I got interested in underwear in middle school when it was suggested that we get a jockstrap for gym class. I did not know what a jockstrap was but I was told I could find one at the drugstore. A short time later I asked my dad for some money so I could ride my bike down to the local drugstore and buy a jockstrap. He smiled and gave me $10.00. I rode my bike to the drugstore and found the jockstraps. My first one was an Ace brand, white with a red ACE label on the waistband. After I got home I tried it on in the bathroom and thought it was weird but I did find it unusually comfortable and supportive. Not all my friends bought jockstraps but some of us did and I was hooked. Until then I had always worn whitie tighties but now I was curious about this new undergarment. My family was pretty conservative so although I started to notice different styles of underwear at stores like J.C. Penney I was stuck wearing boring white briefs.

It was years later when I met my wife that my love for underwear was encouraged. My wife encouraged me to buy some “sexy” underwear and surprise her for our honeymoon. I didn’t know where to go so I ended up at the local adult shop and found plenty. I bought a pair of front lace up leather briefs and 2-3 pairs of thongs. We had a great time and my wife really enjoyed me in my underwear purchases. Over time my wife bought me thongs and we shopped for sexy underwear for her as well. Soon we began getting suggestions from one another as to underwear purchases. After children, I sank to colorful boxer briefs from Hanes and we kind of got into a rut. When we began to start searching for our “spark” again I started looking for great looking underwear again. I ended up finding the “Underwear News Briefs” website and that lead to “The Underwear Expert” underwear club. I started to get some great underwear and became a fan of 2xist, Jack Adams and Garcon Model and Obviously Male. In addition to this, I started working out. I had always worn jocks when working out and I had a couple in my drawer that my wife had never seen. One day I put one on and was getting ready to head out to the gym when my wife saw me. Her positive reaction surprised me and she thought they were a fun undergarment for me to wear. I had never considered wearing them as a sexy pair but she got me thinking about it. After reading articles on “Underwear News Briefs” and other blogs I recently started to purchase them as regular underwear. I just ordered a few pairs from Sukrew. Other jock brands I like are PPU and Safetgard but I am still in the process of collecting new brands.

I love underwear! They make me feel sexy and desirable and I really like the way my man parts feel and the support.



  1. Great story. I find it funny that everyone’s story is based self-discovery. No one ever and their father or even mother sit down with them and discuss these things. Congratulations to your wife as well for supporting you in your adventures.

    • John, that is a great observation about the self-discovery. I know for my generation,generation x, I think our fathers or mothers talked about things openly that were considered private. I can say that at least mine didn’t. I don’t hide my underwear choices from my sons and they have seen me in various states of dressing as typical families do. They have seen it all and don’t think anything about it. I figure ,,if they have questions they will ask but are free to make those personal decisions on their own. We just provide a judgment free environment for them to do that. That’s what I wish most of us would have had through our own self-discovery season.

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