add-headingWe are showcasing some of our amazing readers. This post we ask Jayinca about his love of underwear. Here is his story on how he fell in love with underwear and some of his favorites currently.

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If you saw me walking down the street I would seem unremarkable.  Just your average married 30-something business professional going about his daily business. And in part, that is who I am… in part. But just below the surface, literally, lies a stark contrast to the dress slacks and button-up shirt you see on the outside. Below the surface where one might expect to find your run-of-the-mill black/gray/white boxer brief that you got at Costco in a 3-pack for $20 you might find a ruby red Joe Snyder thong, or perhaps a funky designer Olaf Benz thong.

I’m a straight red blooded American man and I love men’s underwear. I love football, the outdoors and drinking beer as much as the next guy, but I also love underwear. And I’m perfectly ok with that.

When did you first discover underwear?

My discovery of underwear came at a time of great self-exploration.  I was in my late 20’s, single, freshly graduated from college with a job with good benefits. On paper, I was off to a great start to this thing called life. Checking all the important life checkboxes. But something was missing. It was during this time that I really put some thought into what I wanted from life besides a college degree and a job to pay the bills. What are my passions besides pizza and football? This question led me on a wild journey exploring things like kink, relationship dynamics, gender norms and open-mindedness.

My exploration into underwear began during this time period suddenly and without reason.  I was sitting on the couch watching TV with my laptop on my lap and suddenly I was struck with the curiosity of what it would feel like to wear thong underwear. So, I Googled “male thong underwear” and the rest is history.  I was introduced via Google to the many men’s underwear sites online and to all the designer brands that make them. I was completely enthralled.  My eyes were glued to the male models on my screen for hours as I browsed countless sites and the underwear within them.

The guys in the pictures looked awesome! I thought to myself, ‘their butts look amazing! Just as good as women do in thong underwear or swimwear.’ This was a concept I had to get comfortable with.  Is it ok for a straight guy to say that? Am I really straight? Over time I answered these questions definitely. Of course, it’s ok to say that and yes, I’m really straight. I do admire the male form almost as much as the female form. The big kicker is that there is no sexual aspect of my admiration. Then I wondered why I let a pair of underwear make me question my own sexuality? That’s just ridiculous, and so an exploration into society imposed gender norms occurred and so on.

What was the first pair of good underwear you bought? What made you buy that pair?

I knew I was looking for a thong. I wanted to experience one. I believe it was on that I found my first thong (actually it was a g-string). The brand was Gigo and it had a wide dark metallic blue waist that wrapped all the way around.  It subtly delved into the classic v thong shape in the back and became a string that attached to the pouch.

How did this first pair influence your journey into the world of men’s underwear?

I had been tracking my package all day and I knew it had been delivered and that it would be there when I got home. Would it be in my mailbox or would it be on my doorstep? What if it’s on the doorstep and my roommates get home before me? What if it says on the label? These questions started running through my mind and the thought of being discovered brought feelings of shame and embarrassment.

I got home and there it was, right on my doorstep and to my relief my roommates weren’t home yet.  I ran into my bedroom like a giddy child sprinting into the living room to see what Santa had left in the night. I ripped open the package and there it was. Wow, it was so small! Such a tiny amount of fabric were my initial thoughts. There was only one thing left to do; I stripped off my clothes, including the black boxer briefs I had on and put on my first thong (g-string. I was intensely excited, a) about finally getting to have this experience, b) it was just so damn naughty! And that was exciting to me. To clash against what society said I should be wearing under my clothes and to be ok with it. It’s my secret anyways and it’s nearly in plain sight, and finally c) the sensation of the string splitting my cheeks was hot. I looked in the mirror with the stupidest looking smile I think I’ve ever worn and was very happy with how the underwear looked on me. I had always been told by girls that I had a nice butt and the underwear just accentuated that.

One thing to note here: body image issues.  I have them. While I will admit I’m not fat, I most definitely look nothing like the male models who I had been staring at in the week prior to my special delivery. So feeling like I looked good was huge.

What are your current favorite styles? What style do you wear most?

My current favorite styles are the thong of course, followed by bikini’s and briefs. I guess I’m a minimalist when it comes to underwear. For one, I feel sexy in them and secondly, I find them more comfortable. I don’t like the feeling of the fabric from boxer briefs rubbing against the inside thigh of my pant leg. It makes things feel claustrophobic.

What are some of your favorite pairs in your underwear drawer?

My favorites are an Olaf Benz thong. I don’t know the particular item name, but here is a photo:

And my other all-time favorite is my Turquois Joe Snyder thong:

Are you open to friends or partners about your love of underwear? If you have a partner do they encourage your love of underwear?
My friends do not know about my underwear preferences. I just don’t want to deal with them having to get over that fact and really, we never talk about what kind of underwear we wear so it’s not a difficult subject to avoid. Think football team type of guys.  Those are my friends. Oddly.

However, my wife loves me in thongs. In fact, she nearly demands that I wear them.  Most recently, she took advantage of a sale on and quite significantly added to my collection of briefs.  She then covertly got rid of all my boxer briefs (except the ones I wear to the gym).  Her enjoying me in sexy underwear really reinforces the love I have for them myself because now wearing them takes on a whole new dynamic.  Not only am I wearing sexy underwear for me, but for my wife as well.  All her comments on my sexy bum and the sweet swats she gives me on the butt feel amazing.

Has wearing great underwear boosted your confidence?
Wearing sexy underwear has definitely boosted my confidence.  I feel a sexy swagger that I don’t feel otherwise.  Knowing that I am one of the few men who get to enjoy what wearing thong underwear feels like makes me feel grateful truthfully but the sexy under-secret is thrilling as well. I walk down the halls at work truly a man on a mission when I can feel that extra boost of sexy confidence.

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  1. Great story and cool to hear others out there from a similar perspective. Where’s your favorite place now to buy?

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