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dead-good-undies-januaryIt can be the most depressing month of the year but UK shoppers are feeling the love for men’s underwear by making the most of great offers, snapping up brand new spring styles and looking forward to Valentine’s Day…

Bruno Banani Red Carpet Hip Short GBP2700

Bruno Banani Red Carpet Hip Short GBP27.00

This handsome short has proved hugely popular this New Year. Two tone horizontal stripes and a ribbon logo at the waist… Ultra chic.

Olaf Benz RED 1372 Bikini Brief GBP3300

Olaf Benz RED 1372 Bikini Brief GBP33.00

More and more UK gents are discovering the sublime fabrics and flawless styling of this German brand. New season styles are arriving now and look great.

Bruno Banani Celebrity String GBP1700

Bruno Banani Celebrity String GBP17.00

What better way to brighten up a grey British January than a brand new glittering thong! This gorgeous string underwear is available in deep Bordeaux or shimmering dark blue.

Doreanse 1355 Micro Brief GBP1000

Doreanse 1355 Micro Brief GBP10.00

The great value Doreanse collection has gone from strength to strength and UK customers are stepping into spring early with the brand’s fabulous floral designs.

HOM Elysee HO1 Maxi Boxer Brief GBP2700

HOM Elysee HO1 Maxi Boxer Brief GBP27.00

Boxer briefs are always more popular over the festive period and in the run up to Valentine’s Day with eager shoppers hoping to please the man in their life with slinky figure hugging shorts.

Body Art Danakos Hip Slip GBP2700

Body Art Danakos Hip Slip GBP27.00

This romantic range is brand new for from Body Art for spring 2014 and its instant popularity suggests big things for more artistic designs this season.

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hot-july-dguThe UK is experiencing a massive heat wave. The temperature is rising and along with it sales of thongs and strings at specialist Brit online retailer Deadgoodundies. They say string sales have overtaken briefs, after two years in second place…

 Body Art Borsion String GBP23.00 @ Deadgoodundies.com

Body Art Borsion String £23.00

Could this be the answer to what Scotsmen wear under their kilt? Body Art’s tartan string is cool and colourful.

Doreanse 1334 Thong GBP11.00 @ Deadgoodundies.com

Doreanse 1334 Thong £11.00

The mixture of cotton and modal yarns and the neat flat waistband make the Doreanse tanga thong a best seller at DGU.

Gregg Homme Musk String GBP17.95 @ Deadgoodundies.com

Gregg Homme Musk String £17.95

Gregg Homme’s minimalist string has a peach soft fabric and the finest thong back – perfect for personal aeration when the going gets hot.

HOM Fredy String GBP14.00 @ Deadgoodundies.com

HOM Fredy String £14.00

Fredy, HOM’s legendary cotton string that has been a best seller from the year dot, is to be discontinued! But fans can still buy it from DGU – though once current stock is gone, it’s gone for good.

HOM Plume String Twinpack GBP26.00 @ Deadgoodundies.com

HOM Plume String Twinpack £26.00

Another design to be phased out by HOM is the Plume String. When it was launched this was the lightest string in the world. Again, a fave with DGU customers and still in stock. Watch this space for some interesting news from the guys at Deadgoodundies…

Joe Snyder Active Wear V Thong 04 @ GBP22.00 Deadgoodundies.com

Joe Snyder Shining Active Wear V Thong 04 £22.00

In classic black or white, or gorgeous red or turquoise the brand new Joe Snyder Active Wear collection offers two thong alternatives – with the body fabric is opaque glistening Shining finish, or the finest cobwebby mesh. And if you want an even slimmer string option, there’s an Active Wear g-string in the same two material choices.

Joe Snyder Pride Frame Neon Tanga 03 GBP 18.00 @ Deadgoodundies.com

Joe Snyder Pride Frame Neon Tanga Thong 03 £18.00

The frame of the name is a neat band of neon trim that forms the finest waistband and a ‘frame’ loop around the genitals. Quite brilliant in white, orange, green or turquoise – each with a sleek black body fabric.

Olaf Benz RED 1315 Mini String GBP28.00 @ Deadgoodundies.com

Olaf Benz RED 1315 Mini String £28.00

A picture can’t do justice to the two tone look created by this Olaf Benz design. In black or brick, the string uses two fine layers of fabric. The inside layer is slightly lighter in colour than the exterior so the effect is unique.

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