The Bottom Drawer Underwear Collection and ManagementA reader asked about the size of our collections and how we manage them in terms of deciding what to keep, what to wear on a daily basis, etc. Here’s kind of how I handle mine. First off, I use to think I had a large collection of underwear. That perception changed some, since I started blogging. I’ve heard the amount of what others have and it seems I need to go on a buying binge. At the moment I’m approaching 175 pairs of bikinis and thongs. I’m slightly weighted more towards bikinis than thongs, but not by much.

I first separate my underwear into what I call old, but still good to wear and then my good ones. So I have about 125 I consider good and 50 I consider old. Now the old pairs I wear more when I’m planning on getting sweaty, since sweat can be hard on the material and elastic. The good obviously would be my everyday pairs. When does good become old and old become retired? Basically old underwear gets retired if the elastic is shot or develops a hole. Good underwear becomes old if it has been around a while, fades, or gets discolored. Also any general signs of wear or one I don’t really wear much and don’t care about.

What I choose to wear for the day normally just depends on my mood in the morning. If I’m in the mood for a thong I go for it otherwise it will be a bikini. Some days I want a real nice snug fitting pair; other days just whatever. If I know I’m going to be active like playing a sport then it will be a great supporting pair. If I know I might be seen in my undies then I most likely won’t go too crazy with my choice. Typically that means no thong and nothing too loud or sheer. I’m finally past the point that I don’t care too much if I’m seen in a bikini that is a little on the skimpy side. Now it doesn’t mean I try to let the world see, but if someone gets a peek so be it. Next step is to get to that point with a thong. I’m not one to match my underwear to my outfit. I have enough trouble matching tops and bottoms as is. I try to match for the holiday or occasion, since my wife points out when I don’t. That’s the general idea on how I manage my undies.


Hi, I'm Nate from The Bottom Drawer. I’m a husband and father that just happens to be avid about bikinis and thongs. The craze started in my late teens and continues.

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