We’re back with another fun, limited edition, affordable and very sexy harness from Japanese designer GX3 – a harness that shows off your upper body and one that dives down to excitement.

The GX3 Dive Harness is an upper body harness designed to show off your chest and shoulders as it follows your muscle lines both front and back. But the real excitement is in the front Y panel that dives all the way down to a cockring that attaches to your boys. Every movement will be a thrill. As an added bonus, your chest and nipples are showcased and exposed.

The harness is skin tight made with an ultra-smooth fabric with excellent stretch and shape retention to ensure it clings to and moves with your body. The down strap attaches to a black cockring using an adjustable buckle system to ensure the perfect fit. You can also replace the included cockring with one of your own as it’s easy to detach.

Wear it with your favorite pair of jeans or jockstrap to keep them guessing where that down strap ends up.

GX3 is exclusively available at Jockstrap Central in North America


These are hard times for everyone so not only are we giving guys a break with our Gear Up Sale but are keeping it going for a few more days. At least if you have to stay at home you can still hang out online with your buddies and have fun in your gear. Honestly, sales have slumped for us and we get it, so this sale is a bit of a win win for all.

Now until Friday, March 27th at midnight, almost everything store wide is on sale for 15% to 70% off. The only exceptions to the sale are our new imported GX3 5-Way Neoprene Harnesses and GX3 Air Line Jockstraps but even those are 10% off during the sale. Also, our brand new GX3 Dive Harnesses are not on sale but at $39, they’re already pretty affordable. Everything else is discounted.

During the sale, there’s no discount to remember, simply visit our website to find all products listed with the regular price crossed out and the new sale price listed in red.

By the way, speaking of showing off your gear… don’t be shy. We LOVE seeing our customers and fans in our gear. Send Us Photos via email or post them on Twitter and tag us (@jockstrapguy). The dirtier, the better.


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