N2N Bodywear


N2N’s biker family has just gained a sexy addition! The SOLARIS BOLD BIKER makes a splash with it’s sexy design in eye catching colors. They are equipped with an inner drawcord and a fabulous side pocket to carry your PHONE! The new SOLARIS BOLD BIKER with it’s super defining fit, caresses and cradles, creating it’s own sexy pouch. A great addition to your gym workout or morning swim.

N2N Bodywear released a brand new line. They just dropped the Mykonos Breeze collection. Introducing the softest, THINNEST luxury cotton collection we’ve ever produced. SO thin, you can see your skin through it, which of course makes it’s so hot! The pure color with clean and simple lines reminded us of something you might wear on an island…Mykonos for example. A warm lovely breeze blowing over your body as you wear the epitome of Next 2 Nothing.  You’ll fall in love more once they get wet and become a totally translucent membrane. Let the Mykonos Breeze take you over

The allure of the locker room. The fantasy that races through our mind. Catching the sight of someone undressing for the 1st time not knowing what you’ll see under their gym shorts or sweats. Well, that’s what we had in mind with our sexy new LOCKER ROOM COLLECTION. A completely new kind of undergear that stands apart from your normal offerings. Your favorite N2N styles crafted out of a cotton blend all finished off with a unique drawstring waistband.

Be the standout in your locker room or wherever you undress.

I don’t think I have ever seen a pair of N2N Bodywear that screams “N2N’ more than the Vortex swimwear. First, the team is unlined, and we have so many guys who prefer unlined swimwear. It’s white, and I don’t know if it is transparent when wet, but I bet it will show off some goods. And lastly, the stripes on the front accent the pouch. The white will sell out quickly, so get over there and get it before it’s gone.