We get guys asking us all the time where are some great places to thong for the first time. After years of doing the blog, having great thonger friends, and the Thong Podcast, I have compiled five public locations where you can wear a thong and not bat an eye. 

These five locations consist of nude or gay beaches and allow people to be themselves and not judge others. Thongs can feel free to relax and not worry about negative comments about wearing a thong in public. 

Haulover Beach – Miami

Located in metropolitan Miami, just north of Bal Harbour, Florida, Haulover is a nude beach run by the Miami Dade Parks and Recreation department. 

Each year, the Sunsplash guys head over to Haulover to partake in the beach’s sun and fun. We have had many guys tell us this is one place they felt comfortable thonging for the first time. 

Address: 10800 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33154

Blacks Beach – San Diego 

Black’s beach is a nude beach located beneath the bluffs of Torrey Pines on the Pacific Ocean in La Jolla, San Diego, California. Getting to this beach is a bit of a hike, but from what guys have said about it, it’s well worth the trek. 

Black’s is similar to Haulover, a nude beach, but any swimwear goes here. JayinCa, who was on the podcast, got up the courage to thong here first. This is the beach he felt most comfortable. Dropping his shorts and allowing him to take his love of thongs to the next level. 

You also see so many pics on social media of guys in thongs on this beach. Even our own Erik goes here on a somewhat regular basis to thong! That makes this an excellent place to try a thong. 

Hollywood Beach – Chicago

Hollywood (Kathy Osterman (Hollywood) Beach) is a gay beach located at the northern end of Lincoln Park. This beach, unlike the other two, is not a nude beach. However, it’s known for guys wearing swim briefs and has recently become a great place to thong. 

Our on Chris goes here regularly in the summer and has spoken several times on how the number of thongers is growing. On the podcast with John, he took the plunge and went there for his first public thonging! The beach is welcoming to all.  

Las Vegas Casios – Las Vegas

When I mention Las Vegas, my favorite city, it may seem crazy that you can get away with thonging by the pool. But, we have had so many guys tell us they thonged in many of the hotel pools, and there were no problems. This would be a location for those who are a little bolder because there may not be any other male thongers around!  

Some of the places we know guys have thonged are: 

  • Flamingo
  • Luxor (Temptation Sundays)
  • Wet Republic
  • Caesars
  • Linq. 

I’m sure you can do more, but we have seen guys posting pics poolside or telling us they were thonged and had no issues. 

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a resort town on Mexico’s Pacific coast in Jalisco state. PV has become a very hot gay beach. This is an excellent option if you want to go out of the country and try thoning around no one you know! 

However, it’s not the cheapest option. But if you go during one of the Holiday weekends (Labor Day, Memorial Day, ETC), you will be surrounded by many guys thonging or in swim briefs. With that many guys wearing smaller swimwear, you will get lost in the crowd, and no one will point or make snide comments about a thong; you will fit in quite nicely. 

These are by no means the definitive locations for first-time thonging. I would welcome any suggestions you have for our readers. These five have come up over and over in the past. Please send us your suggestions or experiences thonging for the first time at any of these locations. 


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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  1. Mr. Shears Reply

    To confirm what was mentioned, while at Hollywood Beach, I have seen several guys in thongs.

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