The Bottom Drawer's Top 8 Favorite Underwear PairsIt’s UNB’s 8th anniversary, so in honor of that I’m going to do a wrap up of my 8 favorite pairs of underwear in my collection. In normal fashion, we’ll count down to my favorite pair.

8. Doreanse Euro Thong (1392)

I finally bought myself this Doreanse thong this year and find it a great thong. For those that remember the Undergear French thong (A300), this is an excellent substitute. I think it is even better. It’s a super soft fabric and a great cut, which I like better than the French thong. It’s sort of a v-string, but with normal thong sides.Doreanse Euro Thong 1392

7. Prevail Sport String Thong Brief

I’m a big fan of the brand Prevail Sport, which you’ll see by this list. So this is my number seven pick from my underwear drawer. It’s basically a traditional cut thong, but a little less frontal coverage. Also these are a nice and snug fit, which is one thing I look for in a great pair of underwear. One thing different with Prevail Sport is they do most of their thong backs in a black lycra fabric.Prevail Sport String Thong Brief

6. Prevail Sport Rio Brief

Number six is another pair from Prevail Sport. The rio brief is again a snug fitting pair that has string sides to show off those legs. The back is a around ¾ back and has a contoured centered seamed front pouch the holds everything nicely.Prevail Sport Rio Brief

5. Fagioni Clip Thong

The Fagionu clip thong is one I have had for a while and it is a very comfortable thong. One I’d recommend for beginners. They’re made out a satin like material and you really don’t know you are wearing a thong. Only negative is they aren’t the snuggest fit, but enough support. The fun part is these have clips on the side for your partner to have easy access or for you to doing a strip tease.Fagioni Clip Thong

4. Dietz Joker Mini Slip

Dietz is a brand I’ve discovered somewhat recently. Of the four pairs I now own, the Joker mini slip is my favorite from them. It comes down to a nice snug fit that holds everything in place. I like the two tone front pouch and yellow just brighten things up.Dietz Joker Bikini Brief

3. Blueline T-Back Thong

Blueline is another brand I’ve discovered in the past few years and I’d say it isn’t a real mainstream brand. Now this is a skimpy thong, which pretty much molds to you. I consider it a v-string and not a t-back. It’s a very narrow v-shaped contour pouch, so may not be for the well endowed. I think it holds everything nicely and basically is showing everything you got off.Blueline T-back Thong

2. Blueline Microfiber String Bikini

This bikini is the first pair of underwear I ordered of the brand Blueline and got me into trying others. I wouldn’t really say there is something spectacular about it. I’m just a fan of a solid string bikini, since they are the first style that I tried when branching out from the dreaded whitey tighties. I love the fit of it and the microfiber fabric.Blueline String Bikini

1. Prevail Sport’s String Brief

I’ve been wearing this bikini style from Prevail Sport for about 15 years now. It has been my go to bikini ever since I discovered them. The cut of the bikini reminds me of the swim briefs that you see bodybuilders wearing. The ¾ back, narrow sides, and just the right amount coverage of the pouch along with the snugness fit make these my top underwear pick. They’re holding the position strong!Prevail Sport String Brief


Hi, I'm Nate from The Bottom Drawer. I’m a husband and father that just happens to be avid about bikinis and thongs. The craze started in my late teens and continues.

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