Andrew Christian releases new underwear on a pretty regular, frequent basis. The beauty of this business model is customers always have a reason to check out the site and see what is the latest and greatest. It also pushes the designers to always be innovating and have something provocative and new all the time. The newest FUKR line delivers Provocative with a capital P!

The FUKR line from Andrew Christian has always pushed the envelope in terms of sexiness. Past items have included materials such as mesh and net in every underwear style imaginable including a brief, jock, and thong. The latest FUKR styles continue that trend and then blast you in the face with a slick, glossy polyurethane fabric in bright cherry red. This definitely gives the pieces a very erotic, fetish-gear type of look in a brief, boxer and jock brief.

The FUKR Provocative Brief uses a fairly traditional brief look but uses the red polyurethane fabric with black contrast and leg binding. The FUKR logo is repeated on the waistband as an almost abstract pattern. It’s a nice design touch if you’re not looking at it close enough to realize what it says.

The Slit Boxer takes the traditional trunk shape and turns the erotic factor up to 11 with a devilish slit cut in the back. From the front, it looks like a normal trunk in the sexy red poly fabric again. But head around back and you get an access design that totally fits the FUKR mentality and fetish feel of the material.

If glossy bright red poly underwear somehow still leaves you wanting more sex appeal, grab the FUKR C-ring Brief Jock. Close your eyes and picture the regular AC brief jock. Then cut out the front and replace it with a detachable c-ring. And dip it in bright red glossy polyurethane. This thing is on fire!

All 3 of these items give you multiple options to get your sexy on. No matter how much “accessibility” you choose, any of these styles will have you and your partner dying to get your hands all over that juicy red goodness.

Everything Andrew Christian releases is a limited edition and once it’s gone, it’s gone. This is why the FUKR line originally included a c-ring singlet as well, but that thing flew off the shelves and is only in the hands of lucky owners now. So get your hands on these while you can!


BRAND: Andrew Christian

PAIR: Provocative Brief, Slit Boxer, C-ring Brief Jock


FABRIC: 50% polyurethane, 45% polyester, 5% spandex


COST: $18-$22.50


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