities with a peek of their waistband from the underwear they were currently wearing.  It’s great to see the various men of the world showing signs of 2(x)ist, Calvin Klein, Diesel, and so many more.  As consumers and underwear readers, what affect does this have on us?josh-duhamel-10-1-11

To me this waistband advertising has two sides to it.  First, it makes the celebrities more real and more down to earth knowing what brands theyhave picked as their personal favorite apparel.  It fascinates me to see what type of underwear different men, whether celebrities or not, are drawn to.  Secondly, it unravels a new layer of intimacy to the person’s being.  Knowing what underwear someone is wearing is one of the most intimate and revealing portraits of who they are, apart from being naked.  We are not ashamed of the underwear that we are wearing but sometimes we do not want to reveal that most intimate detail of our being.  The waistband can declare the brand but not always the style.  Is it a brief, a boxer, a thong, or a jockstrap?  For the most part, we don’t know but we wonder and assume. Exclusive - Daniel Craig Gets A Newspaper

I expect that the various brands love seeing celebrities and social media pictures of various people displaying their waistbands.  In a way, it is a walking billboard showing their brand in real life.  Models show the glamour of the brand while these real life examples bring it back to the everyday consumer.  Seeing a pair of beautiful underwear on a model, the fit and form and then to turn around and see it on my favorite celebrity actor out and about, would definitely peak my interest in a purchase.



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