Regular readers of this site know the importance and benefits of wearing great looking underwear. The confidence boost, sex appeal and overall feeling it gives you is all the reason you need to ditch the 3-pack of saggy department store boxer briefs. But if you’re new to the wonderful world of underwear, or just want some suggestions on new pairs to wear on a date night or the upcoming Valentine’s Day, we have you covered. I’ll give you some options based on how long you’ve been with a person, and whether your tastes run mild to wild.

First date

If this is your first time out with a guy or girl, or even if you’re out with friends and think that there’s a chance you might be showing someone your underwear, it’s always a good bet to go classy yet sexy. You don’t want to scare someone off if he or she isn’t expecting something like a leather jock on the first night. Therefore, choose something black, simple and sophisticated.


Black trunks in a high-end fabric benefit you and your partner. You get to look, and feel great, plus your partner gets the hint early on that you’re capable of doing better than Hanes from Target. The 2(x)ist Speed Mesh No Show Trunk shows that you care how you look, even if you’re 99% naked. It’ll give you the confidence from the start to make this work! It also sets the stage that your underwear choices will be a step above the normal guy.



Sticking with black but also not going too crazy, black briefs are a classic can’t miss. There will be plenty of opportunities to show your crazy and kinky side; the first date isn’t necessarily one of those times. There is nothing better for this than a Calvin Klein

Steel Micro Hip Brief. It’s an amazing feel and if someone has a problem with you wearing this, they’re not for you. Rock this on the first night and you’ll have no worries about showing them your wild side soon!

A few dates in

By this point, you’re comfortable enough with a person where they should know the type of underwear you prefer. You and your partner might be to the point of getting down to your underwear when you’re sober or in daylight!


Even if you lean towards the mild side, you can still show some thought and effort to all aspects of your outfit. You had a solid start with sleek and sophisticated black, so now you can start showing your creative side with some color in your underwear. The Pump Frosh Jogger gives you a solid burst of color in a cut that shows you off in the best ways. It’s cut small enough to make your date very happy to see you in them, but still mainstream that you can wear them in the gym without raising any eyebrows.



At this point in a relationship, someone with a taste for the wilder side of underwear can start breaking out the fun stuff! Anything from Gregg Homme will make you look and feel like a rockstar. The Torridz Hyperstretch low-cut brief has an amazing 8-way stretch material that will do wonders to highlight your best assets. Pick a great color like aqua and your partner will be constantly trying to get a peek in your pants to see if you’re wearing this super sexy pair.

A special night

After you’ve been with someone for a while, you might want to plan a special evening or even just want to spice things up a little. This calls for some kickass undies! Even if you think you lean towards the mild side, break out something like the pairs below to really impress your partner.


Whether or not you call yourself mild when it comes to underwear, you owe it to yourself and your partner to strut your stuff in a thong every once in a while. There are too many great looking and fantastic fitting thongs made for men these days to miss out. Picking the Sports Thong from Cocksox is the best way to bring out the big guns yet still feel fairly mainstream. This pair has a near perfect cut and fabric, so pair a special night with a special pair. You (and your partner) will not be disappointed.


If you think of underwear as the ultimate form of expression and have no issue wearing anything and everything, picking out something wild for a special night opens all kinds of possibilities. This is where you can incorporate great cuts with wild fabrics. The Modus Vivendi Flash Floral Lace Jock delivers all that and more. You get the super minimal jockstrap cut that shows off everything about you, plus the awesome look and feel of that great blue and red lace. Maybe this is the first time your partner has seen something this wild from you, or maybe you both know that a special night calls for the special undies and hopefully…a special ending! Enjoy!

Rolling into January is a great time to review everything from the past year, especially underwear! I decided to dig up all the pairs I got in 2017 and give some thoughts and highlights. Writing it all down makes it a little eye-opening. Depending on who you are, this might seem like a ton or a slow year, but it felt like a decent amount for me.

New pairs: 33

  • Briefs: 27
  • Thongs: 3
  • Tanga/bikinis: 3

Brands: Gregg Homme, Cocksox, Andrew Christian, 2(x)ist, Joe Snyder, Justin Case


  • Tried lace for the first time! Love them and will definitely get more!
  • Modal material is my favorite; feels great, excellent stretch
  • I clearly have a thing for briefs but I’m always willing to try anything new.

Favorite pair:

Outlook for 2018:

  • I want more lace! It’s an area that’s growing and I feel like you just need to try it to see how great it makes you look and feel. Brands have been great about expanding their offerings and there’s plenty of new ones I want!
  • I’d like to get into some of the fetish and gear options. Brands like Cellblock 13 and Nasty Pig have some great looks and color combos that I really want to try!
  • I averaged less than 3 pairs a month in 2017. I think I can bump that up, especially with so many brands and pairs I want to try this year!

Andrew Christian releases new underwear on a pretty regular, frequent basis. The beauty of this business model is customers always have a reason to check out the site and see what is the latest and greatest. It also pushes the designers to always be innovating and have something provocative and new all the time. The newest FUKR line delivers Provocative with a capital P!

The FUKR line from Andrew Christian has always pushed the envelope in terms of sexiness. Past items have included materials such as mesh and net in every underwear style imaginable including a brief, jock, and thong. The latest FUKR styles continue that trend and then blast you in the face with a slick, glossy polyurethane fabric in bright cherry red. This definitely gives the pieces a very erotic, fetish-gear type of look in a brief, boxer and jock brief.

The FUKR Provocative Brief uses a fairly traditional brief look but uses the red polyurethane fabric with black contrast and leg binding. The FUKR logo is repeated on the waistband as an almost abstract pattern. It’s a nice design touch if you’re not looking at it close enough to realize what it says.

The Slit Boxer takes the traditional trunk shape and turns the erotic factor up to 11 with a devilish slit cut in the back. From the front, it looks like a normal trunk in the sexy red poly fabric again. But head around back and you get an access design that totally fits the FUKR mentality and fetish feel of the material.

If glossy bright red poly underwear somehow still leaves you wanting more sex appeal, grab the FUKR C-ring Brief Jock. Close your eyes and picture the regular AC brief jock. Then cut out the front and replace it with a detachable c-ring. And dip it in bright red glossy polyurethane. This thing is on fire!

All 3 of these items give you multiple options to get your sexy on. No matter how much “accessibility” you choose, any of these styles will have you and your partner dying to get your hands all over that juicy red goodness.

Everything Andrew Christian releases is a limited edition and once it’s gone, it’s gone. This is why the FUKR line originally included a c-ring singlet as well, but that thing flew off the shelves and is only in the hands of lucky owners now. So get your hands on these while you can!


BRAND: Andrew Christian

PAIR: Provocative Brief, Slit Boxer, C-ring Brief Jock


FABRIC: 50% polyurethane, 45% polyester, 5% spandex


COST: $18-$22.50

We just had an article from Ryan talking about some of the thought and logic that goes into how he picks which underwear to wear each day. Here are some of the ways I do it.

For the most part, I pick out my clothes each morning, and my underwear almost always is coordinated with something I’m wearing. I have a lot of “Blue Mondays” where shirt, socks, and underwear always contain blue. I usually try to participate in Thong Thursday as well. I’ll even swap shoelaces to red, blue, green, etc. on some days and tie that into my color choices. Every once in awhile someone at work will comment how my laces match my shirt. I always get a laugh, thinking “if only you could see what else matches 😉 “

Those are some of the little things that give me something to look forward to when I’m picking out what to wear.

The type of clothes I’m also wearing usually factors into my underwear choice. If I’m wearing jeans or pants that are pretty slim and tight, I’ll pick the smallest, skimpiest underwear I have. In the dead of winter, I might grab some boxer briefs first just to have the added warmth and compression on my legs. And sometimes I’ll purposely pick something totally opposite of what else I’m wearing just because it’s my own little secret. For example, I might be super casual in jeans, boots and a flannel but I’ll have a lace bikini on too. I love thinking how shocked people would be to see the whole picture!

The other side to choosing underwear is dealing with rotation in a huge collection. Most people here have collections in the dozens, if not hundreds of pairs. How to get through that amount of choices requires logistics and planning as well. My underwear drawer(s) are definitely stacked with some sort of preference to favorites going towards the top. However, every few days I’ll still flip through the stacks to see what I haven’t worn lately. As much as I’d love to exclusively wear my absolute favorites, I know that wearing and washing underwear is a good way to put a lot of wear and tear on them. I like to make sure everything gets into the rotation, otherwise, it’s not even worth keeping. Plus, pulling out something that hasn’t seen the light of day in a few weeks is a good way to get reacquainted with a pair that you might have forgotten about.

That’s what goes on in my head every time I go to pull out a pair of underwear. How about you?

Review – Andrew Christian Lace Brief

Rating: 9.6/10

  • Daily fit: 9.5/10
  • Sizing: 9/10
  • Construction: 10/10
  • Styling: 10/10
  • Daily Performance: 10/10


  • fantastic look and feel
  • unique styling for men’s underwear
  • gives your confidence a supercharge


  • fabric doesn’t stretch as much as others
  • might need to size up
  • the pouch is a tad snug

Lately, there’s been some talk on this site about lace underwear. I’ve never tried any, but the idea always intrigued me. I feel like I’m pretty open to trying new things with underwear and lace was no different. So when Andrew Christian debuted a line of lace and I was asked if I wanted to review a pair I jumped right in. This was my first time wearing lace, and as far as I know, the first line of lace from Andrew Christian. All I can say is what took us so long?!

I received the lace brief, but there’s also a thong and singlet available. They’re all constructed in black floral lace. Other than the black waistband with the signature ‘Andrew Christian’ logo in metallic silver this brief is constructed entirely of lace. Hold it up to the light and you get the full effect of the stunning lace design. There’s no lining or double layer anywhere. This means everything that contacts your body gets that awesome lace feel. And that feel is a huge plus when it comes to lace. This isn’t a cheap, scratchy lace material. It feels great against your body and has a nice stretch to it. The logo waistband and the pouch give no doubt that this is men’s underwear. I know some guys get hung up thinking lace looks like or can be confused with girls panties, but there’s nothing to worry about with these.

I wore the brief to work which included a lot of desk work. The beauty is I wore it with jeans and boots. The contrast of a masculine look on the outside and a lace brief on the inside was an exhilarating feeling all day. And the way I could feel the lace move against my butt reminded me that this was a special pair. Just wearing lace gave me a huge confidence boost, but feeling it against my skin was also a great bonus.

I’m about a 32-33 waist, and I got these in a medium. The lace has some stretch to it but not nearly as much as some rayon or bamboo blends. You may want to consider sizing up, especially since the pouch on this was just a tad on the snug size.

I was super excited to get my first pair of lace and you should too! In fact, I just ordered another pair. There’s no reason why guys shouldn’t experience the rush of excitement and feel of the fabric all day long. Knowing that I was wearing such a risqué pair made it that much hotter. If you’re on this site, you owe it to yourself to try a pair.

BRAND: Andrew Christian

PAIR: Lace Brief

COLORS: Black lace

FABRIC: 90% polyamide / 10% spandex


COST: $18

Where to buy:



You’re here, reading a men’s underwear blog. You’re obviously open to and into different styles and fabrics than the typical Hanes boxer that 90% of your friends and co-workers wear. But would you wear…lace underwear.

I’m speaking from the perspective of a straight guy, but I think true lace underwear made for men has several advantages and reasons to wear regardless of your sexual orientation.

First, have you honestly ever worn anything lace? You know the saying ‘don’t knock it until you’ve tried it’? Gay or straight, don’t say anything bad about lace until you’ve worn it and can give a firsthand account. It’s the same discussion that always comes up about thongs, and we know that’s a rapidly growing segment.

I’m about to embark on my first journey into lace underwear in the next few weeks, and I couldn’t be more excited. Spend 5 minutes looking at women’s panties or lingerie. A ton of it is lace. Clearly, there’s something to it, whether it’s pure sexiness or actual comfort. Ask a girl why she wears a lace thong, and I guarantee it’s either she likes how sexy it makes her feel or how sexy it makes her look. Maybe it’s the best feeling material ever. If you’ve never worn it, you’d never know.

For a second point, maybe you’ve randomly tried on a pair of lace panties. Maybe it was a joke, on a dare, or just out of curiosity. But you thought it felt ‘weird’ or didn’t fit right or just felt wrong. I’d argue that if you tried a pair of true men’s underwear that just happens to be made out of lace you’d have a much more positive outlook. The concept of pouches and anatomically correct underwear has been the single biggest reason I’m so excited about underwear. Please…wear a pair of true men’s anatomical underwear, regardless of material, and THEN try to tell me it didn’t feel right.

Lastly, I understand some guys are embarrassed or ashamed to be caught wearing lace underwear or having it in your drawer. I know the first comment from most females if they find a black lace thong in your laundry or drawer is ‘whose panties are these???’ But if it has a male pouch or ‘Andrew Christian’ on the waistband, it makes it easier to explain that yes, the lace underwear belongs to you.

Those are all reasons why I’m excited to dive into lace underwear. Who knows how good it feels? The amount of female underwear made out of lace makes me positive that it has to feel amazing. I also think it looks hot as hell, regardless of who is wearing it. And I think the current reaction to it being so taboo or scandalous makes it that much hotter. The most mundane workday becomes fun when you’re wearing lace underwear that would make every coworker’s jaw drop if they knew what you’re wearing. I can’t wait. Stay tuned…

PetitQ is synonymous with two things: pushing the design envelope and skimpy undies. Their new Pigalle bikini does not disappoint on either front. The first thing that jumps out at you from the beginning is the color: a deep, inky blue that you don’t see often in guys’ underwear. There is also a black color option, but this midnight blue steals the show. This bikini also has two other distinct traits: racy lace fabric and a very aggressive cut.

Men’s lace underwear can be very polarizing. Those who love it swear by it and those who say they don’t like it probably haven’t tried a great pair (or any at all). PetitQ nails a couple of details that will make anyone want to try this pair. The biggest feature is a contour pouch, which means you get the look and feel of airy lace but with the comfort and room that every guy needs. Some guys try women’s panties out of curiosity to see how lace would feel, but get discouraged with the lack of room up front. PetitQ solves this and also gives you that sexy feeling of lace. The back is claimed to be full coverage but it’s more of a cheeky cut that perfectly complements the overall look and feel of that sultry blue lace. The sides are slim and high cut and the whole pair is edged in a really cool scallop cut. This hits all definitions of a bikini!

Lace underwear is incredibly popular with women and it’s a shame there’s not more styles available for guys or guys willing to try it. Girls love it for many reasons, and the awesome look and feel of it against your body are only a few of them. Available in sizes small to extra large, this pair is available right now for $23.

PAIR: Pigalle bikini
FABRIC: 95% Nylon 5% Spandex
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $23.00
LINK: PetitQ Pagalle Bikini Black or Blue

If the brand name 2wink or the sizzling hot jockbrief with front and rear cutouts didn’t give you a clue to what they’re really selling, the name Fuckjock surely has to grab your attention. The Aussie brand is not shy whatsoever about putting sexuality front and center in everything they do. Their newest release makes that well known from start to finish.

Available in sultry combos of red with black trim and waistband, as well as black with red trim, this jockbrief is all about ‘access’. The front features a keyhole cutout just below the waist, convenient for any quick access you need. The rear highlights an opening clearly designed and marketed for fun. You can do pretty much anything in these sexy undies, and that’s not an exaggeration. Or a bad thing.

Yes, the rear is a jockbrief similiar to what you’ve seen before. But 2wink makes no attempt to hide the fact that these briefs are built for the times when you want to have sexy undies be a part of the action. And with the cutouts front and rear, plus the in your face name, this is explicitly being marketed as a special pair of undies. To make these even better, they’re made out of a soft, stretchy bamboo/cotton blend that stretches and cradles you perfectly. You’ll look amazing from all angles in this pair!

2wink may not be a mainstream brand here in the US, but with free worldwide shipping(!!), these are too hot to miss. Get them now and watch the reaction when someone special gets ‘access’ to the hottest brief this season.

BRAND: 2wink Underwear
PAIR: Fuck Jock
COLORS: Black or Red
FABRIC: silky soft bamboo / cotton mix
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $19.95 AUD
LINK: 2wink Underwear Fuck Jock

Hey guys, my name is Mike and this is my first post for UNB! Anyone that meets me would think I’m your normal, 30s(ish) straight guy next door. But on any given day if you had x-ray vision you’d see that I’m probably wearing what most would consider to be pretty crazy underwear: tiny briefs, bikinis, maybe a thong. Any color or style is fair game, and a lot of days I base the rest of my outfit on the color and style of underwear I pick first.

I can’t think back to a specific moment when I realized I loved underwear; it’s just always something that interests me. I remember being in high school and seeing the Calvin Klein underwear at Macy’s. It seemed so adventurous, so adult to think about buying briefs like that. I mean, each pair came in a box! Everyone knows the fewer pairs per package, the better it is. It was also such a thrill to finally get the nerve to buy a pair of CK hip briefs and have to take them up to the checkout. I also remember the time I bought a CK thong and tried to ‘hide’ between others pairs so it didn’t seem so obvious. Which I’m sure it was! To this day I get a rush out of buying fun underwear in person and seeing if I get any reaction from the cashier.

After high school I found the world of online underwear retailers and the floodgates opened for me. I started with the big players like 2(x)ist, CK, and C-IN2. Then I branched off into the wonderful world of Andrew Christian and cheapundies. It turns out I’m very partial to briefs, especially anything with a good pouch. I’m also a sucker for sales, so I’m always willing to pull the trigger on something fun and new.

The fact that I found great fitting anatomical underwear, fabrics that feel amazing, and perfectly fitting cuts like briefs means I’m never going back to ‘regular’ underwear. Add in things like jock briefs and thongs to the mix and the best part of my day is in the morning when I get to pick what to wear.

To me, the best part of underwear is the amount of variety available and how it always makes me feel amazing. As a straight guy, I know the typical stereotype about guys’ underwear is the image of string bikinis, probably leopard print and sold in a tube of 3. But I guarantee that any straight guy that would try a modern pair of briefs with a good pouch and an awesome fabric would be an instant convert. That’s what I hope to accomplish here at UNB. I want to share my experiences with new brands and underwear to straight guys that are either intimidated or hesitant to dip their toe into our wonderful world. There’s no shame in feeling great from what you’re wearing. You’ll get a thrill knowing that you’re the only one who knows you’re rocking red briefs today. And who knows, maybe your coworker sitting next to you just happens to be a fan of Thong Thursday too!

NOTE: UNB Mike is one of the newest guys on UNB. We will have a lot more from him soon!