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One of the best things about underwear is the common ground it gives you with other underwear enthusiasts. There is so much about underwear that can bring people together as we have noticed at Underwear News Briefs with our staff and readers. From the brands to the styles, colors, design, and fit, the conversation pieces are endless. Male, female, gay, straight, it does not matter because we all love underwear and we love sharing what we love about underwear with one another.

Since starting at UNB, I (@UNBKyle) have made some great relationships with all of the above. I have bonded through underwear with other staff members, brands, readers and even models. One bond that has continue to grow was with my fellow writer UNBJon (@UNB_J). This dynamic duo has been quite fascinating as we cover a wide variety of likes and dislikes. As we continued to talk and discuss underwear, we came up with a great way to strengthen this new found friendship and underwear collection.

pistol-230x230Throughout 2015, we are going to choose 1 pair of underwear a month for each other as a way to step out of what we know and love and experience either what the other loves or what we have not experienced yet. It is our Mystery Pair Challenge in which each month we will select a pair of underwear from any brand and style of our choosing for the other to wear and review. We will send the pair to one another and not know what it is until we open the package and reveal our new gift. No matter how different or familiar with what we already know, the gift must be accepted each month. It is both nerve wracking and exciting at the same time.

Stay tuned for the 1st Mystery Pair reveal!


Assistant Editor for Underwear News Briefs. Favoring the skimpier underwear with briefs, jocks, and thongs. Enjoy engaging underwear fans and readers throughout.

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