Next up UNB Readers is something I personally have sought for years – a form-fitting ruffle bikini. Now, you may be asking yourself, “That’s something strange to look for” to which I respond with “Not sure we can be friends” lol! Not really, but I do know like myself there are men out there who yearn for a good pair of ruffles to go to on those days you feel your sexy self or even the days you don’t. Fortunately for us all BodyAware answered the call and has made several entries into the ruffle market. Today’s review is dedicated specifically to the Camo Corkscrew brief, but be sure to look for other styles they offer for us ruffle lovers out there!

Please note All opinions of the review are my own and were not influenced by BodyAware.Rating: 9.6/10 (Average of the ratings below)

Daily Fit: 9/10
Sizing: 10/10
Construction: 10/10
Styling: 10/10
Daily Performance: 9/10

Holds everything firmly in place
Breathable and lightweight
Perfect for letting the jeans or shorts hand a little low to show off!

As expected, not to be worn on cold winter nights
If you don’t like giving a show, you will be checking your waistband all day
Doesn’t come in a thong

If you are looking to try out your first pair of ruffled underwear or have been a lifelong searcher (such as this writer) do yourself a favor and pick these up. They are comfortable for not only day to day but I guarantee whoever sees you in them will go bananas – including yourself so stay away from mirrors!

I am taking a deep dive look into what could become a hot button topic – ruffles. I know men of all kind read the blog, and I am sincerely hoping I get all kinds to read this particular review as I need help spreading the message. Ruffles are not just delicious chips or for women only; men need to take up the mantle and start requesting and wearing more ruffles! Personally I love the extra flair it gives underwear and on the days where a thong won’t work ruffles help make me feel just as good on the inside as they do outside. Much to my pleasure then when BodyAware re-released this pair as part of their Outlet store as I had the opportunity to pick them up!

I put my pair on as soon as they arrived and have cycled them in my weekly drawer since. These are fantastic for everyday lounging and moderate moving – don’t expect a super tight hold in the gym although if your a runner these might just be perfect. These were great to lounge around the house in and grab the morning paper. I definitely enjoyed wearing them on my trips to the store and out with friends. I did some heavier lifting and working out as well in them and found myself adjusting way more than I prefer.

For the amount of times I have worn and washed them the Camo Corkscrew Brief is holding up extremely well. I would firmly stand behind my ratings of 10 for both fabric and construction if questioned. Previous pairs that had ruffles either don’t fit quite right while falling apart almost immediately. Plus, with the added bonus of a muted mesh, you can give your special someone(s) a little peek without revealing the full show. BodyAware nailed it here and I am thrilled that I will have this pair for years to come!

BodyAware is consistent with their sizing from my experience with the company so you should be safe ordering your go to size. I wear a medium and these are just about what I expect with no complaints. That said, a forewarning to new ruffle wears – yes, there is supposed to be a touch of sag in the fabric but not enough to let everything move about like the back of a moving truck.

What more can be said at this point gang? Ruffles are the new hotness and us men need to get on it! Although BodyAware only lists Smalls in stock at the time of writing, they do have other ruffled offerings worth checking out. So don’t sit around missing all the fun – grab a pair and strut it for the world!

PAIR: BodyAware Camo Corkscrew Brief
COLORS: Desert Camo / Jungle Camo
FABRIC: 100% Polyester
COST: $12


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  1. Bailoir Smith Reply

    First and foremost how did they come up with this name for the brand and secondly i swear blind they look like pilchers! ✈️

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