Raw Studio is back with some hot new reversible jocks plus matching harnesses. This time around, Raw Studio thought of everything and made two versions of their reversible jock – one for most of us and one for the more endowed. Here’s the details:

Raw Studio Scuba Jockstrap (narrow or full pouch):

The pouch is made of Stretch Scuba Knit, it’s a unique form of neoprene featuring a light-weight and smooth knit with a resilient stretch in every direction – much like the soft stretchy fabric you find in scuba gear (hence the name!) On one side of the pouch is an awesome camouflage pattern and the other a heather grey with a stylin’ reverse vertical seam in black. Wear either the camo side or grey side out depending on your mood.

Besides the size of pouch, the other difference between the Full and Narrow jock is the slightly different waistband design that coordinates with one of two new Raw Studio harnesses.

Raw Studio Cody and Tannar Harness:

Strap yourself in! You’re in for a wild ride with either the Raw Studio Tannar or Cody Harness. They’re unique stand-alone upper body harnesses designed to show off your muscles: your chest, those hard-earned pecs, your biceps and back. Either wear them with your favorite pair of jeans or pair them up with the matching Raw Studio Scuba Reversible Jockstraps.

Made of a series of one-and-three-quarter inch comfort elastics with the perfect amount of stretch and retention. Straps run across your chest just above your pecs, across your shoulder and down to and around your biceps and in back they run just beneath your shoulder-blades.

To be honest, we’ve seen a few variations on this type of harness but Raw Studio’s is the best we’ve encountered. Some need to be continually adjusted but this ones is remarkable in that it stays in place even with vigorous movement. During the photo shoot with our model Tobias, not once did we have to fuss or adjust the straps.

Be sure to check out our extensive photos of our new model Tobias in all the new Raw Studio gear over at our website!

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