Lounging is all about comfort and Male Power’s Bamboo Lounge Collection of jockstraps, boxers and pants is the epitome of lounge with a whole lot of sexy thrown in. The original collection we brought in back in 2013 had been a consistent best seller for us and this new collection with new colors and a revamped waistband is sure to be as well.

If you haven’t worn anything made with bamboo, you’re in for a welcome surprise: It’s as soft as silk without the shininess and unlike silk, bamboo breathes like cotton. With the added bonus of it clinging to your manhood and revealing your bulge.

Male Power Lounge Pant: This nonrestrictive pant is perfect for chilling out on the couch while sipping your morning coffee and sporting your morning wood. If you dare, wear it outside to give the world a show as your bulge will be on full obvious display. Wearing this flowing draping bamboo fabric looks as good as it feels.

Our style guide: The rules are the same for sweatpants: go commando and give everyone the view they’re looking for.

Male Power Sport Jock: Although Male Power calls this a “sport” jock, it’s really all about luxury and comfort and not about support… at all. What it is, however, is one of the most insanely comfortable jockstraps you’ll ever wear. The pouch is generous and should accommodate anything you have to put into it (even if you get a semi or full boner).

Male Power Boxer / Lounge Short: Wear this short either as underwear, lounge short or even wear it outdoors for a fit of liberating fun. It’s a loose, comfort first boxer short complete with functional buttoned fly. With leg openings wide enough for the occasional upshorts view (if you desire).

All three styles are available in either black or grey and include a one and a half inch wide comfort waistband with repeating MP logos.

Be sure to check our brand new model Lenny in all the new Bamboo lounge gear over at our website! More on him below.

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