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It’s Jockstrap Wednesday!!!! I know we have a ton of jock fans out there! Lucky for you guys there are so many amazing jocks to cover for Jockstrap Wednesday. I chose JC Athletic from our good friends at Jockstrap Central. If you love jocks, I guarantee that you will find the perfect jock there! They are the jock experts!

JC Athletic Classic Jocks, the latest addition to the jockstrap scene, filling the void left by discontinued productions from Bike, Activeman, and Flarico. With 18 years of expertise in the industry, Jockstrap Central presents these exclusive jocks, available in 3-inch and swimmer styles. Crafted for simplicity, functionality, and comfort, these jocks feature a moisture-wicking woven pouch with a perfect blend of soft fabric and rubber for stretch and shape retention. The ergonomic contouring ensures optimal support, while the 1 1/8-inch narrow waistband, adorned with a subtle JC Athletic logo, provides a comfortable fit with inside plush for skin gentleness. Completing the design are two 1-inch elastic leg straps to keep everything securely in place. Embracing a classic sports jock aesthetic, JC Athletic Classic Jocks are a testament to their dedication to timeless style and functionality in the realm of athletic supporters.

These Swimmer jocks are a perfect throwback to those jocks made many years ago! I still can’t believe they are gone!!!! These are available from Jockstrap Central for $14.95! Comes in white (pictured) and black.


It’s hard to believe that we’ve been jockstrapping and gearing up the world for 18 years! We officially launched Jockstrap Central on September 17th, 2005 and we’ve never looked back. To celebrate this milestone, we’re hosting this massive sale where everything at Jockstrap Central is on sale for up to 75% off until Tuesday, September 19th. We’ve got jockstraps, gym shorts and tons of full-frontal and naughty stuff for all the show-offs out there.

This is a huge sale, up there with our Black Friday and Pride Sales and will also be hugely popular so shop early for the best selection. There are no discount codes to remember, simply visit our website to find all products listed with the regular price crossed out and the new sale price listed, it couldn’t be any easier!

I won’t get into all the specific sale items as there’s simply too many to mention but be sure to check out our Cellblock 13 collection of jocks, shorts, lounge pants and harnesses as it’s all on sale for 15% to 50% off right now. It’s also the first time our sexy Maverick Zipper Shorts are on sale. Our CB13 Baseline jocks are now 20% and the matching tank tops are 25% off. Although we only have a few left, our front and back exposing Cellblock 13 Slick Carpenter Shorts are on clearance for 30% off. Also for the first time, our Challenger jocks, mesh shorts and zipper wrestling singlets are on sale – for 20% off. Be sure to snag one the Cellblock 13 Frame Back Body Harness with snap-off codpiece and included cockring as they’re now 20% off. There’s lots more CB13 gear on sale but too much to mention here.

Our dick-centric King Dick jockstraps and underwear are now on final clearance for 40% to 75% off. Our Bruto (gear for bears and everyone else) is all on sale and lots of it heavily discounted for 25% to 60% off.

Our very own JC Athletic collection of jockstraps, gym shorts and lounge shorts are now 15% off plus we’re at the end of shorts season so our JC Athletic Contact Shorts for lounging or gym are 25% off. Our other exclusive Jockstrap Central brands, PRO Jockstraps and our heavy metal Xtreme Cockrings (there’s tons of them) are also now 15% off everything.

Finally, essential fashion jocks and backless trunks from Canadian designer PUMP! are now 25% to 40% off.

There’s way too much to mention here, so just head to our site and check out the big event, enjoy our uncensored photography and sexy models while you’re at it.

**The only thing we carry that’s not on sale right now is our brand new GBGB Sheer Cargo Pouches with Cockrings.


We could have been your run of the mill online underwear store, using manufacturer supplied photos like most other online stores but from the start we wanted to define ourselves by producing our own photography and making it hot. Right from the get-go we took a more sexy, artistic and uncensored approach to what is essentially catalog photography. Our photography along with our diverse, often non-typical selection of models helps us stand out in a very competitive industry. It’s the more expensive and time-consuming route to take but we feel it’s worth it, don’t you?

We may have been fumbling through the photography process during the early years but it’s interesting to see the whole 18 year evolution which is pretty evident in this gallery. In the beginning we were virgins (no, really) and we didn’t quite know what we were doing, but there was one photo from our very first shoot with model and porn star Tommy D (the first one in the gallery) that we believed captured exactly what we wanted Jockstrap Central to be – sexy yet playful and fun – and that marked the start of our photographic journey.

As for this special gallery, we originally launched it during our 10 year anniversary but have now updated it to include our most recent models. In the gallery, we’ve selected one photo from every single shoot we’ve done – that’s a whopping 200 shoots.

Finally, each photo is labeled with the model’s name, year of the shoot and is ordered sequentially from earliest to latest so you can see the progression. Be warned, parts of the gallery are not safe for work (but you probably guessed that!)


We’d like to take a moment to express our gratitude to all our loyal customers and fans. Without you we wouldn’t be here 18 years after we opened our virtual shop doors. We started off selling exclusively jockstraps but have now expanded to become a full-fledged jockstrap, underwear and gear store while still maintaining the personal touch we launched with. Many guys don’t know it, but we’re still a two man operation (we just don’t sleep much), it’s just me (John) and my husband Adrian working side by side. It’s a lot of work and requires a lot of dedication but we love it and couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

So, thank you from the bottom of our hearts to the bulges in our jockstraps!


For even more savings, when you shop at Jockstrap Central during our Anniversary Sale and your product total is $100 or more we’re offering free U.S. shipping and discounted Canadian shipping. Here’s the details:

Just place your order and if the product total is $100 or more USA customers will be offered a free shipping option and Canadian customers will be offered a discounted shipping option (discount is $5.00 off the cost or regular shipping.) It couldn’t be easier.

It’s a good news and good news kind of day:

The good news is that Jockstrap Central just received a full restock on all our Meyer Sports Jockstraps. The other good news is that they’re all on sale for 20% off for the next three days (until August 23rd).

In case you’re just tuning in, here’s the scoop: Meyer was the licensed European distributor for the the most iconic jockstrap brand out there. Meyer approached the original factory to start producing these classic jock using the exact same fabric, sizing and specs – the only thing different is the brand name. Size, style, fit, fabric and even the label are identical except the logo is MM (for Meyer Marketing).

Sure, there are a lot of poor copies out there but these are the most authentic you’re going to find next to Bike’s own jocks.

Jockstrap Central has got the classic #10 jockstraps in white, black, blue, red and gold plus the more modern Performance jockstraps with the softer grey waistbands (both 2 Inch and Swimmer styles) in white, black, scarlet, blue and gold.

Time to stock up!


JC Athletic Sports Jockstraps: We first launched these jocks back in early 2017 to rave reviews. We based them on the classic jocks we loved but tweaked them for added comfort and style. We contoured the pouch so there was no excess fabric at the base as many older sports jock have, we chose a soft-right-out-the-box webbing for the pouch and we added an extra plush underside to the waistband elastic for extra comfort.

Our JC Athletic Sports Jocks come in both 3 Inch and swimmer versions in either black or white.

JC Athletic Old School Jockstraps: We had customers looking for a more traditional, number 10 style jock so this is our answer. We choose the same webbing pouch fabric as our Classic Jocks above (why change something so good?) but we added a full-on 3 inch sturdy waistband complete with sports micro-stripes for an iconic look that will work perfectly at the gym but also get you front of the line access to your next fetish club event.


Today is Jockstrap Wednesday. The day when you rock a jock to work, the gym, or whatever you are doing today. In the last few years, jocks have come in just about every color in the rainbow and every fabric on the market, and they have even been redesigned. Today I chose to feature the Alpha Charlie Mesh Camo Jock.

I chose this jock because, first, it’s a camo jock! I am a fan of camo undies and think it’s super hot. It’s a color choice that isn’t going away in men’s underwear. Next, the pouch is made of slightly see-through mesh fabric. I know how many of you guys love mesh and the ability to show off a little. There are several other colors in this line as well but I loved this one the most.

Get the Alpha Charlie Camo Jock at Jockstrap Central. Here is a bit about the Jock

Hanging out in the woods whether it’s Summer or Winter, Alpha Charlie has you covered with these Mesh Camouflage Jockstraps. Chose either the Summer camouflage in greens and browns or Winter in whites and greys. Despite being camouflage these hot looking jocks are sure to get you noticed.

Of course it’s not just about good looks, these are seriously comfortable too: With a mesh pouch material that’s super soft, slinky and stretchy which cradles and caresses your boys to perfection. Equally as comfortable is the ultra-plushed two inch wide waistband and one inch wide leg straps (also in camouflage).

Shop Jockstrap Central for any jock need. They have the biggest selection of jocks on the web. I love them because they have jocks I have never heard of before on their site. Plus they are run by two amazing guys.


Your mission if you choose to accept it: To live out your back room jockstrap fantasies in Alpha Charlie’s latest jockstrap.

Alpha Charlie’s was on a mission to create one of the best looking, comfortable and affordable neoprene fetish jocks out there – and they succeeded.

The pouch is made of a perforated neoprene fabric that looks amazing. And unlike many neoprene jocks, this pouch is perfectly contoured so it won’t crush your boys and you’ll be always bulging big time. Also unlike many neoprene fabrics, this one’s got a welcome vertical 2-way stretch. Black piping not only runs down the center of the jock but also edges the pouch adding a stylish touch and ensuring a perfect fit.

The waistband is equally as awesome and slick in it’s simplicity. It’s super-plushed and soft with upper and lower horizontal stripes formed by lines of mini rubberized embossed chevrons. Front and center you’ll find a rubberized Alpha Charlie sergeant chevron that’s part of their logo. Stunning.

Finally, the waistband: They’re super-comfy 1 inch wide plushed straps.

Be sure to head to our website to see our hot as f*ck German model Tobias giving these awesome jocks a workout

Shop at Jockstrap Central.


We’re covering all bases with the addition of these new versions of our Alpha Charlie Mesh Camouflage Jockstraps. When you’re hanging out in the woods whether it’s Summer or Winter or Day or Night, Alpha Charlie has your back. Chose either the Summer camouflage in greens and browns, Winter camouflage in whites and greys, Spring camouflage in bright greens and moss or for some serious black-ops maneuvers choose the Night camouflage in various shades of black. Despite being camouflage these hot looking jocks are sure to get you noticed.

Of course it’s not just about good looks, these are seriously comfortable too: With a mesh pouch material that’s super soft, slinky and stretchy which cradles and caresses your boys to perfection. Equally as comfortable is the ultra-plushed two inch wide waistband and one inch wide leg straps (also in camouflage).

The mesh makes these jocks slightly see-through and gives the jock some welcome ventilation when things get hot and heavy.

Be sure to head over to our website to check out our models Chance Cooper and Evan in all the new jocks

Shop at Jockstrap Central.


Don’t miss out on our Boxing Week Sale that’s on now until January 1nd. For the entire week, get up to 70% store wide. It’s essentially our Treat Yourself Sale where everything is at least 15% off but with further discounts on many items.

I won’t go into specific details, just head to Jockstrap Central and check it out for yourself. We’ve got everything from jockstraps to fetish wear, from underwear to erotic gear and it’s all marked down.

There are no discount codes to remember, head to our website to find all products listed with the regular price scratched out and the new sale price listed in red. It couldn’t be easier.

* The only four items not on sale are our new Cellblock 13 Snap Union Suits – but at least they’re $30 cheaper than the Nasty Pig ones we used to carry

Shop at Jockstrap Central.


Our sale was going to end tonight but because we just received a big restock of our Meyer jockstraps, we’re going to keep it going for a few more days.

You now have until Tuesday, October 18th (midnight) to take advantage of the sale. Just use discount TAKEITOFF to get 15% off all our jocks, underwear, fetish gear, cockrings, exhibitionist gear, shorts, lounge pants and much much more.

To use the discount code, simply head to Jockstrap Central and put anything into your shopping cart. On the shopping cart page, enter discount code TAKEITOFF then click the Add Coupon button to register the code. Everything in your shopping cart and anything you add to it afterward will be discount by 15%. You’ll also see a running total of your savings on the cart page.

  • The only jocks and gear the code won’t discount are our clearance items which are already discounted for 20% and more.



I’m sure you know the deal, but in case you don’t: Meyer was the European distributor for Bike and ordered their Bike jocks direct from the factory producing Bike’s jocks. So when Bike took a hiatus back in 2016, Meyer got the factory to produce the original Bike jocks for themselves – the only difference is they now have MM (for Meyer Marketing) on them.

Meyer is producing the #10 jockstraps in black, white, blue, scarlet and gold. And the Performance Jocks in both 2 inch wide bands and Swimmer bands – in a variety of colors.

Well, all our Meyer jocks are back in stock (except the white #10 in size large as they didn’t ship us any) and you can get them for 15% off with the discount code mentioned above.



If your aim is to impress then slip on our new Alpha Charlie Tactical Jockstraps and give them a show. If it’s not the awesome color combinations, it’s the roomy pouch and your bulge filling it up. And if even that weren’t enough: The pouch is made of a micro-mesh and it’s partially see-through. If all that doesn’t draw their attention, then check their pulse.

As mentioned, the solid pouch is mesh and incredibly soft. It’s perfectly contoured and along with the stretch means it’s damn comfortable. The 2 inch wide waistband is black with a striking constrating color sports stripe running horizontally through it. Dead center is an Alpha Charlie logo also in that contrasting color.

Finally, extra-soft three-quarter inch contrasting leg straps keep everything in place and along with the waistband frame your butt to perfection.

Our hunky bearded Bulgarian model Evan returns to put these hot new jocks through their paces.



Once again, we’ve had to restock our entire Alpha Charlie jockstrap collection. Luckily, we never have to wait long as Alpha Charlie is here in Toronto.

We’ve got close to 40 styles of AC jockstraps to choose from (and growing every week it seems). Everything from military inspired Basic Training jocks to modern day sports jocks they call Barracks. There’s even sexy camouflage jocks and a collection of neon mesh jock when you want to be noticed.

Be seen in something unique: Alpha Charlie is practically exclusive online at Jockstrap Central.


Jockstrap Central is turnign 17! We have had a few brands close this past month, so it’s great to hear that an amazing brand like Jockstrap Central is 17 years strong! And to celebrate, they having this great big sale. From now until Sept. 16 everything at Jockstrap Central is on sale for up to 75% off. There are no discount codes to remember, simply browse our website to find all products listed with the regular price crossed out and the new sale price listed in red.


JC Athletic Classic Sports Jocks – 3 Inch and Swimmers:

Wow! Five year in and still our best selling jocks ever. We launched our JC Athletic Classic Sports Jockstrap in Feburary of 2017 and we have literally sold thousands. Not bad when you consider they’re only sold at Jockstrap Central. They were six months in design and production and we’re damn proud of these old faithful sports jockstraps.

JC Athletic Contact Shorts:

Seriously, I think we’ve sold most of these awesome shorts to our friends; they buy one, wear them and then come back for the other three colors. They’re perfect for sports, working out or lounging around the house: With zip pockets to store your valuables, reflective grey logos ensure you’re seen, stylish black rear inlay detailing to compliment your butt and you can even throw them in the wash and dryer. They’re also unlined so wear them commando when hanging out but throw on you favorite JC Athletic jockstrap for support when working out.

JC Athletic Old School 3 Inch Jockstraps:

Longing for the days when the jockstrap was required gym gear in school? Well slip on our new Old School Jockstrap and reminisce. For our Old School Jocks, we’ve taken our ultra soft right-out-of-the-box pouch from our JC Athletic Classic Jockstrap, the one guys rave about for it’s comfort and fit, and added a sturdy 3-inch wide waistband complete with classic sport striping for an true old school look. Available in no-nonsense white or black.

JC Athletic Air Stream Shorts:

Your new go-to shorts are here. The ones you grab every time you leave the house, whether it’s to go jogging, to the gym or simply to go slutting around town. They’re unlined and made of mesh so the air flows right through them. Wear them commando for all kinds of excitement. They’re also short and retro in style and perfect for some “accidental” exposure or some upshorts viewing.

All JC Athletic gear is exclusively available at Jockstrap Central.


Be the best dressed and undressed this Fall: Take advantage of our store wide sale to freshen up your jock and gear drawer. From now until Tuesday, August 23rd everything we carry is on sale – up to 70% off.There are no discount codes to remember, simply head to our online store and you’ll find all our jockstraps, jock briefs, underwear, gym and lounge shorts, fetish wear, enhancing and erotic gear, tank tops, harnesses, cockrings, ball stretchers and even socks all listed with the regular price crossed out and new sale price listed
We just did our second photo shoot with our huge 6’4″ tall tank of a model, Travis Connor shooting all sorts of new gear heading your way soon. We also took a few minutes to get him in our new JC Athletic Air Stream Shorts. It’s nice to see them on a different body type. We originally shot them on our model William Miguel who’s quite slim and the shorts fit loose. With Travis, he insisted on wearing size large as he wanted them nice and tight to really show off his bulge. And they sure do just that!The shorts are short, unlined and retro in style and come in black and red, white and blue or sky-blue and white. They’re great for the gym, lounging around or cruising the streets. They’re also made of a sports mesh to help the air flow and keep you cool during your work outs .And… they’re on sale thanks to the above sale


There’s a reason Wolf and Omtex have been some of our best selling jocks for the past 12 years: they’re simply that good. They’re also available in size small to 3XL.

Well, now’s the chance to either try them out, or for the converts out there… stock up. We’ve just received a huge restock on both our Wolf and Omtex brands and they’re now on sale for 15% off until Tuesday, June 21st.

Both Wolf and Omtex (made by the same company) offer an alternative to most of the North American sports jocks – with their awesome brushed cotton pouches, you can have support and pure comfort in a sports jock.

Although similar, here’s the main difference between the two brands:

— Omtex supporters have double-walled pouches for extra absorption whereas Wolf supporters have just one layer.

— Both are made with a super soft brushed cotton with a hint of Lycra to ensure the perfect fit.

— Omtex jockstraps have plain 3 inch wide waistbands with a wider horizontal rib whereas Wolf have a finer rib and have horizontal micro sports striping as you’d find in most classic sports jocks.

— Finally, both have one inch wide leg straps however the Wolf jock’s elastic straps are wrapped in cotton for extra comfort.

Which you choose all comes down to personal preference. They’re inexpensive, and ever more so with this sale so why not try both to figure out which jock you prefer

OMTEX ARMY ARE ALSO BACK IN STOCK AND ON SALEAs well as the sports jocks mentioned above, Omtex also produces an awesome military inspired jock called the Army Jock. We have sold thousands of them over the years and are continually selling out.It has a stunning ribbed cotton pouch with a hint of Lycra for fit and comfort and a two-inch wide waistband in green camouflage. Matching 1 inch wide leg straps finish the whole thing off.It’s a must-have for your jock collection. They are now on sale for 15% off until Tuesday.
$50 GETS YOU FREE U.S. SHIPPING – DISCOUNTED CANADIAN SHIPPING For a limited time, when you shop at Jockstrap Central and your product total is $50 or more we’re offering free U.S. shipping and discounted Canadian shipping. Here’s the details:Just place your order and if the product total is $50 or more USA customers will be offered a free shipping option and Canadian customers will be offered a discounted shipping option (discount is $5.00 off the cost or regular shipping.) It couldn’t be easier.Just so you know: Shipping isn’t ever free for us, it’s just another form of discount and a cost we cover.


Cellblock 13 threw down the gauntlet with this one – pulling out all the stops when designing this kinky sports fetish jock. Here’s the low-down:

A fucking hot perforated neoprene pouch – check! Functional zipper with exposing possibilities – check! Slick n’ shiny black neoprene with fetish color detailing – check! Signature comfort waistband with large in-your-face CELLBLOCK 13 logo – check! Stunnng leg straps with woven and embossed Cellblock 13 repeating along the elastic – check. D-rings to hook up your favorite CB13 harness – check. Seriously, this jock has it all.

More about the pouch: It’s contoured and made of a perforated polyurethane on solid black polyester and contrast fetish piping. Running vertically down the center is a zipper with a fabric flap behind to help prevent getting your shaft caught.

Attached to the waistband are two metal D-rings so you can hook up a harness with down straps and swivel hooks. In our photos, we’ve combined the Gauntlet Jock with our new (and favorite) Cellblock 13 Stallion Neoprene harness along with some Rebel Socks and a pair of combat boots for maximum impact. Of course, the great thing about the Stallion harness is it’s all black and goes perfectly with all four Gauntlet jocks.

Be sure to head to our website to see our latest model Travis Connor showing off in these new jocks – and when we say showing off, we really mean it.



Now here’s something to get PUMP!ed about! 

From now until Sunday, May 1st when you purchase $50 or more of our PUMP! jockstraps and underwear we’re going to throw in a free mystery PUMP! jockstrap (over $20 value) with your order. As a bonus, you’ll also get free USA shipping or discounted Canadian shipping (more on that below).

While the style of the free PUMP! jockstrap is our choice you will get to choose your preferred size after checking out. Just put items into your shopping cart and if there’s $50 or more of PUMP! gear in it, a free PUMP! jock will appear in your cart. Continue with your order and when you’re ready to checkout, make your payment and on the final receipt page you’ll be asked to choose your preferred size of your free jockstrap.

We have over 40 styles of PUMP! jockstraps and underwear to choose from. From jocks with big bold in-your-face colors to ones that are more subtle and sophisticated. We even have the stunning and sexy open back Access Trunks. But no matter which styles you choose, they all have the make-a-statement large PUMP! logo both in front and back. So head on over to our website and check them all out.

In case you don’t know, PUMP! is designed in Montreal and all made in Colombia. Not only is the styling impeccable, the fabrics slick and modern and the craftsmanship phenomenal.

*Due to limited supply, only one free jock per order. The free PUMP! jockstrap, while a surprise, we can tell you it will be one from our existing catalog.

Shop Jockstrap Central


Need somewhere to show off your new gear? Your Jockstraps is the place for you.

Our companion website Your Jockstraps is a full-featured social media website for jockstrap fanatics and it’s entirely free. Set up your profile, share photos, talk jocks, share videos, hook up, get off, send private messages, sell/buy/trade used jocks and lots more. Just consider yourself warned, the site is uncensored and Not Safe For Work!

Your Jockstraps only launched just over a year ago and there’s already over 1500 members, over 7000 photos posted, over 17,000 comments and 9000+ messages posted in the discussion forums.

In case you’re wondering: The website is and always will be entirely free. There’s no upsells or upgrades. We won’t sign up you to any mail list and you won’t be subjected to countless ads, sponsored posts or fake posts. The site is brought to you by Jockstrap Central which is how the site will remain free.

Hope to see you over there and in your jockstraps. My username is Jockstrapguy so be sure to look me up and say hi.