In my quest to “Pump” myself up, I had the pleasure of reviewing the Pump Fever jock.  Anyone who is a fan of underwear has seen how this jock beautifully showcased the assets of Bryant Wood, therefore we can only hope for the same personally.  This jockstrap is a hot red color but also has the patriotic side with the red, white and blue (could be great for Memorial Day and 4th of July cookouts right?)  As I have learned with Pump underwear, this pair encompasses everything we love about Pump.


It is made up of a nylon/cotton/spandex material, great breathable mesh, and showcases the iconic PUMP! logo across the waistband.  It is a very sporty looking jock which will be very appealing to the athletic community.  It’s masculine yet sexy.  A rare combination that Pump in my opinion has succeeded in dominating.  After my amazing experience with the Pump Raver brief, I had no hesitation on wearing this jock through my workday.

I slipped the jock on and was immediately taken back to the feeling I had when I slipped into my first Pump pair.  The excitement and the feel!  The mesh is so soft and feels great against the skin.  The straps reach underneath each cheek giving great support and lift.  I may not have a butt like others but I felt a little something extra after these straps wrapped around me.  In fact, throughout my day I could feel a sense of lifting from the straps.  They were tighter than some of the jocks I have worn in the past but not in a negative way.  They were tight with a purpose.  The front of the jock is just as supportive and appealing as the back.  It offered 1enough room for everything to sit nicely with plenty of room.  The pouch is not too small to squish everything nor is it too big to make you feel inadequate.  I wear a medium and am an average size guy in all of the departments.  They stay true to size.  This is important to know as well because when I was picking out the Pump underwear I wanted to review I was told that they are European sizes which I had never experienced before.  If you have purchased pairs that are sized European, keep that in mind.  So far with Pump, I am 2 for 2 on my actual size.

Anyone who is a fan of jockstraps needs to add this one to your drawer.  This was such a great jockstrap and offered so much support and comfort I don’t think you would go wrong wearing it.  I think this would especially be an important pair for a guy to wear who was looking for some extra help on the butt but doesn’t want anything out of the ordinary.  I may not look exactly like Bryant Wood in this jockstrap but it definitely made me feel good, especially on the backside!  Damn Pump, you gave me FEVER!


  • Extra butt support and lift
  • Comfortable pouch
  •  Soft, mesh material


  • Only 1 color available
  • European sizing (if negative experience in the past)


  • Daily Fit = 9
  • Sizing = 9
  • Construction Materials = 10
  • Styling = 9.5
  • Daily Performance = 9.5
  • Overall = 9.5

Pump Underwear supplied this pair for review.  Available online for $22.00



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  1. You’re an average guy who wears medium, what’s your waist measurement then?
    I bought some jocks (medium) from pump and pouch area seems kinda small, sadly I don’t know if it’s getting larger when size grows…
    [Earlier I bought touchdown boxers, also in medium size and they fit perfectly]

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