One of the biggest complaints I have heard about Joe Snyder underwear is that the pouch is too small. I too have experienced this and have to be careful which styles I buy. The newest collection is call the MaxiBulge collection. Which has a bigger pouch and allows you show off what you have in the great Joe Snyder colors.

Here is what Joe Snyder says to say “The front pouch enhances the look of your package thanks to its cupping action that gently lifts you upwards and outwards for a noticable bulge.” Also in the pouch is a c-ring that helps enhance your bulge and push it out.

I will say the picture of the pouch looks amazing. Being a guy who needs more room in front I am looking forward to trying this. As I said above I have tired some pairs of Joe Snyder and it just didn’t fit. And when I talk to guys who email and on social a lot agree. Starting with the Pride Frame line Joe Snyder has been paying attention to their customers and giving them more options. Which is awesome. The pairs of Joe Snyder I own I love. The quality is amazing and the fit is great.

We are just profiling the bikini in this post but the Maxibulge is available in a Kini, Cheek, Clip and Capri. The Kini is a super small bikini with string sides. The Clip is similar to the cut we show here but has a clip on the side. The Cheek is a boxer cut that gives you a bit of the cheek. Lastly is the Capri which is a thong cut.

Colors are one thing I LOVE about Joe Sndyer. They are never one for dull and boring colors. The colors are always bright and fun. The purple, red and blues are always a personal favorite. The colors for this line are: White, Black, Red, Royal, Turquoise, Yellow, Navy, Wine, Pink, Purple, White Mesh, White Lace, Black Mesh,Black Lace. These are all pretty much staples in the Joe Snyder line. Its also made out of Polyamide 80% Spandex 20% blend.

If you are interested check out the new line. Its in retail stores now or you can find it at the Joe Snyder site.


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