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It appears the Manstore brand started back in 1969 by Paco Rabanne and Hans Schöller. Then upon Hans death in 1995, the brand looked like it wouldn’t survive. However in 1996, Olaf Benz’s Alfons Krauzer stepped in and took over the brand. So today it has similarities to the Olaf Benz brand. The Manstore brand is in the premium underwear brand bracket, which makes sense with it being with the same company as Olaf Benz. Both brands have styles that look pretty similar but Manstore is weighted towards or described more as fetishwear.

I wouldn’t personally call them a complete fetish brand, but I can see some items considered fetish wear. The products made out of sheer fabrics, lace, leather-like, shiny rubber looking fabric, and even velvet I can see people considering fetish. Then some have metal rings, snaps, zippers, and even easy release buckles on the sides, which also may be considered fetish like. Then there are a few designs in general that could be placed into fetishwear. I think they have a good mixture of fetish like wear and so called regular underwear. Their styles include bikinis, thongs, briefs, trunks, boxers, leggings, shirts, and bodysuits. They do not offer any swimwear that I have seen. Manstore offers some prints in their lines, but seems to be mostly solid colors.

Manstore does describe themselves as lascivious luxury. Which you could translate into fetishwear, since both are related to arousing sexual desires. Though really so called non fetish wear underwear can bring the same desire. Manstore says their underwear pampers you like a second skin. They have the passion for quality and design like Olaf Benz. They are a brand I would like to try at some point. You can read about the history of the brand here. Have you tried the Manstore brand? What are your thoughts on it? Do you consider it a fetish brand?

Website: Manstore
Where to Buy: Deadgoodundies


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  1. No I haven’t tried them yet , but there’s a couple of styles i will have to try at sometime. I would also say that have a good mixture regular and fetish stuff. Nice styles but a little pricey though if you have to factor in some shipping.

    • I agree they are pricey and with International shipping it makes it hard to pull the trigger. One of these days I will treat myself though.

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