Rating: 8/10 (Average of the ratings below)

  • Daily Fit: 8/10
  • Sizing: 7/10
  • Construction: 10/10
  • Styling: 10/10
  • Daily Performance: 7/10


  • Love the construction- Are there beaches in Canada I don’t know about? Because Gregg Homme just nails the construction of this swimsuit. Great lining on the pouch smooths and refines your man bumps, and the material is exceptionally durable. Will survive salt water and chlorine adventures for a long time!
  • Refined sexy styling- If Sherlock Hommes (pun intended) wore thongs, this would be his first choice. The black and grey version is sophisticatedly masculine, daring, and sexy. The GH tab with drawstrings bring together the sexy, refined look! If you want wilder colors, the orange and turquoise pair bring your vibrant and sexy appeal to a new level.
  • Back Strap- Simply yet sexy. Sometimes less is more, and this T Back strap is so comfortable. Just enough fabric to show class in thong terms, but not too little to feel like you are being split in half. Excellent comfort.


  • Pouch size- Unfortunately this is what brings this suit down from perfection. The pouch itself with lining is at a specifically designed size; once you reach that size, your goods will be forced to comply or simply bust out. Larger guys-Be careful!
  • Color options- I feel like the contrasting design really could be taken advantage of with more color options say a blue, red, or even a green? It’s such a great design only to 3 colors.
  • Sizing- Runs smallish, I got myself a medium, and I am 33-34 waist, and it was a little tight, but if I got the large it might be too big!

UNB Shawn Recommendations

Gregg Homme is pricey, but you get what you pay for. This swim thong is no joke. It was constructed to last the harsh environments of the sun and water. This was my first swim thong because the styling and construction seemed like a good investment; it was. Just like their underwear, the swim thong will not disappoint with the reputation of quality Gregg Homme consistently delivers.

This thong as seen the beaches from west coast to east coast on me, and I would say I felt fairly regal for a thong wearer on the beach. I own the black and grey version, and it seems less attention drawing than the vibrant other colors. It fits my style. I wore my thong for ME, not gawkers. The straps narrow enough to move up and down your hips to manage those thong tans lines if that is your persuasion.

Fabric and construction are outstanding- truly top notch. Unfortunately, as mentioned above, the pouch size became a concern for me. I do have to squeeze in there. I love these thongs, but they are not made for larger sized guys, their design size for the pouch was simply smaller than I. For me, there is enough room for me to contort and adjust to fit the pouch evenly, but barely. When active or lying out, I am semi-regularly managing the pouch to ensure coverage.

Sizing runs a little small. I would say it is similar to the sizing of Gregg Homme underwear, but this thong design is petit. I am 6 foot 185, athletic, 34 waist, and medium seem about the best fit for me, but a little tight, large may be a little loose around the hips. Just my two cents.

Overall a great piece of clothing to buy, and an even better first swim thong. Go big or go home with Gregg Homme, you will not be disappointed.

BRAND: Gregg Homme
PAIR: Reef Thong
COLORS: Black and Grey, Orange and Turquois, Turquoise and Black
FABRIC: Quick-drying 73% polymide, 27% elastane

COST: $54.00


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