Initial impression of these briefs was that the print looked cool. Also, there appeared to be very little room in the crotch area. This was the second item I have tried on by BodyAware, with the leggings being the first. There is only one color/style to this and that is the b&w comic strip

I have only worn these around the condo. I lounged and wondered around while wearing them to see how they fit on a normal day.

I got a large pair, they were able to fully cover my butt and fit nicely around my waist. The sizing on the website for the briefs states that a large is 34-36”. Which seems to be the standard American Large size.

Some of the things I liked about this pair is the print, it is a very fun and it has some cute comic style phrases around it. Another thing that I enjoyed was how well It fits my butt and my waste. it fully covers it, and the last thing I enjoyed about it was the fabric itself. The one and only thing I didn’t like about it was how little room there was in the front for my package. I would like to have seen more room in the front pouch area.


·       Fun pattern

·       Good Sizing

·       Well made


·       Cut around the crotch


·       Daily Fit – 7

·       Sizing – 9

·       Construction – 9

·       Styling – 9.5

·       Daily Performance – 8.5

·       Overall – 8.6

BodyAware furnished this pair for review. You can find the Vintage Comic Brief for $18.00

Written by Pleep and photography by RSH Photography.


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