Next up UNB Readers is something I personally have sought for years – a form-fitting ruffle bikini. Now, you may be asking yourself, “That’s something strange to look for” to which I respond with “Not sure we can be friends” lol! Not really, but I do know like myself there are men out there who yearn for a good pair of ruffles to go to on those days you feel your sexy self or even the days you don’t. Fortunately for us all BodyAware answered the call and has made several entries into the ruffle market. Today’s review is dedicated specifically to the Camo Corkscrew brief, but be sure to look for other styles they offer for us ruffle lovers out there!

Please note All opinions of the review are my own and were not influenced by BodyAware.Rating: 9.6/10 (Average of the ratings below)

Daily Fit: 9/10
Sizing: 10/10
Construction: 10/10
Styling: 10/10
Daily Performance: 9/10

Holds everything firmly in place
Breathable and lightweight
Perfect for letting the jeans or shorts hand a little low to show off!

As expected, not to be worn on cold winter nights
If you don’t like giving a show, you will be checking your waistband all day
Doesn’t come in a thong

If you are looking to try out your first pair of ruffled underwear or have been a lifelong searcher (such as this writer) do yourself a favor and pick these up. They are comfortable for not only day to day but I guarantee whoever sees you in them will go bananas – including yourself so stay away from mirrors!

I am taking a deep dive look into what could become a hot button topic – ruffles. I know men of all kind read the blog, and I am sincerely hoping I get all kinds to read this particular review as I need help spreading the message. Ruffles are not just delicious chips or for women only; men need to take up the mantle and start requesting and wearing more ruffles! Personally I love the extra flair it gives underwear and on the days where a thong won’t work ruffles help make me feel just as good on the inside as they do outside. Much to my pleasure then when BodyAware re-released this pair as part of their Outlet store as I had the opportunity to pick them up!

I put my pair on as soon as they arrived and have cycled them in my weekly drawer since. These are fantastic for everyday lounging and moderate moving – don’t expect a super tight hold in the gym although if your a runner these might just be perfect. These were great to lounge around the house in and grab the morning paper. I definitely enjoyed wearing them on my trips to the store and out with friends. I did some heavier lifting and working out as well in them and found myself adjusting way more than I prefer.

For the amount of times I have worn and washed them the Camo Corkscrew Brief is holding up extremely well. I would firmly stand behind my ratings of 10 for both fabric and construction if questioned. Previous pairs that had ruffles either don’t fit quite right while falling apart almost immediately. Plus, with the added bonus of a muted mesh, you can give your special someone(s) a little peek without revealing the full show. BodyAware nailed it here and I am thrilled that I will have this pair for years to come!

BodyAware is consistent with their sizing from my experience with the company so you should be safe ordering your go to size. I wear a medium and these are just about what I expect with no complaints. That said, a forewarning to new ruffle wears – yes, there is supposed to be a touch of sag in the fabric but not enough to let everything move about like the back of a moving truck.

What more can be said at this point gang? Ruffles are the new hotness and us men need to get on it! Although BodyAware only lists Smalls in stock at the time of writing, they do have other ruffled offerings worth checking out. So don’t sit around missing all the fun – grab a pair and strut it for the world!

PAIR: BodyAware Camo Corkscrew Brief
COLORS: Desert Camo / Jungle Camo
FABRIC: 100% Polyester
COST: $12

Welcome UNB Readers to my first review! Before I get started I want to encourage you all to provide any feedback you may have about my review. I want to make sure I am capturing what you guys want to know more about so if I miss anything don’t hesitate to leave me a comment! Onto the good stuff now!

UNB Tim knows my weak spots and sent me the link to the N2N Raider Singlet awhile back. I am working on a seperate piece to dive into my love of bodysuits/one pieces, but just know the obsession is real. Anyways, once I saw it, I immediately ordered it due to the nature of N2N products going quick. And boy howdy I sure am glad I did! Keep reading to find out why…

Rating: 9.2/10 (Average of the ratings below)

Daily Fit: 9/10
Sizing: 10/10
Construction: 10/10
Styling: 10/10
Daily Performance: 7/10

Truly comfortable and unless you are wearing nothing else, you will forget it is even on!
Super soft nylon feels AMAZING against your body all day long
Mesh material breathes great during workouts and will get you noticed

Bathroom breaks can be tricky
N2N products sell out fast
Too tight in some areas

I would highly recommend this pair (available only on the secondhand market now) but more broadly I would recommend giving N2N bodysuits a try in general. You definitely get what you pay for and in the long run I am seeing the durability outlast many of the cheaper pairs I have bought.

Specifically for the Raider Singlet, this bad boy is hot as all get out and no matter your size or cut preference, if you want a brilliant all-in-one look no further! Going from warm undergear when I am shoveling the driveway to only outfit I need when I work out; it is as versatile as it is sexy!

Introduction Being my first review – and my first recommended pair from UNB Tim – I was both apprehensive but nonetheless thrilled to get my hands wet! I classify singlets in the bodysuit family, so the style was a no-brainer for me. In terms of N2N overall, I have a few of their swimsuits but overall I haven’t delved much into the brand. I have loved the singlets and bodysuits they put out I just couldn’t bring myself to spend that much – I mean how good could they be? My swimsuits from them are fantastic so it is nothing about quality or service at all. Quite the opposite in fact; it truly was me trying to justify the cost. Well, I am here to tell you to save your pennies because they aren’t charging enough.

For this review, and all others, I am a firm believer of putting each pair through its paces. From experience, it is one thing wearing it to bed but something else entirely to go about your day-to-day. I am a fairly active individual and would comfortably say that almost anyone could wear this on a daily basis. From grocery shopping to helping a friend move, it was a universal pair that I often found myself going for but it was already in the wash. What was a bonus is that if you get hot during whatever activity – you can easily wear this with shorts/pants and be totally comfortable.

N2N is no slouch when it comes to the quality of their products and the Raider Singlet continues that notion for me. I have had this now for about a couple of months and after repeated washings and wearings it still looks and feels brand new. The only true critique I have is that the elastic around the legs is firm so allow yourself extra time for the bathroom. That said, it tends to be a common issue depending on the type of singlet so I can’t fault them too much.

Being 6’2” has its goods and bads, and I want to let everyone know that with height comes the battle of size. I am a thinner guy and normally wear mediums in my underwear, but with bodysuits/singlets I have to go up a size otherwise bye-bye shoulders! I find mostly that the height stretches suits out enough to work but every now and then I notice extra fabric in places it shouldn’t be. This was the goldilocks however – no matter what position I bent myself into or stretch I did, this sucker held on in all the right places!

Needless to say, I fear anytime UNB Tim now recommends something as I know without a doubt it will be something I absolutely, positively, 100% must have and cannot live without! Just kidding, I love getting those messages, although maybe not my bank account… If you are able to find the Raider singlet do not hesitate to scoop it up for its flexibility and feel. It truly is a part of my go-to drawer now and have I said how good it makes you look wearing it yet?

PAIR: (N2N Raider Singlet)
COLORS: (Navy Blue)
FABRIC: (83% Nylon/17% Spandex)

In this review, we will take a deep dive look at one of BodyAware’s recent releases – the Iridescent Brief. Upon receiving one of their email alerts regarding a new product, I saw and fell in love with these briefs the moment I scrolled up and laid eyes on them. I knew I had to try them even though normally I shy away from the type of material these looked to be made of. The reason being is that in my years of loving underwear these types of underwear tend to look really good, but outside the bedroom forget it. I have had pairs you can hear while walking in the office as well as pairs that just felt like it was a cast. That said, when I saw the ruched back I was sold. Anything that draws attention to the rear is meant for me so I decided to take the plunge and bought both silver and purple, just in case I did love them and my size sold out – I have learned you can never be too careful lol!

Rating: 8.2/10 (Average of the ratings below)

  • Daily Fit: 8/10
  • Sizing: 8/10
  • Construction: 8/10
  • Styling: 9/10
  • Daily Performance: 8/10


  • The ruched back gives your assets a life even if you sit for a living
  • The metallic sheen is sure to get you noticed
  • Great for lounging and tanning


  • Front pouch has extra fabric that sags
  • Tends to sit low and slide down if you are being too active
  • Small frays have already started showing

If you are looking for something to show off in or draw attention then look no further. If you want to get aboard the ruched trend express then jump on. If you want a pair that answers those needs and can be your go-to for the chores, look elsewhere.

As you may already be aware, the obsession I have with BodyAware is very real, almost palpable. As of lately I personally think they have been on fire with their new releases. As I discussed above, it was a surprising purchase for me then when I saw these released primarily due to the material it looked to be constructed of. Remember the review I wrote about the Camo Corkscrew Brief and how ruffles are the new hotness? Well readers, I am ecstatic to let you in on another trend that is about to take men’s underwear by storm – the ruche. (If you haven’t read that review yet stop here and go read it. Promise we will all wait for you to finish. Ok, done now?)

So for me seeing how perfectly this pair executed the ruched back I immediately thought it was worth the risk of getting cuts from hard fabric; if my ass looked even a fourth as good as the model’s it would be totally worth it. Once they arrived I was excited to get going and immediately swapped out what I was wearing for them.

Overall I will guarantee these are unlike any other metallic or shiny pair of underwear you have. The inside lining is nylon and your boys will love you all day long. The first couple of times I wore these it was just around the house or to go grab coffee in so I had no problems or complaints. It was when I wore them while rearranging furniture in my house that I noticed myself pulling them up frequently.

Initial impressions were good out of the box and wearing them for the first time. I was giddy as a schoolgirl when I felt the inside too – reminds me of wearing a nylon or spandex type brief and it gave me no PTSD from previous pairs being too taught and scratchy. However, I have noticed after just a few washes my pair has already started to fray in places which is frustrating considering how much wearing I wanted to get out of them.

I ordered a medium and these seem to run on the smaller side of that spectrum. That said, I would still tell you to order your normal size as the pouch is where I think the most room for improvement exists. It works well if you walk around all day stiff or are very gifted, but for us normal folk you will have some extra material to contend with.

So gang what does this all mean for you? I would say if you are into any aspect of these briefs, be it color or the ruched, you will not be disappointed. I personally am using them now as more of a posing brief and tanning suit thAn anything, especially with the fraying that has started. While not in my daily drawer, I still love this pair of briefs and how good they make me look and feel inside. So much so that I bought the other color it is offered in!

PAIR: BodyAware Iridescent Brief
COLORS: Silver/Purple
FABRIC: 55% Polyurethane/30% Nylon/15% Spandex
COST: $24

Hello UNB Crew!

I am very excited to be here among the UNB family (and to finally receive an outlet for all the pent up conversations I’ve been dying to have about underwear lol). I hope you enjoy my first post, which is all about empowerment and the amazing effect underwear can have. Together, we will take a journey that will make you laugh, cry, and at times experience a strong feeling to purchase a new pair of undies via UNB Store. And you are highly encouraged to do so. Onwards now!

Two weeks ago I was catching up with a good friend of my husband and I through text. He was at work and during our chat, he sent a random message complaining about how his boxers were bunching up and it kept happening all day. I quickly shot back he’s one step away from a thong so he might as well just start wearing them. After he sent me a laughing gif he followed up with something through our light-hearted exchange, which has really stuck with me. Summarizing on his behalf (he’s detailed lol), he said no one would benefit from him wearing a thong and besides, he’s not in good enough shape to wear one anyway. 

I was really taken aback because, while my friend has had a difficult time coming to terms with himself, I know that any guy (or girl) would be thrilled and blessed to have him as a significant other. Sure, he isn’t built like a gym rat or 90s model, but he is gifted in other areas – both physically and mentally. He truly has a ton to offer and gives so much of himself to his community. I asked him why he thinks he couldn’t pull it off, thinking maybe someone tore him down or something happened, but nope. He was adamant that no one had ever made fun of him for looks or appearances; his inhibition was the sole product of self-doubt. 

He only recently started opening up more and exploring his identity which I am thrilled for him to be doing. We all know how becoming yourself, and more importantly being honest with yourself, is to the human journey. What smacks my empathy muscle head-on is the fact that this journey should be about the possibilities and exploration, not standing on the edge of the pool wanting so badly to jump in but stopping because you think the water won’t like you. I know he so badly wants to try one too with how much he likes to talk underwear with me, specifically my pairs (it’s all he asks about lol), but won’t let himself because of what he sees in the mirror. Here is a guy that after 35 years of not letting himself be him, is finally opening up and looking for who he truly is. And now, because of his inner perception and a mirror, won’t put on a cut of underwear that isn’t even seen by anyone.

I had a troubled time coming to terms with my own sexuality. It’s a long road that resembles something like a bowl of spaghetti with its seemingly endless turns and twists. It’s funny looking back as underwear was truly the doorway that helped me get there eventually. But one of those twists in life I ended up taking resulted in me deciding to live my life for me and for nobody else. I knew that I ended up where I was because I was letting my perception of others drive what I did and didn’t do. No more – I decided after 23 years it was time to do me. And I haven’t looked back since. 

I’m happy to report while he still hasn’t taken the dive yet, he was able to own the fact that it was a personal issue and that no one had in fact ever told him anything to make him think otherwise. I’m still pushing him to take the dive because I know he’d look amazing in one, but more importantly, I know that when I started wearing thongs I started to love myself. And I want that for him. And I want that for all of you. I have come to appreciate in my short 28 years on this world that time is fleeting. Why waste another day thinking you aren’t good enough? I challenge everyone to instead embrace you and everything you are. Call it a personal belief, but fellas I think there is plenty of negativity in the world that we face daily. Let’s not carry that inside us though. Let’s be the start of the change that embraces our true selves and others as well. Next time you’re perusing the UNB Store or the local shelves and skip over something because you think “I couldn’t pull that off” go back and take a second look. Unless it’s a true sizing problem of course, really think about what’s stopping you. Love you for who you are and celebrate that in the best way possible – which of course is in that skimpy pair of underwear you are looking at!