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Are you a fan of lace? Lace is one of the up-and-coming fabrics in the world of men’s underwear. The Bum Chums lace briefs have been flying off shelves in the UK, we have them now in the US! The UNB Store has them in limited quantities of the briefs in red or black. Once they are gone, they will be gone. We aren’t able to order more of these sexy briefs.

The Bum Chums figure-hugging Lace undies are made from a soft and stretchy Polyamide/Lycra Fabric. Designed to feel smooth, silky, and sexy; they highlight your curves and enhance your form. The Center-Back Seam adds their signature contouring, sculpting, and forming shape, ensuring your assets are displayed beautifully.

Get the Bum Chums Lace Brief Rouge (red)
Get the Bum Chums Lace Brief Noir (black)

Singlets are amazing! One company that always does amazing colors in singlets is Bum Chums. They have brought back two amazing classic colors from the vault. The colors are Blueberry Crumble and Rhubarb & Custard. These two are singelts that just POP.

I think the Rhubarb & Custard will be popular! The pink color is amazing with the yellow! I even want one of these! Here is what Bum Chums has to say:

Hips and puddings go hand-in-hand and you’re sure to be reaching for a second helping after you slip into one of these men’s singlets. The new design singlet clings to the body in all the right places to help display your manly wears, as well as the signature centre back seam, which accentuates your rear bundle; sure to prick the attention of anyone with a sweet tooth!

You can get both of these singlets at the UNB Store right now!

Bum Chums Blueberry Crumble Singlet

PAIR: Bum Chums Blueberry Crumble Singlet
COLOR: As Shown
FABRIC: Spandex 92%/Elastane 8
SIZES: Small – X-Llarge
PRICE: $45.00

Bum Chums Blueberry Crumble Singlet

PAIR: Bum Chums Blueberry Crumble Singlet
COLOR: As Shown
FABRIC: Spandex 92%/Elastane 8
SIZES: Small – X-Llarge
PRICE: $45.00


This pair was furnished for review by BumChums. The opinions expressed are that of the reviewer.

  • Daily Fit – 9
  • Sizing – 7
  • Construction/Materials – 8
  • Styling – 8
  • Daily Performance – 9
  • Overall – 8.2

Nice fabric with stretch
Reliable, everyday pair of trunks, but with a modern, updated style
Bum Chums offers lots of colors and fabrics, so there’s something for everyone

Sizing can be a little tricky
The pouch could be a little bigger
Price can get high with currency conversion and shipping

Another pair of Bum Chums for me to try – this time a hipster. I usually stay away from hipsters/trunks/boxer briefs because they always ride up my legs and don’t support the way I like, but I love my BC briefs, so I went in with an open mind.

These were my pair for a short work day and some errands, and I have to say that I liked them from the minute I pulled them on. The fit was right, they had a decent pouch and nice fabric. They also stayed in place really well compared to other trunks I’ve tried, which was a big plus.

Sizing is pretty standard, but they mention that there is a right amount of stretch, so you don’t need to size up. (Fabric is 92% cotton and 8% Elastane) The size chart says a medium fits 32-34, which I would generally say was too big for me as a 31-32, but this pair was just right. If I wanted the fit to be tight, a small would work, but it was nice to have room up front. My biggest complaint with lots of underwear is the lack of room for your package, and since these don’t have an enormous pouch, the medium made up for that.

Overall, another great experience with Bum Chums. I might even be more open to trunks/hipsters after trying theirs. I do have one small complaint, and it’s probably due to my lack of humor, but I don’t love a silly brand name – especially when it’s emblazoned repetitively around my waist. It makes me just a bit self-conscious if my pants ride low or if the band shows when I bend down, etc. Bright colors and patterns are fun, but writing (especially a silly name) just isn’t my thing.

Pair: Bum Chums Hipster
Color: Forrest
Fabric: 92% Cotton, 8% Elastane, 100% Basik
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: £15.00

Chums rejoice as the time of liberation is nigh. Today marks the day to embrace a little irony and release your body from the penile servitude of dull and expressionless men’s underwear.

Express your individuality, just make sure it doesn’t offend anyone or make you stick out too much, because like this collection, you want to be Basik AF. Refuse your inner conformist and dare to be different as the new collection features new releases in an ever expanding explosion of colour. Just remember to pout when you take that selfie, adjust that waistband at least 3 times if it’s a video and for goodness sake, don’t try to think outside the box!

If like so many of us, you don’t yet know how to be Basik AF, then look no further than each of our product write-ups, with hints and tips of how to get that crowd blending Basik AFfacade and prepare to see your international stardom follow! Or at the least, you’ll have a colourful and fun pair of underwear to show the world! Peace out!

The new shape Hipstersports a contoured pouch to add support and cupping to the shape and fit, while the chunky leg binding makes sure the fit to the legs is snug and appealing to the eye. To compliment this the Bum-Chums Briefis very fitted indeed, showing plenty of frontal displacement and hugging in all the right areas, including the bum cheeks with their signature back seam to give that cupping look to the rear. All in all these pants a positively popping with pleasantness and pride! Not to mention the NEW Backless Briefswe’ve added. All the pleasure of our brief, with a window of opportunity to the rear! 

With choices of Jocks, Thongs and the new expanding line of popular men’s wrestling singletstoo, remember to show the world how hard your life choices are!

Bum-Chums which has been making underwear solely in Britain since they formed in 2009 has always strived to innovate in the world of the Underwear Industry and their collections are usually accompanied with a somewhat creative twist of British Humour.

The collection has just launched for SS19 and is available to buy online at www.bum-chums.comCheck out the videos and images to accompany the launch. 

I guess I could be called a super fan of singlets since I have over 20 right now. And that collection keeps growing and growing. One company that I have been wanting a singlet from for a long time is Bum Chums. They don’t make them in the traditional colors, which to me is a great thing.

Their two latest singlets are the Fire and Ice singlets. Here is what Bum Chums says about their awesome singlets:

The Bum-Chums’ Singlet is designed as an all-in one piece that follows the contours of the body. With our flash side panels, and the cut of the pattern, we encourage a flattering ‘V’ configuration at the front that accentuates the pouch area and the back seam sculpts your toosh into an object of admiration.

The front itself is constructed in such a way that has a high stretch quality providing perfect support; but also allowing “show” for those who like it, along with enough room for movement!  The high-cut legs are finished in a contrasting, 25mm binding for maximum visual impact!

Made from 83% Nylon and 17% Spandex, these are possibly the most stretchy men’s singlets on the market. Giving extra clinginess and outlines in all the places you’d expect. Trust us, they leave nothing to the imagination from front to back!

The cuts and colors are amazing, I’m still bummed I missed out on a few of the colors! DOH! But I plan on picking up one of the Ice singlets for sure!

Bum Chum Ice Singlet

Pair: Bum Chums Ice Singlet
Color: Blue
Fabric: 83% Nylon and 17% Spandex
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: £35.00

Bum Chums Fire Singlet

Pair: Bum Chums Fire Singlet
Color: Blue
Fabric: 83% Nylon and 17% Spandex
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: £35.00


This pair was furnished for review by Bum Chums. All opinions are that of the reviewer.


  • Daily Fit – 7
  • Sizing – 10
  • Construction/Materials – 7
  • Styling – 8
  • Daily Performance – 7
  • Overall – 7.8


  • unique design
  • nice pouch and bright colors available


  • seam in the back
  • mesh in front bunches up


Another round of Bum-Chums and I was curious to see how these felt since they were different than just about any other pair of briefs I own.  The bright orange color (Sol) stood out immediately, as did the mesh on the sides and back.  I’m always up for trying something new when it comes to undies and decided to go for it and wear these to work for the day.

The fabric of the pouch is 95% cotton and 5% Elastane so they were soft with a bit of stretch.  The mesh is 95% Polyamide and 5% Elastane.  The back is totally see-through so modesty is not what these are made for!  An interesting design feature – the mesh goes all the way around, even over the top of the pouch, creating a bit of a flap.  I’m guessing that’s supposed to be the “tool belt” design of these briefs.

Sizing seemed on par with other brands.  I’m a 32 at the moment and the medium was a good fit.

I love wearing a new, sexy pair of underwear and these accomplish that.  Mesh is fun and I like the orange pouch, which was nice and comfortable, with enough room for everything up front.  Where I ran into some trouble was the back.  Where the orange fabric comes up and meets the mesh, there is a rather large seam that is very noticeable.  I think maybe the two materials coming together creates a bit of an unsteady seam that is almost wavy if that makes sense.  The point is, about a third up the way up your butt, you can feel the stitching and the seam does not lay flat.  Not the end of the world but the feeling doesn’t get less noticeable – even after an 8 hour day!  I think it took away from the look, as well.  I would have preferred the entire back panel to be mesh and connect down between your legs.  Another issue that didn’t affect comfort, but style, is the mesh going across the front. It didn’t do much except bunch up a bit.

Overall, an interesting pair and I love that brands try new things.  Maybe some seam adjustments would help but I wouldn’t say these are in the everyday rotation – more for fun and showing off.

Pair: Bum Chums Toolbelt Sol
Color: Sol- Orange
Fabric: Orange – 95% Cotton-5% Elastane, Mesh – 95% Polyamide  5%  Elastane
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: £17.99


As British Brand Bum-Chums heads to their 10 year anniversary you’d think they might be running out of things to bring to the market. Or that they’ve found a niche in fun styled underwear and they wouldn’t venture any further. Well, the moment has come… Bum-Chums just released their new Singlet design.

Although only a special launch edition, the new design Wrestling singlets are now available from one of the world’s infamous cheeky underwear and swimwear brands.

This particular release marks a never seen before torrent of new designs from the brand, venturing into designs and styles never tried by the brand in the past. With a diverse range of releases since the New Year, the Brand is producing lots of new work this year.

Never ones to keep to the confines of traditional seasons, Bum-Chums release as and when they have new ideas and because they produce everything themselves, using traditional methods, they can bring things to the market really quickly when they choose.

The new style of Singlet launched comes in two designs, bridging the gap between their British Pudding Collection and Activewear or gym gear. With two colour options, consisting of the Rhubarb and Custard style and the new Raspberry Ripple; both featuring a vice versa Pink and Yellow colour-way. Fabric choices are always a big factor with the Bum-Chums releases and these come in a glorious Tactel Polyamide elastane mix fabric. Soft to touch, silky smooth and a lot of stretch, leaving nothing to the imagination.

If anyone has ever taken the time to actually read the Bum-Chums product descriptions, you’ll know already that their sense of humour is way off the mark. Their use of metaphors, double entendre and love of alliteration are a howl and must take them hours to think up.

Although a limited edition, these two new items have been added to the British Pudding Collection, with the added style of the Raspberry Ripple to the Rhubarb and Custard; a vice versa colour clash.

These singlets feature a vest style upper, a cycling short base and feature the flash colours in a contoured side panel to accentuate the masculine physique along with detailed bound edging in the contrasting colour.

The brand tell us they’ll be releasing more styles in this, including a bottomless version, but for now, they’re limited stock and selling quick at a launch price of just £35 (apx $46). One of the best value branded singlets on the market.


Be still chums, for the wait is over… Bum-Chums Backless Briefs are now available from one of the world’s preeminent cheeky underwear and swimwear brands.

For this release marks an unprecedented productive and diverse year of new emerging designs and intriguing styles from this brand. Moving into areas where they previously hadn’t explored. May 2018 celebrated the arrival of new styles into the Bum-Chums ASSylum collection but didn’t stop there. The arrival of their new Backless Briefshas surely kept things interesting. It also makes us wonder… what are they working on now? Shot on location in the North England, where the brand is made, this first series of revealing but abridged photos are just a taste. The imagery shows both the bold brashness of the two styles and strength of the British Brand’s hip-sitting cut and the shimmer of the glorious Tactel Polyamide fabric, knitted and dyed in the UK.

Although a limited edition, these two new items have been added to the British Pudding Collection, with the added style of the Raspberry Ripple to the Rhubarb and Custard; a vice versa colour clash.

This new Bum-Chums line includes the benefit of the Bum-Chums brief cut, benefiting from being low-cut briefs, backless in design but at the same time, scooping all of the buttocks into the brief, meaning a well supported back. Featuring the signature Bum-Chums pouch, there’s always plenty of room for manoeuvre in their cuts of underwear. Don’t let that make you think they’re baggy and loose at the front. This brand treads the balance between technical fabrics and clever pattern making. Meaning they rely on the stretch and they way they cut the fabric to give the extra room when needed.

In the images enclosed you’ll find a sleekly conceptual set of compositions and poses, set outdoors, which is a tall order for any brand in the UK, seeing as they only get one week of summer weather. Timing is of the essence.

Priced £15.99 and available online from Bum-Chums.


Spring is here, Spring is here, okay it’s not quite here if you’re in the UK. But here with another fresh new release for this year is that quirky little British Brand Bum-Chums again. This time, they have a little sunshine to brighten up even the dullest of days.

Just released are 5 favourite styles of old, that have all had a bit of re-work and updating doing. Including some long time favourites; the In2Cooler and the Tool Belt designs.

Bum-Chums have re-designed their Tool Belt and In2cooler designs to be more streamlined to their re-worked and bully-fitting Brief design. Both now support all-round-bum cupping. Improved to be better fitted, the design now features better scooping round all of the butt-cheeks to give that perfect support. That combined with the Jock styled pouch makes these a hot pair of men’s underwear by any standard.

The In2Cooler, was originally designed to reduce sweaty crack and sack for guys who have a more active lifestyle, and now has a more uniform mesh vent to the rear, giving a pleasing optical effect from behind. It too is now more in-line with the 2018 Bum-Chums Brief design fit, giving better continuity to the collections.

Hot is not even the word. These undies are scorching and are released as a new addition to their ASSylum Collection, this one a Bright and Bold Orange, which they’re calling “Sol”. It’s much more warming in contrast to their debut “Aqua” blue in the same collection.

Clearly a sun-themed addition; they look really hot! As Craig at Bum-Chums says Cover your eyes and as stunning as they are, whatever you do; don’t stare directly at them!”

We can’t help but stare though! The brightness of the fabric, contrasting with the black in the waistband and trim colours in some of the styles, really accents the designs well.

This newest collection sees Jonas Jackson (a popular newcomer to the adult entertainment industry) modelling the range. Jonas Jackson, is clearly a strapping chap who has see a push-up or two in his time, but is also a former Marine. As such, the pants are really put to the test. Jonas really fills them well, and the stretch in the fabric looks to hold well even with his strapping thighs running through them.

The combination of Bright Orange and rugged stud-muffin are enough to send temperatures soaring for sure. It is quite possible that this collection is hotter than the surface of the sun itself!

With a choice of 5 different styles of underwear in this collection, the different designs really stand out. We’re told that more are to come in this collection. The entire new release includes the Bum-Chums Hipster, Brief, Jock, In2Cooler and Tool Belt designs, which all have their own appeal.

Styles are online and available for you go get your hands on now from prices are competitive with either a Hipster of Brief costing just £15.99.

Bum Chums was a sponsor of our UNB Holiday Guide! This British brand makes some really fun pairs of men’s underwear. Including some with metallic silver trunks! They could be described at “cheeky” in two different ways!

Models: Andrew, Martin, and Jacob

Photography: Taylor Campbell

Videography: UNB

See the Guide at:

Get Underwear:

Bum Chums –

Music is Christmas Party, purchased from Pond5 (

We hope you enjoy this guide! We have JOR, Cocksox, BodyAware,and Bum-Chums participating in this years shoot. The models may seem familiar, two are Martin and Andrew our video reviewers and the newest guy is Jacob! We had a lot of fun doing the shoot and it’s by far one of the favorite shots we have ever done! Our photographer is Taylor Campbell who has shot a few of our guides!

Each pair has a link to buy. At the bottom of the post we will have all the information (sizes, fabric, and price)



Jacob (standing) is wearing the Mojito Brief from JOR

Martin is wearing the Kabala Brief from JOR in Petrol

Andrew is wearing the Havana Brief from JOR

Martin is wearing the Believe Brief from JOR

Jacob is wearing the Chronos Brief from JOR in White


Andrew is wearing the Long John from Cocksox in Crystal Blue

Jacob is wearing the Sports Brief from Cocksox in Ink Blue

Andrew is wearing the Sling Shot from Cocksox in Lucious

Andrew is wearing the CX68N Trunk from Cocksox in Crystal Blue


Martin is wearing the Glistening Satin Pouch Brief from BodyAware in Lavender

Jacob is wearing the Peep Show Satin Brief by Bodyaware in Pink.

From Left to right:

Bum Chums

Martin is wearing the Moon Pants Hipster from Bum Chums in silver


From Left to Right


Brands: JOR, Cocksox, BodyAware and Bum Chums
Models: Andrew, Martin, and Jacob
Photog: Taylor Campbell

Where to buy:

  • JOR – Shop the Jor site 
  • Cocksox – Shop the Cocksox Site
  • BodyAware – Shop the BodyAware Site
  • Bum Chums – Shop the Bum Chums Site

Description of Pairs

COLORS: Printed
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $28.00
COLORS: Petrol
FABRIC: Nylon Spandex
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $24.00
COLORS: Printed
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $28.00
PAIR: JOR Believe Brief
COLORS: Printed
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $28.00
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $24.00
COLORS: Crystal Blue
FABRIC: 92% Supplex / 8% Lycra
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $50.00
COLORS: Ink Blue
FABRIC: 92% Supplex / 8% Lycra
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $29.00
COLORS: Crystal Blue
FABRIC: 92% Supplex / 8% Lycra
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $32.00
COLORS: Lucious
FABRIC: 92% Supplex / 8% Lycra
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $20.00
COLORS: Lavender
FABRIC: 97% nylon/3% spandex
SIZES: Small – XX-Large
COST: $19.99
FABRIC: 97% nylon/3% spandex
SIZES: Small – XX-Large
COST: $23.99
FABRIC: 97% nylon/3% spandex
SIZES: Small – XX-Large
COST: $19.99
FABRIC: 97% nylon/3% spandex
SIZES: Small – XX-Large
COST: $19.99
COLORS: Silver
FABRIC: 92% Polyamide/8% Elastane
SIZES: X-Small – X-Large
COST: £ 10.19
COLORS: Rhubarb & Custard
FABRIC: 92% Polyamide/8% Elastane
SIZES: X-Small – X-Large
COST: £ 15.99
FABRIC:95% cotton/ 5% Elastane
SIZES: X-Small – X-Large
COST: £ 12.79

Another play on words, these cheeky chaps at Bum-Chums must sit there howling while they write these notes for us! However, this new collection looks as though it’s going to be a grower, which means it’s likely to be around for a long time and something that develops throughout the year.

With a great choice of debut colour to launch this new collection, the Aqua, Turquoise colour certainly hits the Summer vibes and is certainly attention grabbing. While at the same time, giving us a choice of four de-designed styles to pick from, it looks as though a lot of work goes into making these stunning examples of Men’s Underwear”.

As always, let’s allow the guys to explain a little more about this concept in their own words:

It’s time to let rip and give way to your inner voices; the ones telling you to do it, to jump in and to live a little. That’s right Crazy Chums, this new collection of Bright and Bold Colours is set to get you Foaming at the Mouth and Away with the Fairies! There’s just enough time to pull yourself together and fix your Basket Case before Cracking-up completely.

If you’re not completely cerebrally certified yet then feel free to choose from a frenzied range of four favourite styles of fancies. Including our Signature Hipsters and Briefs, as well as both our sculpted Jocks and Thongs. Such a selection of underwear could leave a man unbalanced, unhinged and unstable.

Whether you’re raving in the clubs, ranting at the walls or ravaging the nearest person with a pulse, make fully sure that you’re wearing a pair of the new Colour Assylum pants from Bum-Chums!

We, ARE NOT Schizophrenic! But we’re proud to bring you these new styles of Men’s Underwear and hope they leave you disturbed, deranged and delirious with the dilemma of which delectable delight to dive for first.

The Bum-Chums Assylum collection is for men’s underwear lovers who are mad for colour. Never afraid of the bold or the bright and ever ready to stand proud of the crowd… Men, get Mad. Go Manic, and let your inner mania manifest itself with a brand new style today. Then with hysteria, laugh at the lunatics who didn’t, while rocking away in a corner! You’d be insane to miss them!

So what about the choice of Colour?

Aqua Blue

Tranquilize your temper with this tempting Turquoise Aqua Blue addition of colour to your Men’s Underwear Collection. With a calming but bright flare of pigment to your pants drawer, these are a sure bet to grab attention to any you choose to flash!

Interested about the new Bum-Chums Styles?

The re-worked patterns appear to have undergone some careful thought and consideration too. Keeping their signature, bum-curve enhancing back seam to most of their designs, it appears as though the new style of underwear looks like this:


Low-rise but still sculpted for the male form, our Signature Briefs have undergone the 2017 facelift and had some work done. We altered our leg binding to reduce irritation as well as give an opportunity for accenting on some styles. Our new Briefs are designed to be a snug-hip-fit and to give plenty of “room for manoeuvre” in the pouch area while being slimmer at the sides but fuller round the buttocks. Single layer pouch fronted, these brief styles come decorated with a top and bottom cover to reduce irritation and add styling.


Low-rise but still sculpted for the male form, our Signature Hipsters have undergone the 2017 facelift and had some work done. With a cheeky-wink we know you all noticed the extra inch we slipped you on the leg binding. This is designed to reduce rolling and riding as well as give an opportunity for accenting on some styles. Our new Hipsters are designed to be a snug-hip-fit and to give plenty of “room for manoeuvre” in the pouch area. Single layer pouch fronted, these boxer styles come decorated with a top and bottom cover to reduce irritation and add styling.


Low-rise but still sculpted for the male form, our Signature Jock Strap has undergone the 2017 facelift and had some work done. With a little tweak, we altered our binding to be more comfortable and to make the Jock altogether more streamlined. It’s also given an opportunity for accenting on some styles. Our new Jocks are designed to be a snug-hip-fit and to give plenty of “room for manoeuvre” in the pouch area which should cup nicely round your sack of goods. Single layer pouch fronted, these thong styles come decorated with a top and bottom cover to reduce irritation and add styling, while the straps should give all the lift you need round those peachy cheeks.


Low-rise but still sculpted for the male form, our Signature Thongs have undergone the 2017 facelift and had some work done. With a little tweak, we altered our binding to be more comfortable and to make the Thong altogether more streamlined. It’s also given an opportunity for accenting on some styles. Our new Thongs are designed to be a snug-hip-fit and to give plenty of “room for manoeuvre” in the pouch area which should cup nicely round your sack of goods. Single layer pouch fronted, these thong styles come decorated with a top and bottom cover to reduce irritation and add styling.


With styles available in Hipster, Brief and Thong and Jock, priced £13.99 – £15.99, available online and to be added to later.

Available from link:


The Bum-Chums Illuminati Hipster were furnished by Bum Chums

  • Daily Fit – 9
  • Sizing – 8
  • Construction/Materials – 9
  • Styling – 9
  • Daily Performance – 9
  • Overall – 8.8



  • comfortable
  • nice fabric and pouch
  • a great basic without being boring


  • limited colors

For my second pair of Bum-Chums, I tried the Illuminati Light – Hipster. I had a positive experience with this brand last time so I was expecting to like these, as well. Trunks and Boxer briefs are not my go-to underwear but I’ll give anything a shot! The look was classic, white with black contrast trim and waistband and the fabric felt very soft with lots of stretch…so far, so good. This exact style only comes in black or white, but BC has hipster cut underwear in several prints and colors.

I wore these to work on a cool day when a little extra fabric wouldn’t bother me. The fabric is what they call Tactel®, which is a Polyamide/Elastane mix, so these would hold up to a sweaty day as well as a day in the office. I run really hot and tend to sweat even when it’s not warm outside so I appreciate fabric that wicks moisture.

Sizing might run a bit small. I am a 31-32 waist and these medium hipsters fit just right. According to their size chart I could wear a small but I think they would have been too tight. I’ve got thick legs so a little extra space is appreciated. If you straddle two sizes, I would recommend going up.

I love the contrast in color and the seam in the back does help create a nice profile for those of us without much of a butt. The fabric was very soft and had lots of stretch. I’m not a fan of outrageous pouches and Bum-Chums got these just right….support for everything up front with a bit of a lift for showing off without being obscene. Like I said earlier, trunks and boxer briefs are not my style because the legs ride up and I find myself pulling on them all day. This isn’t a design flaw, just a preference, but I have to admit, there was very little adjusting today, which left me pleasantly surprised! One suggestion to BC would be to offer more colors for those of us not afraid to venture outside of black and white.

When I pulled these on I was worried that I would be annoyed with the length all day which as I said, did not happen. The Tactel fabric did wick away some moisture and the profile the pair gives was really great. I’m not sure I want to wear trunks more often but this pair did open my eyes that they aren’t all bad. For guys who love trunks already, these are definitely a pair I would recommend.

bum-chumsThey’re Sexy, provocative and getting a seriously mixed reaction, however the new collection of lace underwear from bum-chums is certainly not for pussies!

From the dawn of the underwear era, women have held the major hold with the underwear market. Staking ownership of everything from twin-sets to lingerie and more. Well, “no more” say the guys at Bum-Chums. The cheeky British men’s underwear brand have gone and done it again. But have they gone a step too far this time?

From their original collections over the past several years, we have seen the brand evolve from the basic black and white boxer style designs to the more racy and at each stage, challenging the way we think about our underwear.

This month, with the launch on their new Men’s Lace Underwear collection, Bum-Chums have set social media alight with opposing views and conversations alike about their new wears.

Producing a complete new line and collection, including their signature Hipster and Brief as well as a Thong, their new Men’s Lace collection comes with 5 colour variations.

Firstly, their choice of bold and striking colours is certainly in keeping with the usual visual prowess of the brand. However, the addition of something so bold as lace underwear for men is a real break from tradition.

We caught up with Craig, chief stitcher at Bum-Chums HQ and asked him more about the motivation for the new



“Well we never really thought about doing a lace collection until about 6 months ago. Customers and distributers alike asked us repeatedly if we’d ever thought about introducing it and after a while the idea caught on.”

Asking to write a few words about the new lace underwear, Craig had the following to add.

“I never imagined that we’d be making these kind of pants! It’s true. However, we ordered in the sample fabrics and started looking at colours. Once the prototype pairs were made, we stood in front of the mirrors in the studio with our coffee and had a moment (as British designers do)! Then on the piece of paper we all wrote down words to describe the pants and how they made us feel wearing them. On everyone’s sheet was written the word ‘Slutty’, even on mine. These pants are slutty as filth! Although they’re not my choice of day to day pants, I can truly say that strutting about the factory in these gave me a certain “kink” in my stride.”

It’s clear to see that the sheer fabric alone could deliver a feeling of ecstasy and devilment. With a delicate slight floral design to the lace, these lace undies deliver a deviant decadence to them. Shaped to fit men in every way, with accommodating pouches and cupping, supportive lines, the underwear is edged with a delicate lace elastic.

Whether this is just too much fetish for you to handle, or maybe you have a kinky flare that you want to exploit a little more. We think that these new additions are really great. They are both challenging the traditional concepts of underwear for men as well as adding a sexy alternative to mesh. You can really see how the reaction is split. However, it’s clear to see that lace for men is really on trend at the moment and I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of it.

The collection is available online now at and reasonably priced too at £17.99 Grab yours while you can. We’re told that the first batch sold out in half an hour!


Warning if you wear the Bum Chum Nutsack line may contain nuts! I didn’t write it they did, for once. The Nutsack is a mesh brief in red and black. We have reviewed them and they are actually pretty nice. Unlike the pic you will show off EVERYTHING. Models are wearing a modesty pouch.

BRAND: Bum Chums
LINE: Nutsack
STYLE: Brief
COLORS: Red or Black
FABRIC: 92% Polyamide/ 8% Elastane
SIZES: Small – XL
COST: £19.99

Bermuda MailChimp OrlandoAs the world comes together in support for our LGBTI community, in the wake of the terrible shooting this week in Orlando, Florida, we have seen many heartfelt messages and offers of support.

Both as a reporter of underwear news and brands in general it’s perhaps no surprise that the British LGBTI supporting brand with a cheeky name of Bum-Chums is at the forefront to offer their support. As well as supporting LGBT events and appeals directly, they have offered the following.

They have vowed to give you 15% Discount for this month and next and they vow to pledge 15% of any sale using the code: ORLANDO to the Orlando Victim’s appeal in Florida.

Speaking from the United Kingdom, Craig, the hands-on owner of Bum-Chums told us “I’ve just spoken with David Costa at Equality Florida in the USA today and pledged to give whatever support our small but proud gay-brand company can offer”.

Craig has not always boasted in the past of helping Pride events, nor of their charitable donations only recently supported the Tampa Pride event in Florida and continues to do what he can for similar events as far away as Johannesburg, South Africa. Bum-Chums is only a very small, independent brand from the UK, but with a big heart and lots of enthusiasm to make sure they operate ethically, including manufacturing in-house to avoid slave labour abroad.

“I offered David at Equality Florida that we would send to their Go Fund Me Account online. We vow to donate 15% of any sale using the code to their fund, as well as reward our customer for helping with 15% themselves. People can also see the link to donate without buying pants too. We just want to do our bit.”

Equality Florida as well as being an active participant in political work for equality in the USA are also coordinating and providing mush needed support including counselling for those affected by the tragedy.

On behalf of everyone here, we’re proud to be associated with brands who help and support others, and send our thoughts and prayers to those so badly hurt and devastated by these sad, sad events.


It’s fair to say that men’s fashion is a growing trend, with many more of us guys taking the time to dress ourselves, defining our style and creating our ‘image’ as we want others to see it.

Understandably more so now, our underwear choice is just as important to that style we create than ever before. Possibly down to the fact that our pants are on show to the world more now than in the past.

I’m sure it’s been noticed in the office whether a guy is wearing some fitted briefs and is showing some jaw-drooling VPL framing a perfectly formed ass. But the exposure doesn’t just stop there.

This month sees the addition of a new and different collection entirely for the British Brand, Bum-Chums, who are challenging these beliefs and testing it with 2 styles of underwear in their new “Closet Collection”.

Possibly named so for a couple of reasons; maybe their colourful and brand-less elastic waistband bringing colour and variety to the underwear wardrobe, or possibly due to their absence of a branded waistband, which identifies all of their other pants.

This new “Closet Collection” sees the introduction of two new styles of underwear, including the “Purple Rain” and the “Blue Eyed Boy”. Available in their Signature Brief and Hipster designs, this collection also has included a Thong, in response to their recent online customer survey on social media.

Craig, founder at Bum-Chums, told us that “Customers have contacted us asking for more variety within the underwear collections, and we had several requests for a couple of more discreet designs. We took a look at what we were doing and decided that we’d introduce a ‘locker-room friendly’ collection for people who might be conscious of their underwear brands in the changing room at the gym. Not everyone is as comfortable as you or I in wearing Bum-Chums in front of other guys”

This theory may be about to be put to the test with the two styles online now to buy at Bum-Chums today.

The Purple Rain is a nice touch of bright Purple Polyamide fabric with the addition of a striped Purple decorative waistband. Seemingly in homage to the passing of a late, great hero, Prince, the Purple Rain is available in the Bum-Chums signature briefs and hipsters as standard, but also with the introduction of a waistband finished Thong to boot.

In addition and in contrast, the pastel Blue addition of the “Blue Eyed Boy” Style gives a subtle colour suggestion to the collection. The pale blue styles are also available in briefs, hipsters and thongs, all finished with a blue striped and brand-less elastic waistband.

It’s an interesting point that the quirky gay-brand “Bum-Chums” have made and we’d love to see the results of these tests being run. However, the non-branded waistband certainly does prove a locker-room friendly option for their pants for guys who may not be comfortable sporting a gay brand in public or in front of other guys. It also brings a bit more variety to their growing collections.

Either way, these British made pairs of underwear are reasonably priced and available online at Bum-Chums today and the guys there reminded us that you receive 15% discount on your first order when you sign up to their newsletter and for those who have signed up already but not received your discount code… You can use this one until the 13th May: OURBAD

You heard it here first.

Brief                £15.99

Hipster           £15.99

Thong            £13.99 Available and online now