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Video Underwear Review – Manstore Rainbow Pants from UNB Blog on Vimeo.

Andrew (@andrewjs) reviews the Manstore Rainbow Pant!

PAIR: Manstore Rainbow Pant
COLORS: Cyan (In 7 colors)
FABRIC: 90%Polymaid 10%Elastane
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $39.00 (as of May 2018)

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Video Underwear Review – Manstore Popper Pants from UNB Blog on Vimeo.

Andrew (@andrewjs) is back to review the Manstore Popper Pants. We will have a review of other Manstore undies soon!

PAIR: Manstore Popper Pants
FABRIC: 60% Polyester, 40% Polyurethane
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $52.00

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Manstore Brand Intro

It appears the Manstore brand started back in 1969 by Paco Rabanne and Hans Schöller. Then upon Hans death in 1995, the brand looked like it wouldn’t survive. However in 1996, Olaf Benz’s Alfons Krauzer stepped in and took over the brand. So today it has similarities to the Olaf Benz brand. The Manstore brand is in the premium underwear brand bracket, which makes sense with it being with the same company as Olaf Benz. Both brands have styles that look pretty similar but Manstore is weighted towards or described more as fetishwear.

I wouldn’t personally call them a complete fetish brand, but I can see some items considered fetish wear. The products made out of sheer fabrics, lace, leather-like, shiny rubber looking fabric, and even velvet I can see people considering fetish. Then some have metal rings, snaps, zippers, and even easy release buckles on the sides, which also may be considered fetish like. Then there are a few designs in general that could be placed into fetishwear. I think they have a good mixture of fetish like wear and so called regular underwear. Their styles include bikinis, thongs, briefs, trunks, boxers, leggings, shirts, and bodysuits. They do not offer any swimwear that I have seen. Manstore offers some prints in their lines, but seems to be mostly solid colors.

Manstore does describe themselves as lascivious luxury. Which you could translate into fetishwear, since both are related to arousing sexual desires. Though really so called non fetish wear underwear can bring the same desire. Manstore says their underwear pampers you like a second skin. They have the passion for quality and design like Olaf Benz. They are a brand I would like to try at some point. You can read about the history of the brand here. Have you tried the Manstore brand? What are your thoughts on it? Do you consider it a fetish brand?

Website: Manstore
Where to Buy: Deadgoodundies


It amazes me that 1. The thong has taken off so much this year among our readers. 2. It’s been more straight guys than gay guys driving this trend. 3. Many of you say “to hell with it, I”m wearing what I wand and F anyone else.” For that, I stand up and say BRAVO!

This is the reason I wanted to show a really fun thong. Something out of the ordinary than you would find in the US. This is why I turned to long-time partner and supporter Dead Good Undies. They have some really great styles. I looked through the thong page and found the ManSTore Lasso String Thong. Which seemed to cover two things in one!

Yes, it’s a thong but it also features the cup design. Bare with me for a second. You put this thong on and it comes with a pouch and a string. The string has a “lasso” on the end. You slide the string on like you would with any thong and take the lasso and put it around your junk. This is how the string stays in place. After that is securely fashioned. You put the pouch over your junk and it stays in place.

On top of the interesting design, the fabric is something that may interest a few of you. It’s a semi-sheer fabric that shows off your goods. This will be a selling point for some of you. The content of the fabric is 80% polyamide 20% elastane. Meaning it will fit amazing!

It’s not a thong you will put on in a hurry. It’s definitely different a different take on the thong. I know we have some guys who will love this thong. Trying something new is always fun in the world of underwear. Take a risk and have some fun!

BRAND: ManStore
PAIR: MANstore NOS M101 Lasso String
COLORS: White or black
FABRIC: 80% polyamide 20% elastane
SIZES: Small – XX-Large
COST: £25.00
LINK: MANstore NOS M101 Lasso String

NOTE contains an affiliate sales link.


Bodysuits are growing in popularity in the world of men’s fetishwear. They can be worn under jeans out or under your work clothes (suit or uniform). One of the newest bodysuits on the market is the ManStore String Body. If you aren’t familiar with ManStore, and you love fetishwear, you need to learn about them quick. They make some super fun pairs of underwear and fetishwear. Based out of Germany

A general overview of the suit is:

This super micro fabric is wafer-thin, high-elastic, slightly transparent, sensitive and extremely skin-tight … perfect ingredients for a sexy line, which strongly forms what the self-conscious man likes to show. In black or white, all the eccentric Manstore cuts, shapes and functions are assembled here in M101. Jock straps, thongs and pants … partly with lasso – or bungee function, partly with push-up equipment or with other fascinating details.

This bodysuit has a thong back. Which adds to the sexy appeal of the pair. We are seeing more and more body suits with thong backs. So thong fans rejoice! I think I like the thong back more than the full back. The full back has the potential of riding up or loosing its shape during the day.

So where would you wear this pair? First, I could this at a fetish bar night. Pair it with jeans and boots. Maybe some leather accessories. Next, Fetish wear is not just for the bedroom or bar. The white could be worn under a suit or work clothes. The only problem I see is going to the bathroom. It’s like wearing a singlet to work. There is no easy way to go. Let’s face it we have to be practical. I’m sure you guys could get super creative in where you wear it.

The bodysuit is available in white and black. Each one retails for 45,95 Euros. I am currently unaware of a US store that carries ManStore. This can be purchased from the ManStore website

Item number: 206189
Material: 80% Polyamid, 20% Elasthan
Color: black or White
Cost: 45,95 Euros

manstore zipper collectionIts Fetish Friday! Its that day when we bring you a great pair of fetishwear! This week we chose a pair from the Man Store. If you aren’t familiar with the Man Store they are basically like a big candy store for lovers of erotic/fetishwear. They aren’t too well known in the US. Occasionally you will see something but for the most part many out there may not have heard of it before!

The Zippered is one that has the look of latex. If you are familiar with latex it’s a material that is not the easiest to care for or the cheapest. It takes a lot of special care for latex clothing. This pair has the look of latex but actually made out of micro fiber. Meaning it will be easier to care for and maintain. There is nothing worse than spending big money on a pair of gear only to have issues with it later!

The two of the M314 line is a thong and a brief. The matte finish to the fabric makes this super sexy. It’s a very cool fabric that I like a lot. The pairs also have a grey trim that sets off the two very nicely. It’s not over the top or detracts from the fetish look. Speaking of fetish look each pair has a zipper. One interesting thing about this line is the zipper can be unzipped from either end! Talk about fun.

Many out there may think that zippers and underwear shouldn’t go together! We don’t think so, there are many pairs that the zipper makes them super hot! The Man Store loves to make sexy yet masculine fetish wear that are made to have fun in!

The Zippered Thong is 17.95 Euros and the Zippered Brief is 27.95 Euros. Each can be found at the Man Store website!

The weird and the wonderful

It would appear that there’s a naughtier side to many underwear drawers across the pond. DGU have revealed that some of their shall we say… unconventional and off the wall designs are rapidly becoming even more popular with their UK shoppers. Whether this is about dress up or something a little more fetish, they certainly appear to be having fun.

Body Art Flerio Zipped Body Pant Modus Vivendi Leather Chained Jockstrap Gregg Homme Impulse Top MANstore M306 Dog Band MANstore NOS M101 Kinky Scarf MaleBasics Lingerie Tie Me Up Bodysuit

MaleBasics Lingerie Tie Me Up Bodysuit GBP41.00

This may not be what you first think of when you read “tie me up” but it will certainly make an impression. Combining a deep V-neck crop top with a sexy thong bottom that’s attached by a series of elasticated straps.

MANstore NOS M101 Kinky Scarf

MANstore NOS M101 Kinky Scarf GBP32.00

It may not be a scarf in the conventional sense or have the ability to keep you warm but for some reason we don’t think that’s the point behind this. The “scarf” goes between your legs with a small thong back and up over your head in one strip of thin material.

MANstore M306 Dog Band

MANstore M306 Dog Band GBP29.00

They say that a dog is a man’s best friend. This bondage style neck decoration is made from a strip of lacquer effect fabric with three press studs and silvery chain.

Gregg Homme Impulse Top

Gregg Homme Impulse Top GBP157.96

Have you ever wanted to be a gladiator? Battling wild animals and fellow humans to the death in the Coliseum? Well this top can help you make believe. Soft material drapes over both shoulders to form an X shape at the front and back of the torso. Faux leather and silver look buckles complete this fetish style brilliantly.

Modus Vivendi Leather Chained Jockstrap

Modus Vivendi Leather Chained Jockstrap GBP46.00

Break free from the shackles of society and chain yourself up in a much better way. It has metal chains that go around the waist and underneath the bum cheeks holding in place a twin layered leatherette pouch.

Body Art Flerio Zipped Body Pant

Body Art Flerio Zipped Pant Body GBP64.00

This leatherette onesie is given a raunchy feel with see through tulle panels down either side and a metallic zipper running up the centre. It’s a sexy twist to a classic look.

Find these and more at Dead Good Undies.

NOTE: Post contains an affilate sales link. A percentage of sales generated will benefit UNB.


  We are happy to announce the arrival of Intymen and Skivvies underwear to His Trunks! Both collections are a great addition to our store. The Intymen collection includes trunks, briefs, g-strings, jockstraps, and swimsuits! The Skivvies collection includes trunks and briefs. Check out both of these great collections now at His Trunks!

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At His Trunks

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 Give your boys a lift for the holidays with our latest underwear designs from BodyAware Underwear for Men.  We’ve got some spectacular designs now available, including:

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We hope you enjoy all of our top picks, and as always, we love to hear what you think.

  Check out some of the Sales and new items at Dead Good Undies. That includes new Bruno Banani, MaleBasics and the Man Store. Buy 2 get 1 free with Doreanse.
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It’s Summer time and WildmanT says it’s time to show some skin. Check out the swimwear that will make you look the best.
Dead Good Undies has new ManStore, HOM and Olaf Benz in stock. The ManStore is the new M240 in Black, yellow or purple. Where as the HOM is the Boreal swim brief. Lastly check out the new swim by Olaf Benz.
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You can also see these new videos on the ‘VIDEOS’ page!


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know Jockstrap Central sells jocks but not everyone knows they have a large collection of underwear, shorts, tank tops, tshirts and more. Well, that’s about to change with their Not A Jock Sale!

From now until April 6th, Jockstrap Central has marked everything that’s not a jockstrap down by 15%. This includes their extremely popular (and fully back in stock) Everywear lounge/gym shorts and tanks, the bulge boosting Joe Snyder Man-ups to wear under those shorts, their uber-comfortable and oh-so-stylish Nasty Pig underwear collection, the perfect-for-a-play-date erotic gear from Male Power, Jockstrap Central’s own muscle hugging ribbed tank tops and much much more!

Although they’re well stocked on most items, some are limited and it’s first come first serve so be sure to do your shopping first then you can tell your friends about this great sale!”

Dead Good Undies Dead Good Undies has a lot going on! You will probably have to click the image to see the larger version. 

First, they have some really great new Olaf Benz in stock. That includes underwear, swimwear and more!

Next, they have a contest with Gregg Homme! Gregg Homme is one of the hottest underwear makers around! Here are the rules:

  1. Only entrants where they have liked both the DGU facebook page and the Gregg Homme facebook page will be entered into the draw (this constitutes click on the both like buttons above and then clicking on the like buttons on the corresponding pages)
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  3. No cash alternative will be offered
  4. Prize cannot be exchanged for different size, colour or item
  5. To enter the draw you will need to have a valid facebook account

Lastly, check out the new Man Store! If you aren’t familiar and like to show off then this line is for you. It’s very sexy and fun.

Check everything out at the Dead Good Undies Site

Andrew Christian is having another 48 hour Sale! 

This one includes the Swim Thong and Active Shape Trunk! No need to strain your eyes to see the images we are giving it to you right here!

Swim Thong

  • Features fade resistant sport UPF 50+ fabric
  • Great for reducing tan lines
  • Regular fit.. great for any body type
  • Not lined for extra quick trying
  • Made in the Andrew Christian Design Studio in Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • 80% Nylon / 20% Spandex
  • Hand Wash
  • Regular Price $25.00 sale price $20.75

Active Shape Trunk

  • Adds up to 2′ inches (5 cm) onto your buttock measurement
  • Invisible rear active shaping technology instantly creates the perfect bubble butt.
  • Made from 100^ sport tek UPF 50+ fade resistant fabric
  • Regular/slim fit
  • Handmade in the Andrew Christian Design Studio in Las Angeles, CA, USA.
  • Regular price $47.00 Sale Price is $39.01

You can get both of these at the Andrew Christian Store

Everyone LOVES free shipping and
is giving oyu free shipping! This is now until April 4th when you spend $50 or more. Just make sure you use code U1BEF at check out.
There’s no need to waste your time hiding inside baggy jeans or to spend hours in the gym. Andrew Christian‘s Flashback Butt Lifting and Contouring Technology is the latest innovation in men’s underwear for those seeking the perfect bubble-butt.

This underwear is essential gear for every guy. It features an invisible lifting support built into the seams of the underwear. The construction of the underwear automatically lifts the buttocks making it look firm and round without the need for any embarrassing padding, uncomfortable cups or straps hidden inside. Most people can add up to 1/2 to 1 inches (1.3 – 2.5 cm) onto their current buttocks measurements helping them achieve a rounder fuller look with this amazing new feature. The fit is super comfortable…like wearing a jock strap.

Product Features:

  • No embarrassing padding, hidden cups or straps
  • Completely invisible support structure
  • Add 1/2″ to 1″ onto your current buttock measurements
  • Features Anti-Muffin Top elastic for a slimmer looking waistline
  • Slim Fit – New Improved Fit
  • Made in the Andrew Christian Design Studio, Los Angeles, CA


  • 1 1/4 inch logo elastic waistband
  • Sides measure 6 inches from top of waistband to leg opening
  • ¾ inch fold under trim at leg hems
  • No fly
  • 90% Cotton, 10% Spandex
  • Machine Wash Warm
  • Tumble Dry Low

Regular Price $25.00
Sale price with coupon $19.00

24% Off Coupon!

  • Purchase Style: 9090 Flashback Boxer in Color Purple Only in the next 24 hours on and receive 24% off this style only. Does not apply to any other items.
  • Enter code: 24PURPLE9090 during checkout for the discount.
  • Offer expires: Dec 8, 2010 at 11:59PM PT. May not be combined with any other coupons or offers. While supplies last. Offer subject to change at any time without notice.

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Dead Good Undies has some great new undies from the MANStore and Gregg Homme. Both are super sexy lines, so if you want something a lot of fun and to show off what you have either line would work well for you! Also, while you are there check out the clearance section and you can save up to 60%
One of our favorite Brands is now at NuWear! That is DMK Designs. They are a really fun brand that is starting to grow! You can check out the new mesh briefs! Which have an awesome floral print and mesh sides! DMK Makes underwear fun!
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Audace is now carrying Frank Dandy! They say it’s “Very hot in Sweden!” Frank Dandy is known for their really fun and colorful prints. Show off some great style with Frank Dandy. While you are there check out the 25% off 2xist. Act fast the sale ends soon1
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Down Under Guys Gear is giving you 20% off 2xist underwear. Just make sure you use code ch2xist3. If you refer a friend you you can get gift certificates. Just join their reward program for all the details
We did our gift guide and now Timoteo is giving you Gifts for the Gym Buddy. You know that friend that makes you go to the gym. Why not give him something fun and stylish to wear to the gym. That can be tanks, sweats or undies. Check out the entire Timoteo Line
Area you ready to Dress to impress for Christmas? If so check out the innovative line called James Tudor! They have a new site and some great new undies to check out!

Welcome to the 2010 UNB Holiday Guide! These guides are a lot of fun to do, but a lot of work! We start in August contacting all the companies involved, and then have it sent to the photographer, having everything shot then put up on the site. The pairs included are some of what we think will be great gifts for the man in your life or some just for you!

This guide was shot by the awesome folks at NorCalBodz. If you are familiar with our guides you have seen their work on our site. They have done our previous guides and we have profiled them in many Brief Distractions. The models we used in this guide are: Jordan Preston, Rob Patrick, Erik Rossi, Corey Christiansen and Matt McCaleb. We want to thank them and NorCalBodz for doing an awesome job for us.

Now with out any further waiting here is the guide for 2010!

Frank Dandy

Frank Dandy Underwear

Frank Dandy is a brand that was created to combat the world of boring solid colored underwear. They are known for their innovative patterns and designs. This brand is not for the reserved guy. If you want to express yourself in your undies as well, then you need to be checking out Frank Dandy!

Left to Right:

  • Jordan is wearing the Hayman Raspberry boxer brief
  • Middle is the De Crillon camo boxer brief
  • Rob is wearing the Men’s Tiger Boxer Brief

These pairs were furnished by Kingston Loungewear

Mundo Unico

Mundo Unico is a line that mixes both classic styling with sexy design. The brand has focused on making some of the best designed underwear on the market today. It its a man very well and gives great support through the day. Then they add in colors, prints and patterns to let a man be comfortable yet stylish in at the same time. It’s a brand where form meets function!

Left to Right:

  • Jordan is wearing the Boxer Urban Pulso 7173
  • Right is wearing the Boxer Corto Vivaz 7174

These pairs were furnished by Mundo Unico

Pipe Underwear

Pipe Underwear hit the underwear scene a few years ago. They make a splash with their innovative photography and designs. But, they didn’t sit back and relax. They have come out with a new line that from the first look is very conservative, but has some great styling. They are using blacks and whites but they aren’t the boring undies of the 90’s. The use of piping and silvers turns the lines into something fun. Pipe Underwear is definitely a brand you should be following!

Left to Right:

  • Left is wearing the Silver Racing Square Cut Brief
  • Erik is wearing the Black Racing Square Cut

These pairs were furnished by Pipe Underwear


WildmanT was one of the first to produce enhancing underwear. Two years ago they created the Ball Lifter (R) technology and since then they have come out with a range of underwear to really show off what you have.  As their website says “All our products create the fullest package possible while maintaining style and comfort.” If you haven’t been to their site you should go. The owner and creator WildmanT aka Tim, is the model as well!

Left to Right:

  • Erik is wearing the Sonic with Ball Lifter (R) C-Ring
  • Rob is wearing the Arrow with Ball Lifter (R) C-Ring
  • Right is wearing the Captain Brief with Ball Lifter (R) C-Ring

These pairs were furnished by WildmanT.


Timoteo is a brand that is really taking off. Known for their incredible photography and great fitting undies, they have taken the underwear world by storm the last two years. It’s very interesting how the line started. Timoteo was head designer at the Baby Phat line created by Russell and Kimora Simmons. He left there and in 2001 created his own store in West Hollywood. He concentrated on men’s clothing but in 2006 he introduced swimwear and the rest is history! The TIMOTEO line recognizes great fashion but also understands that style, fit, and comfort are the key to its success.

Left to Right:

  • Left is wearing the Classic Red Briefs along with the Angel Wings Necklace
  • Rob is wearing the Wave Racer Swimsuit

These pairs were furnished by Timoteo.

McKillop U/W

McKillop U/W is one of the new kids on the block. They were furnished last year and their main focus is jocks. We have many readers who love jocks and wear them exclusively. The head designer and owner Ryan wanted to create a line  of “Jockstraps and Pouches for the men who demand comfort and style without padding and branding being the main focus of the underwear.” McKillop uses colors and mesh to really give a new look to the traditional jock! If you are a fan of jocks you need to give McKillop a once over!

Left to Right:

  • Matt is wearing the Power Flip and Reveal Pouch
  • Corey is wearing the  Power Extension Jock in Blue
  • Corey is wearing the Power Extension Jock in Black

These pairs were furnished by McKillop U/W


Cocksox is the self-proclaimed sexiest underwear on the planet! It is an enhancing brand that uses a specially designed pouch to show off exactly what you have. Cocksox is out of Australia and has grown to be one of the biggest brands there. They have expanded and are making in roads into the US Market. The underwear is made out of supplex and is thicker then pure cotton undies. The underwear will conform to your body and is ergonomically designed. It will be comfortable through out the day and move with you.

Left to Right:

  • Erik is wearing the CX01ME Mesh Brief
  • Jordan is wearing the CX03 Brief wiht Waistband
  • Left is wearing the CX01 Swimbrief in Man Candy Pink
  • Corey is wearing the CX028 Swimbrief with drawstring.

These pairs were furnished by Cocksox.

N Haven

N Haven is a line from UnderGear. Undergear has several private lines that are being redesigned from the ground up. I got to meet with them back in August and I’m really excited to see what they do. We are featuring the Fall Boxers here. They are all a fall/winter theme that is perfect for lounging around on a winter night. We are featuring two pairs here but you can see more at the UnderGear site.

Left to Right:

  • Corey is wearing the AJ789 Snow Flakes Boxer
  • Jordan is wearing the AJ789 Snow Flakes Boxer

These pairs were furnished by UnderGear.


Are you ready to get WILD? Pikante‘s new line that came out is all about animal print. I know what you are thinking but these aren’t the 70’s tacky animal prints, they are fun and sexy. They range from the traditional (Tiger, leopard and more) to newer and innovative prints (Owl Feather,  snake and blue tiger). It’s a really fun and sexy line. Glad to see someone doing animal prints right!

Left to Right:

  • Erik is wearing the Cheetah Cheeky Boxer – Black
  • Rob is wearing the Python New Brief
  • Erik is wearing the Anaconda Boxer
  • Jordan is wearing the Feather Owl New Brief

These pairs were furnished by Pikante


Candyman is just pure fun. They have the costume underwear featuring cowboy, prisoner, devil and more! But, you may not know they have a line of underwear. The line is one that is not for the shy. They are bold, colorful and shiny! If you want to show off what you have then the pairs with cut outs, thongs and metallic materials will be perfect for you.

Left to Right:

  • Left is wearing the Blue Brief
  • Rob is earing the Hot Pink Detachable Thong
  • Rob is wearing the Silver Brief
  • Corey is wearing the Black and White Stripes Brief

These pairs were furnished by Candyman


PPU is another of those fun brands. Yes, they have some traditional briefs and boxer briefs. Then, they have some really interesting approaches to taking a classic like a jock and turning it into their own. They don’t follow the regular rules of underwear. They see something and put their twist on it. That includes jocks, bikinis and thongs. Its great to see a company that is doing their own thing.

Left to Right:

  • Left is wearing the 967 Boxer Briefs
  • Middle is wearing the 965 Jock
  • Cory is wearing the 967 one piece

These pairs were furnished by PPU


Do you want something masculine but fun? Then Clever is the underwear for you. Their slogan is “Masculine Underwear.” They want to make underwear for men not afraid to show their masculinity. They take masculine feelings and turn them into prints, patterns and designs. They are fun without being over the top. Men who are confident and driven are the kind of guy that Clever is after!

Left to Right:

  • Jordan is wearing the Reticulated Classic Brief White 5076
  • Erik is wearing the Cozumel Swimsuit Brief Black 0528
  • Rob is wearing the Vintage Boxer 2070

These pairs were furnished by Cleaver.


Baskit is not just a regular underwear company. They are a company that focuses on quality, design and style. You can tell that in the last few collections they have released. The lines would include: Utility, Snugfitseamless and Finelines. So, they are for the true underwear lover. If you buy your underwear in packs of 5, then Baskit isn’t for you. I love that Baskit is not afraid of color. They use bright and fun colors in the underwear. If you like these check out all the lines they offer

Left to Right:

  • Top left is wearing the Unility Brief in Pink
  • Top Right is wearing the Contrast Jock Brief in Blue
  • Bottom left is wearing the Action Cool Mesh Brief in Orange
  • Bottom right is wearing  the Sawed off Mesh Brief in Red

These pairs were furnished by Baskit.

Bum Chums, Doreanse & ManStore

Dead Good Undies is the only online store to send us underwear. They are out of the UK and offer some of the most innovative and cutting edge underwear around. They sent us three really fun brands; Bum Chums, Doreanse and Manstore. Bum Chums are a “cheeky” brand out of the UK. They are bright fun and have a lot of metallic! While Doreanse you have seen in The Reasons video we posted this past week. Lastly is Manstore, which is a brand that just is all about sexy. They have smaller cuts, mesh and leather like materials. All three are for a guy who is confident and wants to have some serious fun with his underwear. We hope you enjoy these and will check out more.

Left to Right:

  • Top left is wearing Bum Chums Terra Firma Hip Brief
  • Top right is wearing the Clestial Moon Hipsters
  • Bottom left is wearing the ManStore M101 Apropo Pant
  • Bottom left is wearing the Doreanse 1555 Hipster

These Pairs were furnsihed by Dead Good Undies

Pistol Pete

Pistol Pete is one if the first companies to do 3-D underwear! They are a brand that’s not afraid to think outside the box when designing underwear. That includes this season collection. Some of the current lines are inspired by cities and places. They aren’t just underwear they also have a very large swimwear and shirt line. The underwear from Pistol Pete you can definitely tie into your over all style. They aren’t plain and simple. They are made to compliment and add to your wardrobe.

Left to Right:

  • Erik is wearing 10 Trunk – Navy
  • Erik is wearing Calipso Midcut – White
  • Bottom left is wearing Leauge 3/4 Sleeve shirt and Harley Trunk – Multi color
  • Bottom right is wearing the NY Brief – Multi Color

These Pairs were furished by Pistol Pete

DMK Designs

DMK Designs is a brand we have covered since the start of the blog. It was founded by Diane who is a former Vegas show girl who went back to school to get her MBA and started a men’s underwear line. Diane wanted to create a line because she was tired of men seeing bad underwear. She has come out with some really fun lines. Those included the animal print made out of unexpected colors. Which were some of the most innovative I have seen. She is now working in mesh and has created a pouch that doesn’t have a seam down the middle. I know we will see some really fun and creative designs from her soon!

Left to Right:

  • Left is wearing the Down Under Enhancing Jock in Coral
  • Right is wearing the X-Lo Swimmer in Peacock Blue

These Pairs were furnished by DMK Designs

Gregg Homme

Our last brand is one that is bringing sexy back to the world of men’s underwear. That line is Gregg Homme. They are one of the most innovative with mesh. The current lines are one that really shows off everything.  From their site: “Design is a dialogue of ideas: it appeals, speaks or creates controversy and GREGG HOMME constantly innovates with unimaginable designs and functionalities to feed the insatiable taste of men for provocation and seduction.” This includes using the latest in technology. The example of this is the Bandito line. The shirts and underwear have cutouts with mesh. The fabrics are fused together rather then sown. They are a brand positioned between lust and fantasy.

Left to Right

  • Left is wearing the Predator Trunk
  • Center is wearing the X Rated Maximizer Jock
  • Right is wearing the Bandito Brief

These Pairs were furnished by Gregg Homme.

We hope you enjoy this guide. We will have another one just in time for Valentines Day! We will give you some great ideas for the perfect pair to wear or give your Valentine. I want to thank all the companies that participated and NorCalBodz and the models! is having a Labor Day Sale. You maybe saying Labor Day was over yesterday, but the sale goes on till Sept. 11th. You can save $10 off orders $50 or more! Just use code LABORDAY at check out. While you are there check out the new  Rufskin Buck Underwear!
I have to say I personally love the undies at Dead Good Undies. They have a lot of the styles I just LOVE. They are fun, colorful and sexy! Some of the new undies the have are the brand Bum Chums. They have really bright colors and metalics that you will love. Also Check out the new Black from the ManStore!

1. Jockey Retro Y-Front sports brief
2. Jockey Retro Y-front Trunk
3. Ergowear Max (cotton) midcut long boxer
4. Joe Snyder rainbow shining capri 07 brief
5. HOM Fredy string

Below the Belt is having a $35 swimwear event. You can get some of your favorites for only $35! Remember that Below the Belt is out of Australia so pricing is in AU Dollars Some of the brands inlcude Rufskin, LASC and 2eros. Note sizing is limited but shop early for the best styles
Do you have a hot date lined up soon? If so then maybe you should try out the 2Wink Loaded Boxer with the built in condom pocket. Twink has some really fun undies that we have reviewed and liked. Check out the 2Wink site for more!
Erogenos now has Intymen. This is another great brand I saw at Curve. It along with Good Devil is now available at Erogenos. Both are bright sexy lines that we will hopefully see around for a while. They are fun and exciting! If you haven’t seen the lines go over and check them out now!

Remember click on the thumbnails to enlarge the pictures

  • Schultz Jeans has the Get a Grip Camo in stock again. If you like camo and want to show a waistband over your jeans then these are perfect for you.
  • Wyzman is giving you 25% off your order for Fathers Day! Just go shop and you can save on your purchases. But don’t miss this, it ends on June 20th!
  • To get your Dad into a pair of Saxx this Father’s Day, we’d like to offer you $5.00 off your order when you use the code: fathersday2010 at checkout.
  • Palace Trunks now carries 2(x)ist! You can now show the entire range and even get the new Camo briefs! Or you can check out the Surf line as well!
  • UnderGear is giving you a percent off your order. If you spend $50 you get $15 off your order, $75 you get $25 off and $100 you get $35 off your order. Just make sure you use code UGJE2 at check out
  • Dead Good Undies has new undies in stock! They have new styles from Gigo including Clown Boxer. They also have great new items from Clever. Lastly they have really great Olaf Benz. Check them all out.
  • Timoteo is giving you free shipping, on our orders $50 or more. You can check out the new Sport line or get the Quake or Classic lines. Just make sure you enter code freeship at check out!
  • Planet Undies now has new items from Rufskin, Cocksox, and the Man Store. Items from Rufskin include swimwear, the sheer line and denim underwear. Cocksox includes the CX01 Brief and thong! For the Manstore you need to go to the site and check out the M200 Line!

Our friends over at Planet Undies sent us this about the Manstore revealing five new lines, sexier than ever, based on fabrics manufactured in limited series. Here are three of the lines!

Satin Weave a sensitive erotic spell around many men. Some like the satin as a kimono, others writhe sensuously between satin sheets. Manstore now provides the ultimate erotic Satin Bodywear Series. It has  the addition of a little bit of Lycra of course so that the masculine contours are shown off to their bet advantage. Black, magenta and cyan are highlighted with a  contrasting insert in tone-intone. THe Jock-string pant is very hot; it only looks harmless from the front. When he turns around, he turns on because of the unreserved view. For a cool clubbing appearance there is a matching Raglan shirt which is rather sexy due to its deep cut v-neck.

the call for “invisible” underwear is loud, especially for wearing under white summer trousers and white sportswear or when white clothing is a part of the job. Manstore has answered the call in a very stylish manner. The flesh tone articles are in no way reminiscent of granny’s corset. Just the opposed in fact. the thin micro-jersey ha the sexy effect of lightly sun-bronzed summer skin. In the current Manstore catalogue the Skin series has proved to be a hardcore outfit. Together with Army caps, Leather Bands and Camouflage Baggies this fine fabric has become part of the bold, through come on. The selection consists of a Tower String, Hip Brief, Micropo Brief and Mini Pant. New is the V-Shirt with a deep cut collar.

The snake is, and always will be the symbol of the skin of temptation in paradise. Manstore shows, with the M213 – a realistic photo reproduction of snakeskin – the best place to be under the sun. The print is reproduced either in stone grey or completely crazy in light pink. In addition to the, now almost normal Towerstring, a Cashestring is shown as a Semimini version; also a Silver String which connects the three narrow bands to a chain triangle in the back. These undies range from scanty to classic. The whole wrange of course with perfect fit.

Cityboyz Fashions is giving you 25% off your third item of Punto Blanco. The new collection was inspired by the universe. check out the entire new line!

At we’re proud to feature items from two of our newest brands, 4Boys Gear and Sweat Under Gear.  We carry a number of exciting items from each of them. 10% Off Your order of $50 or more.  Please use Coupon Code  4s10n31c. Sale Expires 3/18/10 is letting you take 20% off 4 or more pairs of underwear. Shop your favorite brands. They have just added new Andrew Christian Styles. This sale ends 3/24/10. While there check out the rewards program and a new website design is coming soon!

Timoteo has the Quake line available in Pink, Yellow, Red, Grey, and black for $20 each. They are some really awesome undies. Make sure you check them out and all the pictures!

Malebasics is giving you free shipping if you, buy any Malebasics Brand or spend more then $25! If you are over seas you can get free shipping at $74 but see the site for all the details. This promotion is for a limited time.

Below the Belt has Everyday Basics Line. This line is designed by Below the Belt and has style and comfort in mind. Get their best selling range of underwear at a hot price. Offer available on any 3 pack of trunks, briefs or tanks for $39 AUS.

Skiviez has 25% off the new 2(x)ist Surf collection. We just named it one of the new styles you should look out for and try. So why not give them a try and see how well you like them!

Audace is giving you 25% off the new 2(x)ist surf line as well. You can get the new Surf briefs for $10.50, but hurry they are on sale while supplies last!  They just added the Surf trunk to the sale!

UnderU has new arrivals by D&G, Bjorn Borg and Diesel. Bjorn Borg is known for it’s high-quality products and creative designs. While Diesel is a brand that is always a favorite with contemporary shapes, bright colors and fun designs.

Dead Good Undies has the new Olaf Benz swimwear. That features the Wasabi and Lolli. If you are looking for undies you may want to try the Man Store M211 line. That features the brief, pant and strings. While the M207 has the jock, body jock and more!

UnderGear is giving you free standard shipping for 2 days only. Just enter code Luckyyou at check out. The offer expires at 11:59 EST on 3/18/10.

Men’s Underwear Store is giving you 25% off the 2(x)ist surf collection. While you are there heck out the new Hugo Boss and JM swimwear. Both brands will have something you will like!

Cityboyz Fashions is giving you 20% off your order. Just use code patty20 and spend $50. The sale ends on March 18th! So hurry and this is not valid with any other offer.

Here are your Sales Briefs: Sorry for the delay the trip to Magic threw me off. I thought I would have time to do one Thursday night at the airport. I didn’t. here is a nice long list!

  • Dead Good Undies has the Sloggi Basic Range twin packs 20% off all styles. Which style are you? Short, mini or tanga? You can now save on them all. Make sure you follow them on twitter as well!
  • Timoteo wants you to hang out. In comfort that is. They have the Timoteo Training Short. Its available in Black, Navy and Gray, and only $44. You can get them directly from the Timoteo site!
  • James Tudor is giving you, exclusive this week,  the Athletic brief, regularly £19, now only £15. The offer runs till Feb. 22. The pair is available in turquoise, white, grey and black.
  • His Room is spotlighting Papi. You can choose from the Cotton Stretch, Platinum, Motion, Premium Cotton, Modern Stretch or Cool 2 collections. Papi is a premium underwear brand that targets today’s body conscious male. Papi has style, sophistication and sex appeal.
  • Wyzman is having a De-Stocking event, that is you can save 20-50% off everything. But hurry the sale ends Sunday, Feb 21!
  • Men’s Underwear Store has some really good new lines in! THey have the newest Diesel underwear, Bright Ideas!, the New Surf collection from 2(x)ist and the new Chromatic from Obviously! They are some of the newest styles around. Check them out now!
  • Planet Undies has some great new styles in stock. They have New lines from Body Art, ES Colleciton and Manstore. We will post more tomorrow on the the lines so check them out in the mean time!
  • Save 15% off your next order of $25.00 or more of regular priced merchandise at Mensuas. Use promotion code endfeb at checkout and save on men’s underwear, swimwear, jewelry and more at Mensuas. Offer valid on new orders placed at Mensuas and is not valid on PPU Underwear. Sale ends 2/21/10
  • UnderGear has some great new spring arrivals. You can save 25% off or more when you order 4 or more items. Just use code UGA200 at check out. The sale ends March 1
  • Brief Tales is giving you 20% off the entire line of Male Power. Who is a leader in the daring, risque and fun underwear. Just make sure you use code MPSale during check out. The offer expires on March 15th
  • C-IN2U is giving you some great close out items beginning at $9.00 They include Kinetic Punt, Street Jock, Lo NO Show trunks Scoops and more! Go before it’s all gone!
  • Rufskin is proud to announce their latest underwear collection: SHEER. In addition to having hints of stretch tulle for a sheer effect – this collection also features the the return of our logo elastic waistband. It’s slightly different this time, and is SUPER comfortable and elastic feeling, helping ensure no binding or pinching. Choose from 5 different styles.
  • NuWear is cleaning house! What does that mean for you, well they have 25 stele marked down up to 50% off. These include JM, C-IN2, and more. Hurry before the good sizes are gone!
  • 2wink is having a $7.95 (AUS) clearance sale. This is for the next three weeks. You can save on some of the great styles they have. Check the site for all the details!
  • His Trunks has some really great styles from Baskit, Pikante and Klen Laundry. They ha the contrast brief and jockstrap from Baskit. The New Pikante 2010 collection the Matrix Brief that are perfect for the skimpy lover. They also have the Egyptian bikini, Baroque bikini and the Cheeky Boxers. They now carry two boxer briefs from Klen Laundry.Check out the entire Klen Laundry line!  Also, Piss & Vinegar’s new ‘LOVE’ collection is now in stock at His Trunks! Love Jesus, Buddha, or Boys? Then you must check out these hot prints in their low rise brief as well as a jockstrap. The low rise briefs are priced at $25.50 and the jockstraps are only $20! Show your love with a great new pair of undies from His Trunks! Want FREE UNDERWEAR? Simply purchase 2 or more items at His Trunks and use the discount code ‘FREEGIFT’ at checkout to receive a free surprise pair of undies while supplies last.

Here are the Latest Sales Briefs for  today! Get shopping

  • Planet Undies is having some sales on Man Store styles M212, M213, M214, ES Collection Hojas and Energie Racing collection. Check out each style for the savings
  • Oboy – Brand new! Too good to be true – Winter Sale Special. 5 selected styles at rock-bottom prices. Only until 08/01/2010 & as long as stocks last. Shop now and save!
  • 10 Percent has some of the newest Baskit! They have the Utility, SnugFit and FineLine now in stock. They are some of the hottest undies Baskit has made and they are in stock now!
  • Mensuas is continuing their 60% off Clearance sale through 1/10/10. You can save on Unico, Speedo, select Joe Snyder, Cleaver, and Man View. Also, you can get free shipping on all orders $25 or more!
  • James Tutor’s 15% off sale has begun. You can save 15% off everything just make sure you use code JTSL2010 at check out. The sale ends on Jan. 13th!

We got an email there is a new company out of France. It’s called Planet Undies. They are based out of France and have many of the European styles I love. They include the Man Store (pictured), Bruno Banani, ES-Collection, and more. If you love some great stylish underwear you should check out the store. You can also sign up for their news letter and you can choose a brand or style and you will be notified when no products are released!

The styles shown are from the Man Store styles M200 and M205 and you can get them from Planet Undies.

Deadgoodundies men’s underwear would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and our Christmas present to you this year is 20% off ANY order between the 25th & 28th December.

Just enter the coupon code of “XMAS2009” into the coupon section in your basket and it will deduct 20% off your order (ex shipping)

Coupon Terms & Conditions
1. Coupon expires midnight 28th December (GMT)
2. Coupon cannot be applied retrospectively to previous purchases
3. Santa Claus can’t use the coupon as Mrs Santa has already bought him some undies

Merry Christmas from Adam at and all the staff.


Dead Good Undies has some of the hottest Men’s Underwear in stock now. They have great new selections from HOM, including the Fruits of Temptation. If you like undies with a great pouch, you need to try the new Ergowear Plus. Lastly, if you want something fun that brings out your wild side, try the Man Store undies! All three are great selections and you will enjoy wearing them.


Brand new at Oboy! Streetwear & sportswear highlights 2009/10 by XINT. Exclusive jackets, cool and sporty vests & fancy vintage style jogging trousers.
Now at OBOY.

Brand new! ICEBOYS winter styles
These hip jackets & fancy longshirts are the ultimate essentials for the fashionistas winter wardrobe.
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Brand new! M200 by MANstore
MANstore designers are still on their flights of fancy. As a result see the new M200 series coming with not less than eight really breathtaking masterpieces.
Now at OBOY.

  • Brand new: Hip pullovers by MCL
  • Top seller: 24 FIT by D&G
  • Must have: OBOY CASUAL