N2N Bodywear


This past week we dropped one of our first shows about Spandex with Tightsindallas. As so many of you know, it’s a big love of mine, and singlets are something I can’t get enough of; I keep ordering them (yes, I have a problem, well, I don’t consider it a problem). We are seeing more guys get into spandex to wear to the gym and to feel sexy around the house or during “special” times.

N2N Bodywear knows how to make spandex that is super fun and sexy AF. The newest singlet is the Stealth X singlet. It’s a unique design that mixes the classic low-cut singlet and some mesh on the sides. This will allow you to show off a bit, but also! It’s the best of both worlds if you ask me.

Here is what N2N Says about the Singlet “Introducing the STEALTH X SINGLET! Defining lines that accentuate the body and the booty. Sheer panel gives a sexy tease to all who are looking! No pouch yet still shows off the goods quite nicely.”

Yeah, this pair is on my list to get. However, I have so many now that I don’t know if I will get a chance to order it. If anyone wants to send me one, I’d gladly take it in XL! Anyway, the singlet comes in black or white. As with all N2N Bodywear lately, if you want this singlet, get it before it’s gone!!!

N2N bodywear just released a really fun new pair. It’s the FIRE ISLAND RAIDER THONG. Feel the heat, the DAMN heat! It is STILL summer. Still time for beach days and POOL PARTIES!  What better way to have some real sexy fun than in the FIRE ISLAND RAIDER THONG! 3 bold SKIN BARING colored suits equipped with the ever popular easy release clip on the side to usher in those sexy tan lines AND attention! Get them BUNS OUT!

If you are a fan of the more erotic side of N2N Bodywear, it’s your time to rejoice. The Sheer Skin Biker is back. Released a few years ago this line has become one of the most popular pieces of spandex gear. Why you may ask because the mesh panels show off extra skin. In version 2.0 the solid fabric has gone a bit sheer with the patterned mesh. I think this pair is a bit more for private play but I know guys have worn it to the gym (one that is a lot more accepting than those around me) and out to run and more. I tip my cap for the confidence to show off in this pair. Get this pair before its gone.

IT”S BACK! One of the hottest and favorite lines of N2N Bodywear has some new pairs. The Titan line known for it’s pouch, first it enhances and then snaps off! I have a white brief like this and LOVE IT. Get the TItan Sport

After many years of anticipation we decided we could rebuild him. We have the technology. We can make him better than he was. Better, stronger….well you get the point! YES… the NEW TITAN COLLECTION has returned! Our exclusive built-in pouch enhancing system is designed to hold and keep your “goods” in our reimagined  “codpiece” or POUCH! 3 snaps away from exposing yourself for a slash or other kinds of naughty fun. Slide your entire goods through the built in elasticized hole, snap up and you are READY!