Do not adjust your blog settings! This is the same UNB that you know, but I decided to mix it up and do something suggested this week on the podcast (HINT, the podcast is about white briefs.) Eric, aka TheJockerRoom, said he does a Tighty Whities Tuesday post, and I figured why not do one, too, but with a twist, pairs that I like.

One of the two white briefs I have worn over the years and enjoyed is the 2(X)IST Essential Fly Brief. The Fly Brief has the look of classic white briefs but the feel and fit of modern undies. I think these are the second “classic” looking briefs I bought. However, I don’t think I have any in my current collection that fit me.

Just like classic briefs, the Fly Briefs come in a three-pack. I was hoping you could buy one by itself, but it doesn’t appear these are available solo. 2(X)ISt does make the Contour Brief in single pairs. I highly recommend these briefs if you are trying to branch out and try some classics. Plus, all guys need to have some classics in their underwear drawer.

Get the 2(X)IST Essential Fly Brief at the 2(X)IST site. And listen to the new podcast on Thursday

It’s Jockstrap Wednesday. I love sharing a new jock I found with you guys! When I first decided to relaunch this segment, I wondered if there were enough jocks to choose from. There are many to choose from, from classic jocks to fashion jocks. This week I chose one of my favorite prints, Giraffe.

With 2(X)IST’s SLIQ Jock Strap, every season is party season. It is ideal for showcasing your assets and will draw attention due to its low rise and nearly-naked fit. With this incredibly silky fabric, you’ll always look your best and feel fantastic. Party all day long, guys!

The design of this fashion jock has super slim leg straps. Perfect for those who don’t like the wide-leg straps of classic jocks. The waistband is a traditional underwear waistband about an inch wide. The fabric of the Sliq jock is a 88% Polyester / 12% Spandex blend. Making this a jock that will be comfy for all-day wear to the office or hanging out. Could you wear it to the gym, sure, but expect many looks from others because of the design and print.

Get this pair at the 2(X)IST website.

What are three things we love here at UNB? The first is undies of course. The second is pink undies, which are awesome. The third and last is buying undies that part of the proceeds go to charity! You can have a good conscious and buy those undies you want! Tell your partner “Hey this is to support charity!”

2(X)IST is celebrating National Great Cancer Month. They are giving form 10-50% of proceeds of pink underwear (both men’s and women’s) to the Breast Cancer Charities of America. There are quite a few fun pairs on sale> They range from solids to prints, trunks to thongs, and more!

Shop the pink pairs at 2(X)IST.

Can jocks have both fashion and form? Meaning can it be highly fashionable and very functional? I think you can find this jock and 2(X)IST meets both of those qualifications! It looks amazing and promises and lives up to the performance of a hard workout!

The 2(X)IST site says this about the  Speed Dri Mesh Jock

Need an underwear upgrade? No sweat. Constructed out of ultra-lightweight mesh fabric, 2(X)IST’s performance-ready Speed Dri Mesh Jock Strap features a streamlined microfiber waistband and an open back. Temperature-regulating fabric wicks moisture away from the body for a supremely comfortable experience.

A jock, in my opinion, specially made for working out and being active, needs to have a lightweight mesh fabric that wicks moisture and keeps you cool. Next what has considered the most important thing in a jock is the pouch. It needs to be supportive but not binding. You shouldn’t feel like you’re getting squished being super tight. But, a jock pouch that is too loose kinda negates the point of a jock. Next, the waistband should have enough give to support the great pouch! Lastly, the waistband should be tagless or have the tag on the front.

All these things together make for a great jock. Mix in some super bright colors and it’s a winner. The Barberry color is super bright and fun. It’s not one you would see in the gym, but it wouldn’t stop me from wearing it. I think 2(X)IST has out done themselves!!!

Pair: 2(X)IST Speed Dri Mesh Jock
Color: Barberry
Fabric: 74% Polyester / 26% Spandex
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: $26.00

Thongs have started to take over a lot of the men’s underwear world. But the good ole jockstrap isn’t going any where. One brand that has some great jocks is 2(X)IST. They have the new Military Sport Jock. I really like this jock a lot! I’m just a bit bummed the green is sold out.

This is the official description from the 2(X)ist website:

Our best selling jock silhouette has gone military. Crafted from our signature Speed Dri fabric, this jock strap keeps you cool and dry during even your most intense workouts while the contrast colored leg straps transform a basic performance garment into a fashion statement. The Original Contour Pouch provides extra support.

The thing that caught my eye was the contrasting leg straps. Has this been done before? Probably but I can’t remember an execution this good! The contrast is amazing and pops. The Green/Orange one is the one I saw, I was like I WANT, darn it! But the other colors are awesome. The navy/yellow is just as fun! If I had to guess why the green sold out is the whole camo feel with the green/orange.

This jock is more of a fashion jock. Not saying you can’t wear it to work out, in fact, they encourage that in the description. The waistband is about 1 inch, whereas a traditional jock is 3 inches. The leg straps are smaller and the pouch is not a nylon mesh. Yes I have a strict definition as to what is a classic jock.

This is one of the best jocks I have seen in a while! I hope you guys will check it out!

Find this pair at 2(X)ist website

Pair: 2(X)IST Military Sport Jock
Color: Black, Lead, and Varsity Navy. Chive is sold out
Fabric: 92% Polyester / 8% Spandex
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: $26.00


Did you read that right? YES, you did! The Evolve brand made by 2(X)IST has made a line of swim briefs and square cut swimwear for Target. I was told by Phillip a part-time writer and swim brief fan about the line. I also saw several friends post the “I’m a guy and I wear speedos” Facebook page, showing Walmart has board shorts and Target has swim briefs.  This really is a major thing that a retailer of this size is investing in the swim brief

Before you rush out to your local Target to shop the styles, it’s in a very few select stores. That’s the downside. It’s in very few stores and I would assume it’s in LA, NYC, Chicago, Miami and the like. In Atlanta, there were no stores that carried any of the styles. I saw one pair in a store in NYC. But, still, it’s a good thing that we hope will roll out to more stores

The next amazing thing is the price. The swim briefs are all $19.99. Yes, you heard that price right, just 20 bucks. For swimwear, this is an amazing price. Swimwear can range from the 20’s to well over 100 dollars. I think this would be an amazing first swim brief. Because of the price makes it very approachable to most guys. Second, there are more than just solids. It comes in several prints as well. You can go conservative or just have some fun with prints. Lastly, if they sell in stores it will be easy to get. Most stores now have self-checkouts so you can grab your swim brief, head to the self-checkout and no will know you bought one!

It’s awesome that Target is taking a risk like this and making swim briefs for the masses. I told people many years ago we will have a resurgence of the style. In the 80’s it was acceptable to wear and then went out of fashion. Now, we will see the popularity of the pair grow. If you go to the Target site search for evolve swimwear. There isn’t a landing page for the brand…yet.