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monday-fun-5Most people hate Monday. It’s the start back to a new week and back to the grind! While your week may not be awesome we think your underwear should be! It’s my personal opinion that “underwear makes the man!” I hear some of you saying, HUH? You underwear should be the most comfortable thing you wear, because it’s the one piece of clouting most of us wear for over 12 hours a day!

That being said it should be fun as well! We are going to give you five choices to wear on a Monday. Don’t worry we aren’t going to have 5 pairs of thongs but we will have a mix of styles. They also, will be in some bright colors because I always feel better when I wear something bright with an amazing fit.

diesel-yosh-trunkDiesel Fresh & Bright Yosh Low Rise Trunk.

I’m not a trunk guy but a large percentage of our readers are big fans. Diesel makes some great undies and what’s not to love about a red pair of underwear. Find it at the International Jock site for $27.00


C-IN2 Culture Club Lo No Show Brief

I think patterns are the new black in men’s underwear! I mean if you’re going to go with a pattern, you might as well go all out with them! This is the C-IN2 Culture Club Line. These prints were specially created for C-IN2 and this line! Its super fun and imagine if people knew this under you work clothes! Available at the C-IN2 site for $30.00


Full Kit Gear Premium Comfort Spot Jockstrap

Have you ever worn a jock to work? I have talked to guys who exclusively wear jocks no matter where they go. This is not something I would do all the time. I enjoy a jock but like to mix it up. A classic cut black jock from Full Kit Gear would be perfect. The original #10 Jock from Bike is harder and harder to find. Its time to find a new classic. This pair is available from Jockstrap Central for $17.95


Timoteo Rugby Super Low 

Timoteo has been rocking the underwear world for a few years. They have grown in the last few years and continue to constantly put out good undies/swimwear. The Rugby line was released a few years ago and I consider it a “classic” in the world of underwear. It’s made out of blue/gold/white and just pops. The fit will be great as well and it’s something a little more low key for those who don’t want something too bright! Find this at the Timoteo site for $22.00


Joe Snyder Pride Frame Thong

Now we couldn’t have a post about Monday without a thong! I asked our resident thong guy Kyle what would be a great pair to recommend. He said the Joe Snyder makes amazing thongs. And you know, he’s right, the Pride Frame is probably one of my favorite thongs! The Pride frame comes in bright colors. I chose purple because it’s still one of those colors you don’t see in men’s underwear too much. This thong will proudly frame your pride! Yes I had to say it! Find this in many different colors on the Joe Snyder site for $23.00

These are just a few suggestions we love to hear your how you make Monday a Undie Funday!

Contains an affiliate sales link for Jockstrap Central

diesel-jocky-jockThe follow two posts are reactions from both UNBJon and UNBPaul in regard to their Unknown Undies experiment which took place a few weeks ago. We both hope you enjoy our posts and feel free to respond or ask us both any questions via our Twitter accounts, @UNBJon and @UNBPaul.

UNBJon’s Experience

As I write this piece, I am doing my laundry at the laundromat so what better place is there to look back at your dirty laundry and try to remember the times over the past week or two when you wore certain clothes. It’s a different look back, but for me, it sometimes works. I guess I have a weird memory, but I digress. Anyway, when I do my laundry I see A LOT of underwear in my dirty pile and while all aren’t typical of my peers, there was one pair that @UNBPaul randomly picked for me to buy recently that really has a fun backstory. Before I begin, I just want to say a big THANK YOU to for providing both Paul and I with our great underwear. Mine arrived in record time. They are a very fair, progressive company worth checking out.

So Paul approached me with the idea to pick a pair of underwear that neither of us have worn, given a price limit and there was no refusal at all. Just an agreement between two underwear guys. About an hour after this agreement was reached, I got the email from Paul for which I was waiting. What lurked within the attached hyperlink could not have surprised, scared, excited, pleased, and shocked me more. He picked a Yellow Diesel Jock, a very bold choice and while I had never worn a Diesel made pair of underwear prior, this was not the thing which elicited my wide range of emotions. This pair would be my first fashion jock. Granted I had worn the typical athlete jock straps in the past but in all honesty, they really aren’t that comfortable and I haven’t worn one for many years. Fashion jocks had always intrigued me, but have never made a purchase due to being timid and afraid to stray away from my briefs. But now was the time and I eagerly waited for the jock to arrive in the mail.

MensUnderwearStore really impressed me when the package arrived at my door in under two days, far exceeding the initial time estimate. When I first got the package I instantly ripped it apart. I was so eager to put this thing around my waist. When I got the jock out of its packaging, I instantly stripped down and put it on my waist, in my living room for that matter. I really didn’t care who saw. I was excited. What did I think? Well, I first thought they were full of freedom. Having your butt unexposed provides a pleasant breeze but unlike just being naked, the frontal support of this jock was immense. Granted I had seen the basic dynamics of a jock strap in the past, but this Diesel jock was far superior in design and functionality. Along with this, I felt a little risqué wearing this pair. I mean, straight guys don’t usually wear bright yellow undies with hardly any coverage and no ass coverage of which to speak. In my mind, I was pushing the limits. I think that any good pair of underwear should really make the guy wearing it feel confident and dare I say sexy while wearing it and for this I was happy.

I proceeded to wear the jock into my work day and continued to be impressed. The rear straps of this jock were really giving my butt a nice lift and giving me some great physical support while I lifted and moved on the job. There were times when I had to adjust a butt strap, but I tried to keep these moments discrete as to not get strange looks. I was certainly enjoying the pair. Near the end of the day I encountered my first pitfall when, discretely adjusting a butt strap I noticed that a decent portion of my pants were covered in butt sweat. Now this may be fine at the gym, but at work it’s slightly too moderately embarrassing. Luckily I was the only one to notice this. Not sure if this was the jock’s doing, but it has never happened while wearing briefs so I think I have to pin it on the jock. It’s a minor issue though.

As the work day came to a close, I was looking to really give the jock a test and give my muscles their daily workout so I proceeded straight to the gym, got changed into workout attire (to surprisingly no perplexed stares), and hopped onto the exercise bike to kick off my routine. The jock really shined through here. My legs had an unmatched freedom of movement and I felt no binding as I would occasionally feel wearing undies with seat coverage. On the bike I was on cloud nine, however; this is where a few issues began to arise. I made my way down to the weight bench and performed my chest routine over the course of about 45 minutes and then moved onto abs. I did about three sets of decline sit ups before I began feeling some discomfort around my tailbone. At first I didn’t think anything of it. I finished my last set of decline sit ups and moved onto floor mat ab exercises. At the end of the last set of exercises, this discomfort had shifted to pain for which I had no idea. In the moment, I was just happy to finish the workout and happy that the jock gave me superior private part cooling and support. The answer to the pain question was answered upon taking my shorts off in the locker room as all the skin around the top of my ass had worn away to bare flesh and was bleeding! Surprised was hardly the word to describe my reaction, but at least the jock didn’t get blood stained! (#UnderwearProblems). Not sure of the answer, but maybe some more seasoned jock wearers could tell me if you have to build up tougher skin to before really hitting it hard in the gym to avoid what happened to me.

The loss of skin doesn’t affect my opinion of this jock at all. I really enjoyed my first wear and look forward to wearing it again as soon as, or within a few days of, my laundry being finished and folded. I think I will buy a few jocks moving forward. They are different, but different in a good way. It keeps you aware that not all underwear is created equal and that’s a good thing. All have pluses and minuses and embracing this is fun. Paul picked a great pair. I just hope he likes what I picked for him!


It’s time for Underwear of the Week! This week is Jockstrap Week! The holidays are in full swing and we wanted something a lot of fun to round out the year. I think we found it with the Diesel Fresh & Bright Striped Jocky Jockstrap. It’s got a colorful waistband and a striped pouch. It’s definitely not your typical jock!

Reasons this is our underwear of the week:

  • It’s not the typical jock. It can be worn every day under jeans or dress pants
  • Colorful and fun – The jock is just a lot of fun. We all love undies just for that reason. A classic jock has its place but so does a colorful striped one!
  • Has 1 1/2 inch waist band. We know not everyone wants a 3 inch waistband. Again this can be worn under anything and now show like a traditional jock would.
  • Made out of a 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane blend.
  • Other colors are: Grey & Blue (shown), Turquoise, Black & Grey and Pink

You can find this pair at International Jock for $25. The picture used is from International Jock


Welcome to the 2012 Holiday Guide. This has to be the biggest guide we have done to date. We had over 80 pairs of underwear, three models, a photographer, an assistant and a stylist. We are going into our own photography and will be launching something soon, so stay tuned. First we would like to thank our sponsors: Candyman, Clever, Pikante, PPU, Vuthy and Zylas at Gold Level, Croota and Premium Underwear Store for Bronze and Designer Drawers at Silver! A special shout out to Matt at Designer Drawers for helping get our models and our stylist.

Our models for this guide are Cody, Kyle and Adam. Cody was in our Swimwear Guide and both Kyle and Adam are new! We plan on doing another shoot with them soon! I am working on a behind the scenes video but so far the iMovie program is uncooperative. It will be out hopefully this weekend.

PPU Underwear:

  • Adam (left) is wearing the PPU Jock – 1001 for $21.00
  • Kyle (middle) is wearing the PPU Boxer – 1232 for $22.00
  • Cody (right) is wearing the PPU Thong – 0956 for $14.50

Clever Underwear:

  • Kyle (left) is wearing the Clever 0190 – Mesh Bars Boxer $24.00
  • Cody (center) is wearing the Clever 2137 – Niagra Boxer $25.00
  • Adam (right) is wearing the Clever 2108 – Front Mesh Boxer $38.00

Zylas Underwear:

  • Veston (left) is wearing the Zylas  – 2803 – $22.00
  • Kyle (center) is wearing the Zylas – 2884 – $22.00
  • Cody (right) is wearing the Zylas-4007  Brief – $20.00

Candyman Underwear:

  • Kyle is wearing the Candyman – Santa Costume – $38.00

  • Cody (left) is wearing Candyman – Singlet – $34.00
  • Adam (right) is wearing – CandyMan – Boxer Pimp Costume – $36

Vuthy Swimwear

  • Kyle (left) is wearing Vuthy 279 – Bikini – %58
  • Adam (center) is wearing V-275 Royal Plaid Bikini – $56
  • Cody (right) is wearing V-300 Trunk – $56.00

Croota Underwear

  • Adam (left) is wearing the Croota Pattern Break Hipster – $20
  • Kyle (right) is wearing the Croota Night Surfer – $20
  • Both are available at the Croota Site

  • Cody (left) is wearing the Croota Night Runner – $20
  • Adam (right) is wearing the Croota Pattern Break Hipster – $20
  • Both are available at the Croota Site

Premium Underwear Store

  • Cody (left) is wearing the Gigo Purple Bias Brief – $20.
  • Kyle (center) is wearing the Gigo Purple Bias Tank – $28 and Purple Bias Boxer Short – $21.00
  • Kyle (right) is wearing the JOR Comfort Brief – $19.00
  • All are available at the Premium Underwear Store

Designer Drawers

  • Kyle is wearing the Pistol Pete Power Brief – $28.00
  • Available at the Designer Drawers site.

  •  Kyle is wearing the Pistol Pete Solar Brief – $26.00
  • Available at the Designer Drawers Site

  • Kyle (left) is wearing the 2(X)ist Athletic Jock – $22.00
  • Cody (right) is wearing the 2(X)ist Splash N0-Show Brief $24.00
  • Available at the Designer Drawers Site

  • This picture we’re going to let you guess which model is which
  • Left is the Pistol Pete Xpose Brief – $22
  • Right is the Pistol Pete Web Brief – $22
  • Available at the Designer Drawers site


  • Kyle is wearing the Wrestler swim in USA colors – $80
  • Available at the aussieBum site

  • Cody (left) is wearing the BarUP brief in Fire/Ice – $23.50
  • Adam (right) is wearing the XO Seamfree in Sunflore – $25.95
  • Available at the aussieBum site


  • Adam (left) is wearing the Skmpeez Varzity Brief  in red – $26.00
  • Kyle (right) is wearing the Skmpeez Zignature Boxer Brief in Gold – $30.00
  • Available at the Skmpeez site.


  • Cody (left) is wearing the BoyRio Trunk (releasing soon)
  • Kyle (right) is wearing the BoyRio U-9A extreme Jock in Black
  • Available at the BoyRio site.

2EROS, Frank Dandy and Manview Bodywear

  • Adam (left) is wearing the Jock Series Trunk in Red – $30. Available at the 2EROS site.
  • Kyle (center) is wearing the Frank Dandy Angle Trunk in Green – Available at the Frank Dandy site.
  • Cody (right) is wearing the Manview Bodywear 69 Sport Trunk in Yellow – $22.50 – Available at the Manview Bodywear Site

Underwear Station

  •  Cody (left) is wearing the Cover Male CM222 – Pouch Enhancing Boxer in Orange – $23.00
  • Kyle (center) is wearing the Good Devil GD5505 – Jock Flex in purple – $21.00
  • Adam (right) is wearing the Intymen INT6152 – Track Brief – $20.00
  • Available at the Underwear Station site

Go Softwear

  • Kyle is wearing the American Jock Action Mesh Singlet in red – $41.00
  • Available at the Go Softwear site

  • Cody (left) is wearing the American Jock Mini Boxer in Gold/Royal – $22.00
  • Adam (right) is wearing the Clean Metro Lo Rise Brief in Bluebeery/Fuchsia – $21.00
  • Available at the Go Softwear site


  • Cody (left) is wearing the Active Trunk in Grey
  • Adam (center) is wearing the Simple Boxer Brief in Light Blue
  • Kyle (right) is wearing the America Brief in Blue/Gold
  • Coming soon to the /baskit/ site.


  • Adam (left) is wearing the CX68-Trunk in Royal/Green – $32.00
  • Cody (center) is wearing the CX76-Sports Brief in Camo – $32.00
  • Kyle (right) is wearing the  CX76-Sports Brief Black/White/Red – $32.00
  • Available at the Cocksox Site. All prices in Australian Dollars

Joe Snyder

  • Cody (front) is wearing the PF01- Pride Frame Bikini in Red – $24.00
  • Adam (back) is wearing the JS-M28 Cheek Hug in Journal – $28.00
  • Available at the Joe Snyder Site

No Limits Underwear, C-IN2 and Male Power

  • Cody (left) is wearing the No Limits Underwear White Mesh Boy Short – $14.50.  Available at the No Limits Underwear Site
  • Adam (center) is wearing the C-IN2 Zen Punt $28.00 and V-Neck $36.00. Available at the C-IN2 Website
  • Kyle (right) is wearing the Male Power 144-172 Pouch short in Black/White

FreshPair and Modus Vivendi

  • Kyle (left) is wearing the Diesel – Fresh and Bright Divine Boxer Trunk – $27.00.  Available at the FreshPair website
  • Cody (center) is wearing the Modus Vivendi Querelle Brief in Red – $30.00. Available at the Modus Vivendi site
  • Adam (right) is wearing the  Emporio Armani 110814-2A506 Stretch Cotton All Over Logo Print Brief in Red – $26.00. Available at the FreshPair website.


  • Adam (left) is wearing the Tulio MX06 Trunk in Royal – $48.00
  • Kyle (right) is wearing the Tulio JA05 Lace Up Trunk in White – $48.00
  • Both available at Erogenos

  • Cody (left) is wearing Tulio 12B10 in black/red
  • Adam (center) is wearing the Tulio 12W2 Singlet in black – $44
  • Kyle (right) is wearing the Tulio 12M10 Trunk – Black/Royal
  • These are available at International Jock.


  • Adam (left) is wearing the Cellblock13 Fugitive Short in Red/Black – $30.00
  • Cody (center) is wearing the Cellblock13 Prizefighter Jock in Black/Yellow – $24.00
  • Kyle (right) is wearing Cellblock13 Singlet in Black – $44.00
  • Availalbe at the Cellblock13 site


  • Adam (left) is wearing the Timoteo Navy Swim – $44
  • Cody (center) is wearing the Timoteo Sport 2.0 Athlete Jock – Red – $22.00
  • Kyle (right) is wearing the the Clubhouse Soccer Jock – Grey/Black – $32.00
  • Available on the Timoteo Website.

We hope you enjoy this guide. We have more pics to share through our Brief Distractions over the next week or so. Check out all the pairs and get them for you or your significant other! Let us know what you want or get for the Holidays!

The Presidential Election is coming up but voting for Underwear of the Month you get more then one vote! This month we have a 4 pairs to choose from. In case you forgot here are the pairs that were chosen this month:

  • Diesel Andre Brief
  • N2N Bodywear L.A Haze
  • Candyman Two Shades Jockstrap
  • Calvin Klein Micro Modal Essentials Boxer Brief

Which do you think should be the Underwear of the Month? Vote and if you let us know why the pair you voted for should be underwear of the month and you just maybe quoted in the post!


We hope you are enjoying the new feature of Underwear of the Week as much as we are, it gives us a chance to check out new and classic pairs of underwear we think would be great for you guys to check out. I asked the staff this week which should be our Brief this week and ATL Briefs suggested and it was agreed upon that the Diesel Andre Brief would be perfect.The specific pair is the Andre Brief.

The reason this is underwear of the week are:

  • Part of the Throwback Basics line from Diesel, very much a classic
  • Available in other colors as well, including stripes and solids
  • Retro styled Waistband
  • Low rise style with a nice pouch
  • Colors: Black and Ivory
  • Cost: $18.00

You can find this pair at Men’s Underwear Store, who we thank for the picture used in this post.

International Jock is happy to introduce the latest face to grace our undies-filled pages: Mr. Adam Hamilton!

Clean-cut and doe-eyed, this handsome young man brings a fresh, virile glow to anything from the latest Diesel trends to the cheekiest of jockstraps. Be sure to swing on by International Jock today to scope out their incomparable selection of men’s underwear, swimwear and, of course, eye candy.

Adam Hamilton’s info:

Height: 6’2”
Suit: 41L’
Waist: 31
Inseam: 34
Shoes: 11/12
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Light Brown

Andrew Christian Tighty Whitie Punked Brief + Skinny Hoody 24% Off Next 24 Hrs Only!

Tighty Whitie Punked is a new sporty design update to the basic brief with unique contrasting fashion stitching around the pouch, fly and leg openings. This style is great for everyday usage; but unlike other basics, the Andrew Christian Tighty Whitie Punked Brief is made from a Cotton and Spandex blended fabric that has great stretch and recovery which helps eliminate unwanted sagging and stretching as you wear it throughout the day. This style features a pouch for extra room in front, just where you need it, and Anti-muffin Top elastic helps minimize the appearance of love handles and slims the appearance of your waist.

Product Features:

  • Contrast stitching around legs, fly and pouch
  • Fabric has great stretch and recovery for everyday use
  • Extra room in front, just where you need it
  • Fly front
  • Made from soft cotton fabric blend
  • Anti-Muffin Top Elastic for a slimmer looking waistline
  • Shorter legs for a sporty look
  • Hand made with care in the Andrew Christian Design Studio in Los Angeles, CA, USA


Regular Fit

  • 90% Cotton, 10% Spandex
  • 1 1/4 inch contrast logo elastic waistband
  • Depending on size, around 4 ½ inches from top of waistband to leg opening

Regular Price $18.00
Sale price with coupon $13.68

24% Off Coupon!

  • Purchase Style: 9237 Tighty Whitie Punked Brief w/ Fly Style and/or 5086 Skinny Hoody Only in the next 24 hours on and receive 24% off this style only. Does not apply to any other items.
  • Enter code: 24TIGHTY9237 during checkout for the discount.
  • Offer expires: Dec 13, 2010 at 11:59PM PT. May not be combined with any other coupons or offers. While supplies last. Offer subject to change at any time without notice.

Click to Start Shopping Now!


Pikante is a play on the Spanish word for spicy which couldn’t be more fitting for Jockstrap Central‘s latest offerings.

The front of these new jocks are wide, sort of like a brief and are designed for guys who like to wear their shafts upright and to the left or right. Of course being made of a wide mesh, that’s the best way to really show off what you’ve got, plus with minimal stretch it all fits better that way as well.

Besides the very see-through mesh front, another stunning feature is the sexy triangle formed by the traditional jock strap and the joining strap that is actually the piping of the front pouch that continues along the bottom of the pouch, leaving it and finally meeting up with the other strap.

Both the 1.5 inch waistband with a repeating embossed Pikante logo and the 3/4 inch leg straps are made with a super-comfortable plushed comfort elastic material. You’ll be hard pressed to find something that’s this sexy and yet so inexpensive. In case you’re wondering, the model is Adam Stray and he certainly isn’t shy!”

You still have time to shop before the holidays so Malestrom presents Their  latest holiday deals of the week: Report Collection, Joe Snyder, JM, Papi, Piss & Vinegar, LazzyBum, Diesel, Skmpeez, Obviously, Sauvage & Unico on sale from 10% – 50% off & more. Also, visit our ‘Holiday Gift Ideas’ page for more savings. Check ’em out!
Body Aware Underwear for Men is pleased to introduce their newest website just in time for the holidays!  We invite you to take a look at our new online shopping site and browse the excellent selection of men’s undies in fabulous fabrics and colors.

We have a fantastic range of anything you might want to buy for the holidays including our newest Double Satin Pouch.   This latest design incorporates gorgeous colors and two glistening layers of satin fabric and our one-of-a-kind backless pouch that makes the most of your holiday package.  And while you’re shopping, take a look at one of the most comfortable and handsome briefs available, the new Reversible Micro Short.  This spectacular design is completely reversible, made from a luxurious Italian tactel fabric that glides over your skin and keeps you firmly comfortable all day long.  Special sizes from XS to 3XL are now available in many of our styles.

At Body Aware we strive to provide you with the best in quality, care, and customer service .  You will find our designs unique and infinitely wearable, and only available through  Our products are made at our state-of-the-art facility in the USA, and constructed by some of the best lingerie seamstresses in the business.

We would love to hear what you think of our newest site and look forward to being of service to you at Body Aware Underwear for Men.

Love TImoteo? Check out the Sports sample pack for only $44.00! You can get three pairs of Timoteo, and it’s  deal but hurry it’s only good this weekend. You can get free shipping with your order iwth the code HOLIDAYSHIP.

The pack includes a Super Low Brief, Scout Square Cut Brief and Athlete new jock. Check them out at the Timoteo site

There’s no need to waste your time hiding inside baggy jeans or to spend hours in the gym. Andrew Christian‘s Flashback Butt Lifting and Contouring Technology is the latest innovation in men’s underwear for those seeking the perfect bubble-butt.

This underwear is essential gear for every guy. It features an invisible lifting support built into the seams of the underwear. The construction of the underwear automatically lifts the buttocks making it look firm and round without the need for any embarrassing padding, uncomfortable cups or straps hidden inside. Most people can add up to 1/2 to 1 inches (1.3 – 2.5 cm) onto their current buttocks measurements helping them achieve a rounder fuller look with this amazing new feature. The fit is super comfortable…like wearing a jock strap.

Product Features:

  • No embarrassing padding, hidden cups or straps
  • Completely invisible support structure
  • Add 1/2″ to 1″ onto your current buttock measurements
  • Features Anti-Muffin Top elastic for a slimmer looking waistline
  • Slim Fit – New Improved Fit
  • Made in the Andrew Christian Design Studio, Los Angeles, CA


  • 1 1/4 inch logo elastic waistband
  • Sides measure 6 inches from top of waistband to leg opening
  • ¾ inch fold under trim at leg hems
  • No fly
  • 90% Cotton, 10% Spandex
  • Machine Wash Warm
  • Tumble Dry Low

Regular Price $25.00
Sale price with coupon $19.00

24% Off Coupon!

  • Purchase Style: 9090 Flashback Boxer in Color Purple Only in the next 24 hours on and receive 24% off this style only. Does not apply to any other items.
  • Enter code: 24PURPLE9090 during checkout for the discount.
  • Offer expires: Dec 8, 2010 at 11:59PM PT. May not be combined with any other coupons or offers. While supplies last. Offer subject to change at any time without notice.

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Dead Good Undies has some great new undies from the MANStore and Gregg Homme. Both are super sexy lines, so if you want something a lot of fun and to show off what you have either line would work well for you! Also, while you are there check out the clearance section and you can save up to 60%
One of our favorite Brands is now at NuWear! That is DMK Designs. They are a really fun brand that is starting to grow! You can check out the new mesh briefs! Which have an awesome floral print and mesh sides! DMK Makes underwear fun!
If you are student ready for a break, we know how you feel! To make finals seem a little easier why don’t you buy a new pair of undies at 25% off from His Trunks? Not a student but want to get a new pair of undies for the Holidays? Use the discount code ‘Finals’ at checkout to receive 25% off. Discount active now 12/6 until Friday 12/10 at midnight.
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Receive $40 off your entire purchase with any orders of $140 or more AND receive FREE shipping to anywhere in North America!

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Happy Holidayz from all of us here at SKMPEEZ!

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Area you ready to Dress to impress for Christmas? If so check out the innovative line called James Tudor! They have a new site and some great new undies to check out!
  • Skiviez has the new Baskit Ribbed colors! Its great to see some colors back int eh world of men’s underwear. While you are there you can check out the new exist Contrast Essentials.
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  • Join International Jock for a celebration of summer styles from N2N, Diesel and Ergowear. We’ve added more than 40 new exciting underwear and swimwear items from N2N Bodywear and the entire Diesel “Denim Trim” collection to our ever-expanding catalog. And, we’ve added more bulge-enhancing styles from Ergowear, one of our most popular designers. Drop by now for all the latest fashions.
  • Want to Win and win big? Well Fresh Pair is giving away 5,000 Paris of underwear in hornier of National Underwear Day, They say that 80% of Americans wear the same type of underwear for their entire adult lives and they want to change that and we fully supper them.
  • Take an additional 20% off all sale items at Undergear. Its this weekend only and you have to use UGNE when you check out! This could include the Undergear collection.
  • Schultz Jeans is giving you 20% off when you spend £50 or more. Just make sure you enter code W20 at check out. This includes the “Coming Soon” and “Get a Grip” underwear.
  • Men’s Underwear Store has 7 Bright new colors from Diesel. Colors are awesome and these include pink, greek blue and purple. Then check out the Hugo Boss cotton & Brushed microfiber underwear. Lastly, just in is the new colors in the Cotton Essentials, a classic style with nontraditional colors.
  • James Tudor is giving you 20% off selected items in their offers section. You get a further 20% off all items in your basket when you enter code JTFMMC20 at the check out page.
  • Erogenos has the new Men’s Fashion 115 shirt collection, which is a brand new stylish line of shirts from Columbia. They also have the new Aware Underwear Collection. We have shown you pictures of them and check out the line.
  • Cityboyz Fashions now has the new lines from Pipe. If you are a fan you need to go check out the entire line. They have done some really great work!

Take advantage of Malestrom‘s Father’s Day Sale Event & save a bundle on selected items from these brands: 2(X)ist, Calvin Klein, DKNY, Diesel, Hugo Boss, JM, Levi’s, Papi, O Boxer & Skmpeez. Also view their ‘Final Clearance’ section for some great deals on discontinued items.

Take advantage of their fantastic annual Father’s Day Sale Event, which ends at 11:59pm PDT on Sunday, June 20, 2010.

Sorry for the delay in this, I have had major bronchitis and been out of it for two weeks. I hope that is changing I finally feel better. Here are a few specials right now!

  • is having the biggest sale of the year giving you 25% off Underwear and Tees. You can save on some of your favorite brands such as: Calvin Klein, Unico, 2(x)ist, Papi, Joe Snyder and 15 other brands!
  • MaleBasics is having a Mystery Item Sale! You can get great undies at a great price and be totally surprised when you open the package! It’s kinda like a grab bag, but with underwear. You can get this for Unico and Gigo and prices start at $16.99 and you save 45% off the regular price.
  • His Trunks suggests that if you like the really hot Timoteo Jock that you should now try the Brief in the Sport line! Its the same styling but with a full seat! Timoteo does awesome work in undies and we say go check them out.
  • Men’s Underwear Store just launched Our Most Incredible Sale Ever at! This is the perfect time for you to try out new fabrics, styles, and designers or stock up on your favorites.  25% OFF All: 2(x)ist, Calvin Klein, Clever, Diesel (Select Styles), DKNY, Joe Snyder, Male Power, ManSilk, Obviously For Men, Tulio. Additional Offers: 20% Off Magic Silk
  • Skiviez is giving you a Father’s Day sale on 2(x)ist! This sale is on all 2(x)ist underwear. Get some of the hottest undies form 2(x)ist for you or your father.. but something tells me it will be for you!
  • His Trunks is giving you a sale on Piss & Vinegar, PPU and BumGear! You can get PPU thongs for under $8! That’s an incredible deal for any undies these days! Check out all the sales at their site.
  • is giving you 20% off one item, which ends today! So hurry and take advantage of some great savings! Maybe the new 3G swimwear we profiled in our buyers guide? Check it out!
  • Cityboyz Fashions now has the really hot swimwear from Rufskin. If you are familiar then you know Rufksin is for the confident guy! Wear it if you dare!
  • UnderGear is giving you 25% off certain styles! If they are your favorite now is the time to stock up. The styles on sale are: 2(x)ist, Calvin Klein, DKNY and Levi’s! Check out all the styles!
  • Hot News from Global Guys Gear, WE HAVE MOVED into a New Home! Come and check out our great new store at  251 Wickham St, Fortitude Valley, QLD 4006 (07) 3252 8814
  • DT Clothes is giving you up to 60% off select underwear. Check out their site for all the details and information!
  • Mensuas has new items from N2N Bodywear. N2N just released a few new lines the other week and now you can stock up. Free Shipping continues for US and Canada orders over $25.00
  • Jockstrap Central wants your opinion! If you take the time to fill out their survey you can get a code to save 15% off your favorite jocks. It doesn’t take much time and you can SAVE!
  • Cityboyz Fashions now has Pikante. If you are a fan you will see they have the entire line. If you aren’t, its time you go over and check out the line and we are sure you will love a few of their pairs!
  • has the new active wear/workout line from Rufskin! If you are a fan you will love the to work out in style. Also, while you are there check out the Gregg Homme Stadium Jock for a new take on an old classic
  • New Rainbow Print from Joe Snyder is now available in several styles at Mensuas. This print is hot and a great attention grabber. The new underwear from Freeman is selling well, people like the bold colors and styles of the product, check it out! Until 4/8/2010, Save 15% off all Freeman and 20% off all BumGear, Speedo, Elite, and Unico. No coupons required.
  • UnderGear is giving you a few ways to save! 25% off orders $200 or more, 20% off orders your $100 order, 15% off your $75 order and 10% off your $50 order. To get the deal use code UGB400 at check out. Its valid now till 4/8/10.
  • Palace Trunks has some underwear that will brighten your underwear drawer. They have the new lines from Diesel Underwear. The great colors and prints. They also are giving you free shipping on orders over $25.
  • Erogenos has some new items in. First they have some great swimwear from Tulio. Who does some really incredible work with square cuts and briefs. Then they have underwear and swimwear from Craig Port.
  • Down Under Guys Gear is giving you 15% off Joe Snyder. To get the savings make sure you use code js 15 it’s just that simple!
  • Under U has New Arrivals From Hugo Boss, D&G, And Vivienne Westwood. There are too many to really go over so we suggest going to their site and checking out all the great new styles
  • is giving you 15% off N2N Bodywear when you buy 3 or more items. This includes both underwear and work out wear. This sale is through April 10th.
  • James Tudor is giving you 20% off everything. So you can go to the site and get some of the new magnetic briefs! They have really invited some new classics. Make sure you use JTFMMC20
  • Skiviez has spring fever and giving you 35% off C-IN2 Bamboo and Pop Colors. If you haven’t tried the Bamboo I would highly recommend them.

We had some new undies come out in the past week or so.

Dry & Naked Sports Thong with Show-It Technology

This is one of the few thongs I have seen from Andrew Christian. Its one that have a very interesting styling. To me it reminds me of kind of a half thong in the back. The front has the Show-It technology in the pouch. I think it’s something to really check out if you’re a thong guy. Here is the description from the Andrew Christian Website:

A brand new addition to the Dry & Naked line. This sports thong is made from super moisture wicking patented fabric. The back panel of the thong is designed so the center strap won’t ride up and become uncomfortable. The sides and back are white and the cup is contrasted in grey.

Wolf Athletic Supporter

I know we have quite a few Jockstrap lovers out there. And the search for a really cool and affordable fashion jock is one that many of you do. I have checked some prices of jocks and they can be quite expensive, up to $25 a piece. Well our friends at Jockstrap Central have found a fashion jock company that is affordable and it looks awesome. They have the traditional jock styling with the wide waistband. Colors available are Blue, Black and white. One thing I think will make these jocks awesome are they are made with 95% cotton/5% spandex blend. If you are a true jock lover then check these out, exclusively at Jockstrap Central!

Diesel Reverse Logo Brief

I think if you’re a long time reader of the blog, you know I”m a fan of really cool waistbands. This holds true with the new Diesel Reverse Brief. They just ran the name backwards in the waist band. I saw these on the International Jock website and loved them. The waistband is 1.5 inches wide. So it’s a rather wide band for most people. They also have made a trunk in the same. Both styles are made with the 95% cotton/5% cotton blend, so you know they will have a great fit. Check out all the pairs at International Jock

Pictures from Andrew Christian, Jockstrap Central and International Jock.

Cityboyz Fashions is giving you 25% off your third item of Punto Blanco. The new collection was inspired by the universe. check out the entire new line!

At we’re proud to feature items from two of our newest brands, 4Boys Gear and Sweat Under Gear.  We carry a number of exciting items from each of them. 10% Off Your order of $50 or more.  Please use Coupon Code  4s10n31c. Sale Expires 3/18/10 is letting you take 20% off 4 or more pairs of underwear. Shop your favorite brands. They have just added new Andrew Christian Styles. This sale ends 3/24/10. While there check out the rewards program and a new website design is coming soon!

Timoteo has the Quake line available in Pink, Yellow, Red, Grey, and black for $20 each. They are some really awesome undies. Make sure you check them out and all the pictures!

Malebasics is giving you free shipping if you, buy any Malebasics Brand or spend more then $25! If you are over seas you can get free shipping at $74 but see the site for all the details. This promotion is for a limited time.

Below the Belt has Everyday Basics Line. This line is designed by Below the Belt and has style and comfort in mind. Get their best selling range of underwear at a hot price. Offer available on any 3 pack of trunks, briefs or tanks for $39 AUS.

Skiviez has 25% off the new 2(x)ist Surf collection. We just named it one of the new styles you should look out for and try. So why not give them a try and see how well you like them!

Audace is giving you 25% off the new 2(x)ist surf line as well. You can get the new Surf briefs for $10.50, but hurry they are on sale while supplies last!  They just added the Surf trunk to the sale!

UnderU has new arrivals by D&G, Bjorn Borg and Diesel. Bjorn Borg is known for it’s high-quality products and creative designs. While Diesel is a brand that is always a favorite with contemporary shapes, bright colors and fun designs.

Dead Good Undies has the new Olaf Benz swimwear. That features the Wasabi and Lolli. If you are looking for undies you may want to try the Man Store M211 line. That features the brief, pant and strings. While the M207 has the jock, body jock and more!

UnderGear is giving you free standard shipping for 2 days only. Just enter code Luckyyou at check out. The offer expires at 11:59 EST on 3/18/10.

Men’s Underwear Store is giving you 25% off the 2(x)ist surf collection. While you are there heck out the new Hugo Boss and JM swimwear. Both brands will have something you will like!

Cityboyz Fashions is giving you 20% off your order. Just use code patty20 and spend $50. The sale ends on March 18th! So hurry and this is not valid with any other offer.

Here are your Sales Briefs for today:

  • Males Basics is new and Improved. They have new products and brands from 2x(x)ist, UnderGear and more. Also, join their Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date on discounts and promotions. Lastly, check out their eBay store for the best bargains.
  • UnderGear is giving you 25% off your order when you buy four or more items. Just use code UGA201 at check out. This sale ends on March 1st. While you are there check out the N Haven line. You will of them if you like really wild prints!
  • Fresh is celebrating 10 years online! To celebrate they are letting you pick a free gift if you spend $75 or more! There are over 15 great gift options Gifts are valued up to $32. Lastly, take an extra 25% off all clearance, just use code LOW25 at check out!
  • Dead Good Undies has the worlds Most Comfortable undies, Obviously! Which means they have the new Chromatic collection, which is the bright colorful line! The fit is amazing and with these great colors it is a great time to check them out if you haven’t!
  • Timoteo is having their Super Low Sun Natural swimsuit on sale. The style is their most popular suit and it’s on sale for $38. They have some really great suits and if you don’t like this one I”m sure they will have one you will like!
  • NuWear now has Diesel Underwear in stock. They have some of the newest styles. That includes the Burn Baby Burn Briefs, Hot Pink Boxer Brief, and the Undie Party Brief. Check out all the great new styles. Diesel is known for great patterns and designs.
  • Jockstrap Central is giving you Free or Discounted shipping on all orders over $50 From now until March 7th at midnight we’re offering free regular shipping on all orders over $50 to everyone in North America. For the rest of the world, we’ll be taking $5.00 off the cost of shipping. Simply place your order, and if your product total is $50 US or more then you’ll qualify for the offers above. North American customers will automatically get a free shipping option and everyone else will get a $5.00 discounted shipping option during checkout. * this offer can not be combined with any discount codes. VICTOR RETURNING! Something to look forward to: Next week we’ll be back in the studio with one of our most popular models ever – Victor. We’re shooting some new products from Male Power plus products from a brand new designer, it’s going to be hot in that studio!
  • The Package ( is now up and running! You can shop online for all the hottest underwear from the comfort of your own home. With amazing products at very competitive prices and all UK delivery just £1 there is no reason not to shop with The Package! Enter WEB10 to get 10% off your first order.
  • Wyzman wants ow to gear up for Spring. The new 201 Punto Blanco line is here. You can check out the new line and get shopping! Make sure you look through the entire line before you buy!
  • CIN2U is giving you a free top when you spend $75. This offer ends March 6, and does not include shopping. After order is placed CIN2U will write to you requesting you size preference. All tops are subject to availability.
  • Skiviez has the new Clever Line in stock. Clever has some really awesome prints. These aren’t for the shy guy to wear. They have some just fun underwear. One pair I think you should check out is the Clever Kinky Brief! Its fun ad out there!
  • Male Basics is giving you 20% off Unico, Clever and MaleBasics this weekend only  They think you should give yourself a treat! Just make sure you use code PERSONAL at check out.
  • Mensuas is giving you 15% off Joe Snyder. You can save until March 2. No coupons are needed and you can get free shipping for US and Canada customers. Check out the entire line and stock up on Joe Snyder.
  • Fresh Pair is giving you the Final Sale and you can take and Extra 40% off all clearance Items. Markdowns up to 65% off + an Extra 40% off at check out. Just enter code LOW40 at check out! This offer expires March 6th.

Here are your Sales Briefs: Sorry for the delay the trip to Magic threw me off. I thought I would have time to do one Thursday night at the airport. I didn’t. here is a nice long list!

  • Dead Good Undies has the Sloggi Basic Range twin packs 20% off all styles. Which style are you? Short, mini or tanga? You can now save on them all. Make sure you follow them on twitter as well!
  • Timoteo wants you to hang out. In comfort that is. They have the Timoteo Training Short. Its available in Black, Navy and Gray, and only $44. You can get them directly from the Timoteo site!
  • James Tudor is giving you, exclusive this week,  the Athletic brief, regularly £19, now only £15. The offer runs till Feb. 22. The pair is available in turquoise, white, grey and black.
  • His Room is spotlighting Papi. You can choose from the Cotton Stretch, Platinum, Motion, Premium Cotton, Modern Stretch or Cool 2 collections. Papi is a premium underwear brand that targets today’s body conscious male. Papi has style, sophistication and sex appeal.
  • Wyzman is having a De-Stocking event, that is you can save 20-50% off everything. But hurry the sale ends Sunday, Feb 21!
  • Men’s Underwear Store has some really good new lines in! THey have the newest Diesel underwear, Bright Ideas!, the New Surf collection from 2(x)ist and the new Chromatic from Obviously! They are some of the newest styles around. Check them out now!
  • Planet Undies has some great new styles in stock. They have New lines from Body Art, ES Colleciton and Manstore. We will post more tomorrow on the the lines so check them out in the mean time!
  • Save 15% off your next order of $25.00 or more of regular priced merchandise at Mensuas. Use promotion code endfeb at checkout and save on men’s underwear, swimwear, jewelry and more at Mensuas. Offer valid on new orders placed at Mensuas and is not valid on PPU Underwear. Sale ends 2/21/10
  • UnderGear has some great new spring arrivals. You can save 25% off or more when you order 4 or more items. Just use code UGA200 at check out. The sale ends March 1
  • Brief Tales is giving you 20% off the entire line of Male Power. Who is a leader in the daring, risque and fun underwear. Just make sure you use code MPSale during check out. The offer expires on March 15th
  • C-IN2U is giving you some great close out items beginning at $9.00 They include Kinetic Punt, Street Jock, Lo NO Show trunks Scoops and more! Go before it’s all gone!
  • Rufskin is proud to announce their latest underwear collection: SHEER. In addition to having hints of stretch tulle for a sheer effect – this collection also features the the return of our logo elastic waistband. It’s slightly different this time, and is SUPER comfortable and elastic feeling, helping ensure no binding or pinching. Choose from 5 different styles.
  • NuWear is cleaning house! What does that mean for you, well they have 25 stele marked down up to 50% off. These include JM, C-IN2, and more. Hurry before the good sizes are gone!
  • 2wink is having a $7.95 (AUS) clearance sale. This is for the next three weeks. You can save on some of the great styles they have. Check the site for all the details!
  • His Trunks has some really great styles from Baskit, Pikante and Klen Laundry. They ha the contrast brief and jockstrap from Baskit. The New Pikante 2010 collection the Matrix Brief that are perfect for the skimpy lover. They also have the Egyptian bikini, Baroque bikini and the Cheeky Boxers. They now carry two boxer briefs from Klen Laundry.Check out the entire Klen Laundry line!  Also, Piss & Vinegar’s new ‘LOVE’ collection is now in stock at His Trunks! Love Jesus, Buddha, or Boys? Then you must check out these hot prints in their low rise brief as well as a jockstrap. The low rise briefs are priced at $25.50 and the jockstraps are only $20! Show your love with a great new pair of undies from His Trunks! Want FREE UNDERWEAR? Simply purchase 2 or more items at His Trunks and use the discount code ‘FREEGIFT’ at checkout to receive a free surprise pair of undies while supplies last.

Fresh Pair is doing something really cool, they are posting the top 10 rated customer pairs of underwear! Not all companies do ratings or really share the info. Fresh Pair is always doing something fun and cool. I especially like the staff pics, which we are going to start doing here as well! So stay tuned for those! But here are the top 10 rated pairs at Fresh Pair

Unico Classic Suspensor Boxer (00002):

  • Soft stretch cotton fabrication
  • Contrast logo elastic waistband
  • Inverse U-shaped panel at back offers a great fit
  • Contoured paneled pouch with internal elastic for added lift
  • Body-hugging design

Unico Classic Suspensor Boxer technical details:

  • 1 1/4 inch logo elastic waistband
  • Sides measure 11 1/4 inches from top of waistband to leg opening
  • Full bottom coverage
  • 1/2 inch fold-under leg bands

Mundo Unico brings a sensual South American sizzle to their underwear with provocative cuts, impeccable construction and sexy styling. This Suspensor Boxer is made from a soft stretch cotton and features a contour pouch with elastic around the edges to give you added lift. The Mundo Unico Classic Suspensor Boxer is the perfect underwear choice when you want ultimate comfort and good looks.

Specs based on size M

Material: 93% cotton/7% spandex

2xist Essentials No Show Trunk (B1033):

  • 100% Super-soft ringspun combed cotton
  • Low-rise, body-conscious trunk cut
  • Double-layer contour pouch
  • Crotch gusset for ease of movement
  • Subdued 2xist logos along waistband

2xist Essentials No Show Trunk technical details:

  • 1 3/8 inch logo elastic waistband
  • 1 1/4 inch foldover leg trim
  • Sides measure 9 inches from top of waistband to leg opening
  • No fly
  • Full bottom coverage

The 2xist Essentials No Show Trunk, from the new 2xist Essentials Collection, is a low-rise trunk designed to be worn with your favorite hipster jeans and low-rise pants. This 2(x)ist trunk features a double-layer contour pouch and a sleek logo elastic waistband. With shorter legs than a boxer brief, the 2(x)ist Essentials No Show Trunk is perfect for guys who want full coverage and support with a lower profile design.

Specs based on size M

Clever Sporty Brief (5032):

  • Athletic-inspired brief with a great ’70s retro look
  • Stretch cotton feels amazing on the body
  • Logo elastic waistband
  • Contrast stripes and legbands are classically cool
  • Paneled contour pouch fits perfectly
  • Score big in this fun and sexy brief

Clever Sporty Brief technical details:

  • 1 3/8 inch logo elastic waistband
  • 3/8 inch enclosed elastic legbands
  • Full back coverage

The Clever Sporty Brief, from the Clever men’s underwear collection, is an atheltic-inspired brief with a great ’70s retro look. Constructed with stretch cotton to feel amazing on the body, this Clever brief features a logo elastic waistband and a paneled contour pouch for an effortlessly smooth fit. With classically cool contrast stripes and leg bands, this Clever Sporty Brief is a fun and sexy way to score big.

Material: 91% cotton, 9% spandex

Diesel Cotton Stretch Lukex Brief (00AEFETEV):

  • Soft stretch cotton
  • Contrast bright logo elastic waistband with Diesel logo and stripes
  • Double-layer, contoured pouch with functional right-exit fly
  • Full bottom coverage
  • Super-soft waistband

Diesel Cotton Stretch Lukex Brief technical details:

  • Sides measure 3 1/2 inches from top of waistband to leg opening
  • 1 3/8 inch logo elastic waistband
  • 3/8 inch leg trim

This Diesel Cotton Stretch Lukex Brief, from the Diesel Jeans company, is a brighter version of your favorite underwear staple. Constructed from a soft stretch cotton for a contoured, body-conscious fit, this Diesel brief features a double-layer contoured pouch with a functional right-exit fly. The bright contrast waistband on the Diesel Cotton Stretch Lukex Brief gives it a look that really pops.

Material: 90% cotton, 10% elastane

Specs based on size S

Calvin Klein Steel Cotton Boxer Brief (U2708):

  • Sexy “touch me” stretch cotton fabrication
  • Bold, edgy look
  • Microfiber logo waistband in silver
  • Metallic luster at waistband for an industrial, masculine look
  • Designed to celebrate 25 years of Calvin Klein underwear for men
  • Low-rise for today’s low rider fashions

Calvin Klein Steel Cotton Boxer Brief technical details:

  • Wide stretch logo waistband
  • Classic boxer brief cut
  • Full bottom coverage

The Calvin Klein Steel Cotton Boxer Brief, from the Calvin Klein Steel Collection that was designed to celebrate their 25th anniversary of creating stylish men’s underwear, is a sexy, low-rise boxer brief. Made from a “touch me” soft stretch cotton, this Calvin Klein boxer brief features a wide microfiber logo waistband in lustrous silver. The classic lines and super-comfortable fabrication make the Calvin Klein Steel Cotton Boxer Brief a modern classic.

Material: 94% cotton, 6% spandex

C-IN2 Core Jock Strap (4025):

  • From the new, updated C-IN2 Core Collection
  • Soft ribbed cotton construction
  • Body-conscious cut
  • Reduces the appearance of underwear lines under clothing
  • Soft microfiber 2-strap design
  • Super-comfortable, wide logo elastic waistband sits flush against your body

C-IN2 Core Jock Strap technical details:

  • 2 3/8 inch logo elastic waistband
  • 3/4 inch rear straps
  • Contour pouch
  • No bottom coverage

The C-IN2 Core Jock Strap comes from the new Core Collection of men’s underwear basics from C-IN2 that are designed to be the ultimate in everyday underwear. This Jock Strap is perfect for the gym, running or when you want a seamless look under your clothes. The C-IN2 Core Jock Strap has a wide logo elastic waistband, soft cotton construction and a two-strap rear

Material: 100% cotton

Specs based on size M

Hugo Boss Micro Modal Boxer Brief (50125311):

  • Soft and silky stretch modal fabric
  • Body conscious fit
  • Luxurious look and feel

Hugo Boss Micro Modal Boxer Brief technical details:

  • Sides measure approx. 8 ½ inches from top of waistband to leg band
  • 1 inch wide fabric covered elastic waistband
  • Contour pouch nonfunctional fly
  • 3/8 inch folded leg bands
  • Full bottom coverage

This Hugo Boss Micro Modal Boxer Brief, from the Hugo Boss men’s underwear collection, is a body-conscious trunk made from soft and silky stretch modal fabric. This Hugo Boss brief translates the luxe vibe of the Hugo Boss clothing brand, and is a great choice for fashion-forward guys. Luxuriously comfortable and sensual, you’ll love the Hugo Boss Micro Modal Boxer Brief so much, you won’t want to take it off.

Specs based on size M

Material: 90% modal, 10% spandex

Papi Modern Stretch Brazilian Trunk (718550):

  • Sleek stretch microfiber construction
  • Brazilian trunk is a shorter trunk with a square-cut design
  • Low-profile, soft logo elastic waistband
  • Double-layer paneled pouch
  • Flatlock stitching
  • Perfect underwear option for everyday wear and for working out

Papi Modern Stretch Brazilian Trunk technical details:

  • 1 1/4 inch logo elastic waistband
  • Sides measure 7 3/4 inches from top of waistband to leg opening
  • 3/4 inch trim at leg hems
  • 2 1/4 inch inseam

The Papi Modern Stretch Brazilian Trunk, from the Papi men’s underwear line, is a sleek stretch microfiber trunk with an innovative square-cut design. With a low-profile, soft logo elastic waistband, this Papi trunk features a double-layer paneled pouch. Wear the Papi Modern Stretch Brazilian Trunk every day under your favorite jeans or wear it to the gym and get your sweat on.

Material: 84% nylon, 16% spandex

Equmen Trunk (EQM000211):

  • High-performance underwear is built to fit snugly for athletic support
  • Designed to slim and streamline your body
  • Supports gluteal muscles for improved movement
  • Grey offers maximum core support
  • Other colors offer standard core support
  • Improves posture and gait
  • Precision fit, ventilated non-functioning fly pouch
  • Breathable, stretch microfiber construction helps control body temperature
  • Built with signature Helix-mapping support technology
  • Seamless compression provides targeted muscle support for improved body mechanics
  • Designed specifically to address the needs of a modern man’s body

The Equmen Trunk, from the Equmen Men’s Collection, is an innovative base layer that actually slims and streamlines your body while offering support to your gluteals for improved movement. Created to fit snugly on the body for optimum athletic core support, this Equmen trunk was conceived in conjunction with physiotherapists and ergonomic specialists to improve posture, gait and body mechanics. Built with the brand’s signature Helix-mapping support technology, the Equmen Trunk is designed specifically to address the needs of a modern man’s body.

Specs based on Size M

Joe Snyder Launch Bikini (JSL01):

  • Sleek stretch microfiber fabrication
  • Contrast trim
  • Low-rise
  • Innovative bikini design
  • Hole and sling pouch construction places your package front and center
  • Contrast elastic waistband
  • Paneled contour pouch
  • Sleek, shiny look

Joe Snyder Launch Bikini technical details:

  • 1 1/4 inch contrast elastic waistband
  • Sides measure 3 3/8 inches from top of waistband to leg opening
  • 1/4 inch trim
  • Full rear coverage

The Joe Snyder Launch Bikini, from the Joe Snyder men’s underwear collection, is a low-rise, body-hugging bikini with an innovative design. Made from a sleek stretch microfiber in hot colors with contrast trim, this Joe Snyder bikini features a hole and sling pouch design that lifts your package to front and center. The Joe Snyder Launch Bikini is sure to make you feel sexy every time you wear it.

Specs based on Size M

Material: 80% polyamide, 20% spandex

malestrom_holidayYou still have time to shop before the holidays so we present our latest holiday deals of the week: JM, Papi, Timoteo, Tulio, Rufskin & Unico from 10% – 25% off & more. Also, visit Malestrom‘s  ‘Holiday Gift Ideas’ page for more savings. Check ’em out!

This is your last chance to take advantage & save 25% off on every single 2(X)ist item. Hurry…this sale must end on Sunday, December 13, 2009.

We have new arrivals from Diesel & Tulio. Choose from a wide selection of underwear, swimwear, loungewear & sleepwear. They make great holiday gift ideas.


Great New Arrivals for December at We’ve just received some fashionable new swimwear from designer Pistol Pete perfect for your Winter get-aways!

Plus, the fun new Private Structure line of underwear is now in-stock – featuring super-cute prints and applications in comfy stretch cotton. With low-rise styling and ultra-light microfiber waistbands this new underwear line has become an instant hit at Topdrawers.

We have also received another shipment of new Diesel styles for 2010 – more of the fun patterns and waistband colour combination’s that have made Diesel so popular with our customers.

Plus more new Andrew Christian styles with the popular profile enhancing technology that guarantees to lift your spirits and add an extra boost to your profile!

We’ve also received a selection of comfy new men’s boxer shorts, lounge pants, hoodies, workout shorts and workout pants from Diesel, Calvin Klein and Timoteo that are perfect for wearing to the gym, for hanging out at home watching a movie or unwrapping gifts on Christmas morning!

Start Your Day With The Perfect Undies for You From!


International Jock has new Andrew Christian and Diesel in stock. But, the Diestl is for a limited time only!

Andrew Christian, this season’s hottest designer, does it again with a new collection of cutting edge styles featuring profile enhancing briefs, trunks and jocks.

Diesel’s new beachwear for the upcoming Holidays includes classic styles, low-rise shorts and retro trunks in this season’s colors. These are strictly limited editions, available now.