Did you know there is such a thing as classic swimwear? Well if there is not I’m claiming it now for Australian Brand Smithers Swimwear. Why do I say they are classic? Because they have a great cut that isn’t too small or too large. They have a brief and a trunk cut in three different prints/colors. And the colors are blue/green end of the spectrum. That just says “These are for the regular guy.” Which is a great thing.

The reason I was impressed with them is the styling. It’s hard for me to explain in words here. When I saw it, I went “OMG I must know more about them!” It’s swimwear I could see just about any guy wearing out on the beach, pool, or boat. I’m sorta paraphrasing here but it’s swimwear for gentlemen. They say “Each of the six designs represents a different quality that encapsulates what it means to be a gentleman: Integrity, Modest, Empathetic, Gratitude, Respectful, and Loyal”

I think the reason I love this brand so much is they remind me of the swim briefs when I was growing up. They were more classic colors and to use one of their words “modest.” These aren’t as large as the ones I grew up on, but they aren’t super small either. I think for today’s guy this is a great size. Speaking of size, their sizing is not bad either. I think it will fit the majority of guys. I have my eye on a few pairs I want to rock next year when I get closer to my fitness goal.

I hope you guys will check out this amazing Aussie Brands. I think that the Aussie men’s underwear/swimwear scene is a very diverse one. It ranges from the super sexy to classic and everything in between. From an American perspective we have always seen guys in swim briefs on Bondi Beach, all ages, sizes, and shapes just enjoying the day.

Check out their collection at Smithers Swimwear Site.


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