Hey guys, my name is Mike and this is my first post for UNB! Anyone that meets me would think I’m your normal, 30s(ish) straight guy next door. But on any given day if you had x-ray vision you’d see that I’m probably wearing what most would consider to be pretty crazy underwear: tiny briefs, bikinis, maybe a thong. Any color or style is fair game, and a lot of days I base the rest of my outfit on the color and style of underwear I pick first.

I can’t think back to a specific moment when I realized I loved underwear; it’s just always something that interests me. I remember being in high school and seeing the Calvin Klein underwear at Macy’s. It seemed so adventurous, so adult to think about buying briefs like that. I mean, each pair came in a box! Everyone knows the fewer pairs per package, the better it is. It was also such a thrill to finally get the nerve to buy a pair of CK hip briefs and have to take them up to the checkout. I also remember the time I bought a CK thong and tried to ‘hide’ between others pairs so it didn’t seem so obvious. Which I’m sure it was! To this day I get a rush out of buying fun underwear in person and seeing if I get any reaction from the cashier.

After high school I found the world of online underwear retailers and the floodgates opened for me. I started with the big players like 2(x)ist, CK, and C-IN2. Then I branched off into the wonderful world of Andrew Christian and cheapundies. It turns out I’m very partial to briefs, especially anything with a good pouch. I’m also a sucker for sales, so I’m always willing to pull the trigger on something fun and new.

The fact that I found great fitting anatomical underwear, fabrics that feel amazing, and perfectly fitting cuts like briefs means I’m never going back to ‘regular’ underwear. Add in things like jock briefs and thongs to the mix and the best part of my day is in the morning when I get to pick what to wear.

To me, the best part of underwear is the amount of variety available and how it always makes me feel amazing. As a straight guy, I know the typical stereotype about guys’ underwear is the image of string bikinis, probably leopard print and sold in a tube of 3. But I guarantee that any straight guy that would try a modern pair of briefs with a good pouch and an awesome fabric would be an instant convert. That’s what I hope to accomplish here at UNB. I want to share my experiences with new brands and underwear to straight guys that are either intimidated or hesitant to dip their toe into our wonderful world. There’s no shame in feeling great from what you’re wearing. You’ll get a thrill knowing that you’re the only one who knows you’re rocking red briefs today. And who knows, maybe your coworker sitting next to you just happens to be a fan of Thong Thursday too!

NOTE: UNB Mike is one of the newest guys on UNB. We will have a lot more from him soon!



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  1. Mike, great to hear there are others out there with similar background and interest, though I’m not quite where you’re at, but with a bit of encouragement will do so!

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